okay I need people to scream with me about this so here we go

kurodaiiwaoi, future/college au

  • they’re neighbours. kuroo and daichi are dating, iwa and oikawa hopelessly pining after each other
  • they literally live next door to each other their balconys are adjacent
  • daichi meets oikawa in the hallway one morning and doesn’t realize until he’s all the way to campus because he’s terrible in the morning (he always wakes up early, he’s never fully functional before 10 a.m.. luckily, kuroo doesn’t talk much in the morning either)
  • then they discover they’re all on the volleyball team and their teammates start getting afraid after about three meetings because they’re all so fucking intense about volleyball
  • they all start hanging out and studying together. kuroo and oikawa get along FABULOUSLY. daichi and iwa are anticipating a lot of suffering.
  • iwa and kuroo share a few classes, like biology, while oikawa and daichi share a deep unease looking at their textbooks because what the fuck what’s this drawing supposed to be??? no actually don’t tell me
  • oikawa tries to tame kuroo’s hair, with success, but it’s deemed too weird by everyone and he goes back to his usual style.
  • kuroo’s very ace and not fond of sex and he and daichi have discussed being in an open relationship but daichi had never had a regular sexual partner on the side until he and iwaizumi start fucking
  • they both like each other, they both are attracted to the other, it’s convenient, and they already love other people so no feelings to be developped here right? (RIGHT)
  • they all become good friends p quickly and on day after sex iwa’s like ‘I’m in love with oikawa’ ‘dude I know we all know’ ‘…he doesn’t’ ‘well obviously if he did we wouldn’t be HERE’
  • meanwhile kuroo and oikawa are talking too and oikawa just. talks about iwa. all the time.
  • they swap talking buddies a week after, study with each pair in an appartment

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two kinds of erwin fans
  • erwin: my decisions...am i correct... i have killed so many yet achieved nothing...my friends...
  • classy erwin fan: no gentlefolk you must all understand the deeper implications of his words. his meaning is apparent in the dripping, soulful guilt yet the undertone of selfishness makes him the perfect tragic hero of -
  • trashy erwin fan: dad suck a fart from my ass yaas is that an outline of ur bulge in ur angst pose yaas daddy smith
Tracing - art or not?

alright phandom, let’s talk about a touchy subject. Tracing.

already some of you are nervously sweating because you have strong opinions on this subject. Well so far I have only seen one side of the tracing argument and that has been solely focused on the negative. My mom always said I could be a lawyer so here’s me fighting for the opposition.

the bottom line is, tracing isn’t a bad thing. Please don’t ever feel that your work isn’t valued because you traced it. Let me explain.

I admit now to you that when drawing realism I often sway towards tracing outlines (this is not applicable to my cartoon work) this is because tracing outlines for me, is a guide.

Do not trace other people’s art work! this is a bad thing! but there is nothing wrong with tracing outlines of photos as long as you’re doing a little something extra. I will show you what I mean.

Recently a drawing of mine has caused quite the outrage on Twitter amoung phandom artists about tracing, as Phil himself saw my art and then it all went south from there. Below you see my art, I traced the outlines of a photo of Phil.

but then I used my skill to shade it and bring it to life as seen below.

(still not art?)

According to some people in this phandom I’m a cheat for doing this and it’s wrong and awful and all that lark.

Well let me tell you something, don’t listen to them! I started drawing when I was about 10/11 and I learned by tracing art religiously from the final fantasy booklet things that came with the games, I then went onto tracing manga; and as I went, I learned. I learned how to draw cartoons and anatomy and everything else I do now that you guys love. I understand I’m tracing photos and not cartoons, but honestly tracing cartoons isn’t bad as long as you’re learning and you don’t post them online cause remember guys, stealing people’s art isn’t cool!

they’re telling young artists that their traced art isn’t art, they’re putting young artists down and discouraging them to draw, this is effing harmful. Well listen to me, I may not have much of a voice as I’m just me, I’m just the underdog of the phandom artists, but I will use what little of a voice I have to say that your art is art. Your art will always be art, if you picked up a pen or a pencil or paint, if you did something, traced or not it’s art!

if you have traced over a photo (not other people’s art unless you’re not intending on showing anyone or have asked permission first) then you are using guides. Tracing lines on a photo is a safety net, it’s a helpful friend. so if anyone tries to tell you not to trace photos again, remember me, remember my awful art from years and years ago and what I can do now. Tracing isn’t a bad thing. 

that’s all I have to say.

@nothingtoseehere-move-along ‘s post made me think of something i keep texting ppl but havent made a post about yet 

in the complaints about cress that i’ve seen (especially on goodreads) people’s biggest complaint is always that cress is a damsel in distress character and how damsel in distress female characters dont belong in modern media but can i remind some ppl about some things

  • having a strong female character does not mean a gun toting sarcastic girl with no personality outside of her supposed badassness
  • a strong female character just means a female character who is strong - meaning a character who is not just a skeleton outline of a girl who is only there to further a male characters story/character development
  • guess what cress is! a strong female character who is ALSO a damsel in distress!
  • some girls are not tough as nails and reply to everything with biting sarcasm and feel nothing. cress is a girl in an entirely new situation who has never had any control over her life and has had to stay subservient to stay alive, she has never had any friends or family or known anything but abuse and isolation
  • cress is a girl who wants and needs to be saved, and who has a crush on thorne because she has such an overactive imagination she can imagine him being the hero to save her - she’s decided hes a hero and who saves damsels in distress? heros!!
  • cress doesnt need men to complete her or to make her feel more important, cress wants a hero to save her so she can complete her own goals! some women want and need to be saved, not all women can be cinder or scarlet 
  • cress may not be strong and tough though but she IS intelligent shes a brilliant hacker who KNOWS shes intelligent and has fantastic morals and learns through this journey and with cinders help that she is a strong girl who can be a hero! 
  • cress is there for girls who feel like they need to be saved or need to be helped or are shy and don’t know how to help but to show them that they can be heroes too and they can be just as heroic as the girls who fight

But how much do you want to bet that Ray writes fanfiction in his spare time? 

  • He’s always been fascinated by the different stories, and he has three different fanfic accounts where he does nothing but read and favorite almost every story. 
  • He comments on every story he likes, too. Sometimes it’ll be a long-ass comment outlining everything that he loved about it, but if it wasn’t his favorite, he’ll still post a “Great job! :D” because Ray Palmer is a sweetie pie who refuses to be mean online. 
  • Eventually he writes a Doctor Who fic all about Rory - one of his favorite characters, after River - and he sits there refreshing the page until he sees that someone’s marked the story and that there’s another comment. (The comment says “this story was very cute!” but Ray gets overexcited and writes out a paragraphed response thanking the anon for their kind words.) 
  • Eventually he starts publishing even more stories, from Star Trek to “better” versions of Game of Thrones (and by better, Ray means storylines where the Starks don’t die and his favorite characters don’t get butchered by the plot). 
  • Ray is usually out doing missions with the team for most of the day, so he only gets to write at around 2 AM, so he waits for Jax to fall asleep and he usually busts out his laptop and starts writing. 
  • Jax wakes up one night and finds Ray typing furiously on his computer, and when he asks what the hell Ray was doing, Ray slams down his computer screen and stutters out “Porn, I was watching porn.” 
  • He makes Jax promise not to tell anyone, but of course the next day Leonard walks up to him and demands to see the stories, and the next thing Ray knows the team is huddled in a circle over his laptop reading all of his stories. 
  • Kendra doesn’t really understand but she’s happy Ray likes it, and Sara, Rip, Mick, and Stein really don’t care. Jax thinks they’re awesome, though, which makes Ray happy. 
  • Len needlessly mocks Ray for the stories, but secretly, he subscribes to Ray’s account, glad that AO3 doesn’t show subscribers. 
  • Ray’s account for everything is rayinthetardis
Threesome: an outline for your enjoyment

I was having a really fucking bad night, yeah, really fucked up for no reason, but then I remembered that Nothing cheers me up faster than wanking to a John/Sherlock/Greg threesome.

I mean, we all know John and Sherlock are married, of course, yeah. But Greg comes over sometimes, and he and John get a few pints at the pub down the way, and they get drunk and flirt with each other, and they come back to 221B and it’s just for “a nightcap” but the cap is Sherlock’s ass which is Ready,

and they take turns with one in his ass and one in his mouth, until one of them says “Share,” and they switch places, and frankly it’s a nonstop parade of vulgarity and by the end of it John comes first, and Greg gets sloppy seconds, and Sherlock’s come twice and is laying blissed out on the middle of the bed which isn’t quite big enough for all three of them, but they cuddle for a few minutes anyway.

Eventually Greg and John go off to the loo together and they’re both still turned on, so they blow each other in the washroom and then take a long hot shower together. Greg wants to kiss Sherlock again before he leaves, but Sherlock’s actually sleeping and they don’t want to wake him, so Greg settles for kissing John in the doorway instead, and they find it quite agreeable indeed, to the point that Greg doesn’t leave after all, and instead Greg and John take up in the spare room, just for a night. When Sherlock wakes up, John is afraid he’ll be jealous, but Sherlock thinks it’s brilliant and wants to know when they can all do it together again.

The answer is next Saturday.

anonymous asked:

I used to write without plotting (I've been writing since I was a kid and knew nothing about actual writing) and it did me well but right now I've realised plotting improves the result and now that I've tried it, I find hard to write without plotting. But i am too eager to write and I plot a short scene and then write it. I mean I've already outlined the main plot but only shallowly. But the thing is that I feel it's like my writing rythm is messed up and I'm a bit stuck. Got any advice? Thanks

The way I do my plotting is a really basic main plot, then I plot a short scene, and write that scene. Then I will plot the next scene, and write that scene. Repeat until chapter/fanfiction/book is finished. I find it really helps, because having the basic plot means I know where I’m wanting to end up, but when I plot a scene before I write it I know the major points of that scene before I dive in (which sounds a bit like how you write).

If that’s what you feel comfortable with, stick with it! Your rhythm might just be feeling off because you’ve started a new way of writing, and your rhythm hasn’t quite got used to it yet. Just give it some time, and it should settle down and sort itself out ~DP

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on book series where the first book is more or less just exposition? I've outlined my story and realized that 22 chapters in, hardly anything has been resolved (I've spent most of these chapters expanding the lore and characters). I mean, I always knew my idea would take up 3-4 books since it would really be impossible to resolve the main issue in less, but still... Small things are accomplished in book one, yes, but nothing REALLY satisfying. Would that put readers off?

Yes, it would put readers off.

Why would readers want to keep reading the later books if the first one is boring and just exposition? They wouldn’t. You have to treat the first book in a series like a stand alone. If the readers don’t care about the first book, they’re not going to pick up the second book. Check the book series tag on the tags page for tips.

Update on LSD disassembly

Hey there! Quick update on my progress with disassembling the original game.

I found all these function names! They seem to correspond with functions outlined in both the PSY-Q and Net Yaroze PSX SDKs, so that’s good. It means the disassembly I’m looking at is actually valid code.

Another thing I found is that lots of the stuff in there is space for things to be stored… I think. There’s tonnes of this.

See here, the yellow areas are all lines and lines of nothing, whereas the coloured areas are code, or data.

I also found some stuff like this! That “%d” is what’s called a format specifier, specifically a format specifier for an integer. This should mean that the game was programmed in C (which makes sense!).

I also found loads of strings in the file. Here’s a listing of some of them. Some of it looks like debug info, but a lot of it is paths to files, such as LBD files for the levels and textures in TIM files.

Interestingly, the paths for LBD files only go from stage 02 to stage 05, which is Kyoto, Natural World, Happytown, and Violence District. The other paths are missing.

Anyway what I’m going to do now is see where these paths are referenced from and see if I can manually convert the assembly there into C code, then have a look at what it’s doing.

I may also disassemble another PS1 game, to see if there are any commonalities such as shared code, indicating libraries or some kind of basic game engine.

That’s all from me this time!

Maroon 5 Inspired Starters

Send my muse one of these to see how they react:

  • I know that’s what you want me to do.
  • My heart is breaking in front of me.
  • I won’t say goodbye anymore.
  • I want to make you feel beautiful.
  • I know I tend to get so insecure.
  • It’s compromise that moves us along.
  • I know that goodbye means nothing at all.
  • Please don’t try so hard to say goodbye.
  • Try to guide me in the right direction.
  • This city’s made us crazy and we must get out.
  • There’s only so much I can do for you.
  • After all of the things you put me through.
  • Fingers trace your every outline.
  • I never want to leave.
  • I’m calling out to you.
  • I know you understand.
  • Bring me closer to heart attack.
  • Say goodbye and just fly away.
  • I have some things to say.
  • How does it feel to know you never have to be alone.
  • There must be someplace here that only you and I could go.
  • I’ll never leave you behind.
  • Give me the sweetest goodbye.
  • Can you see me?
  • I don’t trust you.
  • Your intentions are unclear.
  • I spend every hour waiting for a phone call.
  • I used to think you were the one.
  • I’m sick of thinking anything at all.
  • That’s not how things were supposed to be.
  • No other lover has ever done that.
  • Do you dream I would be there.
  • There is nothing you can say or do.
  • You say I’m not your type.
  • I don’t know if I will find you.
  • It makes me burn to learn you’re with another man.
  • It makes you burn to learn I’m with another man.
  • Promise not to leave me behind.
  • Take me down, but take it easy.
  • Torture me by taking your time.
  • You’re such a flirt.
  • I wanna give you something better.
  • So give it up, and don’t pretend.
  • Spread your arms and legs across the bed.
  • I can’t wait to take you home.
  • Scratch me with your nails.
  • Save me from myself.
  • Show me how to care.
  • How much longer must we wait?
  • This relationship is over.
  • You’re so much better without makeup.
  • Why would you hide your face?
  • I can not refuse your eyes.
  • Please don’t look at me tonight.
  • My heart beats fast I know you’re there.
  • And I pretend like I don’t care.
  • But I am still in love with you.
  • I never meant to keep you waiting.
  • I keep denying I’m in love with you.
  • My routine is getting old.
  • Your super stupid when you’re angry.
  • You only wake up sad.
  • I’d rather die on my two feet than live down on my knees.
  • I am in misery.
  • There ain’t nobody who can comfort me.
  • Why won’t you answer me?
  • The silence is slowly killing me.
  • You say your faith is shaken.
  • I’m desperate and confused.
  • I’m not falling in love with ya.
  • I’m all alone baby.
  • I have no defense.
  • I will never walk away again.
  • I’m never gonna leave this bed.
  • Go, it isn’t working.
  • No, it isn’t perfect.
  • I’d give it all away just to get you back.
  • I must have been a fool.
  • My world just feels so cold.
  • I can’t lie, you’re on my mind.
  • I wanna feel your heart beat for me instead.
  • You found somebody else.
  • I have been searching for your touch.
  • I never thought about you much.
  • I’m broken down and all alone.
  • I don’t understand the meaning of love.
  • I do not mind if I die trying.
  • I’m asking for your help.
  • I am going through hell.
  • I can see mistakes so clearly now.
  • I’d kill if I could take you back.
  • I’m a man, be a woman now.
  • I have been bound by the shackles of love.
  • And I don’t mind if I die tied up.
  • Why must we be so ugly?
  • I can’t seem to find the pretty little face I left behind.
  • Put your hands all over me.
  • Her pretty little face has torn me up.
  • Tell me everything, it’s gonna be alright.
  • Love is a game you say.
  • Play me and put me away.
  • Now you’ve lost your mind.
  • Pretty little thing, don’t get upset.
  • Pretty little girl come make my day.
  • What am I supposed to do with this time?
  • What am I supposed to do to get by?
  • Did I lose everything I need to survive?
  • Did you get my message?
  • I can’t tell you if you turn around and run away.
  • What am I supposed to do with these clothes?
  • Why did it have to end?
  • You and I go hard at each other like we’re going to war.
  • You and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slamming the door.
  • You and I get so damn dysfunctional, we stopped keeping score.
  • You and I get sick, I know that we can’t do this no more.
  • And now I’m feeling stupid.
  • So I cross my heart and I hope to die.
  • That I’ll only stay with you one more night.
  • And I know I said it a million times.
  • Try to tell you “no” but my body keeps on telling you “yes”.
  • Try to tell you “stop”, but your lipstick got me so out of breath.
  • Where have the times gone?
  • I know it’s hard to remember.
  • But is it too late to try?
  • You say it’s too late to make it.
  • But even the sun sets in paradise.
  • All those fairy tales are full of shit.
  • One more fucking love song, I’ll be sick.
  • I gave you my love to borrow.
  • Baby I’m begging you just please don’t go.
  • Where are the plans we made for two?
  • Why am I holding on?
  • We knew this day would come.
  • This is our last night.
  • And when the daylight comes I’ll have to go.
  • But tonight I’m gonna hold you so close.
  • The sky is getting bright.
  • We’re dancing in the dark of the night.
  • So won’t you touch me?
  • Baby you got me doing dirt.
  • I wanna leave with you right now.
  • I wanna be with you all night.
  • Get in the car let’s go.

I’ve really been thinking so much about the fact that my body is a dwelling place for the Rauch Hakodesch (Holy Spirit). If it’s a temple it needs to be treated as such. This means I have to be really aware of what I’m putting in my body (food), the kinds of movies and televisions shows I watch. To ask my self is this show glorying Yah or Satan? Eating well and exercising is a struggle I have had my entire life. It’s nothing new for me. I’ve been able to loose weight but then I gain it back, eat well and the eat unhealthy. The Rauch has been dealing with me about this. The Dietary Laws in Leviticus 11 outline clean and unclean animals. I realize that Yahuah gave these commandments for a reason. For example, pigs are unclean according to the Levitical laws. Pigs do not have sweat glands and they eat everything including fecal matter. Shrimps are basically the garbage cleaners of the ocean meaning they eat decaying things and even their own species. Yahuah loves us and eating these unclean animals can lead to autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. Praise Yah for his truth and revelation. I’ve put on so much weight from eating garbage and now with Yah’s help I will get my temple back in working order so he may get the glory. Shalom.