Cover Ups
  • INTJ:Soooooo asking a machinist to choke you during sex is a bad idea, I have a nasty ass bruise on my neck
  • INTP:Ummmm don't do that
  • INTJ:Bruise or enjoy being choked
  • INTP:Get murdered on accident, and bruises aren't good seeing as you're a teacher
  • Annnnnnddddd I did something impulsive and kinda stupid
  • INTJ:And what did you do
  • INTP:I may have purchased a linux based system on credit, by may have I mean I did, and I did it at 2 am
  • INTJ:Well that's not the worst thing ever
  • INTP:1100 dollars haha
  • INTJ:But you don't have a giant ass bruise on your neck and seeing your entire family today.
  • INTP:Nope mine can be secret
  • INTJ:Well I covered it up with make up

<vest dressed>

shoe alert! shoe alert! i may have just found my new favorite pair. if you have been following the blog for any length of time, you may have noticed i sometimes become attached to my latest purchase. and you see it on numerous occasions. like this black handbag with faux bamboo handles, i’m carrying in today’s ootd. we’ve seen it here, andhere, and, yes, here too. this same habit applies to shoes. who remembers my orange louis et cie shoes? seen here, andhere, and here. or my black and brown ivanka trump loafers? well, you get the point. but guess what? oops, i did it again. this time with a pair of pointy-toed slingbacks from j.crew. several of my all-time favorite flats from years gone by were purchased from my fav preppy store. and i have a feeling these cap-toed beauties are going to join the hall of famers. don’t you just love the first blush of love?

labels: shorts Talbots (similar here and here); shirt tailor-made (similar here and here); vest WhoWhatWear @Target (similar here and here); shoes J.Crew; handbag Talbots

Guess WHO met the grocery girls?? Ahhh yes ME! Aaaaand It was at the sweet @river.city.yarns in Edmonton AB, where I also met barb and Cynthia. Thank you so much ladies. It was SUCH a pleasure meeting you all 💕 oh and I may have dropped off some custom colorways that are only available for purchase at river city yarns 😘

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