that makes no sense.


Let’s step back for a moment and remember 2 years ago.


oh shit some of my pictures are really bad but anyways!!!!!
its my first time attending to a concert, and its not any ordinary concert but damn its FF!!
Apparently the last time they came to my country is seven years ago, so honestly we won’t know when will they come again haha
anways ill start talking about the stuff i want to say about during concert
1) The concert started off with FF prelude and followed by the victory theme (honestly theres quite a lot of songs from the game i havent played yet so ill just say whatever i remembers)
2) From ffvii they played JENOVA complete, Cosmo canyon and oF COURSE ONE WINGED ANGEL towards the end
-I haven’t heard jenova complete before so im guessing its a remix or some sort?? i dont remember it being in OG though
- orchestra version of cosmo canyon is so good aitkwnf
-when the conductor asked us that in the last part we only need to know one word to sing along, most of us guessed its one winged angel lmao. the whole hall is singing ‘sephiroth’ when it comes to certain parts and honestly its so fun ajfbsk
4) before going for the interval they are playing the chocobo medley and honestly thats the cutest shit ive ever heard
5) theres also a battle theme medley with 'those who fight’ inside ;00
7) aND BOII since ffxv is just out this week, they played 'apocalypsis noctis’ for the 1st time in distant worlds tour and honestly i feel so blessed
at the end i was quite sad to leave because eventhough the concert is around 2 hours and 30mins it honestly felt quite short ;w; I wish they will visit again!!
also i saw a prompto and gladio cosplayer when the concert is over but i didnt get a chance to take pictures akfbwknfkw

i guess thats all for now!!

Godalming: Bacon and Eggs

Rising and stretching, Phoebe smoothed her clothes, pausing over the cool weight of the key. She opened the door to a hallway that somehow appeared both more welcoming and more intimidating, its length made real by the ambient morning light.

“I made the assumption you’d like bacon and eggs for breakfast,” the man said with half a smile as she turned to lock the door of her room.

“That’s perfect,” she said, and tucked her key back beneath her shirt.

“Your plan seems solid, but I’m not sure how trustworthy that twine will be. I’ll find something more suitable to replace it,” he said, eying her utilitarian necklace.

“Sure,” she said. “Whatever’s – what exactly is it I’m meant to do here? I mean, nobody’s ever given me a bed and fed me breakfast without asking me to do something for them. I just –”

“There will be plenty of time for these discussions,” the man said, motioning through a door, “after breakfast.”

Phoebe crossed past the man into a bright and cheery room. For all the dusty, aging pomp of the rest of the house, the kitchen appeared no different from thousands of family kitchens in thousands of homes across thousands of villages. The happy yellow wallpaper peeled and bubbled on the damp wall behind the sink, the still-warm stove emanated the complex aromatic mixture of coffee, maple syrup, and breakfast meats.

“Spinach,” Cook said, her pinched features resolved into a scowl as she placed a plate loaded with steaming scrambled eggs and sizzling marbled strips on a heavy, weathered table. Understanding the plate was meant for her, Phoebe sat and, glancing at the man, began to eat.

As is often the case, with a single bite Phoebe realized how hungry she was, and how long it had been since she’d eaten. Although she heard the man speaking as she ate, she found herself unable to focus on anything but the cyclical pathway of her fork from the plate to her mouth and back again. The food half-consumed, she put her fork down and reached for a neighboring glass. Looking up, she deduced from the man’s pointed expression that he’d asked her a question and was waiting for a response. She swallowed.

“I’m sorry,” she said, feeling the color return to her cheeks, “I didn’t – should I call you Al?”

“No,” the man said, “You should not.” He reached for her plate and handed it to Cook, who snorted. “Since you’re done here, why don’t you go out that way?” He motioned to the back door of the kitchen, the one that in most family kitchens would lead outside. “There’s a wash room for you to … freshen up.”

“I –” Phoebe scratched her arm and forgot what she was going to say, forgot everything, indeed, apart from the thought that she was no longer hungry, and that taking a bath sounded like exactly the thing she wanted most in the world to do.

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© 2014 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

You're Pregnant (1d pref)

#1 (y/n = your name) 

Harry: you waddle into your bedroom to find him fixing up the pillows on your bed “babe, what are you doing” you say as you rest your hand on his shoulder “I just wanted to make it comfortable for you and jnr” he says as he gently rubs your belly!! “Even though your pregnant your still the beautiful girl that I married and I want to make sure you still feel special” Harry’s says while kissing your forehead “now come on, let’s get you in bed” harry smirks at you “awww baby you know I didn’t mean it like that” he giggles!!

Liam: “babe,babbby,babbbbby,babe” you’re woken up by the sound of Liam’s voice beside you “morning” you groan as you wake up “I made you breakfast there’s pancakes, bacon, beans, eggs, sausages, mushrooms,tomatoes,toast and tea” you smile at Liam “what’s this for” you question, “well, you deserve it I mean it can’t be easy carrying around a human inside of you”, you kiss Liam on his lips making the kiss last “I love you” you mumble into the kiss “I love you too sweetheart” he tells you!!

Louis: “STOOOOOP HAHAHA” you laugh as louis paints your nose in yellow paint “c'mon we need to get this room painted” you tell him, the two of you were painting your nursery for your new baby who was due any week now “(y/n) please sit down I don’t want you working yourself too hard” Louis tells you, you huff as louis walks you to your living room and helps you onto the couch “I’ll be back in a min” he tells you!! “Baaaaaabe, where are you” “I’m coming, I’m coming” Louis walks into the room with packets of biscuits sticking out of his pockets and a cup of tea in his hand “for you” he whispers to you before kissing your cheek!!

Niall: “NIALLLLLLLLLLLL” “yes baby what’s….what’s wrong” Niall says as he comes running into the sitting room “I need pickles” “pickles?, you hate pickles” you were 7 months pregnant and your cravings were pretty strong!!! “PLEASEEEEEE NIALLLLLLL” “ok, ok I’ll go get you pickles” “thank you baby” you tell him as you sit on the sofa with the remote in one hand and a full aero bar in the other! You’re woken up by the door opening and Niall stumbling in with two bags in his hands “babe what’s this” you ask him “well I figured you’d be getting cravings all day so there’s 7 bags of TAYTO, 4 chocolate bars, 9 dip dabs and 1 jar of pickles” “did I ever tell you I love you” you tell niall as he kisses you!!

Zayn: “sit still” “why?what are you doing” you ask “well, if you must know I’m drawing my beautiful girlfriend sitting on our bed with her beautiful pregnant bump” you never had anyone draw you before and you kinda enjoyed how zayn studied your face “paint me like one of your French girls zayn” you laugh at your own joke and Zayn joins in “when will you be finished i need a wee” you tell him “go, go its fine I’m just finishing it up” he smiles and you climb off your bed and go to the toilet! When you came back you saw zayn had left the painting on the bed, when you picked it up and looked at it, it was you and zayn with your baby bump!!