Hi guys! I found this awesome video from Lisa Eldridge about the history of makeup from the 1940’s to the 1970’s that I really enjoyed! Maybe you guys might find it interesting as well :) 

This actually made me want to start a small vintage makeup collection, the compacts and lipstick tubes are just so stunning! You can find quite a large selection of new and used vintage makeup on etsy and ebay, I may or may not have just made a purchase ;)

Product Review #28!
This is the Morphe 35O palette. I have heard A LOT of hype about this palette so I decided to purchase one and see if it was true. I must say that all of the good things that I have heard ARE true! The shadows are so smooth and buttery and pigmented! As you can see I used it (once) and I was impressed with the quality. This palette goes out of stock quickly due to its popularity but it has restocked twice recently so if you want it keep checking! I have a few morphe brushes, but this is the first eye shadow palette I have purchased from them. I may be buying more morphe palettes in the future!

Witchy Magazine

Okay guys, I’ve pretty much decided I’m doing this. However, since we’re in the beginning stages, help me brainstorm. I want the first issue to go out at Halloween. That’ll give me plenty of time to get everything together. For the first 6 months it’ll be an online magazine, just until I get the hang of things. It’ll be a monthly issue (though if things go really well, it might go up to bimonthly), and the first one will be free. Later down the road, I’m thinking you could buy the issues individually, or get a subscription (which would be cheaper in the long run). I may even have opportunities for witchy business owners and diviners to purchase ad spaces. Once I’ve gotten all the info I need, I’ll set up a kickstarter to help with the financial part of it.
So what I need from you guys is ideas. What kind of articles do you wanna see in a witchy magazine? What do you wanna see in the magazine all together? Send me an ask or just reblog with your commentary. The more ideas I get, the better this magazine will be!

hey guys! I’ve recently discovered this online store called ROMWE. The deals here are amazing and i suggest you check them out!

Here are some of things I have my mind on and may purchase.

  1. Diamond Patterned Knit Mint Green Sweater
  2. Pockets Loose Army Green Coat
  3. Striped Midriff Elastic White-Black T-shirt
  4. High Waist Pleated Black Skirt
  5. Floral Crochet Lace White Shorts

Some other things like Floral Print Buttonless Kimono , Burgundy Criss Cross Back Chiffon Romper and Spaghetti Strap Lace Tank-Top are cute too!

If you agree these clothes are cute and/or think I should purchase some of them, please like this post!

Message me here your top three favourites and i’ll check out your blog! I will be following tons and also be giving out some blog rates!

fratboy!michael pretending he’s not actually a “frat boy” when you meet him at a party because you have this stigma against greek life and he asks if he can buy you a drink and you decide to take the “i don’t know can you” route and he just smiles all cute and bashful before he says in a really haughty tone “may i please have the pleasure of purchasing you an alcoholic beverage in hopes we strike up a conversation?” and really who can say no to that.