Something that I wanted to upload, but something that I’ll regret uploading too… Yay!

Anyways, since Halloween is getting REAAAAALLY near, I decided to try to make some body horror! And so this abomination (or what I call Amalgakoma) was made! Yaaay!

save them please

A while back I offered just one made to order set of extra large / giant wings, and these Salome wings in blue and gold are what customer Jen choose :D I almost didn’t want to let them go!

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There's not enough ear bleach in the world to unhear that Zelena/EQ convo about Rumple. It's beyond gross. I don't understand what the writers are going for with that. It's not cute or silly.

It was honestly one of the more “WTF” and “this scene is completely pointless” moments of the show.

Like they made a set for that. They filmed on location for that.

Nothing new was revealed. It was frankly disturbing all around. I feel like they completely forgot that Zelena raped Robin and that having them discuss having sex with Rumple, whom both of them made unreciprocated advances towards, is in pretty bad taste not to mention weird. How many sexual partners do we need to think about the Mills Sisters sharing really?

And it wasn’t even necessary to get Zelena to switch sides. She was mostly there already with the drinks and the rattle. They haven’t exactly set her up as being very reluctant in the writing.

The only revealing part of the conversation was about Henry and her being herself around him but I just don’t see how getting a 13 year boy to accept his mother is a mass murderer who laid waste to entire villages and who is actively trying to kill his grandparents is all that healthy or good for him? Where are they going with that really?

I really don’t get what they are doing with the EQ right now. It’s very confusing, and sometimes cringeworthy.

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at the end of the makeup scene, Iris left for the night. Unless she sleeps in her car, she obviously is living somewhere other than the West house. I'm so confused cause that final scene made it seem like she was still living at home and Barry moving out was the only solution to them having alone time. I hope they plug that plot hole as some point this season....

She does not live at home and before she made up with Joe, hadn’t even set foot in the West house for a year. I can see why the writing might make it seem like her living situation is unclear and it sucks that we can’t see her place. But she’s not living with Joe. I just think she spends time lounging there sometimes, hence her casual look.

Zoology Study: Shale Spiders

Those who managed to travel to parts of Deepholm and other remote places such as the jade mines of Pandaria and even the Leyhollow of Azsuna will likely to come across an unusual sort of creature. Earth elementals with an arachnid like appearance. Often dubbed humorously as a ‘pet rock’ Shale Spiders are going to indeed be the topic of this zoological entry.

I should first mention that Shale Spiders are not true arachnids despite their name. Since they only have four legs compared to eight. They do however seem to possess pedipalps. And like true spiders, they use these as sensory devices. There is though one detail that sets Shale Spiders apart from other arachnids. They are in fact earth elementals. Now you may ask, wouldn’t studying Shale Spiders be the job of a geologist? Perhaps, but let’s look at them from a zoological perspective.

Shale is known to be a sedimentary type rock made from mud and clay. So while at first look all we see is a rock shaped like spider, there is actually something more organic about them. Often animal debris such as shells are found in layers of this type of rock. Therefore, these earth elemental creatures do have organic qualities about them.

Moving on to more of physical description of the creature it appears that the head and promosa are fused as one solid ‘rock’ lump. It’s eyes are made out of diamond shaped gemmed minerals, that are often the same as the minerals that grow in their surrounding environment. These gems come in a variety of colors from green (jade), purple (elementium), yellow (topaz), and red (crimson). Speaking of which, these gems are actually a dietary preference for shale spiders.  

For it’s own protection Shale Spiders are able to harden their bodies to mitigate any damage inflicted upon them. This ability is known by tamers as solid shell. And while it is rare to see, but some Shale Spiders to have the ability to produce sticky silk for web making or for putting their enemies in a bind. Shale Spiders seem to be a mix of skittish and aggressive, often avoiding first then attacking when people press to far into their territories.

As far as other humanoid interactions Shale Spiders have provided interesting uses. For example the crimson shale spiders have been used by mages to improve their fire spells. Topaz shale spider’s undamaged carapaces are used by jewelcrafters to make inlays for rings and bracers.

Now due to the lack of eggs, it is my theory that Shale Spiders reproduce asexually. Smaller hatchlings often attach themselves in a brooding like fashion to the parent until they are old enough to venture off and fend for themselves. Overall these particular creatures was an interesting find to add to this journal. Til then, fellow researchers.


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Hanin for “what the hell did you do?”

Thank you for the prompt! I decided to set this one back when Hanin was nineteen and made the worst mistake of his life! Y'know, because I’m cheery like that. (approx 780 words, some under the cut) <3

“What the hell did you do!?”

Hanin didn’t respond. He couldn’t. The words were distant to him. Far away, like rolling thunder somewhere well beyond the clan lands. He had no desire to acknowledge them. To acknowledge anything. Vaguely, a part of Hanin was aware of the movement around him, even if his reeling mind begged him to ignore it. There was no shutting out the passing of warriors and hunters, their actions marked by the sharp anxiety of an army before a fight. They were little more than indistinct blurs of green and brown, readying bows and blades with urgent fingers. There were more of them coming. Bandits. Mercenaries. Shems.

Hanin blinked – slowly, deliberately – and felt nothing.

Someone grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him. Hard. It was not the concerned action of a friend, but of someone trespassing beyond the edge of fury. Hanin jostled limply with the rough motion, but said nothing. Did nothing. A part of him knew he was looking right at the man – a fellow clan warrior – but that part of him was unpolished steel. Dull. Forgotten. The blade resting in Hanin’s lap was nothing of the sort. It was a bright gold, intricate and curved. It caught the edges of the fading light in a way that could only be described as beautiful. The name on her hilt gleamed. Atisha. Peace.

I killed him.

“… You hear what I said?” the warrior demanded, gripping him tighter. Hanin knew the man’s name. Knew his face. His family. His son. He just… didn’t care. So the man just a warrior, and Hanin was just a killer. A fool. A failure.

He barely registered the sting of the back-handed blow, even though it snapped his head hard to the side. Of all things, that should have brought him back. Should have ignited a seething fire within him. Fuelled his anger like tinder to an inferno.

Hanin turned his head back – slowly, deliberately – and felt nothing. He deserved far worse.

Fenedhis, Hanin. Tell me what you did!”

Arrows. Arrows rained down from the sky. He had trusted himself. Believed in himself. Tried to be something he wasn’t. Said the wrong thing. They had attacked.

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i wasn't aware that emma didn't trust hook/her family? i thought she was keeping the secret from them to save them the burden of trying to help her or something..but she outright said aladdin didn't trust his loved ones last night so i'm confused?.

It’s just sloppy writing.

She didn’t say anything because she was scared and upset and also didn’t want to take away their happiness.

There was nothing to trust or not trust them with. So that line made no sense. What she really meant was that Aladdin didn’t have anyone to “share the burden” with. But they put the trust thing in there probably because they were setting up the whole Killian/shears thing.

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What your favorite undertale character and song?


And I don’t know if I have a favorite song.  I like a lot of the OST, and it’s hard to put them in a set list based on how much I like each song.  I really like Megalovania, Another Medium, Waterfall…and Dummy has a special place in my heart because it’s one of the first songs from the game that I heard, and immediately it made me realize that there was something special about the game.

I made a beautiful lugia/ho-oh button set and I wanna share them so bad but alas I can’t until I get them printed and put up on the Shop

After I made my first gif set 2 weeks ago (Link: X), I’ve been planning on making more gifs in the future. But there’s a problem: whenever I try to post gifs on Tumblr it would freeze up. I don’t know why it does that and I’ve been trying to figure it out. When I was posting my Noodle gif set a couple weeks ago, I had a couple extra gifs that was supposed to be part of the post. But sadly, it wasn’t working so I had to delete them. Could someone tell me why that happens and how I could fix it? Also, I need help looking for Photoshop software. I downloaded Adobe Photoshop Express on my computer and it only works for pictures only. I’m looking for a free software or website to help me make gifs look a little more presentable. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know. I would really appreciate it. :)


IMDB’s top ten highest voted episodes of Teen Titans [insp]


“The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It’s faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. It’s pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone.”

“The Black Lion is the decisive head of Voltron. It will take a pilot who is a born leader and in control at all times, someone whose men will follow without hesitation.”

“The Blue Lion–” Lance: “Hold up, let me guess. Takes the most handsome/best pilot of the bunch?”

“The Green Lion has an inquisitive personality and needs a pilot of intellect and daring.”

“The Yellow Lion is caring and kind. Its pilot is one who puts the needs of others above his own.”


We don’t make  e y e s  …

           ready, love? *makes eyes*