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If Scully had to choose between die right now and live for eternity, what do you think would be her choice?

She picks death.

Dana Katherine Scully believes that there is nothing to fear when this life is over, but that’s not why she decides to die.

She wants to pick living forever–not for herself, exactly, although not not for herself, but mostly for Mulder. She doesn’t want to leave him alone for the rest of his life, and anyway, somewhere inside, she doesn’t really believe that living forever is possible. If it is, she’s sure she’ll find a workaround. 

But then she remembers that Mulder would know, he’d have to know, if not right now or tomorrow or even in five years, that she made that choice for him, because she wouldn’t be aging with him. And as much as he’d like the idea of never having to conceive of a world without Scully, he’d never be able to bear the guilt. He carries too much of that already. She can’t make him watch her stay the same age when he always saw his sister in pigtail braids, perpetually eight years old. She can’t be someone else who slips out of his grasp.

And, selfishly, she doesn’t want to conceive of a world without Mulder.

She tells him all of this and he tells her it’s okay, he agrees, she did the right thing, and he closes her eyes


6 years of My name is Khan

“My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.”

“There is nothing wrong in being scared just don’t let your fear be so big that it stops you from moving ahead.”

Remember that Monster Au? (Part One)

It was Two AM, Friday night, the small kid was staring out of the window, and could not sleep, no matter how he tried. It had gotten to the point where Matthew couldn’t sleep at night anymore, he was too scared too. His brother had decided to joke with him again today,this time it was in his own bedroom. He spent the majority of the night staring out of his window at the street below, mostly just the occasional car passing by was all he would see. Then he noticed a young man walking by himself. The man himself wasn’t that…bizarre from here, but it caught the child’s eye.Tears run down the small child’s cheeks as he grabs as many things that he can, throwing them into a bag. So, with little thought from the child, he decided to run away, taking his bag of his toys, and his favorite snacks with him. Quietly, Matt opens the door, his mom and dad were out somewhere, leaving his older brother in charge until they got home.He stood in the doorway for a moment, looking for the man he saw. Finally, after walking for a bit, he caught up with him. Keeping a distance between them, the man walks far from the suburban household, and into an alleyway in the middle of downtown. Matt saw that the man now had curly, red hair, and round glasses, encasing magenta colored eyes behind them. The young man placed a pudgy hand against the brick wall, causing part of it to, glow in a strange way. Now more curious than ever, Matthew watched with awe as he pushed the wall, open! Leading into what seemed like one of those forests in storybooks!

As he walked in after the stranger, he felt the warm air rush by him into the brisk autumn night that he had walked into before. Quickly looking around to find the stranger as he stepped farther into the forest, he heard the wall close behind him. He turned, only to see that he was in the middle of the forest, there was no wall to be seen. Matthew shrugged, continuing to walk forward into the forest. He sees the man again, and smiles this time. Holding his FredBear toy in one hand, and his bag in another, he runs up to the man.

“Hi there!” Matt grins as the man looks at him, part of his hair moves to show his other eyes, all of them focused in an angry and surprised expression at the human child, now standing at his feet.

“A-A HUMAN?!” Fritz turns his whole body at the child, the mouth on his stomach emitting a growling noise at the child. Matt looks at the mouth that is eye level with him, and…for a moment, he looks horrified, before reaching into his bag. Fritz tilts his head at this action, confused as to what the child could be grabbing.

Matt grins up at the man with multiple eyes, and pulls out one of his little snacks, opening it, before trying to feed Fritz’s stomach the highly sugary snack.

“Kid. What are you doing?” Fritz grabs the child’s hand before it’s bitten off, retrieving the snack from him.

“Your stomach growled! I thought you were hungry! Why do you have a mouth on it anyway?” The child looked up at him quizzically, letting the man hold his hand.

“Well, i-it’s none of your business! What is a human like you doing here?!”

“I followed you.” The child responded with a toothy grin.

“WHY?!” Fritz was starting to panic, he, not only led a human to the monster world, he was now interacting with said human! “Y-You know what, never mind, I need to send you back to your world, now!!” Fritz drug the human along with him as he went back to the area where the door is.

“Why do I need to go back? I didn’t do anything wrong!” Matt complained as he was forced to follow the man.

“Humans aren’t suppose to be here! The King will kill me if he finds out I even TALKED TO YOU!” Fritz picks up the pace, and tries to get the door to show up, but didn’t succeed. “W-What?! Why didn’t it work?!” Fritz finally realizes that it was getting lighter outside, and the door won’t open until it becomes dark again. Fritz looks at the kid, sighing “Well. it appears, that I can’t take you home, until dusk, today, that means, that we’re…stuck with each-other.”



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coffee shop AU where the Gouda just moved into town and started working at the shop that the Havarti is a regular at

Havarti just wants a nice cup of joe after that disaster of a presentation on Mozzarella (one of the four Great Cheeses) he gave with his classmate Provolone (he’s unfortunately new at this college and was assigned a completely incompetent partner) when he spots the cheesy new barista, Gouda (according to the nametag, not that Havarti’s staring…). He’s totally ready to go over there and ask for Gouda’s number when in walks who else but his trainwreck of a classmate Provolone…right up to the counter to give Gouda a kiss. Havarti still wants Gouda, but is he willing to be a homewrecker in the process? And what grade did he and Prov get on the presentation????

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Hi Agnes, I just wanted to thank you for being so SUPERNICE all the time, you're honestly the nicest Larrie on this webpage, and you bring so much positivity to this fandom <3 You are wonderful and thank you so much for being patient and loving to every one :)

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Okay, so, maybe this is nerdy, but as I reach 500 followers, I wanted to take a second to honestly thank all of you guys. Not only is it incredible to me that you trust me and like my work enough to come to me with requests, but it’s actually helped me become far better at what I do than I would have ever expected.

That first edit, I made in October. Less than four months later, I made that second edit, and it’s pretty obvious to me how much I’ve improved. I don’t think that would have been possible if I didn’t get so much practice making everything for all of you. Before joining the RPC I’d only made one or two static manips and they looked a lot like that first one above, I’d never made anything like an aesthetic board or PNG, and didn’t even know what a gif manip meant. I always knew I liked drawing and Photoshop but I didn’t know just how much until these last few months, and for the first time, I can see my dream of actually working in graphic design/freelance art as a possibility. Today I completed my first Photoshopping project for a real company, and even though it was low pay and entry-level work, I’m so psyched to be able to put that on my resume. I really doubt that I would have gotten that opportunity if I didn’t have my extra experience from here.

I’m clearly far from anything professional-level or perfect when it comes to my edits, but I’m pleased with everything I’ve been able to achieve with the RPC so far. I’ve made some really, really good friends since joining you guys in November and I can’t wait to meet more of you. Even those of you I don’t talk to, the followers who just pop up sometimes to like or reblog something, it makes me so happy to see you on my dash every time. I literally adore each and every one of you.

Alright, geek-out session over. Thanks, everyone.


Aside from making us weep on a regular basis this year, I’m so excited to see how this project of Misha and Jensen’s will work. Forever in awe of how they utilise their celebrity and this fandom to help others ♥

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Name: Samantha
Nickname: Sam (I wish there was more. my BFF calls me Dude a lot, does that count?)
Birthday: May 11th (Bully as the come!)
Relationship Status: Blissfully Wed
Sibling(s): I’m the baby! I have two older sisters
Favorite Color: Royal Purple, Siver, Black
Sleep: ummm, yes please?  
Type of Phone: Note 5 (me too Bunny!!!!!)
Love or Lust: what is Love without lust? I think if I didn’t still lust after my husband I’d be very unhappy indeed…
Lemonade or Iced Tea: ooooo both, together! Arnold Palmer! 
Cats or Dogs: None of my own, I still miss my pup everyday..
A Few Best Friends or a Lot of Casual Friends: a few besties, but always down for more!!!
Coke or Pepsi: trying to stay away from this crap, but Coke when i need the caffine (fucking migraines)
Wild Night Out or Romantic Night In: romantic night in, all the passions.

Day or Night: Night, though really my favorite is Dusk/Dawn
Text or Call: Text. I will more than likely deny or iggy your call. Don’t put me on the spot like that, please?
Makeup or Natural: how about natural makeup? like trust, i can’t pull of Drag Queen quality beating, but I like to highlight what I got in the most regular way I can.
Ever Met a Celebrity: I met Caleb Moody, he played Royce (one of the hicks) on True Blood. 
Smile or Eyes: Smile
Light or Dark Hair: Dark hair
Intelligence or Appearance: Intelligence, because outer beauty will fade.
City or Country: suburban area? i can’t handle the hustle and bustle of big cities ( i live 30 minutes, in good traffic, from LA) but I need MORE than the nothing in the country (or high desert which is closer to me)
Last Song You Listened To: Killer Queen by Queen 

Favorite Fictional Characters: Severus Snape, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Harry Hart, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Rey, Hermione Granger, Elizabeth Bennet, any well written female who doesn’t take shit from men.

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In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)