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i’ve finally hit 2k!! i dont know why any of you guys decided to follow me but i am SO thankful ahh!! so to celebrate i decided that i wanna get to know you all better and i figured the best way to do that would be to have a fandom family!!
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Truthful Wednesday because that's when the shit happened

Lunch was McDonald’s. Big Mac, fries, and a diet Coke because the irony amuses me.

Supper was Chinese takeout. Yes i made Al drive into town (10 min) for Chinese. First time since we moved here 21 months ago.

I logged every bit. I’m not guilt-ridden, I’m just…here… fatigued, mildly anxious, feeling a lot of school pressure. Eating my feelings. Some of them anyway. Bleh.


I woke up at about 11:30am and with a text from, which was odd she usually called. The text said he meet me at the movie theaters at 12:30 and don’t be late. I jumped in the shower got ready and headed to the theater, I made at about 12:20 good 10 mins early, I always like to be early / on time with things. I walk in and there she is waiting for me already and the tickets and every thing, I asked her what movie we were going to see she said it was a surprise. We got in line and got some popcorn and pop and headed to the room with the movie, the room was empty all but one other couple which they sat up front and we sat in the back. The movie ended up being some move either of us heard about nor wanted to see, she had other motives in mind. The lights dimmed and curtains opened and the movie began, the Pop corn was in my lap she moved it to the side and and started to rub my cock, it felt so good I followed suit and started to rub her pussy through her yoga pants, I could feel her getting wet, she started to unzip me quietly and pulled my cock out and leaned over and start to suck the head of my cock it felt so good I moaned a bit she shhhed me as she kept going and I kept rubbing her pussy but I slipped my hand under her yoga pants and I want now rubbing bare wet pussy and clit. She moves her head from my lap and stand up and moves her yoga pants down to her thighs just enough so her pussy can set right on my cock, we put the pop corn on the floor and she sits down right on my her pussy so tight and wet my cock slides in and feels so good, I start to thrust as she moves up and down on my cock I want to moan so bad but I can’t, she drops all the way down on my cock I feel my cock deep in her as she’s moving up and down I rub her breasts her slapping up and down making a little noise as I thrust and she slaps down the last time it makes loud sound and I start to shoot my hot cum deep in her pussy the couple up front turned around real fast and then back at the movie, my cum still spurting In he tilts her head back and we start to kiss and I rub her clit with my cock and cum still in her, she gets up and the. Quickly sits down again this time moving her yoga pants to her ankles and scoots to the edge of the seat where she has me get down on the floor and start to eat her out with my cum still in her the pussy juices and cum flowing out of her going in my mouth tasting pretty good as I stick my tongue In her and start to suck her clit she starts to orgasm in my mouth I get all the juices from that she then pulls me up and has me start o make out with her while in the seat making out with her and rubbing her clit she pulls up her yoga pants and whispers in my ear we need to get back your place soon as this is over we aren’t finished yet….

theres this sal kin that took my post way too seriously (the one where the teachers like Any doubles? Any doubles and the sals like Im sal) and he like took it personally and was like You made this about me when i had never talked to him before and he had like Ask to follow if you like women on his byf so i made fun of him for like 10 mins then moved on and like 3 weeks later i was lik Lol remember when and he immediately was like WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING ABOUT ME!?!! mow he kins a different rapist and still talks shit about me