Favourite parts of the video + favourite lines of the song

Play us like pawns and relentlessly confined
Into living up to gender roles and having absent minds
Don’t you think it’s funny how they tell us how to live?
Don’t you think it’s funny how we’re all delinquent kids?
Like hush now. Don’t say, don’t say.

Hush boy, oh hush boy don’t say a word
throw on a jersey no one gets hurt
Hush girl, oh hush girl Just bat your eyes
Play our little game, play our little game

Little game by Ben J. Pierce (x)


Source: 怜渚(付き合ってない)Rei&Nagisa Not Dating Yet by あくた
Translation/Typesetting: aitaikimochi
Notes: I love stories with Rei being secretly madly in love with Nagisa *dreamily sighs*. Please give the artist stars if you liked her work! She also gave me permission to translate her art (´∀`)☆☆

joshua in very nice era

“jisoo, say something to the international fans!” 

“hey guys.” 

“something longer…” ©


I miss you.

God, I miss you.

Did you know you’re still my emergency contact? Sorry about that.

I can’t take it when you hold your mouth like that,
I want to devour you, I want to eat you alive

This is going to sound stupid
You know what, never mind.

Hey, I don’t want to get back together but if you
meet me halfway we can fuck in the back of your car.

How about we just both admit we aren’t sorry.

Hey. Thinking of you again. Sorry.

I mean it this time.

Okay, you know what fuck you. I mean,
FUCK you, but also–fuck you. Fuck.
That’s not what I mean.

I almost bought a plane ticket, today.

I was in love with you and I don’t think I ever mentioned.

I was in love with you and I might have mentioned
but you might have thought it was a joke and I just
want to make sure you know that it wasn’t and I
love you even though I’m not supposed to.


Me again.

—  TEXTS I WON’T EVER SEND by Ashe Vernon

The time Phil discovered Amazon Prime

(Also called “Frying Pan biatch” by our Lord and saviour dinofvyou1)

Bonus : He actually bought a frying pan !!


hey y'all just so you know these are some of the hamilton stickers currently up in my redbubble! ham and herc in continental army uniforms are the two newest additions (and might take a minute to show up in the store, cos i just put ‘em up so they might still be processing). please check 'em out and support your local struggling ibis if you can? thanks so much!


Alison: Did you guys grow up watching other movies about camp that were inspirations for Camp Takota?
Grace: I’ve been thinking about this lately. I don’t watch a lot of movies, but one movie that I did watch growing up was Now and Then, and it was a movie about four different types of girls being friends with each other, and I feel like that has a huge influence on our film.
Mamrie: That’s a really good example. A grown up Now and Then.


If Kou was your boyfriend - pt.1(?)

↳ requested by @mnekochaaan, @ms-kaiya ❀

My imagination’s taking me away!

Clothing Sizes Don’t Mean Shit

Look, I know this isn’t my usual content but I’ll be damned if I don’t flip my two cents about this, because I know too many people who get sad when they see size adding up when they shop for clothes.

Clothing sizes don’t mean shit.

I’m a generous 40 in general, aka size 12 in the UK and 8 in the US. And I just squeezed my ass into a close-fitting 36 dress (8UK; 4US). And guess what, it fitted like a fucking glove. But I also have Large size dresses I barely fit in! I have Large size dresses in which I physically can’t lift my arms up!

As for pants, depending on the store, I’ll got from a 38 (10UK;6US) up to a 44 (16UK; 12UK). For shirts, I could be an XS in one store and a L in the store across the street!

Your body’s fine, boo, your body’s banging! It’s the fucken sizes that keep fluctuating, and you shouldn’t feel bad because stores can’t harmonise their sizes correctly! And even if you /did/ change sizes? Those size up pants look G.R.E.A.T on you, okay?

I’m sure you’re having a good hair day too, okay, bye.