Headcanon that one of Cedric’s friends shortened “Cedric Diggory” to “Cellory” as a joke, but it sort of stuck. The nickname eventually evolved to “Celery” and the other three houses are extremely confused as to why all the Hufflepuffs refer to Cedric as a vegetable that has very little nutritional value.

A few thoughts on gender in Simoun:

Simoun presents this wholly alien system where humans are born as girls (or physiologically more similar to ciswomen than to cismen, if the term cis makes sense in this situation) and then at some point are converted either to woman or man - whether via the divine/magical Spring of Simulacrum, the hormones and surgery of Argentum or whatever they do in the Plumbum highlands. (What do they do? They certainly aren’t presented as quite so utilitarian and technological as Argentum despite allying with them, so I feel like the Argentine solution doesn’t quite fit; but then again there’s a strong idea that only Simulacrum can access the Spring. For that matter, what did Argentum do before they had gender-assignment technology?) 

In some ways the way society is structured appears to bear this out - while there appears to be some societal pressure to avoid same-gender relationships, this is entirely absent in relationships between young people; and people discuss choosing their gender pretty lightly most of the time, with no particular pressure one way of the other save for personal preference. Few seem to have a really strong gender preference/feeling of their gender like most people do in real life - many are reluctant to choose (which, interestingly, is not the same thing as choosing female; ‘maiden’ is something of a third gender in this system) or choose for seemingly frivolous reasons (such as Morinas, who planned to become a man but changed her mind so she could be with Wapourif).

 But on the other hand, there are some aspects of society that seem very out of place for this particular biological situation: it is explicitly (if off-handedly) established that those choosing male will have better career prospects and be in a position to inherit from wealthy families. Similarly, all of the non-priestess soldiers (of both Simulacrum and Argentum) and most of the people of rank we see in the show are male (with the notable exception of the High Priestess; Onashia of course is a special case). It doesn’t seem to make sense - why would a society where gender is freely chosen at 17 years old have these biases so unfortunately familiar from our own world, with its much less flexible gender boundaries? Obviously at the root I suspect it comes down to laziness in the writer’s room - this is the result of not thinking the difference in the way gender is constructed in this universe the whole way through. But I think it should be possible to explain this stuff in-universe as well. 

Obviously the physical differences between (cis)male and female bodies lend themselves to certain biases just as in this world just as in our own: soldiers are all men because men tend to be physically stronger and women (especially in pre-industrial societies) are often pregnant and less able to fight effectively. That one is annoying, but generally makes sense. The male leadership bias makes a lot less sense in-universe - if you have raised your first-born to inherit and they then choose female at the Spring, why would you think them any less competent to lead than if they had chosen male? And why, if you think they would be a good leader (you can probably tell that by 17!) would you think they would need to choose male in order to inherit? There shouldn’t be any question of the self-perpetuating patriarchal cycle we see in our own society where men become viewed as intellectually superior because education is withheld from women, because there is no way to tell whether someone will be a woman or a man when you start educating them. 

One solution is what @mamiinaandthediamonds suggests in this post: the elevation of men in Simulacran society is a form of incentivism for balancing out the number of men and women, because given a free choice most girls would prefer not to change (as much?). This matches well with (and was presumably drawn from) the issues Eri was having at the Spring: does she stay a women like she has always known, or does she change to become a man and gain greater opportunities? I do like this explanation, but it’s a little hard to imagine how a society would have produced it unless we imagine that Tempus Spatium created it out of whole cloth (which is… not beyond the realm of possibility, I guess). Maybe there was a time when there were too few men to maintain the population, leading to some sort of centralised initiative of granting privileges to those who chose male at the Spring. But that seems a bit more organised than I give the human government of Simulacrum credit for, and doesn’t really explain why the leaders of Argentum and Plumbum are all male as well if their genders are chosen for them. I think there are some other elements at play to do with societal biases around gender. 

One idea that comes up time and time again throughout the show is that men are somehow better-suited to protect the people and things they care about, and women better-suited to be cared about and protected. Think about Alti and Paraietta’s parallel character arcs in particular - both of them wanted to become men so that they could protect people they loved. I think this would play into the elevation of men into superior governmental and familial roles, because if men are viewed as protectors it would make sense for the defence minister or the head of a household to be a man, and over time this might become institutionalised. This idea partially comes back to the physical strength thing, of course, but there’s something else behind it as well. If all children look like women, maybe it makes sense that women are viewed by society as generally weaker and less capable than they actually are, because they are more like children than men are. (This is forgetting, of course, the possible third gender of eternal maiden, since I feel like wider society doesn’t consider than an option.) Siimilarly, the head priest of Tempus Spatium is a woman, possible stemming from the fact that two very important categories of religious figures (the Simoun fliers and Onashia) are feminine. Religion in Simulacrum (and even more so in Plumbum from what we see, even before they gain Simoun that require maiden fliers) is the mostly sphere of the feminine. The associations of femininity with childhood, perhaps combined with some level of deliberate incentivism, could account for the gender disparity among the higher ranks of Simulacran society.

Interestingly, the show actually gives us an out from this rather depressing interpretation of gender, even if it tries really hard not to. The end of Paraietta’s character arc has her choosing to become female at the Spring, stating, ‘I want to feel truly loved.’ This is of course in contrast to her insistence throughout that she will choose male in order to protect Neveril (because she loves her); she seems to be saying that by choosing female, she is accepting the idea that she will be protected and loved instead. This plays directly into the societal expectations that have already been established. But that’s not what actually happens! When the soldiers come for Neveril, this is the first thing she does:

Paraietta still has an image of herself as a protector, no matter what she says. And I don’t think this an isolated incident which she later repudiates in favour of being a pushover. When we see Paraietta in the future (five or ten years later?), she appears to be in charge of an orphanage for children whose parents have died in the war - a role that, as I see it, stems directly from her personal instinct to guard and protect people. I think she finds her ‘feminine’ feeling of being truly loved from the children, and that is in no way incompatible with her ‘masculine’ desire to protect them. And we see several other times that the priestesses who chose female subvert what one might expect of that gender. Morinas appears to have joined Wapourif in his work as a mechanic and continues working even while quite heavily pregnant. Rodoreamon is especially interesting: she chose female despite being the heir to an important upper-class family, and appears to have taken on that role regardless. Paraietta mentions that the orphanage wouldn’t exist without her help and Rodoreamon herself talks about speaking with delegates to, if I interpret correctly, attempt to prevent another war from breaking out. It looks to me that Rodoreamon wields considerable political power despite her gender. Vyuraf and Floef, the only two of Chor Tempest who chose male in the end, present another interesting perspective. They both get early call-ups to serve in the latest war, and Vyuraf figures that former Simoun sybillae would be enlisted as soldiers before anyone else. 

The way I see it, the experience of the Simoun sybillae in the war with Argentum and Plumbum had an interesting effect on how they, and society, view femininity. As far as I can tell, the military forces of Simulacrum were direly outmatched by Argentum, technologically and probably in training and experience as well. The Simoun were pretty much the only advantage they had, leading to the Simoun sybillae being the most important fighting group in the war. Specifically, a group of maidens, the demographic who were meant to be the weakest and most in need of protection. Only maidens could fly the Simoun, so these young people were forced to remain feminine while they took on roles of battle, tactical planning and leadership which would otherwise be performed by (sometimes equally young) men. I think that, even if they didn’t realise it, the sybillae of Chor Tempest internalised the idea that feminine people could be defenders and leaders and important, and instead of giving that up or transitioning to masculine so that they could match what society expected, most of Chor Tempest remained feminine and then continued to fulfil those roles. And as for the ones who chose male, the society itself actually recognised that the former sybillae, despite never having been traditional masculine soldiers, would probably be the best fighters of their generation (although this doesn’t extend as far as enlisting the sybilae who chose female as well). I sense something of a paradigm shift in the character’s gendered assumptions by the end of the series which adds some subtle complexity to how gender is presented throughout the show.

Phoenix’s Mafia Tattoo ver. 2.0 (and this one’s edited >:3c)

It would be perfect if the Phoenix has its wings spread, it would look awesome on Nick’s back!

“Your wish is my command, m'lady.”

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Ps: Yes, Miles has a tattoo, it’s a wolf’s head and if you want to design one, GO FOR IT O____o 


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