Did this with number 1 from those post break up prompts I reblogged a few days back! 

Character A is on their way to sell the engagement ring they once bough for Character B (but the never got to propose) when they run into Character B again.

Wolfstar of course :)

Sirius wished the universe had at least had the decency to make it a cloudy, dreary, possibly miserable but that might be taking it a bit far, day. If this was what it had led him too, it was the least it could do, really.

He stared at the blue sky through the small front window of James and Lily’s flat, then back down at the small, velvet box in his hand. His thumb was poised to open it, nail in the soft crease between the top and bottom… and he couldn’t.  He couldn’t. If he saw it again he’d never get rid of it. And it was of no use to him. Not anymore. He’d spent enough hours staring at it, the gold rim, the small inside engraving. It had promised him everything and, now that everything had been lost, it was just a heart breaking reminder. It was worthless. He knew this. But he couldn’t see it. He couldn’t see it sitting there, cold in the box still. It should be with him. A sudden image of Remus kissing him, palms to his cheeks, and feeling the cool pressure of the ring on his left flooded through his mind. He pushed it away with difficulty.

He shoved the box into his pocket, grabbing a jumper from the back of the couch and pulling it roughly over his head while calling to James.

“Going out!”

“Okay!” A beat, and then, “Actually, wait, wait!”

Sirius turned from the direction of the door as James appeared in the kitchen doorway, tea in hand. His other rubbed the back of his neck.

“Are you, um…” He coughed, eyes flicking down to Sirius’ hands, searching, “Are you going…”

“Yeah.” Sirius said too quickly. He cleared his throat, “Yeah, and?”

James shook his head a little, shrugging and bringing his tea to his lips, “Nothing. Nothing, alright. Right…”

He shuffled his feet a little and Sirius rolled his eyes, “I’m fine,” He definitely wasn’t fine, “I’ll be back in a bit, yeah?”

James didn’t look any more at ease but he nodded, “Yeah.”

The day felt just as nice as it looked and Sirius scowled at the sun, defiantly putting his hood up and his head down.

The feeling of the box knocking against his thigh with every step was excruciating, a constant reminder of what he was about to do.

It should be with him.

His feet felt heavier with every step, every bump, and he found himself staring at the lump in his pocket. He clenched his fists tighter and tighter at his sides until his nails felt like pin pricks and the box felt like a scorching iron across his skin.

“Fucking hell-“ He dug it out of his pocket roughly, just as he collided with something— someone. Sirius’ head knocked right into a rather bony shoulder making his swear again, only to have the word mix with another curse.

“Shit, sorry, didn’t see.. you.. oh.”

Sirius’ heart started thrumming painfully in his chest. Remus straightened up in front of him.

Sirius went straight back to cursing the universe. Not now. God, please not today.

Sirius just stood there, unable to open his mouth. Remus looked… thin. His hair fell in messy curls over his forehead, as apposed to the usual neat swoop to the side. Really, Sirius couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. They were rimmed with soft purple, and as golden as ever. He thought he might drop to his knees, right there in the middle of the sidewalk, under the weight of the sheer longing that was coating his heart.

Remus opened and closed his mouth a few times before, “It’s a bit hot for a hood.”

Sirius blinked because what? “Wh- What?”

Remus’ cheeks flushed, “I- I don’t know why I said that. But- I- don’t you think?”

Sirius stared a moment more, then slowly raised his hand, swiping his hood from his head, “Right. The sun was just feeling a bit too…” He shook his head, still caught too off guard by how—normal—this conversation sounded.

Remus just nodded distractedly, eyes suddenly not on Sirius’, but trained on Sirius’ hand that was still resting on Sirius’ shoulder from removing his hood. He looked uneasy, panicked even.

Sirius watched as he swallowed thickly, voice coming out horse, “Meeting someone?”

Sirius knit his brows, cocking his head slightly at the sudden question, and the look crossing Remus’ face. How could I be meeting someone when that look is out there somewhere needing someone to kiss it away?

“No. ‘m not, why?”

When Remus’ eyes didn’t move to his, Sirius followed his gaze. His stomach dropped at what he found on the other end. The small, velvet box was still grasped in his hand. In plain sight.

“I- Oh. Fuck, no-” He realized what this must look like to Remus and it only made his heart tighten further. The mere thought that Remus could have it in his head that Sirius would ever, ever be with anyone else right now drove a knife in and twisted it, “No, Re- Remus,” Sirius corrected himself quickly at the way Remus winced.

“It’s fine.” Remus mumbled, “I- I don’t know why I asked. I guess I just…” He trailed off, “Dunno.”

Sirius’ mind whirled, desperately trying to find some lie to tell. He definitely wasn’t about to give Remus the truth, not with the way he wouldn’t even look at him.

“I- This is- I mean, I bought this for— these.” He corrected himself as a thought formed in his head, “I’m going to sell. This is- these are… cuff links. For James’ birthday. He- He didn’t like them.”

Remus’s eyes, which had still been fixed on the box, found Sirius’, “Oh.”

Sirius, gripped the box tightly in his palms, thumb, out of habit, wedging the opening but unwilling to follow through, “Y-Yeah.”

Remus’s expression suddenly changed. His eyes shifted from glazed over, and seemed to fill with a flicker of… something.

“Sirius…” Remus took a step forward.

Sirius’ eyes nearly closed at the way Remus said his name. Like he used to.

“Yeah…” Sirius breathed.

Remus’ eyes flit over his face as he stares down at him, “James’ birthday is in March.”

“I..” Fuck. “Yeah. It is.”

“It’s July.”

Sirius closed his eyes, taking in the close proximity of Remus’ presence and being silently furious with himself at the same time, “Yeah.” He sighed, defeated, “It is.”

Remus’ voice came out soft, “Can I see?”

Sirius’ eyes flashed back to the pools of bronze, panicked, “They’re really not much. Pretty plain. I mean-“ You never saw it. You didn’t want it. “They aren’t- It doesn’t really matter. He didn’t want them.”

Remus cocked his head, “How do you know?”

“Because he kind left before I could give them to y- him.” Sirius sighed, feeling heat bubble in his chest. He wasn’t sure what emotion it was, there were too many flowing through him.

Remus’ brow furrowed, “Well if you had stopped him maybe you could have found out. Let me see.”

Sirius flushed. They definitely weren’t talking about James anymore. “How was I suppose to know he wanted to be stopped?”

“Of course I wanted to be stopped!”

The silence that followed left what little space there was between them now heavy with Remus’ words. They were both breathing hard. Remus’ hand had somehow made its way over Sirius’ on the box. Sirius was burning at the touch.

Remus closed his eyes, letting a breath out through his nose, “Of course I wanted to be stopped.” He repeated.

Sirius stared at him, the crease between his eyebrows, the frown on his mouth, the tightness of his jaw. He swallowed hard, voice coming out shaky, “You can’t expect me to know that, that’s- that isn’t fair. You were so.. You were so angry with me, I thought-”

Remus opened his eyes, fixing them on the ground. The sun cast eyelash shadows on his cheeks. He looked more tired and thin than he had when they started. He shook his head, “No, it isn’t fair.”

Sirius’ heart tugged when Remus let his hand slip away.

Remus still wouldn’t look at him, “‘m sorry, I… I don’t know.”

He turned, carefully avoiding brushing against Sirius again, and started to walk away. Sirius reeled at the loss of contact, the sudden empty space in front of him. He was thrown back in time, standing in their old flat. He was staring into Remus’ tear stricken face one moment and was hearing the door slam the next. There was a velvet box in his pocket and he was very, very alone.

Not again. He decided. Not again.


Sirius turned at the same time Remus did, eyes meeting. He was sure his looked wild. Remus’ looked just as untamed. He tried to slow his breathing, fingers tightening around the box.

He took a step forward.

“It isn’t cufflinks.”

Remus let out a breath, “No?”

“No.” He took another step, slowly closing the distance between them, “It’s-“ His eyes flitted over Remus’ face, hating ever worry marked there, every frown, each tired rim around his eyes, “God. It’s what I should have stopped you with.”

“You couldn’t have known-“

“I should have known.” He took the final step, thumb finally flicking the box open, “I should have let you know how much I…” He didn’t look down at the ring. Instead, he watched Remus’ eyes widen, he watched his lips part. He watched what he had wished he had watched for months. What he could watch for years. Remus’ eyes went back to his and they were glassy. He looked so tired. Sirius needed to fix it.

“Re..” Remus’ brows knit, eyes shutting at the nickname. He let out a soft noise when he felt Sirius’ hand on his cheek, holding him together.

“Re, I should’ve know. I- I know now, okay?” He ducked his head a little, desperately needed Remus to look at him, “Please, Re-“

But Remus was kissing him, hands on Sirius’ cheeks, a few tears on his own. And Sirius was melting, nearly dropping the box, the ring, as his arms made their way around Remus’ waist.

He closed the box as he kissed Remus. He had a lifetime to give him that ring. He needed this now, they needed this now. He slipped it into Remus’ back pocket, causing him to let out a watery laugh against his lips, and smiled as he wound his fingers in Remus’ hair, pulling their mouths back together.

And with Remus against him, laughing into his kiss, Sirius thought that maybe it wasn’t so bad the sun was out today after all.

I’ve decided to re-adopt this little cactus. What I mean is: I bought him a few years ago, abandoned him downstairs and then forgot about him. Thankfully he’s alive and well, and I will take him into my care again🌵
Does anyone know which type of cactus this is?

Also I have named him Berthold

If only we were in Vegas

Request: “Maybe we should just get married” with Luke + prompt ‘I just tripped and fell face first into your crotch, god end my life now please’
Summary: you’re at the student night when you see the most beautiful boy ever…too bad you’re a pro at embarrassing yourself

The student bar is packed tonight, and it took you and your friends ten full minutes to find a free table. Now you’re squeezed tight at the end of a bench, a beer in your hand as you watch the first couple of people starting to dance to the music.

You haven’t eaten much today, so between the two shots you took at the bar while waiting for a free spot and the beer Camilla bought you, you’re starting to feel a bit tipsy. There’s a warm seeping in your veins at the thought of being surrounded by so many people you love, in a good university, with your second-year exams over and done with.

The girls are gossiping about some dramatic love affair between two of your classmates, and you let your eyes glide further down the row, just looking at people and–

Your thoughts come to a screeching halt. You grab the arm of the person closest to you, who happens to be Camilla.

“Who is that?”

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My Babe's Impressions of FFXV Characters

So my babe @actualdannyfenton knows nothing about Final Fantasy and they gave me their impressions of Final Fantasy XV characters that I sent them and had me crying. Here they are~

Noctis Lucis Caelum: “Look I know I said I outgrew my emo phase but MCR just released that new logo and MOM LISTEN TO THE NEW LOGO”.

Prompto Argentum: This man spends at least half an hour every morning doing his hair like that. If he doesn’t have time he slaps some gel in it and sticks his head out the window for a similar effect. He shops at Hot Topic but would never own up to it. Probably got those gloves from his emo little sister’s closet. He’s constantly saying he’s not gay but anytime ‘BUT MOM IT’S MCR’ shows up his heart melts a lil.

Gladiolus Amicitia: “Look man I’m not gay but twenty dollars is twenty dollars”. He probably acts super tough but he has a pack of Capri Suns in his bag at all times and probably had like seven Tamagotchis growing up. This man is the Mom Friend. He kept his old DS and still checks on his Nintendo Dogs at least once a week.

Ignis Scientia: “Alright class please turn to page 284. Jordan, turn to page 69 (;”. Me, an Intellectual. He probably stabbed a fork into a socket on a dare in middle school and kept the hair because some chick said it looked cool. This dude got bullied so hard in middle school and every night he said to himself “I’ll be their manager some day” and now he works at the local CVS and gets into fights with people on the internet over mundane things.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret: This girl keeps trying to impress 'BUT MOM MCR’ by faking to like his interests but in reality only 'Me, an Intellectual’ likes her and she’s PISSED. She has a septum piercing and anytime someone breathes in her immediate vicinity she feels the need to talk about it. “I’m Vegan.” “Okay coo-” “I’M A VEGAN EVERYONE SHOULD BE VEGAN VEGANS ARE THE ONLY DECENT PEOPLE ALIVE VEG-”.

Ravus Nox Fleuret: He wears a really long cape that gets in the way of everything he does and anytime someone asks why he keeps it on he says “it’s for aesthetic” very dramatically while flipping his hair. He cares more about how he looks taking over the world than his actual plan. He didn’t start trying to destroy everything until his hair was at the perfect length and wound up missing a perfect opportunity but he passed “my bangs are so uneven I can’t be seen ruling the world with imperfect hair!!!”. He puts on eyeliner every morning without fail.

Aranea Highwind: This is Camilla from Fire Emblem but with gray hair. Loves with a burning passion but kills just as easily. “Oh you’re sad sweetheart? Who do I need to kill to make you feel better? I’ll go get the axe”. She’s a great friend and gives excellent advice but should anyone cross her she makes them wish they were never born. She probably has a thing for MCR Boy too but he’s not too happy about it. 'Me, an Intellectual’ probably thinks he’s so much smarter than her but she could wipe the floor with his whiny mansplaining ass in chess. Best friends with 'I’m not gay but twenty dollars is twenty dollars’.

Regis Lucis Caelum: Probably MCR Boy’s dad who just needs a break. He thinks his troubles are finally over until the new P!ATD album drops. He has never seen a child wear jeans so tight. Rumor has it that if you hear a loud rumbling noise from the castle it’s just him sighing because MCR Boy just found a new FOB song. He doesn’t know what a Tumblr is and everyday he thanks the lord for that until his son comes in and says “dad if I get 10,000 notes on a post will you take me to Warped Tour”.

Ardyn Izunia: Gwaine from Merlin but with purple hair. Probably has some fancy European accent. Every character is in love with him except for 'Me, an Intellectual’ who hates how he so flawlessly gets everyone to love him. Kicks ass while still having perfect hair. He probably sold his soul for the hair to stay so well sculpted in battle. “L'Oréal: Because I’m worth it”.

Iris Amicitia: “Sure, Jan”. She just came here to see her friend 'Septum Piercing’ but 'Me, an Intellectual’ showed up and is complaining about how women are taking over and she just has this fucking face. She has so much restraint but her bullshit limit is almost reached and she’s about ten seconds from punching 'Me, an Intellectual’ in his fedora wearing face. Always a sweetheart but she has her limits.

Cindy Aurum: “Call me whatever you want for having my tits out but you’re the one who was looking”. Self-confidence goddess who inspires everyone around her to love themselves. A literal sunflower. She’s like 79% gay. She might seem a little dim to some people but get her talking about something she cares about and holy hell is she a genius. Let’s people make their own assumptions about her so she knows who her real friends are.

Cid Sophiar: Old Man Jenkins. He acts like a super grouchy old bastard but deep down he cares about his misguided MySpace grandchildren. Probably makes them care packages for the road but says they’re from Lesbian Self Care Goddess. “ TAKE YOUR ATTITUDE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS have fun on your adventures kids be safe call me when you get there AND GET A DAMN HAIRCUT”.

Cor Leonis: A girl broke up with him once ten years ago and he’s been locked away writing sad emo poetry about how nice guys finish last ever since. Watches romance anime exclusively and has a Hatsune Miku body pillow. Probably a Brony tbh. MCR Boy needs help finishing a quest but he won’t stop talking about how he was “so CRUELLY friendzoned and how LIFE IS POINTLESS without the LIGHT OF LOVE I mean I bought her dinner and wasn’t a total ass WHAT MORE DOES SHE WANT”.

Nyx Ulric: Gray haired Draco Malfoy. Rich boy spoiled and groomed to be evil all his life but he’s really just naive. Has no idea what’s going on 99% of the time but he’s just trying his best. Doesn’t really agree with the shady things going on but he’s smart enough not to question Old Man Aesthetic Cape. Eyeliner Villain is probably his dad. Also probably a giant douche canoe but if you call him out on it HIS FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS.

Gentiana: Her dad is also Old Man Cape Aesthetic. She’s trying so hard not to slap the shit out of his overdramatic ass and take over the world herself but she has appearances to keep up. Also probably tried to recruit MCR Boy to the Dark Side with her magic womanly wills but he’s too gay for Hot Topic Lord for that to work. Probably the only one in the entire game with half a brain cell.


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Hi! I Love your stories and your blog! congrats on the 1000! Can you do a Sirius # 13 if your still taking requests of course. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you lovely! I hope you have a wonderful day too!!

Sirius Black x Reader
13. “Is that my bra?” 

Originally posted by nellaey

“Is that my bra?” – you asked, frowning at the sight of the deep red piece of lingerie that poked out from Sirius’ cupboard. He stayed in silence, a frightened look washed over his face. You could tell he made some serious thinking, as he opened and closed his mouth several times. – “I hope your answer won’t be “No.” or “I don’t remember.”, though I’m quite sure I don’t have anything like this.” – you added, pulling out the bra which was really hot and expensive looking.

He let out a laugh, then a deep sigh, running his fingers through his hair. “No – I mean I just bought it for you… I meant it as a gift.” – you cocked an eyebrow, so he continued. – “I wanted to surprise you!”

You started to giggling, seeing the childish, disappointed look appeared on his face as you spoiled the surprise. “You’re such a tosser.”

“Thank you.” – he said sarcastically while you walked closer to him, wrapping your hands around his waist and looking up at him, leaning for a kiss, but pulled back, eyes narrowed.

“Wait… you just walked into a muggle lingerie store? All alone?”

He rolled his eyes at you. “I wish I was alone. I went with Prongs and the shop assistant thought we’re together and I wanna buy them for myself.”

You started to laughing so hard you had to sit on the edge of the bed, but seeing as Sirius was pouting, you grabbed his arm and pulled him next to you, trying to stop laughing. “Oh come on!” – you said, clutching on his arm. – “You’re really a nice couple.”

He looked down at you from the corner of his eye, a slight smirk on his lips. “You’re terrible, do you know that?”

“Am I?” – you asked, starting to placing tiny, soft kisses on his neck, because you knew how much he loves it.

“You are.” – he mumbled with a sulky voice, though his hand slid on the top of your thigh.

You pulled back and picked up the bra from the bed. “It’s really pretty, I should try on, don’t you think?” – you asked, standing up, but Sirius grabbed your hips, pulling you back on his lap.

“I’d prefer you without it now.”                              

“I know, you’d like to wear it instead of me, sorry.” – you said against his lips, causing him to grinning as he pushed down you onto the sheets.

“My girl is really bad today. What should I do with you?”

“Well, surprise me.” – you whispered, looking deep on his grey eyes before he started kissing you.

Workout Log 4-19-17

Woo, boy. Getting back into the swing of things. Noooooo. It sucks, but it must be done. For–sanity?–I kept it simple and low-key, though. I did a very short and basic upper body dumbbell routine for the sake of routine itself. In a few days, I’ll probably feel right at home again.

Treadmill Warmup
Bicep Curls: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Hammer Curls: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Triceps Extension: 20 lb dumbbell (single)  3 x 12 (+5)
Front Raise: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Lateral Side Rise: 15 lb dumbbells 3 x 12
Push Ups: 35

I’m sure I’ll be an overachiever by the end of the week, but here’s gettin’ started!

Playlist Picks: Oh, man. I missed music. I would have used too much data, no devices on WIFI during my trip. It was tough. Google Fi should seriously just let music data not count; I mean I’ve bought enough of their stuff, yeah? Anyway, that was brutal. I’m back this morning with Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Hump de Bump and Modest Mouse’s Fly Trapped in a Jar.

I like to think that every Fitbit recording tells a little story. Notice that huge drop in my heart beats a few minutes in? The story there is my fiance beefed it on the treadmill and busted his elbow open. I had to tend to his boo-boo. See, putting those band-aids in my gym bag made me a genius!

Fire Starter (A cutesy Deadpool one shot)

Warnings: language, violence, mentions of sex, deadpool in general

You weren’t exactly Deadpool’s sister, but of course when Wade found you burning down the box you called home in your nightmares he couldn’t resist. You were only 11 then and had run away from your foster home after nearly burning that down by accident. You were happy to stay with Wade though because as he demonstrated when he scooped up your body engulfed in flames, he couldn’t be killed. You loved that about him. He loved that you were his tiny fire starter and best friend. Somehow he managed to get paperwork saying you were his sister and he your legal guardian, so you were officially Y/N Wilson. It had been a stellar 7 years with Wade, but today was your 18th birthday and you had a big request.

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$11 commissions

Hey yall, recently got hit with a bunch of ‘late-term fees’ which basically means i bought things and they didnt show up on my account until like a few days ago. long story short, theres not much money to last me until friday june 16th when i get paid again, so im coming out with $11 commissions to hopefully get me through till then! o<ob

These commissions will be limited to:

- full body

- flat colors 

- a maximum of two characters. 

Canon characters, OCs, any kind of character is a go! (as long as certain permissions are granted of course)

you can read up on how my commissions work here (towards the bottom). Contact info can be found there as well owob



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Member(s): Jackson
Genre: At this point, it ain’t even a genre. (But it can be smutty… [although not really])
Word Count: 1951
Summary: You excitedly waited for all of the GOT7 members to come home, as you have a whole night planned for you and Jackson. A night full of fun and games. Truth. Or. Dare.

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Bae wanted to give Bum a gift he could always carry with him, so he gave him an opalite necklace

Bum always feels just a little bit safer when he wears it

Also @pliskin every seungbum picture you draw adds 20 years to my life thank you so much

So short recap of my trip to coupe du printemps:

My first time watching a competition live! I was so excited! I only took pics during warm up because I wanted to enjoy his performance.

First there was some chaos. I had to get to the rink by bus and there was some marathon and the road was blocked. Apparently this was news to the bus driver because he promptly turned back, stopped and told us to get out. Great. Just walk. For 4 km. Along the highway. Fortunately there were 2 guys I could share a taxi with and one of them was the choreographer for the Gala event!

Arrival: I was not prepared for how close you get to the skaters I mean after I just bought my ticket I went for coffee and Takahito passed me. And when I sat down there were Shoma and Mihoko chilling in the corner. I almost spat out my latte.

I managed to meet up with @fyshomauno so we could watch the event together! It was fun and she’s really nice. Thank you for watching the competition with me.

Warmup: Takahito looking good. I hadn’t seen much of him before but I liked him. Shoma falling on his ass worrying striking terror into my heart.

5 skaters is really not a lot for a competition.

Ok the new costume doesn’t look that bad irl. I actually like it. Not as much as the regular one but he’s so sparkly! Also new hairstyle! We’ve come so far since the asian success perm.

He is so fast. You don’t really see it on the broadcasts because the camera follows but watching live and in direct comparison with the other skaters he speeds across the ice like lightning.

I totally teared up during his performance and I was not the only one. No clean skate (Will we ever see it happen? Fingers crossed for worlds) but still amazing to see him live. And I felt like he put on some extra touches to the program expression wise.

Holy shit 300 points! WTF. I did not expect that.

Shoma mysteriously disappearing during the award ceremony and then sprinting back like the hounds of hell were on his heels, to get to the ice was so funny. The series of medal ceremony mishaps continues.

Feeling like I’ll probably know the japanese anthem by heart at the end of the day.

Taking photos of skaters is hard. I only got the hang of it after the men’s competition T_T Focusing on jumps was a mistake. Now I got a bazillion pics of Shoma either a) wearing a facial expression of excruciating pain b) with his limbs in the most awkward positions or c) like he’s facing a 1000 mph jet blast. Strangely the pics of Takahito turned out fine.

It’s Getting Hot in Here - Barry Allen Smut

Prompt: “you are one of the great sources of barry smut, so, maybe like, a few months of his first time fic thingy, maybe he gets his first bj?? (Im so not thirsty for these fics man)”

Author’s Note: I am so not on top of my writing game lately, man. And I’m starting a new job soon which definitely won’t help. I am so sorry it takes forever to write things. But please, continue to request things! I promise they will be written, eventually. I think this is my first smut fic that doesn’t take place in a bed. Wow.

Warnings: Smut smut smutty smut smut

Summary:  Barry comes home after a long trip and you two take some time to “warm up” to each other again ;)

Barry had been gone for almost a month now. It was the longest amount of time you had spent apart. You guys talked on the phone a few times, but not for long before Barry had to go again. He would always let you know how much he loved you and how much he missed you. You missed him to. Usually, it was manageable. But whenever you watched romantic movies or saw couples on TV, you immediately thought of him and missed him so much. The last week of his absence, every minute seemed to drag by as you waited for him.

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The Avengers assumed that Steve would be a wimp when it comes to spicy food, and spiked some run of the mill food with hot sauce. Turns out Steve loves it. Natasha is the true cannot-handle-spice-queen.

lmfao I love this?? post aou, just plain old crack. wanda pov because my JEWISH daughter deserved better than the mcu characterisation

The fork was lifted, and Wanda all but vibrated with anticipation.

Beside her, Sam stifled a laugh and she grinned at him, unrepentant. Rhodey had asked for Vision to film the moment and send it to Stark, and while confused, the android had agreed. Wanda had asked that Clint receive a copy too. 

It hadn’t been that hard to add a little too much spice into the recipe. She knew she could handle it, and the others had assured her that they were okay with it. Well, Natasha hadn’t, but she rarely ate with the team anyway. 

Steve stiffened a little, and the Avengers collectively held their breath as he chewed and swallowed. 

“Wanda,” he began, and she suppressed a smile. “This is really good!” 

Wait, what?

“It’s almost as good as Bruce’s Pork Vindaloo!” Enthused, Steve dug.

Wanda turned to see her teammates staring at their leader. She sighed. Another good prank wasted on the Captain. 

“Everything was so bland in the forties,” Stark said through the speaker. “Steve had to try everything. Thor and he regularly had competitions. I think the only thing that ever beat them was Phaal Curry.” 

Sam groaned and Rhodey patted his shoulder in sympathy. Wanda huffed. They were running out of ways to get back at Steve for stealing the left-overs. 

“If you really, really want to prank Steve, you’ve gotta be subtle,” Stark continued. “I mean, Clint and I bought copies of all of his clothes, just a size smaller. He was frustrated about the jeans he was ripping for weeks.” 

Hmm, there was an idea. 

That night, Natasha smirked to herself as she heated up some left-over pasta in the microwave. Steve’s morning was going to be ruined, according to Sam, by the food colouring on his blue toothbrush. Just before an interview.

She’d eventually have to come clean about it being her stealing the food, but since Steve hadn’t warned them, she didn’t see the need. They needed to learn, if they wanted to be Avengers, to know everything about their teammates. 

Finally, the microwave pinged, and Natasha dug out a fork, and took a bite. 

“What the - JESUS FUCK.”