So I’ve been seeing a lot of questions on who sang which part in 5sos' songs so I decided to make a lyrics page indicating who sang which part.

Permanent masterlist can be found here.

Update: added Sounds Good Feels Good

Unplugged EP:

Somewhere New EP:

She Looks So Perfect EP:

Don’t Stop EP:

5 Seconds Of Summer:

Amnesia EP:

Good Girls EP:

She’s Kinda Hot EP:

Sounds Good Feels Good:

Other Songs:

"Peoples do not judge in the same way as courts of law; they do not hand down sentences, they throw thunderbolts; they do not condemn kings, they drop them back into the void; and this justice is worth just as much as that of the courts." - Maximilien de Robespierre

Three out of three.

This is one of my favorites. I made this out of stress and boredom. I edited this in PS after I scanned it to refine some edges. Some outlines were very messy.


So this drawing got featured on Tumblr radar and on the Log-In/Sign-up page of the site! Thank you so much, Tumblr Staff! Felt like crying skittles last night when I saw this.

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100+ Writing Prompts — ( Meme )

  1. Dancing In The Rain
  2. Skeletons in the Closet
  3. Possession of the Soul
  4. Pockets of the Universe
  5. The Sky was Ablaze
  6. Finger On Your Lips
  7. Connecting Mouths
  8. Flesh Against Flesh
  9. In Your Arms
  10. A Bitter Taste
  11. Legs Tangled
  12. Raindrops on Hair
  13. Dance Beneath the Stars
  14. A Cup of Song
  15. Quavering Voice
  16. Shards of Glass
  17. Break the Surface
  18. Gliding through Waves
  19. Fingers Entwined
  20. Caressing Silk Strands
  21. Bleeding Cosmos
  22. For A Moment
  23. Rolling Thunder
  24. Streaks of Clouds
  25. Parched Throat
  26. Dust in the Eyes
  27. Piece of the Sky
  28. An Artist’s Touch
  29. Footprints in the Sand
  30. Swirling Colors
  31. Drifting in the Dark
  32. Lost Breath
  33. Winds in Sails
  34. Flushed Cheeks
  35. Drifting into Slumber
  36. Kiss Your Dreams
  37. Gaze Above
  38. Staccato Rhythm
  39. Mirror Rorrim
  40. Fingertips Pressed
  41. Carving Destiny
  42. Trickling Streams
  43. Dolce Canto
  44. Crackling Flames
  45. Sparks of Light
  46. Calloused Palms
  47. Journey to Paradise
  48. Stifling Touch
  49. Shattered then Whole
  50. Electric Currents
  51. Breaking Chains
  52. Nonexistent Perfection
  53. Rotting Flesh
  54. Button Nose
  55. Letters to Oblivion
  56. There and Here
  57. Then and Now
  58. Shaking Limbs
  59. Gasping for Air
  60. Piercing Gaze
  61. Waltzing Facade
  62. Paper Faces
  63. The Day Music Died
  64. Drops of Sun
  65. In the Ring
  66. Touch of Whiskey
  67. Pleasant Burning
  68. Simpering Brush
  69. Deviant Mind
  70. Flowing Ink
  71. Nib to Paper
  72. Mountains of Text
  73. Boxing Sensation
  74. Curling Locks
  75. Still Waters
  76. Crimson Flow
  77. Crumbling Stone
  78. Ancient Script
  79. Shifting Sands
  80. Bare Toes
  81. Scrawling Signature
  82. Reflective Bubbles
  83. Feast for Gods
  84. Nectar of the Heavens
  85. Staggering Feet
  86. Trembling Earth
  87. Liquid Silver
  88. Dip Your Toes
  89. Prickly Stem
  90. Shuffling Cards
  91. Candle Wicks
  92. Lace Your Shoes
  93. Pounding Heart
  94. Faster than Light
  95. Sound of Triumph
  96. Acrid Scent
  97. Fire At Will
  98. Had I But Known
  99. Pulsing Regret
  100. A Heart’s Wish
  101. Frostbitten Veins
  102. Witch Oil
  103. Soot-stained Stars
  104. Battle Scarred
  105. Saccharine Smile
  106. Gentle Soul
  107. Wicked Times
  108. Harp’s Strings
the signs as the front bottoms songs
  • aries:maps, be nice to me, the boredom is the reason i started swimming (...)
  • taurus:rhode island, the feud, everything i own
  • gemini:swear to god the devil made me do it, flying model rockets, water-gun-knife
  • cancer:jim bogart, lonely eyes, santa monica
  • leo:skeleton, so sick we're dead, motorcycle
  • virgo:bathtub, au revoir (adios), swimming pool
  • libra:lipstick covered magnet, mountain, plastic flowers
  • scorpio:the beers, cough it out, looking like you just woke up
  • sagittarius:twin size mattress, backflip, laugh till I cry
  • capricorn:the plan (fuck jobs), summer shandy, help
  • aquarius:historic cemetery, awkward conversations, 2yl
  • pisces:twelve feet deep, you wouldn't be laughing, west virginia
f(x)'s lalala's & dadada's & nanana's
  • f(x)'s lalala's & dadada's & nanana's
  • f(x)
  • All of Them

Out of boredom, I made a compilation of all of f(x)’s nanana’s and lalala’s and all that stuff, because I noticed they have a lot of those; they’re in chronological order so they don’t really blend that well but- enjoy~ 

(This compilation is literally longer than most f(x) songs, it’s almost 4 minutes long.)