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So one of my Jewish classmates skipped an exam last year because it was Sim'hat Torah, and he got scowled by our teacher during the following class because he hadn't warned her (he apologized) AND she considered he should have shown up anyway. Her reaction really rubbed me the wrong way but I would like to have your opinion on that event? We're French, if it matters.

Firstly, he should have made his teacher aware of the Yamim Tovim at the beginning of the year, and then reminded her about a week or so in advance so he had himself covered. That was totally his fault.

That said, her attitude that he should have “shown up anyway” is completely wrong. I’ll be generous and presume that she didn’t understand the significance and just presumed it was a student trying to take a day off, but she should have been much more understanding – at least in her capacity as a teacher. That was horrendously inappropriate and downright offensive.

At best she was ignorant and at worst she was antisemitic.

LGBTQ+ Ladybug

So, I love the show and all, I just wish it had a little more LGBTQ+ representation, y’know. So I’m thinking, you don’t need to make one of the characters gay (even though that would be awesome) you could make Ladybug a symbol of pride. Hear me out, and remember this is only headcannon.

There is going to be this huge debate over legalizing gay marriage between the two main parties in the French judicial system (I’m not up to date on french politics, bear with me). It’s supposed to be a huge amazing thing, but instead it just has a lot of hate speech. All the conservative dudes are using this opprotunity to vent all their homophobia. Marinette is watching this with her class during recess, She’s getting really made. They can’t say that, not on TV. Everyone else is with her, talking about the injustices. Then Rose pipes up “I just wish Ladybug or Chat Noir could smack them straight. They have power, we don’t” Thoes words got stuck in Marinette’s ears. Rose was right, she did have power. She told her freinds she was feeling sick and had to go home. But the first thing she did when she left the school was chang into ladybug and go straight for city hall or wherever the national people are. She burst into the room and a hush fell over the crowd. They had seen her fighting crime a lot, she almost became a culutal icon. This was the first time they saw her be political. They wondered what she was going to say. She marched down, took the podium, and ranted at them for the better part of two hours. She called them out on all their homophobic bull. She shamed them for dehumanising people based on their sexual preferences. Mostly, she inspired the other party to step up and be more agresive. Chat Noir arrived and helped her out a bit, but it was mostly her show. She was terrified, but she did it anyway. Her last word, were “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Bug out.” 

An hour later, the motion to legalize gay mariage passed. Everyone celebrated. The next day, everyone wore rainbow. Rose and Juleka were handing out special buttons. It was the ladybug symbol, but instead of the background being red, it was a rainbow. Marinette wore it with pride, as did everyone else.

Ladybug didn’t really speak politically that often. She spoke again to help pass a law that made abortions mare acessible to thoes in need, and once more to pass a law tha allowed men, women and non-binary to serve in the military. A few more times after that, but she never overdid it or spoke about something she didn’t 110% love.