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Hey there! YOUR COMIC STILL IS ONE OF MY FAV EVER so I made another fanart! Hope You like it!
Plus, I lost the recording, so no YT video ç.ç, only insta


@modooff Ahh it’s always a pleasure to see/receive art from you!! Beautiful. Wish I could’ve seen the speedpaint, but oh well. Thank you so much, friend! :’D

❝ I want to cry & scream until my lungs hurt or I run out of tears. I want to throw things until they break & punch walls until I can no longer feel my hands. I want to kick down my door or throw myself onto the floor until my body stops shaking. I have so many pent up emotions, anger, hurt, sadness, betrayal. I want to hurt everything because everything is hurting me. ❞ // independent archie andrews from cw’s riverdale. as told by torie.


I made another undertale ATC! (Art Trading Card) Tough I’m not going to trade it xD

I love Undyne in her genocide armour x3 And also this scene in the game is so epic!

The original size of this drawing is 2.5 x 3.5 inches or 6.4 x 8.9cm. It’s colored with colored pencils ^^ (The scan has been edited so that it looks nicer, but the original drawing looks almost the same)

oh boy whoops i made another.

Natasa is an ancient. They’re from the tribe of ancients/darkness(bastardchild). Natasa was fine before and became cursed so that they have to absorb light, power stars or fire or else they will become a b e a s t and wreck havoc across the land. They are very powerful and is locked up deep in the darkest depths of the Underwhere where no one can find them. they are pretty short too. if they were to be released from their prison, they’d be so confused and scared because ‘thisisnotmyhomewhathappened.’

no-ko-mis  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog and I love reading all your answers! I've shipped Zutara since the very beginning and reading all the facts you present just makes me ship them even more! I've seen Book 4 mention a few times, and how it would get Zutara together... What exactly was Book 4 suppose to be about? I know you've probably answered this question several times so I'm sorry if it bothers you, but I'd appreciate it if you would explain it. Thanks!

Thank you! I made another post compiling all of the main ideas about Book 4 that have been mentioned.

And according to a Reddit user who claims to have connections to former staff:


i made another one! it’s wip but still

let me know if you wanna see it finished