so I discovered that drawing with colored pencil is loads of fun for several reasons; 1) IT DOESN’T SMEAR LIKE GRAPHITE, 2) colors look really good and are refreshing to have in my sketch book!! 3) something about colored pencils are just smoother feeling while I draw

anyways, here’s a bunch of overwatch colored pencil sketches :y enjoy!

(click for captions!)

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

So thanks to Google I found the context of that sweatshirt. It’s from @tabinary and, according to the Internet, they made these in like 2013 (and actually also made a fantastic backpack that I was drooling over a while ago) so basically I’m going to go lie down and weep since I can probably never own any of these fine clothing items anymore (unless… I possible could… with money… maybe?).

Hidden ~ Stiles Stilinski

Request: A Stiles imagine with the sentence, “I’m tired of being your secret.”

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex

Word Count: 2,225

Author’s Note: I personally think that it’s a terrible thing to date a friend’s ex, and don’t support that at all. It was the only thing that made sense in the context of this imagine though. I obviously changed the part where she is still in love with Stiles, because she is, I’m not that evil. It hurts me to do Malia dirty. 

“So, Coach is going to have my ass for ditching Econ, but this was so worth the extra laps.” Stiles says, running a hand through his disheveled hair. You crack and smile and readjust your shirt.

“Well, I’d hope so. I am your girlfriend after all.” You state. “That you would be.” Stiles replies, placing a chaste kiss to your lips.

“Don’t you think it’s a little cliche? Hooking up in the janitor’s closet?” You ask, enjoying the last few minutes of the period.

“I would have suggested Coach’s office, but his occupied classroom that I’m supposed to be in is attached to it.” Stiles says. “Also you weren’t complaining a few minutes ago when I was-”

“Alright, I get it. You don’t need to make me miss another class because of your frustratingly accurate description. Because I will rid you of all of your clothes again, if need be.” You announce.

“I’m terrified.” Stiles mocks, his eyes jokingly wide.

“I actually do have a Calculus test that I can’t miss, though. We should probably get going because you know how I like being early.” You state, heading for the door.

Stiles grips your hand, softly tugging you back. Then you find yourself being hugged from behind. “Or we could stay here forever.” Stiles mumbles, into your neck.

You shake him off reluctantly. “I think the cleaning chemical fumes are getting to your head.” You say, managing to get out the door this time.

He follows you out and intertwines his fingers with yours. The hallways are empty because class hasn’t let out, so you start your peaceful trek.

“A few more months and we’ll never have to look at this place again.” You state. “I can’t wait, these four years have seemed like an eternity.” Stiles says.

The bell rings, and students file in. Stiles immediately lets do of your hand, and distances you from himself. You now look like two friends walking together on their way to class.

Nothing more.

That was how it always went. From the moment you got together, Stiles made you agree to keep it secret. He said he didn’t want to hurt Malia, and you didn’t either. She’s one of your best friends.

You love her to death, and always feel terrible when you think about her still having feelings for him.

You both decided you owed it to yourselves to give your relationship a try. If it didn’t work out, no one would know but you.

The dates outside of town were exciting at first. A different place each time. Nobody knew you, and it was like you were the only two people in the world.

Then the driving part was factored in, and Stiles’ Jeep wasn’t in the best condition for all of the driving, so you stopped going on dates at all.

There were other problems with this situation.

In private, Stiles was the sweetest, most attentive boyfriend. Days were filled with secret rendezvous and stolen glances. Nights were filled with movies, video games, and cuddling.

In public, Stiles was far away. There was always a distance, like he was afraid to approach you when anyone was around. It was almost like you were with two different people.

You were already three months into dating, and if you were going to break up over misinterpreted feelings, you already would have. It left you wondering, if it was about Malia at all.

When he started dating Malia, he broadcasted it to the whole world. You had no problem with that, you thought they were adorable in their time. You just assumed he would do the same with you.  

Stiles never did.

You weren’t a badass werecoyote who could protect him. You get defeated by a paper cut. You’re just Y/N. Was Stiles ashamed to be with you?

These thoughts swirled around your head, putting you into a fog until lunch. You initially sat down next to Stiles, and no one thought any differently about it. You were relieved to be close with him, and hoped to maybe hold hands under the table.

You always did that. It was one of the highlights of your school day. Everything seemed to be looking up.

That was until Stiles called Scott over, right into the spot between you.

At this point, you were insecure, and pissed. More pissed now than insecure, thank God. You were going to get answers and you were going to get them tonight.

Scott leans over, concerned. “Are you okay?” He asks, like the supportive friend he is. “Everything is fine. Why wouldn’t it be?” You question, venom laced in your words directed at Stiles.

Stiles shoots you a confused look. “It’s just, your chemo signals, kind of spiked with anger.” Scott explains.

“Even someone without supernatural senses could tell that you’re seething. What’s up, babe?” Lydia asks. You chuckle slightly at the pet name.

“The moment that I give up on boys, which will be pretty soon, I should look your way. You treat me way better, Lyds.” You say, trying to change the subject.

“You’re only noticing this now?” Lydia asks, popping a grape in her mouth.

“Which part? The I should give up on guys part, or the you treat me better?” You ask. “Both, duh.” Lydia replies.

“You can’t give up on all guys. There has to be at least one worth being with.” Stiles insists, referring to himself. “I’m reconsidering that.” You respond.

Lunch is over, and Stiles sends you a text.

Stiles: What was that about? Did I do something wrong?

You: I don’t know, Stiles. Figure it out.

After that, it was radio silence until the school day ended. Stiles was finally able to catch up to you at your locker when the last bell rang.

You were putting your books in your bag, when a hand slammed down on the locker next to you, effectively making you jump. “What the hell, Stiles?” You question.

“What the hell, me? No, what the hell, you? Why are you giving me the cold shoulder? I’m your boyfriend for crying out loud.” Stiles says.

“Careful, don’t want to say that too loud, there are people around.” You sneer, closing your locker.

“Is that what this is about?” Stiles asks. “Yes, Stiles. I’m tired of being your secret.” You reply.

“You’re not my secret, you’re so much more than th-” Stiles starts. “Am I? Is that why you act like I’m the plague every time you’re in public with me? Are you afraid of what people will think if they know we’re together?” You ask.

He opens his mouth to try and speak, but nothing comes out. You decide to walk away before you start crying in the middle of the hallway.

Stiles grabs your hand, and tugs you back like he did earlier. This time, bringing you into a kiss. It wasn’t long, but it was long enough for everyone around to notice.

“Does that answer your question?” Stiles asks. His hands are on either side of your face, and his thumb is slightly brushing your cheek, making it hard to think about anything but that feeling.

“I’m not sure. Maybe you have to try again, for good measure, of course.” You reply. Stiles just chuckles at you and places his lips back on yours. Your lips move together in sync, and you forget you’re in a school hallway.

“Stilinski! School is over, take that outside.” Coach says, making you both break your kiss. “Y/L/N, really? Never would have thought.”

“Wait, if you’re here, why weren’t you in class today?” Coach asks. This makes both of your eyes go wide.

“Run?” You question. “Run.” Stiles replies, grabbing hold of your hand. 

By the time you reach Stiles’ Jeep, Coach had given up on catching you. He probably decided to punish you on Monday.

“You just made us public to the entire school.” You say. “I did.” Stiles replies, chest heaving from the running.

“I did that because I-” He starts, but then you come to a realization. You just kissed in front of the entire school. A school where word travels fast, and to anyone.

“Stiles! We need to tell Malia ourselves before she hears it from someone else.” You interrupt. “If she hasn’t already.” Stiles replies, pulling out of the parking lot.

The drive to Malia’s was full on anxiety. You always wanted to be the one to tell her. You knew it was better coming from her friends, and not some one who wanted to gossip.

You had no clue how she would react. Would she hate you for dating her ex? Would she hate him for dating her friend? Would she be accepting of everything? 

The last one wasn’t likely, because you couldn’t imagine yourself doing it. “We’re horrible people.” You state, with your hand covering your face. 

The both of you run up to the porch of the Tate house, and knocked on the door. Her father answered the door. “Hello, Y/N and - Stiles.” He says, the last part with a scowl. 

He has every right. Stiles broke his daughter’s heart. Hell, you were the one who helped her pick up the pieces. Which made you feel so much worse if you were responsible for making her feel a fraction of that again. 

“We need to talk to Malia. It’s pretty important, Mr. Tate.” You say. He nods and then calls for Malia. 

The brunette appears in the doorway, and her father leaves. Not before giving Stiles one last death glare. “What’s up? Something happen with the pack? Is anyone hurt?” Malia asks. 

“No, nothing like that. We just need to tell you something.” Stiles says, looking at me expectantly. Of course, he leaves this part to me. 

“Malia, uh, Stiles and I, we’re uh…” I trail off, not being able to say the words. I thought I could, but now that I’m face to face with her, I can’t. 

“You’re dating, and have been for months.” Malia finishes.

“Wait, how did you know that?” Stiles asks. Malia rolls her eyes and gesture to herself. “Werecoyote, duh. I could smell it the entire time.” Malia answers. 

She seems entirely calm about the whole ordeal, and has never said anything. “So, you’re not angry?” You ask. 

“Of course I’m angry, but for different reasons.” Malia says. She turns to Stiles like she’s readying a speech. 

“Stiles, we loved each other, and what we had was great. On some level, I think I’ll always love you, but it’s time for both of us to move on. You love Y/N now, and she makes you happy. I’m happy if you’re happy.” Malia states. 

She then turns to you. “I’m not mad at you for dating my ex, even though that’s breaking girl code. Still have no clue what that is, but Lydia mentions it every time something like this happens. We’re still friends, and no I don’t hate you.” Malia says. 

“I’m pissed, because you two are some of my best friends, and you tried to keep me in the dark about something so important.” Malia finishes, crossing her arms. 

“That wasn’t the best way to go about it, I’m sorry.” You say. “If it makes you feel better, we kept everyone in the dark about it.” Stiles states. 

“All of us knew. We had a bet for when you two would crack. I owe Scott 20 bucks.” Malia says. “Damn werewolves.” Stiles mutters. 

“Do you guys want to come inside? We could watch a movie.” Malia suggests. You all share looks and then shrug. 

“It’ll only be weird if we let it.” You say, and then walk though the door. Stiles soon follows. 

“Just don’t make out on my couch.” Malia says. “Fair enough.” Stiles replies. 

“I rented this because I still haven’t seen it yet.” Malia says, showing you the Batman VS Superman DVD. Stiles squeals in excitement, which he swears was manly. 

“He’s seen it at least four times.” You state. “And this will be the fifth.” Stiles replies, glaring at you. “Calm down, fanboy.” You respond. 

“I’m gonna make some popcorn.” Malia says, going into the kitchen. 

You set up the couch and get situated on it. “Malia was right about one thing.” Stiles announces. You give him a confused look. “Okay, she was right about everything, but that’s beside the point.” 

“I’m intrigued, what was she right about?” You ask. 

“She said that I love you, and I do.” Stiles confesses. 

You break into the largest grin. “I love you too.” You reply. Stiles puts his hand on you chin and connects your lips. They move smoothly together. His lips are velvety and warm. 

“What did I say about making out on my couch?” Malia questions. That startles you both apart, and you break into a sheepish smile. 

“Sorry.” You both reply. 

Malia sits down next to you, so you are sandwiched in the middle of the couch. A very attractive sandwich, but that was just your mind wandering. 

“We’ll have to work on that.” You state, putting an arm around both your best friend and your boyfriend. “You better. My kindness only goes so far.” Malia replies, snuggling into you. 

It had only been a short period of time with no secrets, but you knew that it was so much better this way. 

Neighborhood Connections Part 2

A/N: The first part got a really good response so here’s the second part. I’m having so much fun writing this you guys. I’m glad people are liking it. Constructive criticism, feedback, comments, questions, and concerns are all welcome. Once again thank you to my lovely, amazing beta @chaos-and-the-calm67 .

Pairing: Dean x Cas

Warnings: Fluff, Pie, Dean’s feelings, feelings, all of them, Small child, she cute though

Word Count: 1317 (hmm, that’s odd)(ha I make jokes)

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

“Come on, Daddy, let’s go,” Millie demanded.

“Gimme a sec, Sweetheart,” Dean requested.

“Ugh, fine,” she groaned. She stopped tugging on his shirt and made her way downstairs, “Don’t take forever.”

“I won’t,” he chuckled. Dean had his doubts if she was actually his when Millie was younger and he was getting used to being a father, but it was times like these that shoved all those doubts from his mind. She was definitely his daughter.

He looked back to his mirror, checking his appearance for the ninth time. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous to see Cas again, the kid dubbed “The Dweeb” just because of who his family and how smart he was. The kid who became his best friend at the end of their freshman year because of how smart he was. The boy who made Dean feel different. He had thought some guys were attractive which confused him, but Cas was different. When he was around Cas something stuffed deep inside him awakened. Whenever he looked into his ocean blue eyes, saw his crooked smile, or heard the deep rumble of his voice his heart would beat faster and his stomach would start doing backflips.

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anonymous asked:

I wish you made the amethyst shirt more meaningful like the other ones :( I love your designs and art, I just feel like the amethyst one is too goofy

I made these about a year ago, I think? Maybe longer than that. Amethyst hadn’t had a lot of development yet and I couldn’t think of a quote for her that was as meaningful.

On the heels of this Steven Summer, though, I’m probably going to do another Amethyst one that’s stronger to her character. She really got a chance to shine this time round, which is awesome!

I love my new Greendale Community College shirt. (Appropriate attire for the first day of J/A appreciation week, no?) Wearing it made me think about how much I miss this show all day, though. Sigh. 

 Also, I really like how my hair is fading this time around. :)

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anonymous asked:

Are you okay with us putting your designs on shirts? Not to sell, of course, but personally I have a few blank sweatshirts and kinda want to put the knife design you made on one of em. I definitely wouldn't if you weren't okay with it, though.

as long as you aren’t distributing my work for a profit, you can totally use my free pixel designs on personal or gift crafts. putting it on some clothing with iron-on transfer paper seems just as legit to me as using embroidery thread. 

i don’t offer tshirt designs on redbubble because i don’t like the idea of someone spending like 30$ on a t-shirt i only get like 5$ from. stickers seem better to me: i get 2$, the site gets 2$, the customer only pays 4$. very fair. 

by the way, if you have photoshop and want to scale up a pixel design without blurring, go to resize the image and then chose ‘Nearest Neighbor (preserve hard edges)’ rather than bicubic or whatever. it will scale up as big as you want and still be crisp squares. GIMP and SAI have similar features. 

anonymous asked:

How do you make a shirt though?.. Like I mean.. I've never made anything. I'd love to be able to just make my cosplays because costumes can cost a lot sometimes but I have never done it before.?

I’ve been waiting to answer this one for awhile bc this is a long answer. 

First, you’re going to need fabric. I used just a basic flannel fabric, and bought different amounts for each of the colors. I would suggest going to Joann when they have a sale going on, or when they have 40% off coupons available (always check the website). 

Basically, what I did was sloppily drafted a pattern for it based off some other items of clothing I had in my closet. Here’s a link to some tutorials on flat pattern drafting that you may (??) find useful (although they are way more exact and mathematic than what I usually do) (I eyeball my patterns). I made sure to make the pattern bigger than what I would usually wear so that I could cut the pattern up into the different pieces of the pattern for Pidge’s shirt/sweater thing (always make sure you leave room for seam allowance). 

Pattern pieces don’t have to be on paper, they can also be on fabric (I often use this really ugly fabric that I have like ten yards of for some reason).

Once I had all the pieces for the pattern all cut up, I cut them into the fabric and pretty much just sewed them together. I made a ton of adjustments along the way during the sewing process because my pattern pieces are often not massively accurate. 

To me, sewing is more like a form of 3d art, so that’s why I have a tendency to eyeball a lot that I do. But I tried to include steps to help make it as accurate as possible, so I hope this helped! 

So I saw Star Trek Beyond last night and wow, so glad they finally made a sequel to Star Trek XI (2009)!! We’ve been waiting so long!! 

Honestly though, it’s not a Great Film but for a TOS-focused Trekkie it’s a great film and so full of love and warm Star Trek feels and JAYLAH and GAY SULU and Kirk’s shirt getting ripped again and a heavy Spones agenda with pleasing wiggles of OT3 and just, yes. Basically like an original series episode, but longer. I am pleased. 

mrs-nicole-charon-hancock  asked:

That art of Charon you did, will it ever be on a shirt? It's the best Charon picture I have ever seen!!!

I know I will be making a print of it…idk how to go about getting shirts made though. if I did I probably would!! I am sorry for the unclear answer, but I am so glad you enjoy the picture!! Charon needs more love.

itstimetodrew  asked:

Honestly those anonymous messages you got and pictures of your chat gave me the biggest chuckle of my day like WHAT THE HELL lmao..I don't think there's any reason to be had with some people but damn if any sort of conversation with them isn't interesting. 'Get off my site' is something I need on a t-shirt. (BUT the humor wears off soon and I hope you don't stay the target of attacks just for being a decent person) LOVE YOU, U FAKE POKESHIPPER, U :^)

Honestly it made me laugh too cause what the hell, really people? Honestly, I only posted all those messages at once to make a statement to show that shit like that in unacceptable, everything else is just getting deleted IF more shows up because that comes in at a 0.000000001% on the ‘it impacts my life’ scale.

Though since you loved ‘Get off my site’ so much…late last night they sent me a message calling me an asshole but I didn’t screenshot it and deleted the chat without replying (wish I had kept it) and later on today, even though I said nothing, and never went on their blog, I got this

Hope that adds to your laughter! 

anonymous asked:

Besides Krillin, #18, and family, who is your favorite Dragon Ball character?

Originally posted by neogohann

Originally posted by k-oonata

Originally posted by zeroraws

Honorable mentions, Bulma, ChiChi, Kaioshin, Goten and Fat Buu.

[Okay lovelies, this is the last question I’ll answer today. The remaining few in the inbox will be answered tomorrow when I get back from work! Feel free to keep sending questions though, I like interacting with all of you, and don’t be afraid to come off Anon!!]

(Also shamelessly plugging a new T-shirt design here I made today! Sssh!)

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Lucky Number: 24

Last thing I Googled: Public protests in Baden-Württemberg

Favorite Fictional Character: Edmund Pevensie and/or Hermione Granger 

Blankets You Sleep With: Too many

Favorite Band/Artists: P!ATD, Melanie Martinez, 21 Pilots, FOB, Halsey

Dream Trip: Ohhh I’d love to go to Greece!

What I’m Wearing Right Now: A Harry Potter T-shirt with an oversized sweater, dark gray leggings, and black converse :)

When I Made This Blog: Sometime in May. I starting posting on itskingedmund first, though.

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Do You Get Asks on a Daily Basis: I do. I fail to answer them all every day though :\ On my sideblog, I get them like 4 times a day; It’s absolutely insane. 

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I always loved the character of Rose in the last Harry Potter book. She didn’t appear too often, but I liked her general characterization. Now that Cursed Child is a thing, I’m extremely excited to see more from her (But it hasn’t come in the mail yet-grrrr!)

I tag: @acciopevensie @narcisablacks @iliveinnarniaandstudyathogwarts @hermionepevensie  @edpevs @thehufflepuffprefect @throughthewardrobetohogwarts @ravenclawtome @the-half-blood-princess-diary And…I’m too lazy to tag anyone else😅 If you want to do this, do it :) Thanks again for tagging me!

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Blankets you sleep with: One.

Favourite band/artist: Touche Amore, Slaves, Paw City, Bon Iver, Band of Horses, Beach House, Suuns, Sleigh Bells,  Lonely the Brave, Deafheaven - though most of my favourite songs aren’t by any of them.

Dream trip: Russia. My best friend and I love Russia.

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what other fandoms have you been a part of in your childhood to late teens? Any you still interested in? any you regret?

………so many regrets anon so many regrets

from oldest to recent:

Naruto… I hate Naruto so much now….so soooo much….

Glee…. I use to ship klaine but I hate it now, I still read some kurtbastion stuff though xD

Supernatural… I still watch it once in a while but I kinda stopped caring for the fandom, no reason really just it went meh~

Sherlock… Im out of it now thought

CAPTAIN AMERICA(marvel fandom)…. You have no idea how much I love captain(marvel). (I have a full size cut out of him, 6 shirts, 6 pairs of socks, 2 pop figures, I made his cosplay, I have 2 mugs, a waffle maker… I have more but imma stop there…)

Merlin…I’m an still avid reader of methur x3 but the fandom is kinda small now

Team Fortress 2… The fandom is kind lost right now but hey I still love tf2

Danny Phantom… there isn’t anything much to say though

Steven Universe… Though I don’t like to associate with this fandom now :/

Borderland fandom… I still love this fandom so much great art and stories (it’s also one of the more nsfw ones though xD)

Overwatch… <3 love daddy 76~

Voltron…  xD currently trying to ignore the discourse in this fandom and just doing my own thing

Did I mention Captain America(marvel)???? xD 

Honestly I’ve been apart of only a few fandoms.

I rarely join fandoms, I just like looking from a distance~