Miss Lawson made a surprising comeback after the subsequent destruction of the Cerberus headquarters and the death of one Jack Harper—known for her ruthless tactical mind and dedication to mission completion, Lawson has made a place for herself among the best of the best. her open-secret policy regarding the neo-Cerberus organization she now leads has been a success so far, but only time will tell if The Illusive Woman will outdo her predecessor.


Once Upon a Time 2011 - present
“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”

    You and me. All our destinies flying and swimming in blood and emptiness.

Rocky & Coffee shops for @starscriptmage

What are you doing? Are you doing well?
I love to drink coffee with you… it’s relaxing and calming…
Where are you at? I’m waiting for you at our favorite café. You will come right?
You want a bite too? It’s delicious
This Coffee tastes bitter because you’re not by my side! Coffee tastes best when you’re with me…



As requested by anonymous, this is the netflix poster template I made for this edit. I’ve only included the logo and the dateline at the bottom, as the photos and textures that I used in the edit do not belong to me, so I don’t feel comfortable releasing them with this template. However, if you’re interested in the textures, they are here and here.


  • 1080x1400 px. it’s optimized for tumblr’s image display size for posts on your dash.
  • fonts are Montserrat and Gotham Bold (but they can be substituted with other fonts such as Moon Typeface, Code Bold, etc.) feel free to go through my font tag.
  • comes with left and right aligned datelines
  • as this is a psd, you’ll need Photoshop to be able to use it !


  • please do not redistribute or claim this template as your own. 
  • like/reblog if you save or use this, please! 
  • i would love to be tagged in any edits made with these, just so i can see them ♥





                                  need a weapon

{I am a weapon.}