Bena made me this adorable shirt and shipped it out to me all the way to Australia! Get this though, you can have a shirt like this made for you… by Bena! You can choose your own personal quote, the colour of the shirt and the fabric used to write the quote you want!

If you want to order a shirt like this, click here and message Bena and she will get back to you! (If you include PROMO2 when you’re ordering, you get a 20% discount!)

I absolutely love it, thank you Bena! x

(P.S don’t remove credit!)


She sorted through papers by the window, head tilted in consideration. From this angle, she looked exactly like her mother, compact and athletic and hard to tip over. She was weirdly lovely, even though she had unevenly clipped her dark hair all over her head and wore a shirt she’d attacked with a rototiller. Or perhaps because of these things. When had she gotten so pretty and so grown-up? Without getting any taller? This was probably what happened to girls when they lived on only yogurt.

when did you get so pretty and grown up? hbd, bia. 


so I discovered that drawing with colored pencil is loads of fun for several reasons; 1) IT DOESN’T SMEAR LIKE GRAPHITE, 2) colors look really good and are refreshing to have in my sketch book!! 3) something about colored pencils are just smoother feeling while I draw

anyways, here’s a bunch of overwatch colored pencil sketches :y enjoy!

(click for captions!)

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)


You feel like you’re going to have a bad time….

Sans plush! 

OK so, he’s made with my humanoid pattern, and his shorts and shirt are hemmed and not removable. His slippers are also not removable but are lined. 
His hoodie is fully lined with fleece and is removable- his pockets fit his hands in nicely, and his hood is lined with shannon swirl, dyed grey and then heat dried so that the swirls fell out.

His head was the hardest, he went through about four different versions and countless tweaks to the embroidery file. I would love to make a happy Sans though sometime. I like friendly Sans better TT_TT

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Hey man! Let’s talk about Buck and his actions in the Shirt Club.

(I’ll try to be short and sweet with this. Not making any promises though)

I think Buck was kind of a jerk in this episode because he got distracted with his own feelings and it made him insensitive to Steven’s. This makes more sense too, knowing that Shirt Club comes before Joy Ride, so Buck isn’t shown as being as close to/understanding of Steven in the first place. 

It’s really obvious that Buck loved his dad a lot as a kid, but I think growing up, his father’s deep investment in being mayor kind of drove more and more distance between them. Buck is obvious in his distaste for having his dad be such a public figure, and he’s very viably embarrassed by any show of affection from Bill. 

And I think he’s so embarrassed because he tries not to care, so he makes an effort to separate himself from those tender feelings and act like he doesn’t care. It might add to his overall ‘chill’ demeanor. 

It’s pure speculation, but I think Buck’s picture either got made fun of by someone, or he simply grew to resent that side of himself more, and he saw the picture as something to be annoyed at or even mocked. 

Which leads to the parallels between Steven’s love for his father, his poster, and (via my interpretation) explains why Buck acts so insensitively.

When Buck sees Steven’s shirt, he laughs, probably finding it cute and funny. But I also think it reminds him of his own drawing for his own dad - a drawing he seems to greatly regret/dislike, one that makes him visibly angry. I think what happens is Buck then projects his feelings towards his own art and his feelings towards his dad onto Steven’s drawing and the t-shirts.

Buck wants to feel justified in his disdain for his own picture. He thinks it’s childish and naive and embarrassing. He wants to feel detached from it, and so by treating Steven’s drawing like it’s his own, in a way he gets that justification for his own private thoughts. When Buck sees others agree that Steven’s art and the shirt are funny, something to be mocked, in a way it makes him feel better about his own art and his own tender feelings for his dad; he doesn’t want them to be serious and meaningful… so he makes them a joke. 

“Your work is so naive. You really love your dad… It’s funny.”

Buck loved his dad as a kid, and he too was naive, and a young developing artist. But unlike Steven, who still got to grow up pretty close and obviously loved by his father, Buck has suffered a lack of ‘daddy kisses’ and it’s obvious Bill Dewey’s mayoral status has long since put a serious strain on their relationship. At this point, being a teenager, it’s more Buck’s inclination to get annoyed and upset and distance himself even further, even if that’s not what he wants deep down. 

I think the moment Steven rains down the shirts with Buck’s drawing, he’s forced to confront all of it… everything it makes him feel: that embarrassment, the hurt at that lost connection… Suddenly everything he’s been trying to ignore, all the feelings it gives him, is out and the open and forced to be scrutinized, just like what he did to Steven. 

In this moment, I think Buck realizes what he did to Steven and why that was wrong. But also… I think it reminds him. It reminds Buck that he did love his father a lot, and he still does, even if it’s hard to show it… even if it hurts, because they’re not close and they may never be as close as they where when he was a kid. 

“I’m here for a lesson… from Guitar Dad!”

In the end, Buck does learn his lesson; he feels remorse for how he acted and apologizes to Steven. And, in what I think is also a sort of apology to Greg, Buck opens himself up to something new and asks for Greg to teach him. 

On the surface, this episodes seems mostly silly, and mostly like an example of how insensitive Buck is. However (while still silly), I think it also works to deepen Buck’s character, explore his relationship with his father, and develop his relationship with Steven. 

So thanks to Google I found the context of that sweatshirt. It’s from @tabinary and, according to the Internet, they made these in like 2013 (and actually also made a fantastic backpack that I was drooling over a while ago) so basically I’m going to go lie down and weep since I can probably never own any of these fine clothing items anymore (unless… I possible could… with money… maybe?).

I want you to love me like the way the sun bids a short farewell so the moon can say hello to the sky (still, the sun never truly fades away for it is still seen somewhere in the world). Like how some people trace the spines of books, hold each page as though it’s made of silk, and reread every word front to back after a while just to relive that moment of reading a book for the first time.

I want you to love me like I am the morning breeze you adore at five in the morning. Like how a mother’s eyes glimmer when she sees her newborn child for the first time.

Love me like galaxies colliding to each other. Like I’m a familiar shirt in your closet that you never seem to outgrow. Like not the attraction between two magnets (I want us to always find our way to each other no matter how far we’re pulled apart).

But if all of these have failed. I want you to love me when my chest seeks comfort in your arms at three in the morning. I want you to love me when I have failed to love myself. I want you to love me in the morning when I just woke up and all of the bruises I have made last night are still seen and when my eyes have failed to see the bruises I have made on my skin.

I want you to love me. I hope you can. I’m bleeding words. Can you hear my heart? It throbs. It shouts. It calls out your name and sometimes you can feel the vibrations rattling beneath my skin.

I want you to love me. I hope you can. I’m already out of words. Can you feel my heart? It beats. It sings. It murmurs your name and sometimes you can hear it in my bones.

Love me like an unforgettable memory. Like the way the waves kiss the shore. Like how painters cherish every detail of their masterpieces, how writers bleed with words, how photographers try to capture beauty without words, and how musicians fall in sync to the beat of their hearts. I want you to love me like you’ve realized home is not a place, but a person (I’m your home).

I want you to love me. I don’t care if my palms will hurt. I don’t care if I get more bruises and scars. I don’t care if it brings pain when you love me (besides, I have bandages in my pocket). Just love me.

I just want you to love me, that’s all.

—  (Normal text: nostalgicjoy
Italicized text: inksandwords)

I cannot stop smiling because of Jess. About 2 weeks ago, I was getting a lot of anonymous hate messages and Jess stuck up for me and made me feel so much better. I made a video about buying a fan who couldn’t afford 1989 merch once taylorswift followed me, even though I hadn’t bought any for myself yet. Jess heard this and a few minutes later she sent me the infamous love letter emoji. Today I got a package from her filled with my favorite candy, two awesome Shake It Off shirts and the most adorable painting I’ve ever seen. I have happy tears in my eyes because I am so thankful that Taylor brought her into my life. She is such a positive, wonderful person and there should be more people in the world as selfless, kind and caring as her. You make me SMILE Jess! I love you friend! Thank you for my amazing gifts this means so so so much to me, you have no idea. I’m wearing these shirts every day! ☺️❤️

So I tried making a thing..

i love jake peralta and the way he stares at amy in awe like she’s his sun his moon and all of his stars and the way he looks up to holt and his pure friendships with gina and boyle and the way he madly respects rosa and the way terry and his family inspires him to be a better man and i love how all of these people together made him realize that he has a family in them

and i love his ridiculously extensive array of plaid shirts like boy how many plaid shirts does a homie need and i love how he’s always been wearing ties at work even though he hates them but he wears them anyway because he realized how important they are for captain holt

i also really love the fact that he used to eat gummy bears for breakfast but amy tells him he needs to eat healthier so he tries (he always tries to be better) and listens to her, he’s constantly working on his own character development with everyone else supporting him on the way and he also told his stupid father off

and i just also love his big nose and his floofy hair even tho his hair is less floofy because he realizes that some things, like floofy hair, belong in the past and he’s maturing and growing as a person even though he stays tru to himself and he also has a rly soft tummy that i love and he bites his entire bottom lip when he’s happy and the sun just shines thru his eyes and he has been through so much but he’s getting and giving the love and i am so proud of him

i just!!! love the way he [clenches fists] IS

Kyle Simmons Chest Hair Appreciation Post

Is this appropriate?

you know what?

I don’t care

just look at it

The only time I could ever be jealous of Justin Beiber

that shirt though

Will’s is nice too

nip slip bonus

If I wasn’t dead before, I am now

This lovely set was brought to you by rugged Kyle (yes, I’m still trying to make that a thing)

(not my pics/gifs)

I love Digimon! Even though it is obviously made to sell toys and employs an overabundance of toilet humor, it was the first anime I ever cried to (at the tender age of 9-ish) and holds a special place in my heart forever.

I’m going to hand-silkscreen this design on some T-shirts for Rose City Comic Con and Geek Girl Con 2014 (and perhaps more cons, depending on sales). I think this will be the first time I’ve tried a tricolor registration so we’ll see how they turn out…

so today i was wearing my tyler and josh t-shirt (an awesome shirt i bought from dunplease‘s shop on paom thanks i love it) and i went into starbucks and the cashier guy immediately said “WHAT IS ON YOUR SHIRT?!” and i was like “these guys from a band i love” and he asked “what band?” so i said “twenty one pilots” and he just drops everything and goes “wait there a second- MATT MATT MATT COME HERE AND LOOK AT THIS GIRL’S SHIRT” and his co-worker named Matt came by and he was like “hey! we love that band! that’s a great shirt!” and then we talked for like 5 minutes about twenty one pilots it was great

So here’s me trying to pose because I got another awesome shirt made by Kaitlyn!

You know what else I got?? THIS NOTE. kbearluna wrote me a note.

Them and Sharon have been talking about me. They are saying nice things about me. Kaitlyn called me their friend. Just- I can’t. I love them so much.
But for real though, this is the kind of role model people should have. I’m really proud of how far they’ve come and how far they’ll keep going. I won’t ever stop looking up to them and I’m sure there’s a whole lot of other folks who feel the same way. Thank you.<3

But did it stop there? NOPE. They made the tiny ginger into a tiny ginger Harry Potter. I can never wash this shirt.

  • Responding to lesbian rumours with best friend:
  • Cara and Kendall:Embrace the ship name, even make CaKe T-shirts and post about it all the time.
  • Cara and Selena:“I’ve made it! Honestly, I loved it. I didn’t mind. Especially because they weren’t talking about other people in my life for once, which was wonderful. Honestly, though, she’s incredible and very open and she just makes me open. She’s so fun and she’s just extremely adventurous, and sometimes I just want that in my life, so I didn’t mind it. I loved it.” - Selena
  • Karlie and Taylor:Issue a harsh denial and go into full hiding mode
  • Me:¯\_(ツ)_/¯

his name is made of stars,
and though the floorboards
of this tortured home
look like rotting teeth
and the scratches on the walls
match the ones that never heal on your chest,
a criss cross of wounds
that are your reminders,
(that he traces over your shirt
when he thinks you aren’t paying attention_
the soft sounds of his footsteps
makes the dim light
a little easier to bear.

the sounds he leaves behind
surround you
long after he is gone.

they tell you
in a tiny lecture hall-
in a place where no one will remember
the grey boy with his stone heart and wolf smile-
that long after a star dies
you will see its light
because the world does not move
at the same pace we do
and distances are much greater
than we perceive.

when you are curled under a tree
with death on your heels
congealed like the blood on your hands
you look up and wonder
if you are feeling the light of a star
that died long ago.

—  “the punk who wore his scars like statements won’t stop tugging on your heartstrings” — b. i. simek
I miss the way 
you made time freeze.
The simple touch 
of our skin,
I crave it once more.
The things you made me feel
I swore we were in love.
You held me tight
when life got rough.
My tears
your shirt,
but still you reminded me
that things will turn out,
that you’d always be there.
Now I stare at the ceiling
with those same tears in my eyes
though this time
they drench my sheets
Instead of you.
—  28/08/2016, Missing You (via @faded-and-dreaming)

pls consider: team Steelport goes to Genkiworld

Everyone wears “If found, return to Oleg” shirts (and Oleg wears a very large “I am Oleg” shirt that they had custom-made for him). Oleg is too big to go on any of the rides, though, so instead he wins at every single mini-game and wins prizes for Kinzie, who hates being there.

Pierce drags Shaundi onto every single roller coaster, despite her protests. Shaundi ends up loving it and wanting to go again. Pierce is throwing up in the nearest trash bin.

Angel brings his tiger on a leash. Eventually he ends up losing his shirt and suplexing a mascot. The Boss rides the Teacups with the tiger, then brings it to Apocalypse Genki. The tiger beats their high score.

Viola criticizes how the workers do their jobs and ends up taking control of every ride and booth she comes across for the time being to show the workers how to properly operate a business. 

Zimos is kicked out almost immediately for hitting on the female workers.