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I've been interested in cosplaying Aqualad since 2012 and I just never got to because I'm at least twice his weight (not really because atlanteans weigh more than normal humans because of the ultra dense skin and muscle to survive temp and pressures) but I really want to and I just don't think I can. Do you have any advice for overweight/older(mid-late 20s) male cosplayers or other bloggers who might?

As I’ve said to every person who asks me this question… just do it.

My advice is the same for everyone no matter what gender they are. Either you use this as motivation to achieve your health & fitness goals by starting to exercise and eat healthy, or you just do the damn cosplay as you are and have a great time dressed as one of your favorite characters regardless of what you look like. There isn’t anything else to say that I haven’t already said.

Alternatively, option three: you keep making excuses and never do this cosplay. You’ve been dilly-dallying on it for 3 years now, letting your insecurity control your actions. It’s time to commit to either making this costume or moving on.

If you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right. Keep telling yourself you can’t do something and you’ll never do it. But if you believe in yourself, the motivation and drive will come. If you really want to do this cosplay, put aside your excuses and do it.

You can’t wait for other people to grant you permission to do the things you want to do in life. That’s on you.



God bless you always, thank you for everything old friend, you are a special person… your happiness, simplicity in all that you do, will be missed a lot, or rather what you’re doing… 

Unfortunately football is like this, each follows a path and life must go on…

The player leaves, but friend, brother for the rest of life… Bahia, good luck in your new club ⚽️ 

 I love you brother…

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