"Handsoap Shimada"

I don’t post, but I need help with something, can someone explain to me why calling Hanzo “Handsoap” is racist??? I’ve heard it was bad and I want to know why… I don’t ever want to be racist so I’d really appreciate someone telling me why its bad , thank you


so GUYS, my roommates and i went to our uni’s hotel to eat lunch at their restaurant and as we were leaving i looked over to the tv’s that were near the entrance/exit AND I SAW MY WORK ON IT HOLY SHIT 

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i hate anime so much i try really hard to not get into a lot of it and tend to just stick w/ tnb.. theres pretty much nothing free of problems though

How does one come out to the parental units bc I lied to my dad last night bc I froze up and every time I have an opening to do it I Freeze and he knew I was being weird too bc he was like ‘yeah Elizabeth is being rly sketchy about her plans she’s probably lying about what she’s doing’

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do you mean all ships or just dc ships bc i thought you were part of that squad that was vehemently anti-Reylo ??? Forgive me if im wrong i think i remember you reblogging anti reylo stuff and i mean people cope with that ship too

oh def for all ships, i think way back when i did reblog like 1 or 2 anti re/ylo posts bc they were made by some people i was friends w/ at the time, but in all honesty..i just…didnt (and still dont) care enough to hate the ship as vehemently as some ppl do. i’m not judging tbh bc i do get why ppl hate the ship, but im also aware of the fact that a lot of survivors use it to cope so i am totally 100% here to support anyone who ships it idc u dont have to tell me if ur a survivor and use it to cope, like i dont want anyone to feel obligated to have to admit to their trauma bc thats fucked up. and besides it’s been almost a year and like most of the rey/lo shippers stay in their lane/their fandom corner anyway. i have no issue with any of them over what they ship



a redraw of a concept piece from april/may 2015 and my favorite semi-prediction alongside my corrupt jasper design! (which was doodled on the same canvasthis redraw began somewhere around a week before the super watermelon island leak!

Alexandrite (fused because running through water takes enormous strength) chases after Steven (bubbled underwater and riding Lion) who is following the source of a sound he suspects to be Malachite.
When they get there, they find that Jasper has corrupted INSIDE malachite, overrunning lapis’ control aside from a single water chain holding her below the surface. they fight, its super cool

also, Malachite has poison breath. it could kill a human if they werent already drowning probably, and its an awful skin irritant to Alexandrite

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