Finally a SIZE 34.. Starting from a Size 46. Don’t feel real I keep thinking the buttons gone pop off any minute now but it fits perfectly. I’m not even holding my breath..lol
I wanna Thank God for giving me the dedication to keep going no matter what. Wanna thank the Instagram Hoes that got niggas calling women like me “IG Models” and making them think all Instagram Women with a lot of followers sucking dick and setting her coochie out to every celebrity or rich nigga for some dollars. I wanna thank Obama for the “Change” Campaign..Cuz NIGGA WE MADE IT! I wanna thank every Hoe that comes to my page saying how horrible I look when I can most definitely sit on your man’s face when ever I want too even before the weight loss. I wanna thank All the Niggas that comes just to say “Her titties too big eeeww” Just for your info they’re not made for little boys that like little toys. I’m A Woman that’s coming fully loaded in every arena you try me in. Also, I want to thank Myself for living through every storm that tried to destroy me all By Myself and never faltering nor giving up. And turning down Lots and Lots of money that get thrown at me on a regular. BECAUSE MY INTEGRITY AMD SELF RESPECT IS GREATER THAN A DOLLAR THAT WONT LAST. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST… TO YOU CELEBRITY NIGGAS AND RICH NIGGAS THAT TRIES TO HAVE SEX WITH ME JUST TO DESTROY MY NAME AND TRY TO PASS ME AROUND….You can go suck your homeboys Penis(cuz most of you undercover niggas really are) Cuz its not going to happen. I’ll make sure it’ll discredit you before you ruin me. Have a Nice Life Bitches! 💋

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I'm starting an internship at Ubisoft very soon, what are your tips to stand out in a game development setting as an intern?

The nice thing about being an intern is that you’re essentially getting some real world experience without the needed pressure of performance. The studios I’ve worked for that had interns never made them do silly things like fetching coffee. We typically gave them actual tasks that we thought they could do over the course of the months they were with us and tried to mentor them along the way. A good intern recognizes that the internship is, above all, a learning experience and tries to make the most of it. Here are a few things I suggest taking to heart if you want to make the most of your internship:

1. Be honest about your skills and assessments

When you start in a project-based environment, you’ll be given tasks to do and you’ll be asked for your assessment as to how long it will take to do those tasks. This is a crucial skill for any developer! You won’t impress us if you try to tackle more than you can handle - it’s actually far worse if you give us an overly-optimistic estimate and miss it than giving us a realistic one. We would much rather you overestimate the amount of time it takes and leave a cushion to check your work than underestimate. 

2. Don’t try to impress us with something fancy

We’ve been doing this a long time and any of us could probably do your assignment in a much shorter time frame. We purposely chose your task for you because we know what your skill level is, but any one of us could do it in a much shorter amount of time. The general rule is that the entire internship task might take a couple of weeks for an entry level developer, a single week for a mid-level developer, and just a day or two for a senior developer. We don’t want fancy solutions, we want solid and reliable ones. After all, you’re only an intern for a few months - we’re the ones who are going to have to maintain (and fix) your stuff after you leave. The less of a mess you leave, the more fondly we’ll remember you.

3. Ask questions, but do the legwork first

We understand that you won’t know everything immediately. There’s always a learning curve to every job, especially in game development. You need to learn a lot - tools, methodology, concepts, processes… it can be a lot to take in. That said, all of the time that we spend teaching you is time we’re not working on our own tasks. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t ask, but do some amount of legwork first - look through the code and comments, read related documents or the wiki, look at existing and similar assets. The more you understand about the problem you’re having, the easier it will be for us to explain it to you.

4. Don’t make excuses or cover up your mistakes

You’re new and you’ll make mistakes. That’s ok - we know your skill level coming in, and we aren’t looking for perfection. We know you’ll make mistakes. That’s ok. We were all new once. It’s expected. That said, if you do make a mistake, own up to it and fix it. Recognize the problems you had and try to come up with solutions for it. Then avoid making those mistakes again. We’d much rather know what mistake was made and try to fix it than remain ignorant of it until post-launch. Remember, the players certainly aren’t going to care what the excuses are, they’ll only see the mistake as a detriment to the game itself. 

5. A moment spent testing now saves an hour debugging later

Nobody will know your work like you do. Immediately before you submit anything, you should make sure you give it a reasonable barrage of tests. Don’t just depend on QA to do it for you - they have to catch it, then it needs to be triaged, then it needs to be assigned, and so on and so forth before it gets back to you for fixing. You can save a lot of the team’s time by simply testing your own work just before submission. 

Likewise, never submit work and immediately leave. Make sure that, after submitting your work, you stick around to make sure it didn’t immediately break anything. If you must go, make sure that the team has some way to contact you in case everything explodes. The worst case scenario is that you check in a bad submission and leave - it means the rest of the team can’t work, and you aren’t on hand to explain what it was you did. That means someone else will have to spend time looking at your work and trying to figure out how it works and what’s wrong with it, then fix it. This sort of thoughtless mistake can cause a huge loss of team productivity and lead to shameful nicknames like “Buildbreaker Jones”. If you do this, you’re essentially saying to the team that “my time is more valuable than all of yours” and “I don’t care about the quality of my work”. That’s not a good message to send, especially as an intern.

6. You’re here to learn as much as you can

Your tasks might not be what you’ve been dreaming of. They might seem beneath you, or dull, or in an area that doesn’t interest you that much. The project might not be that interesting to you - I had almost zero interest in working on one of the sports titles I shipped. Regardless of all of that, you’ve still got a big opportunity to earn experience in a controlled environment. Don’t waste it - grab it and learn all you can from it. You won’t always get to work on things you want, but part of being a professional is giving your best even if you aren’t the biggest fan.

Being a good intern is primarily about recognizing what you don’t know and learning as much as you can. You’ll be much better remembered for doing solid and reliable work and giving accurate assessments than by trying to impress us with something fancy. Be considerate with your questions and your work - try to make it as easy as possible for us to work with you. That means checking your own work and trying to get as much context as you can for your questions. We understand that you’ll make mistakes - own up to them, fix them, and learn from them. If you can show these qualities as an intern, you’ll greatly improve your chances of getting a job after graduation.

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I think Smut Appreciation Day went down rather well. Same time next year?

Originally posted by thesummerbreak


Fuck yes! I haven’t even made a dent in all of the amazing fics everyone has put out and I’m so down for next year! Yes, February 10th will forever be known as Smut Appreciation Day. Every year. Hell yes. 

I actually thought about making shirts that say “I survived the smut apocalypse.” and selling them (then donating the proceeds to random acts/akf, but I wasn’t sure that people would go for it or how successful this whole shebang would be. Let me know if you guys would want something like that and we will absolutely be seeing y’all same time next year. 

Also, just throwing it out there that it would make mine and @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid‘s life if we were the ones to put on the event that lead to Smut Apocalypse babies. Seriously, if not a single one of y’all got pregnant from the overdose of smut yesterday then we didn’t succeed. 

Yoongi Scenario: One Lucky Girl.

Request: I’d like to request a yoongi scenario! A fluffy one, cause cute yoongi is never enough~~ ㅋㅋㅋ Maybe something related to idol life, any variety show… U can decide, something fluff/long and maybe funny!? Idk, I just want more yoongi
Genre: Fluff / Romance.

The broadcast ended with a clap, and everyone in the set gave each other the traditional “Good job” or “You did well” of the end of the day. Everything came up perfectly and the director congratulated them for their hard work and funny jokes, but Yoongi had a feeling that this special TV program was going to give him problems.

It was a special TV edition for BTS in which they made a concourse for the fans and one of them was selected to have a lunch with one of the BTS members; the idea was fun and appealing for everyone and they were sure fans would love it, but when he came out as the selected member with whom the fan was going to have the lunch with, Yoongi started to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.
He was in the van with his members when he received a text from you, you wanted to meet him at the dorm later.

I’ll be waiting for you babe

Yoongi tried not to smile to himself and give away that he was talking to you, but that was too late, Taehyung was leaning on his shoulder reading the text and of course reading it out loud. –Hyung has a date with his girlfriend! -
The car erupted in catcalls and laughter, Yoongi slapped Taehyung on the forehead. –Yah, What have I told you about this? -
-I’m sorry hyung, I’m sorry- Taehyung rapidly apologized. Jimin and J-hope laughed at his friend being scolded.  
-Yoongi, is Y/N really going? Should I make dinner for one more? -
He nodded at Jin, who apparently was the only sane person besides of him in this group, some people counted Namjoon in that too but Yoongi knew better.

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So why do none of Dirthamen's followers talk about him? He doesn't actually threaten to torture them, does he? Also, does he actually have a face? Like, does he choose to cover it up, or does he actually lack a set appearance? Your recent posts about him have made him seem quite unselfaware (or,I don't know how to put it, but like, he is just an observer, and even things that are important to him, because it's based in longing without actually needing to get what's being longed after,

seem so focused outside the self, that I wonder what his sense of self is). This made me think of morphing and sense of self, and is it possible for an elf to not identify with their appearance, and have it be super changeable? I guess, to the point of even not having one?


Short answer - yes.

Long answer - Dirthamen does not feel a strong attachment to his body at all, and is therefore more capable of changing it or leaving it altogether. So, basically, yes, his appearance shifts a lot, and it’s easier for his followers if he wears a mask because sometimes he gets really eldritch about it, too.

In terms of his followers, Dirthamen does not set out to cause them pain as a punishment, or torment them, but he’s also kind of shitty at figuring out what counts as torment to most people. Like, he thinks ‘here, I made a labyrinth out of your worst fears and trapped you in the middle of it’ is a good character-building exercise.

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do you know if there any any kind of parallels between bellarke and stydia?

I actually made two sets paralleling them a while ago! here and here :) plus the new eps have a lot of parallels! like when stiles sees lydia tied up and touches her face and bellamy does the same with clarke, but their both forced to leave D:

I need you all to know about the meal I just made. I set out to make some silly bullshit and it turned out being like one of the best meals I’ve made in so long.

So i’ve had this frozen shrimp for like ages and I wanted shrimp so I thawed it out and shelled and cleaned them and then set them to marinate with lime juice (just like the bottled kind), pepper flakes (literally taken from pizza deliveries past), olive oil, salt, pepper, and a clove of garlic. I was like “eh idk I guess I’ll just cook that” but then I remembered we have six million tiny baby bell peppers that are dying a sad slow death so I was like “lol k I guess I’ll just sautee those?” And then I saw our campari tomatoes which were ALSO dying a slow sad death because we are bad at eating food like real people so I put them in my tiny blender with a clove of garlic and salt and more pepper flakes and blended them to make bullshit salsa and then I tasted it and was like “sure tastes like a raw tomato” so I looked at the pan and shrugged and just put that in with the peppers and turned the heat up a little and let it reduce until it was like a paste, and then I moved that to the edges of the pan and then added the shrimp and cooked them all together. So then I was like “well this looks like a mess to eat” and I thought we had couscous but apparently we used it all so all I had was clear pad thai noodles and I was like “lol whatevs” so I put that to boil and then added a little more olive oil and butter to the shrimp tomato pepper shit go make sure it could coat noodles and then I mixed it all together and

It was so good, guys. It was so fucking good. It was just so fucking good.



Sony CD/DVD Portable Player, Amazon Kindle (4th Gen.), Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Tablet

I did a closet clean-up just recently and decided to part with these gadgets since I’m no longer using them. (In fact, I rarely even used 2 out of 3 items here: the DVD Player and the Wacom Drawing Tablet) 

Why? My 21st birthday is coming up and I want to make money so I can buy myself a new set of watercolors (yes, all these 3 for just 1 set of painting!) and you all know art materials don’t come cheap. So I had to make a decision of letting these babies go. I’d rather they were being used and do what they’re actually made for rather than just being tucked away, sitting in my closet.  

So if you want to help me out I would absolutely appreciate it! Even if it’s just sharing this post to your friends or someone you think would be interested in buying them. And if you are interested in buying them, you can just drop me a line in my ask box or e-mail me hello@jamiecatt.com so I can give you the prices + shipping/meet-up details. 

For more specs and photos, head over to storejamiecatt.tumblr.com

Have a lovely day everyone! xx

  • Fleeting
  • Salary Dam

Umimaki Week Day 4: As Adults

I’d like to say I made it in time but nope, this is an embarassingly raw recording instead of a proper, synthesized one (didn’t have time) :”(. Still, I really want to contribute so here goes nothing; a composition for umimaki week!

It’s titled Fleeting. I think both Umi and Maki has a future set in stone for them (Umi as the the one who’ll inherit her family’s dojo, Maki as the future owner of the Nishikino hospital) and they can’t do much about it. That’s why they would treasure their times in high school–time when they can do what they want, time with μ’s, time with each other. Even so, I think they’d end up happy as adults with their respective lives, although their happiness then might not be the kind of happiness that they had in mind as teens.

… I just realized this kinda cheats on the theme


Today's Workout

This is a long delayed post, but it is only because I had a lot going on today. I had to get my phone fixed at the Apple Store (I just ordered an Otterbox case so this hopefully doesn’t happen again), I had an appointment with a wedding photographer (going to go with this one), and then Ritter desperately needed a trip to the dog park (I’m happy my toes didn’t suffer severe frostbite).

Anyway, I did The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Max Hammer Strength (Week 2/Day 2) this morning. I really enjoyed the workout (it was tough but fun). Sagi really utilizes a lot different techniques with his weightlifting workouts. I was initially a little uncomfortable to be utilizing so many concepts that are new to me, but I’m really coming to appreciate them. For the moves requiring weights, I used a set 25 pound hand weights. I made a good decision in choosing this weight and hope to go heavier by Week 4. I have one more workout before I get a rest day so I’m sure I will really sore by the weekend. 👏🏻

Get To Know Me (Kpop Edition)

Tagged by @softexodus, thanks hoe <3

1. Favorite male group?

2. Favorite female group?
I can’t choose between Red Velvet, AOA or EXID 

3. First kpop song that you heard?
Gee - SNSD

4. What group/song got you into kpop?
BigBang and 2NE1 made me listen kpop frequently but Exo really dragged me in this hell hole we’re all in together now

5. What group/member do you want to be friends with?
All of Exo, they all seem super sweet and are adorable (and I’ll drag them to Europe to finally give a concert)

6. What is your favorite song as of right now?
AOA Cream - I’m Jelly Baby 

7. What is your favorite music video?
Overdose - Exo. Music is awesome, hair and clothing on point, my favorite Exo choreo and the set looked so cool.


Now - Troublemaker. Idk why I love that mv so much but I do.

8. Why do you like kpop?
Bc I always loved dancing and music, so what’s better than awesome music combined with awesome choreo?

9. If you could only listen to one kpop song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I would wanna go for Mirotic - TVXQ but it’s such a jam but I’ll go for Unfair - Exo. This song always makes me happy, reminds me of their cute performance and of how unfair the world is (yes extra salty European Exo fan here, I could swim in my tears rn) 

10. Who’s fashion do you like the most?
For girls I really love Krystal her style, and for the boys Sehun

I’ll tag: @cheeky-chen @bangtansqueen @miint-yoongi @wolfpcy @jedi-jongin @topofthegalaxy (only if you want to of course)

“I’ve organized a lot of programs in prison. One of the classes I started is called Creative Parenting. It’s the most popular class here. The waiting list is really long. I don’t have any kids myself, but I noticed that most guys are really soft for their kids. So that gave me an idea. Mainly we just make stuff and send it to the kids. We’ll do coloring projects where the father will color half the picture, and the kid will color the second half. We write bedtime stories. Most of the guys write about sports, but we make sure that every story has a moral. Sometimes we’ll take funny photos and send them to the kids. One guy’s daughter was really into My Little Pony. He was a tough guy. He was in a gang and everything, but he put his hair into pigtails and pretended to be a horse. We did another class where we made cards for kids with cancer. I had my family set it up with a hospital. We made about 200 cards. They didn’t want us to write ‘I hope you feel better,’ because that reminds the kids of what they’re going through. So we tried to keep it focused on Christmas. There were 150 guys in my unit, and 60 signed up for that program. A lot of the guys had to wait outside because the room was too small.”

(Federal Correctional Complex: Hazelton, West Virginia)


These are the first charms I ever made so I’m very excited about finally showing them !!

Charms are 1.5 inch, single sided, Clear Acrylic charms and come with straps !

♡ You can order them right here at my Store !!  ♡

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  • tom riddle:dear diary, today me and rubeus had a picnic by the lake! he was telling me about all the weird animals that live in the forest and we ate egg sandwiches
  • tom riddle:also i made a new plan to kill all the muggles! first i set fire to like all of london and then send like a plague of locusts at them? idk just ideas lol

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I'm so confused, it's terrible to feel like this, half my brain tells me to accept this is over, the other half and logic tell me nothings adds up and not to accept it it yet. And my gut feeling tells me everything will be alright but i'm so scared to be positive because I'm sure another slap will come. I don't know, have I've really been wrong all this time? can't believe that many coincidence could happen. What have this band done to me.

They are playing mind games with us, and it’s absolutely despicable. They are probably making some things look shady on purpose so that when we start calling them out on it (no baby in the carrier bag, no name or pictures of the baby) they release a new set of pictures / articles that make people question themselves.

It’s gaslighting and I refuse to be manipulated like this.

Things we called out:

1. The baby’s name keeps changing and is made into a joke, they aren’t giving us a name so that we can’t dig up the  birth certificate - official baby name announcement on IG

2. Louis would never associate his IG with stunts, it’s untouchable and his own - IG picture with a baby

3. Jay never talked about the baby on Twitter, only RT’d Louis’ messages - Twitter post about the baby on Jan 27th

4. Louis will never be seen anywhere near the Jungleworths ever again, the last time he was pictured with B was back in May - several sets of pap pictures with B and some of her family members this week

5. The bears are telling us to be calm, the shit is getting cleaned up, they are happy - Louis’ tweets on Jan 23 and IG post Jan 27.

6. Jay is staying out of it - look at her Twitter bio.

7. The baby is not even seen in the pap pictures, there’s nothing there - ……………………………..

8. Band members and close friends haven’t even congratulated Louis on the birth of the baby on Twitter - ………………………………..

9. …………………….

In other words, it’s likely that they monitor the fandom’s reaction and adjust their next steps accordingly.