my dad has gone on several juicing kicks

and by that I mean my dad has bought juicers and then made his kids juice things

so a standard juice would have apples and carrots and celery plus maybe pears or grapes or some fruit like mango or peaches, if he was feeling ~super fancy~ we’d add spinach or kale or cucumber

but then he’d make us add radishes

which sucked bc you can taste that little… tingling that comes when you eat radishes and he’d make us all drink it even though he was the one who chose the components

and then. then he got into beets.

beets are really sweet. but no matter how hard we tried to clean them, they always vaguely tasted like dirt.

anyways there was a time where we had a shitton of beets and my older sister was like “hey! I can make a beet cake with icing!”

so she made a beet cake with icing and it tasted like sweet, cakey dirt.

Bae wanted to give Bum a gift he could always carry with him, so he gave him an opalite necklace

Bum always feels just a little bit safer when he wears it

Also @pliskin every seungbum picture you draw adds 20 years to my life thank you so much

Clothing Sizes Don’t Mean Shit

Look, I know this isn’t my usual content but I’ll be damned if I don’t flip my two cents about this, because I know too many people who get sad when they see size adding up when they shop for clothes.

Clothing sizes don’t mean shit.

I’m a generous 40 in general, aka size 12 in the UK and 8 in the US. And I just squeezed my ass into a close-fitting 36 dress (8UK; 4US). And guess what, it fitted like a fucking glove. But I also have Large size dresses I barely fit in! I have Large size dresses in which I physically can’t lift my arms up!

As for pants, depending on the store, I’ll got from a 38 (10UK;6US) up to a 44 (16UK; 12UK). For shirts, I could be an XS in one store and a L in the store across the street!

Your body’s fine, boo, your body’s banging! It’s the fucken sizes that keep fluctuating, and you shouldn’t feel bad because stores can’t harmonise their sizes correctly! And even if you /did/ change sizes? Those size up pants look G.R.E.A.T on you, okay?

I’m sure you’re having a good hair day too, okay, bye.

joshua in very nice era

“jisoo, say something to the international fans!” 

“hey guys.” 

“something longer…” ©


Egotistical emo kid promises to bind today. Then forgets…

Me at elementary school book fair: This book has a cool dragon on the cover let’s see how it is.

Reads story where the protagonist half flays his inner legs riding a dragon saddle-less, his uncle dies slowly and painfully by poison, and he goes nearly mad with grief and pain in the first quarter. The very first town he finds on his adventure was turned into a mountain of corpses with a spear impaled baby at the top. Liberally describes the results of horrifying torture. Has characters advocate killing enemies in cold blood. Has many cases of people dying via weapons, magic, and dragon mauling. Has back stories of child abuse.

Also me: Good book let’s do that 6 more times.