2 years later

Ormskirk - 10:26 A.M.

Lee packs his bags, ready to go back to Newcrest, and begins to tie his shoes. Cody, the German Shepherd, sits closer to Lee and nudges Lee’s hand with his head…

Lee: (laughs and rubs Cody’s head) I know, I wish you can come back home too, but you got to stay here, buddy. Plus, you don’t do well on planes or car rides. 

Lee picks up his old bag next to him, with all stuff packed inside, and wraps the strap around his shoulder and begins to walk towards the bed room door to head out to the pick up truck. Cody and Marvey stride behind him, but before they all exited the room, Cody grabbed an old picture from the bed and put it in his mouth and walked with while he was trying his best to eat it. Lee bent down to take it out of his mouth and then Lee realized what picture it was. The picture was a photo taken of Bea and Lee when they first started dating at the end of their high school year. It was at a drive-in movie theater and they were both cozied up in their blanket on top of Lee’s car. It was Lee taking the picture of them two and he was kissing Bea’s cheek and her smiling at him while her arms were wrapped around his waist. Lee remembers that was the first night that he actually felt happy since his parents accident. That he could be healed. And it was all because of her. She helped him through his worst and he will always remember her for that.

Lee: (sits back down at the end of the bed and runs his hand through his hair and sighs) Geeze. Why must you mess with my emotions, Bumble. Making me fall in love with you all over again. (looks up at the ceiling away from the picture) Shit.

When you knew Dan was joking because hes an adult whose proud of his relationship with his audience

yet you still see people freaking out