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1D Plus Sized Series // Apple of My Eye- Harry

Harry and Y/N made a date for the following Saturday. The week passed far too slowly for Y/N and every so often she caught herself looking around the grocery store for Harry. He had popped by once this week to bring her a shiny red apple that made her smile and blush almost as red as the fruit. Harry had been texting often though, always sure to ask about her day. Y/N would tell him stories about her coworkers or about the customers she encountered. Their date was approaching quickly and Y/N was far too excited. She would catch herself daydreaming in the shower or smiling to herself while making dinner. It wasn’t often that fate worked in her favour, but Harry made up for every unlucky thing that had ever happened.

Harry hadn’t mentioned where he was taking her, only that he had planned everything and all she had to worry about was dressing for the weather. Fall had been rather brisk so far, so Saturday morning Y/N dressed in leggings and a warm sweater and added her favourite knitted scarf to complete the outfit.
The knock on the door was almost as loud as the pounding of her heart. Y/N rushed to the door and stood breathing deeply to calm herself. Dates were few and far between for Y/N, but she was pretty sure that hyperventilating wasn’t acceptable date behaviour. 

When she opened the door, Harry stood on her front stoop, filling her view. He wore his signature black jeans with a grey hooded sweatshirt, and scuffed up brown boots with his hair tossed up in a bun. He was breathtaking.

“Hi.” Harry smiled and passed Y/N a bouquet of the sunniest sunflowers she had ever seen.

“These are lovely, thank you.” Y/N said, bringing the flowers to her nose, hiding her wide grin. No one had ever bought her flowers before. “I’m just going to put these in water.”

Y/N dashed to the kitchen to find a vase and Harry stepped into the small house. The foyer was small, but it opened up into a large sitting area. The  walls were lined with book shelves filled with every book imaginable, and comfy furniture was placed throughout the room. He smiled at the homey feel, unconcerned with how his stomach tightened with yearning.

“Okay, ready?” Y/N walked back into the hallway, purse in hand.

“Very,” Harry releases a sigh, letting go of his pent-up anxiety.

Y/N opened the door wide and motioned Harry to go ahead of her out the door. Locking the door behind her, Y/N walked toward Harry’s car, where he had the door opened and waiting. She climbed in the car and muttered a quiet ‘thank you’ to Harry. 

Y/N watched as Harry rounded the car, carried quickly on his long and shapely legs. The butterflies began to flutter in her stomach as Harry settled into the car and pulled out of the drive. It wasn’t as if Harry was a stranger now, and Y/N had several questions she could have asked him, but all that filled the car was a mix of silence and tension.

“Is this awkward?” Harry asked, checking the rear-view mirror and tightening his grip in the steering wheel. Y/N stared out the window, rubbing her palms on the soft material of her leggings.

“No, I’m just nervous.” Y/N admitted softly.

“Me too.” Harry said, relaxing his grip on the wheel and tapping his fingers against the rim.

“And excited.” Y/N said a little louder, glancing over at Harry’s profile as he drove.

“Me too.” Harry smiled over at Y/N and without a second thought, reached across the console and took Y/N’s hand in his.

The road they took was winding, the colour on the trees making for a picturesque journey. Several times Y/N thought Harry would slow down and take a certain turn, but he continued on, the suspense making her jittery. She learned quickly to stop asking Harry where they were going or how much longer it would take to get there. He would just squeeze her hand and tell her they would be there soon. 

Harry enjoyed the drive. It wasn’t often that he took the time to just go for a drive and it was nicer still to have a pretty girl by his side. He had certainly forgotten how intimate and comforting it was to just hold someone’s hand. As they got closer, Harry became more nervous. He had put a lot of thought into this date. He had called ahead and made sure that they would have lots to do and see, he even arrived early that morning to set up a special surprise. Harry just hoped that it would be enough to impress Y/N. 

Harry turned down a dirt road, lined thick with trees on either side. Y/N sat up straighter, anticipation making her fidget in her seat. Smiling, Harry squeezed Y/N’s thigh and she grabbed his hand, threading their fingers, offering Harry all the reassurance he needed. 

One last turn brought Harry and Y/N up a long driveway. Cars lined the roadway and near the end, everything opened up, there were fields and rolling hills, trees of all sorts, some with the unmistakable growth of  every kind of apple imaginable. 

Harry glanced over at Y/N and found that her eyes were darting everywhere, taking everything in. Climbing out of the car, he took a deep breath. He couldn’t quite pin point why this felt so important but his chest ached, hoping that he was enough…. No, he thought shaking his head, he hoped the date was enough. 

Harry opened the door for Y/N and she climbed out of the car. Her eyes found his and smiled shyly at him.

“You brought me to an apple orchard?” Y/N glanced around her. In all directions there was so much to see, so many colours and so many smells that it was almost overwhelming. There was a rustic looking building with paint chipping off of the wooden siding. Out front were baskets and barrels filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Y/N could smell the scent of pastries and sweets coming from inside the shop. Behind that she could see the tips of leafy trees  and off in the distance was a stretch of yellow corn stalks. To their left was a pond and a small barn enclosed by a wooden fence. Y/N could hear the giggles of small children and the muted sounds of small farm animals. Standing there wide eyed, thinking back to one of those first few nights with Harry at the grocery store, her eyes began to well slightly with tears.

“Yeah, I thought apples were kind of our thing now.” Harry looked around him too. There were people milling about, but they didn’t pay him much attention and everything looked really beautiful. But nothing compared to the girl beside him, who appreciated the gesture so much, that she turned her body into his and wrapped her arms around him. It was the smallest things that he missed about dating, hand holding and hugs that were just hugs. Though she had taken him by surprise, Harry was quick to return Y/N’s embrace.

“This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.” Y/N mumbled into Harry’s chest. He swelled with pride at the thought of pleasing her, at making her feel special. For some reason, making Y/N happy felt like walking onto the biggest stage with the loudest crowd.

“Should we go inside?” Harry asked, pulling back from Y/N, running his hands up and down her arms, over the soft material of her sweater.
Y/N was in a daze from being in Harry’s arms. It felt good to be pressed against the hard planes of his body. He was warm, and his long arms wrapped all the way around her. The way he pulled her to his chest made her want to stay in his his arms, but at his suggestion, Y/N was overcome with excitement and with a bright smile, she nodded and began pulling Harry toward the sights and smells of the orchard.


Inside the shop, Harry and Y/N browsed around. There was handcrafted jewellery from local artisans and when Y/N lingered over an apple green  bracelet, Harry bought it and clasped it on her wrist. When Y/N discovered Harry’s fascination with bright red candied apples, she bought him one and watched fixated as he ate it, thinking that he reminded her remarkably of Snow White. The pair held cups of hot cider in their hands as they made their way over to the small petting zoo. There were baby goats and big potbellied pigs, several ducks, a hutch filled with rabbits and newly hatched chicks under a warmer. They fed the ducks and watched children play and laugh with the animals. Harry never stopped touching Y/N, whether it was a hand on her back or an arm around her shoulder or slipping his hand into hers. He made her laugh and he kept her warm as they made their way toward the apple orchard.

“I’ve never picked my own apples before.” Y/N admitted.

“It’s fun. My mum used to take us when my sister and I were kids. I remember one time I saw the shiniest red apple at the top of a tree. When mum wasn’t looking I climbed to the very top, picked the apple, took a bite and fell right out of the tree.” Harry chuckled, while Y/N fought between concern and laughter. “I broke my leg I landed so hard.” Harry continued.

“So you’ve always been a showoff then?” Y/N asked cheekily as she reached for an apple. Harry took the opportunity to swat her on the bottom.

“Yes.” Harry said as she whipped around, throwing the apple in her hand against his chest.

Once they had picked their fill of apples of every shape, size and colour, Harry led Y/N to a wagon topped with bales of hay, hitched to two giant horses that could make anyone feel small. They were a beautiful brown with white markings and kind, alert eyes. The man at the front of the wagon sat stoically, with eyes as alert as his horses’, a piece of golden straw sticking out from the corner of his mouth.

“Is this for us?” Y/N asked eagerly. She was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet, the sunshine catching in the movement of her hair. Before he could stop himself, Harry reached out to touch the soft tresses cascading down her back.

“Your chariot awaits,” Harry drew his hand away and threw a wink in Y/N’s direction before she practically skipped off toward the horses.  Her voice carried to him where he watched from a few feet away. She timidly asked if it was okay for her to pet the horses and the man with the reigns barely  gave her a nod before her hands were stroking the gentle giants. While Y/N cooed to the horses about how pretty they were, Harry checked the wagon for the items he requested. The blankets were stacked neatly and the apple wine was chilling in a small bucket of ice. There was a partition between where they would sit to take in the scenery and enjoy the ride and where the driver sat up front; it was a special request that Harry had made to ensure their privacy.

Harry leaned over the railing of the wagon and called to Y/N. “Care to join me for a ride?”

Y/N gave the horses one last pat and scurried over to Harry. He gave her a hand up, happy to have her so close again. Those round cheeks of hers were once again begging to be kissed, so he obliged, his warm lips pressing to the soft, chilled skin. Y/N’s cheeks warmed considerably at the contact, a blush and a smile chasing away the cold.  Harry led her to a bale of hay covered in a soft blanket, he gave her another to wrap herself in. When she was settled and looking at him expectantly, he poured her a glass of apple wine. When he handed it to her, their hands brushed and the spark that flew between them could’ve powered a city, and sparks are rare these days.

As the wagon started to move, Y/N and Harry sat closely chatting away, and took in the vast fields and rolling hills. Every time the wagon gave a jolt it pushed the two of them closer together, their shoulders bumping and thighs brushing. After two glasses of wine, Y/N’s eyes were no longer concerned with the surrounding nature, but rather the pinkness of Harry’s lips, the softness of his skin and the hint of a dimple in his cheek. Y/N leaned over and pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth. Magical moments deserve to be remembered with a kiss, she thought, lingering close to Harry. He turned his face to look at her, pleasantly surprised by her boldness. He pressed his mouth gently to hers at first, green eyes open, watching. Y/N leaned into him and moved her lips against his, hesitant at first and then ardently. She tasted the apple wine on his tongue, and his hands roamed the plains and rolling hills of her body, caressing attentively. 

They kissed until they were breathless, smiling into each others mouths. Pulling away, Harry refilled their wine glasses as the horses pulled the wagon back around to the orchard.

“To a lovely first date.” Harry raised his glass in a toast.

“And to the second.” Y/N said, making Harry smile with relief. He didn’t know if she was the girl of his dreams, but right now she was certainly the apple of his eye.

Dear Past Self,

I’m sorry, I know your heart feels so heavy it could fall through the floor. I know nobody tries to understand. I know you feel small and ignored and uncared for. I know it feels like you’re too big and too loud and too much. I know it feels like the pretty girls with shiny hair and flower dresses are the ones boys love. I know you’re jealous and tired of waiting, but I’m here to tell you it gets so wonderfully, completely, endlessly better. 

Your hair will be long again and you’ll dye it blue. You’ll start collecting piercings and tattoos and combat boots and rings. You’ll shave half your head and you’ll regret it three months later when it will not grow out at all, but you’ll love your badass look while it lasts. You’ll lose the baby fat that puberty hitched onto your hips and learn to love eating whatever you’re craving. You’ll buy clothes that fit your style and make you feel good. You’ll tie your hair in messy buns and wake up early and grin a big, goofy smile at the mirror. You’ll stop wearing makeup except on certain days, and your freckles will glow brighter than ever. Your face will clear up and you’ll still have breakouts, but they won’t be half as bad as they are now. 

You’ll paint your room a shade of pink so light that when the afternoon sun reflects off your mirrors (surprise! you own more than one mirror and you don’t hide any of them. In fact, you have one behind your headboard so you can do your hair every morning while sitting cross-legged on your comforter.), it looks like your world is dipped in rose gold. you’ll hang up posters and lights and curtains and smile while you do it. You’ll buy a bigger bed and a dresser and you’ll clean out your closet (And you won’t cry when you see the big box of memories from people who hurt you. You’ll take it out to the back yard, drench it in lighter fluid, and drop a match into it. You’ll have a whole bonfire party where you destroy the memories of people who you don’t need the weight of carrying anymore. You’ll laugh and make smores and play games. It will all feel okay). You’ll cover your windowsills in books and plants and candles. You’ll never stop being happy about how bright your room is, even on rainy days. 

You’ll meet your dream guy, but there’s a twist. He’s not a guy at all. You’ll be afraid of faking your feelings for her at first, but eventually realize you love your girlfriend more than anything. You’ll wake up to her most mornings, and fall asleep to her most nights. She’ll tickle you when you pout and let you annoy her endlessly and tell you she loves you every single time she possibly can so there’s no chance you could forget. She’ll make you laugh and in return you’ll make her laugh doing all the things you feel stupid for now. She’ll watch you dance in front of your cats and reenact entire musicals and scream at video games and try weird foods and she’ll look at you like you’re the best thing in the damn world. She’ll smile at you like she’s seeing all the light that you had to hide away for so long finally break through. She loves you for everything that’s making you feel like too much right now. She’ll talk about your future like you’re her whole world. You’ll be scared she’ll hurt you like the others, but she’s never going to. 

You’ll finally change your name. You’ll apply to your dream college and get in. You’ll get a job, a car, and an apartment in Massachusetts. You’ll buy decorations for your new home and laugh hard while you pack them away with friends as they judge your tastes. It will feel new and oh so good to not shrink away when faced with scrutiny. You’ll drink beers and wine coolers on the floor of your storage room and get a little too drunk with all your best friends and take a bunch of pictures. You’ll keep the pictures forever. You’ll get on antidepressants. You’ll survive high school. You’ll meet people who love to be around you and never feel like your energy is too much. Your mom will ask you to relay funny stories to her friends and you’ll make a room full of middle aged women cry laughing. Your little brother will become one of your best friends. You’ll read all the books you want to read and listen to music that makes you feel like your soul is on bright blue fire. You’ll go to concerts and go crowd surfing and hang out with some really cool bands. 

You’ll be happy. You’ll be whole. You’ll be okay. 

I love you, and it gets so unbelievably better. Just give it a year. 


Em (that’s you!)

Fallon to Rubio: 'Do you like my boots?'

Marco Rubio confronted an all-too-familiar sight on Thursday night: A pair of shiny black boots. While Rubio, appearing on NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” made his way to the guest couch, host Jimmy Fallon greeted him with his feet propped up on his desk, prominently displaying the most buzzed about shoes in presidential politics. “Thank you very much for being here,” Fallon said nonchalantly as the audience laughed. “Oh, I’m sorry. Do you like my boots?” Rubio caused a stir weeks ago when he wore a fashionable pair of black boots on a trip to New York, prompting some ribbing from his presidential rivals. But on Thursday night he was in on the joke, replying, “Those are nice. Where’d you get those, man?” During his interview, the Florida senator laughed about the infamous boots, reminiscing about a time in college when he ruined a similar pair of boots attending a “foam party.” “I brought some of those and when I left the foam party, they were white,” Rubio said. “Because the foam washed the dye out of it. It was really bad, so these are like a step up.” And Rubio, in New York for the show, explained that the city – which emerged as a point of controversy when “New York Values” became an attack line in the GOP primary – was especially meaningful to him because it’s where he proposed to his wife, on the top of the Empire State Building in an homage to “Sleepless in Seattle.” Admitting he was worried his wife would drop the ring off the top of the building, Rubio joked, “They should have done it out by somewhere flatter.” Rubio, who do not appear to be wearing his trademark footwear Thursday, also talked politics during his appearance, joking in response to a question about Donald Trump – “Who’s that?” – and saying that he had no interest in being a vice presidential pick. But an avowed football fan and college athlete, Rubio had another position of power in mind. “That’s not what I’m thinking about. I either – I’d want to be commissioner of the NFL, which is more powerful than president sometimes,” he joked. “You have a lot of power in that job – you can suspend people.” Fallon replied, “You can send me some jerseys or something like that.” Rubio added, “Or some boots.” embed

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