Reader X Tommy Shelby

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The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language.

There was nothing you could do as you watched in slow motion as May Carleton’s hand collided with your face. You had half expected it to come to this when Tommy told you he had ended his fling with the beautiful but fiery horse trainer, he could no longer waste his life with someone he had no feelings for knowing the woman he had fallen in love with works beside him day in and day out in the office. You may have only been a secretary but you had won the heart of the second eldest Shelby brother.

“You bitch! How dare you take Tommy away from me. Goodness knows why he chose you of all people, I don’t suppose you’ve got a penny to your name. I could’ve given him so much more.” May spat as she stuck her nose up in the air.

You froze in complete shock as you held your throbbing face. Once you had gained composure you immediately kicked yourself for not fighting your corner, however it was too late as Tommy rushed in between you both as he began forcefully guiding May out of the office.

“Come on May we’ve already discussed this, leave (Y/N) out of it, if it’s anybody’s fault it’s mine. Now let me get someone to drive you home.” Tommy said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t bother! I have a driver waiting for me, you’ll regret this Thomas Shelby. Don’t think I’ll let you off with this so lightly.” May sneered as she got into the backseat of her car and was driven off.

Tommy walked back in to see you helping yourself to a shot of his whiskey that he kept in the drawer of his desk.

“Are you ok darlin’? I swear to God (Y/N) I never thought she’d do anything like that, I knew she was feisty but…..” Tommy stopped mid sentence as he zoned in on your face.

“Shit are you bleeding?” He asked, worry written all over is face as he hurried over to you.

You brought your hand to your face when you felt blood beginning to trickle down from a cut on your cheek.

“Oh it’s nothing, it’s only a little cut, I’ve had worse.” You smiled as Tommy reached into his pocket producing a handkerchief and began dabbing at your wound.

“That’s my girl, tough as old boots. You’re definitely Shelby marriage material.” He chuckled as kissed the end of your nose.

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Hello there all! :D I’m back at home from school (finally! ha ha ha!) and I’m back with a vengeance with another fic for, you guessed it, Gravity Falls! This was a spur-of-the-moment fic that was originally supposed to be a drabble … which it is now, decidedly, not. Ha ha ha - what’s self control? XD

This is a gift for the lovely @garrulousgibberish, as well as for @eregyrn-falls and @impishnature. Thank you guys so much for gushing about music and childhood memories and Christmas with me XD Y’all are the greatest!

I’m also going to tag the lovely @llyrica, @somer-joure, and @crossroadsdimension because you guys are awesome and were, at some point or another, wondering what I have been working on XD 

May you all have a blessed holiday season and safe travels wherever you may go! Stay lovely, my dears.

-Nana Graye

Summary: The Pines family and friends get snowed in at the local diner. Luckily, they have the perfect solution for staying occupied while waiting out the storm: music, and lots of it.

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Parking enforcement mystery?

So I’ve posted a few times here about this incredibly bad coworker of mine and something totally WEIRD just happened. So my work has a group chat on WhatsApp and on march 2nd he suddenly posted this would be the last time he was clocking out and goodbye to us all and left the group chat. Here’s what’s so weird about it: first off he was still on the schedule when he left so he didn’t put in any 2 weeks or something it was obviously very sudden so perhaps he resigned? But I worked with him Wednesday night and he never mentioned it in fact he often boasts this is the best job he ever had and blah blah blah. Anyway so that means he may have been fired or let go which makes sense considering he was already suspended for telling racist jokes and was doing a CRAP load of things wrong including getting a bunch of parking tickets which you’re not supposed to do cuz like you’re PARKING ENFORCEMENT you should know the rules. Also there was allegations that he just couldn’t put on his customer service face which is a huge no no. Anyway there’s also this test we have to take to get a promotion and you have to take it it’s literally the easiest thing you just need to know basic procedure and if you take it 3 times and fail they start having conversations about letting you go. He apparently passed the first time but now I’m hearing he may not have and if this is the case maybe he quit and they were planning to let him go anyway? Hmm 🤔 it’s a mystery but I’m still glad to be rid of him!

Like the way I see it, either a) they cut Jaal as a m/m romance late in development, which is why datamining found actual coding for a romance - like the actual mechanical detail in order to have a romance in the game, that’s a lot of work for something not there - or b) they added Jaal as a m/m romance late in development and the guide was not updated for the addition -something that has been known to happen.

Cuz BroRyder’s VA has hinted through Twitter that at minimum, he recorded lines for a romance. Which may mean points for the former, we did have Mark Meer say at one point Vega was supposed to be a full bi romance, so there may well have been a cut in development after he recorded his lines, but… Like I said, it’s a lot of work to cut last minute, if there was enough to piece together an assumption of Jaal being a romance.

Not that it isn’t possible, and given this series’s track record with m/m romances, I admit I’m inclined to assume the worst, but… Well I’d sooner hope for the former.

What I’m Writing

The amazingly talented @criminal-minds-fanfiction tagged me to make a list of things I’m currently working on. Thank you, Cher! ^^

So, here is the list of my unfinished drafts right now + a few ideas I have floating around in my head! (Maybe if I write them down, they will magically come to life, ey?) Also, “working on” is used very, very loosely here.

Yuri!!! On ICE

- PanzerMensch: Literally writing right now because I am Otayuri trash and I should seriously stop listening to music altogether at this point A one-shot featuring my favourite boys at a club where Beka is supposed to be dj-ing… Yuri thinks his boyfriend deserves a bit of a break. (Title may change in the future)

- All That I’ve Got: my other two favourite dorks, Viktor and Yuuri, totally deserved their own separate Soulmate AU. Only two chapters have been posted so far, but I hope to write a third one soon and, if the planets and gods allow me to, post it sometime during the weekend.

- Vampire!Yuri AU idea: I. CAN’T. GET. THIS. IDEA. OUT. OF. MY. HEAD. But I cannot decide if I want Beka to be a human or a werewolf. Lately, I’ve been leaning more towards human, though. This will have to wait until I finish the Viktuuri Soulmate AU, but well.

Criminal Minds

- Water Under The Bridge: My beloved fic! The original idea that brought me here! The one I haven’t written for in months! Apologies for that. But I honestly lost all my drive. Believe me, even if I’ve said it before and looks like I’m lying, it will get done. As I always say, I know exactly where it needs to go, how it should progress, but I just cannot seem to find it in me to finish it right now (I even wrote the last three chapters before I thought about chapter 2!). I’m at a different place that I was when I started writing it and that’s probably why I can’t focus on it at the moment.

- Bunch of Luke Alvez/Reader ideas: Is that something people want to read? Is my boy Luke in need of some fluff/love in this fandom? Let me know!

I tag: @imagicana, @give-me-a-moose, @otayuriistheliteralbest@severeminx, and anyone else who wants to do this! :D

Could Phil Lamar talk samuraibravo this Saturday the 24th?

As you all know my snitching on the shipping has went viral and has freaked out some people, yet no response has been made from the art/links I sent to him it, could it be the following

A. He’s going to casually mention it in in a supposed samurai jack q and a tomorrow night

B. He forgot about it

C. He took the work to genndy and may or may not have an idea for it, yep getting delusional

What do you guys think?

Thank You Wentworth Writers

Yes I know this may be against the grain to what most fans are saying and Bea has always been my fave character but personally I think the work the writers have done this year is absolutely brilliant. Not only have they drawn us all in but they have got better and better each week. Nearly every week I have said to myself “they cant top this” and am delightfully proven wrong. The Finale was no exception. It was gorgeous. Yes it pulled at your heart strings and made you lose you breath, it made you cry and angry as hell. But it was supposed to. What it did and how it did it was magnificently set up by the writers. 

Hats off to everyone involved. From the actors who pour their hearts out week after week to the directors who transform words on a page into the characters we love and everyone in between. Can’t wait until next May to see what is in store for our fave crew in teal. 

anonymous asked:

I know it may be kinda late but would you ever make more Dusterjuice art? It's just so cute and theres so little of them

I don’t really know what you’re referring to by “kinda late” … I still really enjoy the ship, I suppose I’ve just been more interested in working on/drawing original stuff that I haven’t gotten around to drawing some more stuff for them.

But honestly, heck yeah, I’d love to draw some more of them when I have some time! I’ll post what I finish up for sure.

Elementary confession

So, I’ve kind of been sitting on this for a while.

Like most Elementary viewers, I love Joan and her relationship with Sherlock.

However, I didn’t like how early in the series (it may have been the first episode), Joan says that she notices that Sherlock doesn’t have any mirrors, and says it’s because “I think you know a lost  cause when you see one.”

Sherlock is fresh out of rehab at that point, and that seems like a cruel thing to say to anyone, let alone someone you are supposed to be helping.

I never expected Joan to coddle Sherlock. That would never have worked. Still, that line seemed overly harsh, especially for someone who later waits around to get another addict help, despite suspecting that they will not show up.

I woke up today and heard a 5 yr old call 911 and tell someone his parents were just murdered. I got to work and heard a kid say he put a dog collar on his moms arm while she did heroin and sold her body for drug money. I heard a young girl cry because the person she trusted did the most horrible things u could imagine someone you trust could do. 

And now I’m supposed to sell myself on some website trying to convince you im worthy of your time just so we can enjoy some laughs and a meal. 

Where’s the world gone. I work in mental health. I manage a team that hears some of the most fucked up shit u can imagine. 

And all I wanna do is go out. Have a good time. And get off. I’ve been back in Chicago a year and have worked my ass off to save this city. You may not know me but I am a somebody. I’m in the shadows doing the things that no one wants to know. 

Does this make me damaged goods or a fuckin hero ?

As some of you may know, I’ve been busy working on a new full length and I have been collecting songs that would go towards the new album. This song was supposed to be one of them; but then I realized that this had a different vibe from everything else and could stand well on its own. Roughly made 6 months ago, this song features influences of things I’ve been listening to during that time: funk, disco and french house. This is a fun, upbeat song that I thoroughly enjoyed making. I hope this becomes the soundtrack to your Boba dates!



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I wasn’t supposed to get this done on time, but @dreamsandteethmarks gave me the most awesome prompt ever and what’s wrong with staying up till 2am to write fanfic?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

For BSHiatusFic Week 5 / Prompt: Anniversary

But As You Wave Goodbye, I’ll Be Getting Closer

She is pretty sure this is not how it’s supposed to be. She may not be that aware of all the social norms and expectations, still, but she knows that couples are not supposed to spend the anniversary of their first date fighting. They especially shouldn’t have their first real fight on that day.

They’ve had fights before, and arguments, most of them having been work related. But not all of them have been. It doesn’t make sense after all to go an entire year in a relationship and not have the occasional argument, misunderstanding or fight, especially when the two people involved are as strong headed and stubborn as they both are.

But they have never had anything like this. No, this is different. Work arguments aside, they have never gone to bed angry at each other, they have never spent a night apart, except for reasons related to work that kept them apart, they have never let an argument stretch from one day to the other.

They’ve never slammed doors or thrown appliances ~ or was it a vase? ~ at each other. They’ve never been so angry they couldn’t talk to each other anymore, or stand to be in the same room with each other.

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I’ve been informed that the party that was supposed to pay the rent due two days ago… did not do so.

Also the heating and the phone bill have not been payed.

I… may need some help.

Ok. I can be commissioned. I can make you an avatar (7$), I can typeset your paper/book/religious document (price varies), I can customize this neat modular diary-thing I’ve been working on (see post), I can make all sorts of weird gifs (most of those are mine) and just. all sorts of odd` random stuff.

Please send me a message if you’d be interested in commissioning me for any reason at all.

I can be hired for math tutoring over the internet! that’s a thing I can do. Basically anything up to and including what you’d do to get a Master’s degree in mathematics I can do. gonna set a rate of like. 25$ an hour? idk it about the rate suggested as minimum wage in switzerland so…

I’m selling a bunch of things on society6 although the margins aren’t that great but hey look at this stuff!

hey it’s a mug! or like

a t-shirt? uhhh

a bag. yknow these kinds of things.



Help me out, buy my stuff

Word of Welcome

Welcome to the One Direction prompt library!!!

With this library I am hoping to create a world where people can share their prompts with the rest of the fandom, and where authors may claim prompts that they really like.

The prompt library is currently a work in progress. As you can see the pages that are supposed to hold the rules don’t exist right now, and since there have been no submissions as of yet, the pages that will hopefully contain prompts later on are still filled with a sad little x.

Although the rules aren’t fully up yet, if you see this post and you have a prompt that you would love to submit please feel free to do so. 

Here’s a short overview of what the submission message should contain:

  • Pairing
  • Rating (mature and up, teen and up, general audiences)
    Whether it’s a “quick fic” (e.g. a short prompt) or a prompt for a longer fic (anything over 2k words)
  • Warnings
  • One prompt

Only prompts that come in as a submission will be taken into consideration.

We will select prompts based on how interesting they are and if there are already fics written with the same type of prompt. A prompt like “Harry/Louis: anxiety disorder” will not be put into the database as it is not much of a prompt but more of a general suggestion. A prompt should look somewhat like “Harry/Louis: After Zayn has left, Louis isn’t doing so well anymore. He is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in the middle of their current tour. He hasn’t told Harry yet because he is afraid of how his boyfriend might react, so instead he tries to cope on his own by drinking and smoking the pre-show jitters away.

Please do keep in mind that if you submit your prompt to the database, the claiming author may use the prompt as they want and put in changes that you possibly disagree with. The author does not write for you, it is not a kinkmeme and although we will urge the author to credit the library, they may choose not to. 

If you are an author who is frequently out of prompts, please do send in a message when you claim a prompt so we can update the prompt status as claimed. If you end up not getting around to writing it, the prompt will go back into the active list.

Anyway, I think that’s the most of it right now… If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!



WWI era “Dazzle” camouflage. I’m not sure how this was supposed to work but it may have been an attempt to disrupt the calculations of a U-Boat commander when trying to determine a targets speed and direction. 

Hey! It’s Mismatcher, here to talk about commissions! I think I already had a post up talking about it, but here’s the new and improved version. 

Alright. So the deal is, I’m in a really uncomfortable position financially right now. I just recently moved in with my dad this school year and time and time again, I’ve found myself having to rely on him for money. You may say, “Oh, this is normal,” but the thing is, my dad isn’t exactly the most abundant when it comes to funds. Just recently, our insurance decided it would double it’s costs and he just had to pay the mortgage. He’s been working overtime at a night job in order to pay all of that and also feed me, who isn’t supposed to be at his house 24/7.

I feel very guilty about this. Any normal person would go out and find a job, but the thing is, I’m only 16. I only know one place that is really willing to hire someone that young, and usually they only do that in the Summer. Plus, it’s the end of the school year, meaning I have no time to spend at a full time job due to finals. The best thing I can do is open up commissions, which wouldn’t be a constant flow and would provide enough money for me to not have to rely on my dad for stupid things.

Since I’m done explaining that, let’s get down to prices! 

Small bust pixels will be 5-10$ depending how long it takes. 5 slots will be open for them!

Small and simple transparent character pictures will be 15-20$! 3 slots will be open!

Anything large and fully detailed will be 35-50$, depending on what you want in it. 2 slots open!

Some rules:

No NSFW stuff!

Please fully detail what you want in the picture!

Be patient! As I mentioned before, finals are kind of awful…

Please contact me at ReeceArcher111@gmail.com! We can talk about the pricing and what you want!

Thank you for reading!


Toby Fox (Undertale), Michelle Czajkowski (Ava’s Demon), GimorsCookies (Fortuna) also that first character is not mine, it’s a friends but i think they want to remain anonymous.

Prince Puma leaves Lucha Underground
[June 28th, 2016]

Multiple wrestling sites have reported that Ricochet, known in Lucha Underground, has finished with the company. Prince Puma allegedly finished his contract out at the last set of TV tapings, which will carry LU through the third season of the show. As of this writing, Ricochet is finished with Lucha Underground. Things may change, but there is a lot of speculation that Ricochet is headed to the WWE. Unfortunately, this has been a rumor for years, so assuming that there’s any truth to that is like sparring with flies, but I suppose anything is possible. Ricochet is taking indie bookings through Autumn, and plans to work overseas in NJPW during the Winter. If Ricochet does head to the WWE, it likely won’t be until 2017.

I remember sometime in early high school sitting down at a local coffee shop with my sister discussing our plans for the future. What we wanted out of life. This was before radical feminism and tumblr.
And I had told her bluntly “I want respect”. A career that generated respect, like the sciences (ergo: male dominated fields).

She, of course, gave me a disappointed look and tried to talk me into a better reason for pursuing a career. Because women are supposed to be happy with the respect we have for ourselves. That good people shouldn’t worry about things like power and other’s opinions. That good people are satisfied with just doing good work.

And even then I knew that a boy in my position may have been given a critical eye, but his desire for authority and autonomy (what respect really is) would’ve been considered natural.

And now, I see that it wasn’t some evil flaw that made me say what I truly felt, but the culmination of many things. Surviving girlhood, social/family dynamics, and personal needs as a response to that environment being the biggest influences.
I had a deficient and I wanted it filled. And patriarchy is so insidious that even asking for that was asking too much.

i think vixx and jelpi somehow waited for the pd 101 results before finalizing the cb.and prolly the reason why they just shoot the mv last week so that they can add one jelpi girl so that they can somehow promote both groups.this is great if they did coz this goes to show how vixx and jelpi thought of every possible thing for the cb.i also think that vixx wasn’t supposed to comeback this early since jelpi girls planned to debut may or june but since the circumstances changed,and jelpi girls couldn’t debut until next year,they’ve decided to put the cb into work.lol i wouldn’t even be surprised if conception had been planned for almost a year now,i mean love equation was a year of planning and conceptualization,so this cb must have been a long process as well.vixx are full of suprises.vixx’s creativity and passion for me,is really one of a kind.