Lately i have been playing Don’t Starve Together with @ironical-ghosty and @talesofladeda , playing as Webber i’m currently a proud owner of both my Broodling pet and Koalefant farm~! ((12 of them atm with one of them being Winter Koalefant))

alright lovely ppl, here are the results for my tumblr awards! thank you soooo much to everyone who entered 💕💕


kevin day award - best url
winner: @opalynch
runner up: @queeniegoldtsein

luna lovegood award - best harry potter blog
winner: @njmphadora
runner up: @wingardiun

ronan lynch award - best multifandom blog
winner: @sxofcrows
runner up: @astrejpg

inej ghafa award - best edits 
winner: @stormybisexual
runner up: @katie-bell

renee walker award - best writing
winner: @ronanlynhh
runner up: @hulklinging

dante quintana award - best rising blogger
winner: @gentleginny
runner up: @gryewaren

nina zenik award - best overall
winner: @barryallhan
runner up: @petrichovr

henry cheng award - nicest blogger
winners: @ginnyweaslcy @mitchmarnerr @helgvhufflepuff

pansy parkinson award - personal favorites
winners: @ohsturmhond @howlingremus @noorcsaetre @pastelkogane


  • for winners: 3 promos upon request and 2 edits of your choice
  • for runner ups: 2 promos upon request and an edit of your choice

these are all on request so feel free to message me if you want something!


Jerza/Jellal doodles from my Twitter <3

Trying to handle this kissy bussiness, LOL XD and experimenting with colors and fast doodling, ugh! I am so slow so I am trying to work in quick pieces, Pulled out a couple of doodles right now, but I think it took me almost an hour u_u

Second and third doodle are for my dear @ajerzaaddict for being such a kind friend and best jerza fan I have known <3 Luv ya! <3 (doodles inspired by the buttons from the special edition of FT Vol 62)