Hi again! This time this one is another Izuku and Tsuyu comic requested by @richardebersole92 (hiya bud), but for this one it is a little different as this one was not complete due to the original artist using these pages as a sample. He/She said: 

“This winter’s secret intentions”


a5/16p/200 yen


And that they would be at the Fukaoka comiket on January 17 of 2016 to sell it. Which bums me out since I did enjoy his previous work as it was the first thing I translated. I may or may not purchase this and his other comic if I have the funds to do so. But well see when that comes.

Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=54739256

Give the artist a visit and bookmark some of his/her stuff!

Product Review #28!
This is the Morphe 35O palette. I have heard A LOT of hype about this palette so I decided to purchase one and see if it was true. I must say that all of the good things that I have heard ARE true! The shadows are so smooth and buttery and pigmented! As you can see I used it (once) and I was impressed with the quality. This palette goes out of stock quickly due to its popularity but it has restocked twice recently so if you want it keep checking! I have a few morphe brushes, but this is the first eye shadow palette I have purchased from them. I may be buying more morphe palettes in the future!

anonymous asked:

Hello ! I was wondering where you found your glasses?? Because I am having a heck of a time finding any I like for and Ozpin cosplay I'm trying to put together

Hello ~

It’s been quite a few years, so I may have to dig for the original shop, but I know I purchased them from Etsy. I stumbled upon them by accident, but I imagine I was searching something along the lines of “small round tinted glasses” or the equivalent.

If I can find the receipt, I may be able to link the shop….

Witchy Magazine

Okay guys, I’ve pretty much decided I’m doing this. However, since we’re in the beginning stages, help me brainstorm. I want the first issue to go out at Halloween. That’ll give me plenty of time to get everything together. For the first 6 months it’ll be an online magazine, just until I get the hang of things. It’ll be a monthly issue (though if things go really well, it might go up to bimonthly), and the first one will be free. Later down the road, I’m thinking you could buy the issues individually, or get a subscription (which would be cheaper in the long run). I may even have opportunities for witchy business owners and diviners to purchase ad spaces. Once I’ve gotten all the info I need, I’ll set up a kickstarter to help with the financial part of it.
So what I need from you guys is ideas. What kind of articles do you wanna see in a witchy magazine? What do you wanna see in the magazine all together? Send me an ask or just reblog with your commentary. The more ideas I get, the better this magazine will be!


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