I am dying. Tears from my eyes.

Project Horizons is over.

I’ll say this.  Amid all the controversy, all the waiting that had to be done for it, and all the things I disagree with in it, I don’t regret reading it. Not one bit.  While I may have made different choices in how things were done at the end, it ended how it should have.  I certainly wish that Somber had expanded on some sections in the Epilogue, maybe have given more closure on some of the characters than they got.  I’ve quickly been forming my own headcanon for things that still sit unexplained, but hot damn it was a good story.

I grew to love, laugh, and cry with the characters in there, and having it finished feels like closing the door on a whole chapter of my life.  Sure, it was a good chapter, but that’s just what makes closing it that much harder.

Thank you, Somber, for completing it.  It was worth the wait.