Snow Man : Then and Now - part 2

So I made a small bookmarklet to reduce the amount of vertical space the new tumblr layout takes up. It’s not a reversion back to the old layout–rather it just makes the new layout more tolerable (to me at least).

It removes the icons next to usernames and hides usernames in reblogs, but you can still see them by hovering over the reblog caption.

More info below the cut if you’re interested..

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still not sleeping and thinking about tom cruise and how hot he is sometimes xD mmm still my fav movie with tom and aksjfkadfkj i love lestat! - also no one giffed me tom cruise today so i giffed tom myself lol you are welcome 


I am Cry Baby. It’s very hard to separate myself from the character. It’s still something that I’m trying to figure out. I am the character that I made for myself. [Laughs.] I knew that I wanted the album to be called Cry Baby for the longest time and my main reason for it was because I was teased as a kid for being super emotional and I took things way too seriously. I think this album was kind of a way to overcome my insecurities in a lot of areas of my life. I wanted to turn the name cry baby into a compliment.


Happy Birthday, Joseph Mark “JOE” Trohman!

“I’ve tried to make myself someone who can play a decent variety of stuff. I’ve even made myself learn things that I didn’t wanna learn, a kind of picking or playing that I just never would’ve gotten into otherwise. It’s made me an all around better player.”