Regina Mills Appreciation Week: Day Four

∟Most Heartbreaking Scene: The Death of Cora Mills

Regina Mills has the unfortunate habit of getting a taste of something wonderful, only to have it promptly snatched from her, usually for someone else’s benefit. At this point, she’s lost Daniel, she’s basically lost her son, and she never really had her mother. Driven by love, she returned her mother’s heart to her chest, in hopes that something would finally go right. But, just as the other joys in her life, it was short lived; someone she loved died in her arms because of someone else’s emotional manipulation (sound familiar?) It hurt seeing Regina all grown up, but being reduced to the pleadings of a small child as she watched the life drain out of her mother’s eyes, and was left once again to mourn a fleeting moment of happiness. 

My certification exam is tomorrow. If I can pass that, I can work as a graphic designer! Oh my God. I hope I can pass on my first try. If not, I hope I don’t feel too down to not try again, or maybe somehow find another career path or something.

And after the test, I plan to get my shit together because I have been a mess since last month. One of my tasks is to make Tumblr content I should have made long ago.

So yeah, big test tomorrow. I hope I make it!