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HEY GUYS, this long ass post is my way of advertising my Patreon! One of my New Years resolutions was to start making my art my full time job, and this is one of the ways I’m making that happen. I am constantly trying to take on new projects and improve my craft, but it’s hard to justify spending time on this when money is an unfortunate need in this capitalist society. I’m also close to running out of scholarship money for school, and this would be a far better way to earn money than getting a second job. This bisexual mess can’t take another jump into the retail sector… Nnnnyegh. 

In addition to the above, there will also be exclusive prints, illustrations, mini-comics, and all my side projects! We’re talking book content, zine materials, stickers, handmade books, just about anything and everything I can get my grubby hands to make - available only to patrons! So! If you have any extra dough you’d like to toss my way, it would be greatly appreciated (even a dollar helps)! And if you can’t, just being a follower and liking and reblogging things is fantastic. Most of my art will remain free, but I promise the Patreon content will be worth it. Anyways, thanks for all your support thus far! You can also find more of my work on TAPASTIC and my ART BLOG!

…did i mention I sing? I’ll sing requests. C’monnn, click that link ;^)

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Hello friends! So as you know, I’m kind of in a tight money situation because of work cutting my hours a lot (I need to pay rent and bills and I have no where else to go), and since I’ve found myself in a bit of an urgent situation because of this, I am opening my commissions earlier than I was originally planning to. They will be quick, simple, and decent, but hopefully that will be enough to suffice (it means I can get more done quicker too). Luckily I’ve dropped half my classes, which means I have more time to work on this, and I will take any bites I can get.

The simple run down is:
Lineart: $20 CAD
Flat Colour: $25 CAD
Shading: $30 CAD

- You can contact me here on Tumblr if you are interested!
- I love drawing OCs and Sona’ characters
- I will get them all done as fast as I can!

Further details about my commissions can be found in the link HERE
I will also be slowly growing the gallery there to showcase commission examples of pieces I get done and posted.

I’m really hoping I can make up for the hours of work I’m missing with these commissions at the very least. I will be searching for additional means of work in the meantime as well (I will probably still keep commissions up even after things calm down too, but as for now I thank anyone in advance for considering my work).

Dean Winchester Fluff- How I Remember Us

Prompt- Anon- “Can you do a fluffy dean fic where the reader left because she couldn’t handle being in love with dean, even though he didn’t know and years later Sam and Dean are cleaning out a closet and they pull out video tapes and watch them and dean gets upset when he hears Charlie on the video tell you to tell dean about how you feel because he loved you too. When dean goes to find you, he sees you with a small child (2 year old boy) and you tell him the dad left when he found out; dean loves you both”

A/N- Didn’t get my phone today, shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. Hopefully tomorrow. God this will go so much faster when i have it . That’s why i want it now xD not for anything else xD Keep requesting, ya’ll :) Made myself cry with this one. 0.0 (Gif credit to owner)

         “You can’t fight me.” Dean said, rolling his eyes at you while laughing. Jokingly, you guys started play fighting, you telling him to fight you. “I can take you.” you said, trying to sound serious but sweet at the same time. “Oh really?” Dean smirked at you, grabbing the back of your legs and throwing you over his shoulder. 

       Staring at the ceiling fan as it went its circles, you didn’t want to get up. You didn’t want  to move. Today you wanted to be 22 and adventurous again. You wanted Dean to hold your hand as you walked down a deserted road at 12 am away from your hotel. Today, you didn’t want to be a mom. You wanted to be 22.  

      Sliding off the mattress, you stared at your body in the mirror. In just 3 years, you had gained some weight. You hadn’t gotten fat, but you got more fit from hauling around your son who often got in trouble and really enjoyed being carried. Playing with your sides, you remembered the way Dean would run his hands over your sides at any time of day. 

          Waking up to a sunny morning was the best. The way the sun peaked through the blinds, dancing around the room. It kept the exposed skin on your body warm. The hand that was ever so lightly running up and down your thigh and side was comforting you. Relaxing to his touch, you felt a pair of familiar, soft lips press to your temple. “Good morning gorgeous” Dean spoke clearly into your ear, making sure to grip your thigh as he spoke. 

    Dean’s POV

          Sam had been going through the closet in my room all day trying to find some videos he was looking for. Baffled, I allowed him to, thinking he was delusional . But delusional people don’t actually find what they’re looking for. 

     “Play the next one.” I said with a mouthful, looking at the screen. Charlie’s voice played in the background as Y/N’s face was large on the screen. “Tell him you love him.” Charlie said, pushing her inside the Hotel “Haha Charlie, but he won’t say it back.” Y/N’s voice was sarcastic, but her eyes were full of hurt. I leaned forward, watching the screen closely. “You just want to film it.” Y/N teased Charlie, trying not to damper the mood. “Do it!” Charlie protested, Y/N opening the hotel room. 

       “Well I think that’s enough for tonight.” Sam said, interrupting my immediate gloomy mood. “Okay.” I said, getting up, trying to keep my voice smooth. “You okay?” Sam asked, raising an eyebrow as he closed the box. “I’m fine.” I said, giving what I hoped was a reassuring smile.  Handing me the box, Sam smiled a bit, turning to walk away.

    I wasn’t getting any sleep tonight. 


     Trying to get your son to sit at the table and not throw food was becoming the biggest challenge of the day. “Brayden I swear to God” you were staring at the child who stared back at you, letting the handful of eggs fall to the table. The phone rang, just in time for you to have to change your attention. Grunting, you picked it up. 

   “Uhm, hello??” The voice on the other end cracked. “Dean?” You asked, your eyes widening and hand flying to your mouth. “Hi..” You were shocked to say the least, the familiar voice made your body cold. “Are you okay?” you asked, hoping nothing had happened. “Yeah.. But can I come see you?” Dean asked, sounding much more like an upset child than his usual tone. “Oh, uhm.. Yeah..” Silently, you cursed yourself. You still loved him. 

     As soon  as you hung up, tears sprung to your eyes as your back ran down the cupboard, tears drenching your face. Holding your knees to your chest, you heard little feet pitter patter across the floor. “Brayden!” You yelled across the house, getting a small giggle back. Standing, your knees were wobbly, but you needed to be a mother. Walking to the staircase, you stood, looking up. “Brayden! If  you make a mess, you’re cleaning it!” You were pissed that you let him out of your sight and in disbelief that Dean wanted to see you.

     The door to his room was shut, and as you opened it you expected a huge mess. And a huge mess you got. Eggs had been smeared across the entire wall, milk spilt all over the car rug you had bought for him. “Brayden. Eric. Y/L/N.” You were furious with the child, walking up and grabbing his hands. Smacking both, not hard enough to leave a mark, but hard enough he knew what he did. “Clean this.” Walking out of the room to the bathroom, you grabbed a towel and water, bringing it to him. Standing, drying the wall after he wipes the food off it, you were pissed, but your anger turned to angst over Dean. 


    The knock at the door made you grab Brayden by the hand, walking him downstairs. Not able to keep up with the pace, you picked him up, carrying him on your side. “Come in!!!” You yelled, walking to the kitchen to get Brayden a napkin so he can wipe off his hands. Setting the child on the counter, you watched Dean walk in the house. “How you been?” You asked, giving the first real smile you’ve given in a while. “Well-” Dean stopped when he looked at Brayden. Raising an eyebrow, you nodded. “His dad left, so it’s just us.” You said, looking at your child sitting on the counter. “So he’s???” Dean asked, kind of trying to not ask. “Dylan’s. He’s 3.” You spoke fast, trying to clean up. “Sorry for the mess, he didn’t want breakfast in his stomach, just everywhere else.” You half smiled, throwing away napkins on the counter. Dean stood against the table when you reached in the fridge and grabbed a beer. Throwing it to him, he caught it one handed. “So..” You said, helping Brayden down. You smiled at Dean, putting your hand on your hip. 

    “You’re just like I remember you..” He said, light chuckles in his voice, looking down with a bright smile.  

Productive Night🤓🤓🤓

I’m starting to think pancakes are a secret source of motivation and fuel haha. Since having them i’ve:

  • Finished working on my mums CV, she’s really happy with it.
  • Started working on my CV to update it. 
  • Changed and updated the themes on my side blog (wanna-be-explorer.tumblr.com), my iPhone photography blog (life-through-an-iphone.tumblr.com) and my secret blog ( =P ). 
  • Also added new links for my own gifs on this blog and my side one. Shall be drafting and posting some out tomorrow. Fitness gifs to this blog and NSFW gifs to my side blog. 
  • Made all the lists for the 7000 follower promo i ran over the weekend. I’ll post them out throughout tomorrow. 
  • andddd listened to some awesome music.

Good productive evening all round then! Time to reward myself and go watch The Martian in bed. I read the book and LOVED IT! I hope the Ridley Scott adaptation lives up to my expectations. 


So, I took my baby out for an early anniversary (it’s really feb 2nd). When we first started dating I made a promise to myself to always love her, protect her, and make her the happiest girl in the world. Tonight I took her to a nice lil sushi spot. After we were done eating, I made a snapchat story and told her to read it. (It was basically telling her what she was about to receive) While she read it, I snuck the promise ring out. I fully intend to keep that promise.