i remember the day you told me you were leaving, i remember the make-up running down your face. and the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them, like every single wish we ever made. i wish that I could wake up with amnesia, and forget about the stupid little things. like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you, and the memories I never can escape. 

Things You Should Definitely Not Say To The MBTI Types (v hurtful)

ENFP: You’re boring and unoriginal.

INFP: What you just said doesn’t matter.

ENFJ: Your friendship means nothing to me.

INFJ: You won’t do anything meaningful with your life.

ESFP: I don’t like you.

ISFP: I wish you wouldn’t talk about yourself so much.

ESTP: Nothing you do is very impressive.

ISTP: You’re actually awful at your hobbies.

ENTP: You should give your opinion less, because you’re usually wrong.

INTP: Nothing you’ve made is special.

ENTJ: I’m going to have to redo everything you just did, it’s not good enough.

INTJ: You’re not as smart as you think you are.

ESFJ: This is all your fault.

ISFJ: I wish you wouldn’t talk to me or help me.

ESTJ: You’re not good enough.

ISTJ: It doesn’t look like you tried.

Unpopular Opinion

I know people are questioning the fact that their long break is nearly over and they haven’t CO.  I have always been team optimism and still am, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen in the next week or so.  It still could, but then again it might not and that is okay.  I can see all of the incredibly positive changes that have taken place and infer from them that things are still progressing in that direction and that they ultimately want the freedom to live life being true to themselves to be the end result of this process.  Despite that, there are too many factors to really figure out when so I’m just enjoying the positive and assuming from it that they are working towards an eventual CO.  

Here’s the unpopular part…Having said the above, I’ve never thought that a coming out would necessarily have to happen during a break from tour. I get why people think it makes sense, but I could also see it happening during tour. Something super casual, likely started on social media.  Confirmed by a rep but not addressed specifically by H/L. They could continue performing, business as usual, allowing people to accept the news and adjust to a new reality before addressing it head on. Continuing to perform and having people focused on the tour and the music rather than their personal lives would be a big enough distraction that they would also have a chance to adjust (because it will be stressful for them–good things can cause stress as well–getting married and buying a home are two positive things listed in the top largest stressful events in life).

So, if there was a CO during tour, they would be able to let the dust settle and then once the tour ended, they could start the talk show circuit allowing it to serve dual purposes–promo for their new album and finally being able to address their new public relationship status. By delaying the interview questions about it, they could potentially avoid some of the negative knee jerk reactions, because as I said, people would have had time to let it sink in.  Addressing it after their tour would actually help with a re-brand and promo for a new album which many have alluded towards being important moving forward.  By withholding the interviews until afterward, they would have held onto the ‘marketability’ to a certain extent.  Exclusive interviews and articles would still garner a tremendous amount of attention to both them as well as the band.

There are so many ways that things could happen really and this is just one random thought.  At the end of the day, it will be the way that they want it to be and that is the most important thing.  It’s obvious (to me at least) that they’re getting there and as long as they continue to look happy and at peace with one another and in general, that is enough to keep a smile on my face as well.

I know everyone laughs at the fact that in that interview a while ago Calvin said Taylor wasn’t his type but it’s actually REALLY cute if you think about it. When he said that, all he knew was what she looked like and he made it obvious she wasn’t what he was looking for, appearance-wise. The thing is, when he met her, he fell for her. He likes her for her personality, not her fame or her face.

so like im honestly surprised how far Eclair has gotten in her bakery and the friendships, acquaintances and other people that eclair has met in her life as far as this week and half of last week has gone. I’m honestly very happy with where I am as far as characterization goes. I’m so lucky to have you guys here to interact with and talk to, thanks so much for following, interacting and roleplaying with me. It means so much to me and I know I can’t exactly put everyone on this list, if I could I would, but I just want to say thank you to those that have really made Eclairs welcome feel warm and happy.

Note just because I don’t add you on this list doesn’t mean i don’t love you, because I do, I just can’t put everyone on here and my brain tends to like not remember things, but yeah like I said thank you all so much for being here with me today and I hope to interact with you all soon. Okay on with the list.

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Oliver got her sister "killed" after cheating on her. She has every right to lash our. BUT despite that she still said she was sorry and wanted to be there for him. Now you bring up Laurel during her depression where she STILL said she was sorry.

True story: when I woke up this morning, I did the same thing I do every morning. I checked my email and then I browsed Twitter (and then I read some fic but that’s not relevant to this story so I’ll just wash over that bit).  I saw these anons, smirked, and then headed over to Twitter where I posted this: 

I got several lovely replies that made me chuckle.  Thank you, Twitter crew. You guys are real. 

Honestly? I kinda wish I’d written down last night exactly what I expected to receive in my inbox because it’s uncanny how spot on I was.  Right down to the blaming my hate for Laurel on being an Olicity fan (that’s supposed to say “bitter”, not “biter” in that second ask there). I mean, the whole reason I stuck in the bit about forming this opinion before Felicity was even introduced was to underline that my feelings for Laurel had nothing to do with Olicity (and vice versa), but that’s fine.  This person clearly can’t spell, I’m not sure I should hold them up to reading comprehension as well.  Plus, I suppose I should give props to them for finding then post since I went to lengths to assure that it wouldn’t end up in the tags.  Which tells me they go looking for anti LL posts.  Which, omg you guys, that’s so depressing.  Stop.  Embrace the light.

I have a few minutes so I thought, hey, why not address these?  The first anon starts off with saying that LL had very good reason to be upset.  I DON’T DISAGREE.  Here’s the reading comprehension thing again.  Go back to my post and read what I said.  Oh here, I’ll just excerpt it for you: 

You see, LL had this undeniably sympathetic situation and somehow STILL MANAGED to be completely unsympathetic. 

I stand by what I said.  Because she wasted the sympathy that the audience wanted to have for her for her very righteous position by saying some of the most hurtful things.  You think her apology towards the end of the episode made it all okay?  How about the next day when he’d just got done recounting his father’s dead in front of a crowded courtroom and she basically told him the same thing again?  How about all season 1 when she continually told him what a terrible person was, how he couldn’t possibly be the Hood because he’s far too selfish?  I get it: some people lash out and then apologize.  Sometimes, that works.  Sometimes, it doesn’t.  In Laurel’s case, in my esteem, it does not work because her reactions to Oliver show me a side of her personality that I find utterly repulsive.  

Here’s the thing (and I’m about to get a little more personal than I usually do on this blog but bear with me): I’ve faced loss in my life.  Terrible, tragic, gut-wrenching loss.  And in the darkest moments, when my heart felt like it was being torn from my chest, I remember having one devastatingly clear thought: 

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

I’m not a hero.  I don’t have some grand comic book destiny, a leather jacket or a hood or a mask or anything waiting for me after I’ve endured my crucible.  I’m just an average person.  I’m not more special, no more kind and compassionate than anyone else out there.  But believe me when I say: when you’ve endured the depths that this life has to offer, the last thing you want is for more people to suffer that same fate. That doesn’t make you a good person, it makes you a decent person. Laurel did not show that quality in the slightest.  And they expect me to believe that she’s a hero?  HOW?!

I’m not saying that she had to forgive Oliver or even not be angry with him.  Again, if you notice my initial post, my issue was how she expressed that anger.  Because the things she said to him, both in the pilot and the episode(s) that followed crossed a line for me.  And it wasn’t just about Oliver and the horrible things he did to her and her family.  What about Thea?  What about Moira?  Laurel was basically saying that she wanted them to suffer as well, all because she’d been betrayed.  Is it somehow better to excuse it as “she wasn’t thinking of them right then”?  Because for me, its not.  

On top of all of that, I was supposed to believe she was still in love with him?  HAHAHA… no.  Everything I’ve said is based on her just treating him like a fellow human being.  Would you ever say that to someone that you love with all your heart?  God, you guys.  I honestly don’t know if any of you could actually say that you would, but if you can then I just find that so … sad.  Legitimately SAD.  

As for the rest of what these anons brought up: I get that they’re trying to rehabilitate her character but I’ve yet to really see Laurel do anything that isn’t at least slightly informed by her innate selfishness.  I haven’t seen her have a truly heroic moment.  I just got done rewatching all three seasons, believe me, I looked.  I wanted to give her a chance this season but it was too little, too late. 

Royalty AU: For the Good of the Kingdom

It had been several months now that Liberty had been married to the King over the land York. It had been a marriage arranged by her dear uncle, the only family she had left, and it had been for the gain of her family, of course. Everything always happened for the benefit of the family. Not to say that she wasn’t happy. No, she was very pleased with her role as Queen. She had servants to fill her every desire when it came to preparations for balls and other such events, power to refurbish any room she pleased or to have any meal she desired cooked. Mornings in the parlor with her ladies, private strolls in the gardens at evening, and at night… Well, she shared her husbands bed many nights… But that was where the problem seemed to be forming.

Liberty was not yet pregnant. Nor did she think she would be, and this frightened her. As queen, her main role was to produce an heir… If she could not do that, she dare not fathom the horrors she might face. An angry king was not a good thing to behold. However, Liberty found herself questioning who was to blame for her empty womb… Herself or the king? That was she had come here in secret, to meet with one of the Knights of the land… A man trusted by herself and her husband- one who resembled him in likeness.

“I’m begging you,” she whispered in the depth of night, hands clasped before her as she looked up at the man, “I beg you to do this for me… If I am not the one barren, this is the chance I have to save myself… For you to save me… Please. If I do not become pregnant by the fall of snow… I fear for my fate..”



 High School AU (for punkassaris ) + Aris thinks he’s too punk for feelings and Thomas is the nerdy little shit who proves him otherwise.

“Are you asking me to be your boyfriend? Like…officially? Don’t kid around, Jones. I know you aren’t the type. I know you’re okay with this whole thing being casual. I know our lives are going separate ways - you’ve made that clear, so don’t get my hopes up.”
“Fuck I can’t believe I’m gonna say this. But I am. Because I love you. And no offense but you’re wrong. You’re wrong about us being on different paths. We’re not on different paths, you’re my path and you’re always gonna be my path, Thomas.”
“…Oh my god, that’s from Spider Man.”
“No. I believe it’s from Amazing Spider Man 2.”
“Holy shit, you do love me.”
“We’ve established that. Shut up and kiss me.”

Aris Jones isn’t good with people. So he made rules. (He breaks all of them within one year of meeting Thomas.)

1) Don’t mind people from school.  He finds himself stressing about the lab partner who managed to get Aris a near perfect final grade in Chemistry while flirting with him when they’re supposed to be working. 2) Don’t get used to people when you don’t need to. School’s out and Aris can no longer blame schoolwork for still replying to this nerd’s texts about why he likes Marvel and DC equally. 3) Don’t care about a thing just because people care about a thing. It’s 5am when they get to the epilogue scene of Deathly Hallows and he’s wondering why he just lost 20 hours of sleep for the idiot tearing up next to him. 4) Don’t kiss people you have to see the next day. He stops smoking - it’s easier to taste Thomas’ lips that way. 5.) Don’t sleep with people you have to hang out with afterwards. Oh, god, why is he making breakfast in Thomas’ Star Wars shirt? 6.) Don’t do relationships. “Excuse me, can you help me find any good Avengers stuff?” “Sure, what are you looking for? The Mighty Avengers? Secret Avengers? New Avengers? Young Avengers? ” “I…I actually have no idea, they’re a gift for my boyfrie- My friend. I mean..Shit.” 7.) Don’t fall in love. Ah, fuck it.



ink & digital

Of all the near misses in Game of Thrones, the worst for me was when Arya and the Hound finally made it to the Eyrie, only to turn right around when the guard told them Lysa Arryn was dead. Arya never knew Sansa was just on the other side of the gate! I’d been waiting for a Stark sister reunion ever since Arya and Sansa got separated, only to see it snatched away by a tight-lipped guard, who forgot that the normal thing to say in this situation is, “You’ve come all this way, might as well attend the funeral. I’m sure your cousin Robin, your new uncle-by-marriage, and that mysterious red-haired girl would be glad to see you.”

Anyway, until they meet again, Sansa and Arya turn to their needles, thinking (I imagine) of each other and the rest of their scattered family.

I got some of Kyle’s Watercolor brushes over the long weekend, so this is my first time trying them out. They take a little getting used to, but I’m really liking them!

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would ryan have an aversion to dairy products? would geoff not wear wool? would gavin be uncomfortable with bird feather jewlery? would ray be disgusted by lucky rabbit feet?

I think most of the guys would be pretty indifferent to stuff like that? It’d just be one of those things that they don’t really think about all that deeply about lol. Ray would probably just be like ‘why’ with the rabbits foot, just because idk it’s a weird thing anyways?

And Gav might be a little off put by actual feather accessories or if he see’s like de-feathering for whatever reason, cuz i’d imagine it’d kind of be like watching someone get their eyelashes pulled. Even though it’s not you, you can imagine the feeling @_@. but if it’s just like feather themed jewelry (like made of metals or whatevs) i don’t think he’d care all that much. Maybe he’d be more flattered than anything lol

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My secret: I'm in love with my best friend (i have been since I first saw her) and she recently came out as lesbian and I'm pansexual and I told her that and she came over the other day and we spent it cuddling and holding hands and it made me so freaking happy honestly I haven't been that comfortable with someone in such a long time and i love her

That’s the cutest thing ever omg. I’m so happy for you two (:

Karin Appreciation Post! ^_^

.Hi, everyone! =) It’s uzumaki-karin-lover1997 here with another post for you all! =)

However….before we start….

(WARNING: This post is Pro-Karin as well as a little Pro-SasuKarin! If you don’t like Karin or SasuKarin then leave please! Thank you! ^_^)

Now, let’s get started ^_^

For everyone that’s been following me ever since I made this account four months ago or for any newcomers that have recently followed me, they know one key thing about me:


However, why do I love Karin? One might ask?

Well there are five easy reasons why I’m a proud Karin lover! =)

Reason #1. Karin’s Beauty.

I love how beautiful she is! =) Images of which can be seen below! =)

And YES, I think her various bite marks make her EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL! ^_^

Reason #2. Karin’s Humor.

Yeah! =) I love how Karin is a character that brings humor to the series of Naruto! =) Her comedic moments always manage to bring a smile to my face and some can be seen below! =)

So she may be a “comic relief” character like her haters say but you know what? I LOVE “comic relief characters”! ^_^

Reason #3. Karin’s Strength.

Yep! =) Her main moment when it pertained t her strength at least in my opinion was during the battle against the Spiral Zetsu when she awakened her special chakra chains, a feat that was said to have the same power as none other than, KUSHINA UZUMAKI’S, the protagonist’s mother! =)

Hell, even Suigetsu, himself, commented on how badass Karin was! Which is something considering how often the two bicker XD

Also, keep in mind that she took the same attack that KILLED NEJI!

However, she bit herself, thus healing her injuries…

But, I’ll come back to this point later in the post.

Also, Sasuke, HIMSELF, chose Karin to accompany him in his quest of defeating Itachi.

She was even quoted as being the strongest kunoichi as acknowledged by Sasuke…

Heck, even Obito stated how useful Karin was to Sasuke as well as being Sasuke’s FAVORITE, among the members of Team Hebi/Taka…which is even stated in the raws for proof

Reason #4. Karin’s Attitude/Personality.

I love Karin and her “take no shit attitude” so to speak! XD Several examples of that can be seen below:

However, I love how she’s a Tsundere, and she uses the “Dere” part for Sasuke and no one else! =)

This leads into my FIFTH and FINAL reason why I love Karin! =)

Reason #5. Karin’s Love.

That’s right. =) Her love for Sasuke is my fifth and final reason of why I love Karin =)

However, let’s get more specific, shall we?

We first learn that Karin first fell in love with Sasuke when he saved her from nearly getting mauled by a bear during the first Chunin Exams:

As expected, Karin’s love for Sasuke would deepen throughout the events of Part II/Shippuden.

This would even lead Karin to ponder what happens to Sasuke as he becomes possessed by his Curse of Hatred during the Five Kage Arc or as I like to call it the “Darksuke” Arc.

What really stuck out to me was how KARIN was shown to be the catalyst for Sasuke’s descent into darkness…

Or, to be more specific, what I mean is when Sasuke stabbed through Karin in order to get to Danzo during their fight during the “Darksuke” Arc…


“Sasuke sacrifices Karin for his revenge!!! And enters True Darkness!!!”

Even more intriguing, take a look at the title of the chapter when Karin is sacrificed.

It’s titled “Sacrifice.”

So, what does this mean?

The answer is quite simple and easy to answer:

Sacrificing Karin was the trigger into Sasuke’s darkness! Even something more to note, when Sasuke sacrifices Karin, study his expression.

A look of total darkness…

After all of that, when Sasuke is about to kill Karin and Karin is slowly bleeding to death, what is she thinking of?

Her desire to see Sasuke’s smile as well as him being happy…

This means that Karin has a SELFLESS love for Sasuke but I’ve already explained that on this post that I made months ago =)


Later, after being healed by Sakura, during the fight with Team Seven, she’s worried about Sasuke overexerting himself:

Which would be shocking to many upon first glance. I mean, one would assume after being betrayed and nearly killed by Sasuke, she should want nothing to do with him, right?

But, she never gave up on him…why? Because she knew that Sasuke wasn’t in his right state of mind….that the old Sasuke was in there somewhere…

And before anyone says, “In chapter 485, she said she was over him!”, let’s look over the original Japanese, shall we?

If we go by the Original Japanese, she says how she wouldn’t put up with the current Sasuke who nearly caused her death as well as abandoning Suigetsu and Jugo.

Something to take note of:

In chapter 487, when Sasuke is brought to his senses (by Naruto XD) it’s interesting to note that Karin reacts to Sasuke’s change:

Also, even when she was being interrogated by Ibiki as well as the other members of the Interrogation Unit, what I love was how she NEVER sold Sasuke out:

Later, during the events of the fourth great ninja war, when Karin breaks out of prison, what I love was how Karin never outright said how she forgave Sasuke, so while she was in love with him she never let her love gloss over what Sasuke did to her…

Hell, even when she snuggled against him she still sounded pissed and Sasuke’s expression even let him know that he wasn’t off the hook, XD

Also, before anyone says, “Karin said that Sasuke nearly killing her felt good!”

Let’s once again, go by the raws:

What she really says is:

So when, in this chapter, Karin goes all: “T… that’s not it! Why would I like/How can I like that shithead Sasuke!! He almost killed me… *unbearable / can’t help*… no, t… that’s not it!!” (literal translation)


Thus, she’s quite incoherent when she gets in her ‘flustered’ mode, after all. But she’s pretty adamant in her denial of not liking 'that shithead’ Sasuke, haha. XD

However, continuing….

During the later events of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke is stabbed through the heart by a revived Madara Uchiha and is nearly killed as a result.

Karin, in order to reach Sasuke, took on the Spiral Zetsu and his Gigantic Wood Statue, A.K.A: Wood Release: Several Thousand Hands…

What I like the most about Karin awakening her Chakra Chains is that it reminds me of a special quote said by Haku in the beginning of the series…what was it, again?

“When a person has something important to protect…that’s when they can truly become strong…”

                       -Haku Chapter 12 pg. 10

This could even relate to Sasuke because during the fight with Killer Bee when she was nearly killed by Sasuke’s amatarasu,

Sasuke awakened a new Mongekyou Sharingan ability: The Enton Kagutsuchi to save Karin, specifically:

Oh, before I wrap this post up:

I have a feeling that some people might try to bring up that “Karin said she wanted to rape Sasuke!” or “She wanted to lick Sasuke”, so let’s clear those two moments, shall we?

First there was a moment in chapter 365, Karin apparently says, “Once Juugo and Suigetsu are out cold, I’m gonna ravage Sasuke like crazy!”

…as translated by MangaPanda


if we go by the original raw Kanji:

What Karin really says is:

“When Jugo and Suigetsu fall asleep, I’m gonna attack Sasuke in his sleep!”

So while naughty, there’s a considerable difference between the harmless, humorous line that was originally said in Japanese in comparison to the controversial way that it was presented and translated in English.

And in chapter 647, Karin apparently says:

"I want to hug Sasuke and lick him all over right now, the hell!”

However…if we once again take a look at the Japanese raw scans….

Karin’s exact quote is:

““I’ll go to Sasuke’s location right away, hug him, and run my tongue over (him), that shithead!!”

So, once again, like the "ravage moment” it was intended for good humor and there’s a MASSIVE difference between the harmless way it was presented in Japanese and the controversial way that it was presented in English.

Okay, so that wraps this post up, guys! =)

It was a super long post but I felt it was necessary for me to write as it was meant for people such as me, polyxenikarinpurityminervaawe, manifestationofuchihalove, saucekarin, vchiha and the various others who’re tired of the UNDESERVED hate that Karin gets…. =)

So while I like girls like Sakura and Hinata, Karin’s my QUEEN! ^_^

To the Karin lovers, you’re welcome for making this XD

And to the Karin haters, I already gave a warning at the beginning of this post and if you’re still here:

Begone! Courtesy of Luffy! XD

And until my next post, everyone, I’ll leave you all with this lovely SasuKarin family picture made by Kwon91! =)

I wish people would stop calling Solas a Trickster.

I’m serious, I swear to god, that’s part of the titulary the Dalish made up for him. Solas is clever, he’s deflective, he hid his identity, but he’s not a trickster or a liar. Solas is a rebel, and he is an extremely private person with severe trust issues who is protecting himself in a world that hates him.

Is it lying not to reveal intimate information about yourself? To hold to your breast a fact that no one would believe? To admit the fantastic details of your life?

I keep my past hidden. There are about four people on the internet right now who know my personal history. How much do any of you know about me? And the mistakes I’ve made? And the names I used to go by?

I come up with excuses and things that you would classify as lies if Solas said them, and I do it almost daily. And you know what? I’m a painfully honest person. I never bullshit any of you about my opinions or emotions.

Solas is the same way.

Several times he heavily implies he’s Fen’Harel and uses the deflection of the Fade (WHERE HE ACTUALLY DID SEE STUFF BY THE WAY, HE’S NOT EVEN LYING ABOUT THAT) as a more believable alternative than the truth. Solas isn’t maliciously lying, he’s trying to protect himself. In fact, he is a painfully honest person. Just listen to his banter. Solas is frank about everything he believes and about his own intentions, and that is not the mark of a “Trickster”.

As for the manipulation thing, what Solas does is nothing anyone would get upset over were he doing it for reasons they approved of. He’s not actually manipulating the Inquisitor, but trying to put himself in a position where he can influence the situation, not the Inquisitor themselves, evidence by the way he treats an Inquisitor who doesn’t like him and whom he doesn’t like. If he were really all that manipulative, he’d play the game with them to get them in his pocket, but instead, he treats them just as poorly as they treat him. 

Even in Felassan’s story of Fen’Harel’s Three Mercies, which clearly illustrate his nature, Fen’Harel is never manipulative. Tricky? Clever? Yes. But he employes honesty to get what he wants in all three scenarios, it’s just his approaches that are indirect. There is a huge difference between manipulating a situation to your advantage and manipulating a person. Why, when he’s Mr. Free Will, would he ever, in a million years, try to bend someone to his will without them knowing? They make their own choices, he puts himself into a position where he gets what he wants, and everyone leaves satisfied. 

Tdlr; Solas is protecting himself, not lying maliciously, and he’s clever, but not manipulative. In fact, Solas is painfully honest and his reputation as a Trickster is something created for him by the Dalish. He’s the God of Rebels and Noble Causes, not the god of Nightmares/Dread/Trickery. His personality type is rare and difficult to understand, but he’s not what majority opinion dictates.

I’m not achieving my best at this point in time but I have to keep reminding myself that it’s okay there are other factors contributing to my lack of motivation and why I am feeling this way. A good friend made a good point and told me that you wouldn’t blame yourself for a cough if you had a cold. So I shouldn’t get so angry at myself for feeling the certain things I do.