DeLite busts because I’m never going to stop drawing them

Question:how does multiaccounting benefit you? I made another account and it’s been nothing but an inconvenience to the point where I’m debating abandoning it,and giving back all the stuff people gave me for being new.

I made another account as a fresher start since I didn’t get to see how you made an FR account since my main was actually gifted to me, but now I don’t want to move because starting off is terrible, and now I see why newbies struggle so much, but seriously, DR.

How does having more than one account benefit you if it’s so slow going and you can hardly earn any treasure??


Clarke + Lexa - Weakness

I couldn’t resist so I made another one, hope you like it.


{MMD DR x Vine} Hope Trio Flirting

{WATCH IN HD} Happy Early Valentine’s Day! I also have another made for Valentine’s Day but I will upload that one on Valentine’s day! But for now enjoy an early present of these three boys flirting with you and that’s pretty much it!