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Instructions on how to do the gifting on ITunes for some who might not know: a) find No Control in the ITunes store b) click on the down arrow next to the price. c) click “Gift this song” d) put in the e-mail of the recipient you got from your recipient list from Fluff and a message if you like, next g) you will pick any theme you like to dress up your gift, next h) confirm your purchase by clicking “Buy Gift” i) you may have to put in your apple id in the next screen. You'll get confirmation!



name: warpath

series: combiner wars (Hasbro 2015)

notes: as far as repaints go warpath is as good as you can possibly get. legends megatron was a mold i vastly underrated and so warpath was an easy purchase for me to make. i may have made things harder by using all the mold’s good poses on my megatron set so trying to show this guy off is difficult.

that being said the resemblance to his g1 figure is uncanny, transforming into a more traditional tank and not one of hasbro’s preferred h-tank designs. the mold has a really great burgandy paint job and a liberal use of grey plastic. i do know that one of the more common complaints is the lack of the chest gun, but honestly i find it to be a minor issue. all in all this is a great little toy that i recommend very highly.

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omg. I could totally smear one John in glitter and allow the other one to just glare menacingly. Also :0 I see what you did there.

I just had to reblog this because GLITTERY JOHN. He will SHINE LIKE THE SUN OMG.

I want these so badly. I’m LITERALLY a click away from purchasing these (I may or may not have put them in my basket XD)

Alpacasso Order!

I had a coupon for free shipping on orders over $30USD on Tokyo Otaku Mode and i may have just purchased a few alpacassos (and one Love Live item)!

My wallet is crying right now but i’ve been really stressed these past few weeks due to all 4 assignments/projects being due on the same week! I thought it was time to reward myself for surviving! Sssh it’s not an excuse to buy alpacas i swear :c

So the babies i ended up purchasing were:

  • Beige Cutie Kids 40cm (with bird)
  • Beige Makiba Kids 12cm
  • White Girly Kids 12cm (the girl)
  • Maki Love Live! Rectangular Badge

Yes, i absolutely love my beige alpacas ♥

I can’t wait to receive my package! So excited :3

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post a picture in jock straps? 😊😊

i don’t have one hahahah sorry, i may purchase one soooon maybe. ☺️

Normally I send out hankies with each purchase made online, but I think this one may have to have its own spotlight in the shop! Isn’t adorable?!

Do You Remember: Young MC

Do you remember Young MC?  How about this?

Okay, I’m sure you remember this:

And do you remember when Steven Segal had a great Soundtrack on one of his movies?

Pick up the Pace appeared on the “Marked for Death” Soundtrack; which may have been the first Soundtrack album I purchased.  Maybe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I think it’s kind of stupid, I think it’s a disgrace; instead of going slower they should be picking up the pace