Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, swearing, fluff 

Word count: 1,118

A/N: My no.1 Bucky headcanon is that he loves ASMR, especially after a tough missions or during the rough nights. So I was watching one of those hairplay videos on YT and was like ‘Fuck yes, Bucky would love this” and this fic happened. As always, betad by the beautiful @fandommaniacx. I luv ya boo xx 

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A sudden, staccato knock at the door awakes you, and you groggily stir beneath the sheets. Your eyes dart over to your alarm clock, the bright green letters reading 3am. Burying your face into the pillows, you groan ever so slightly. There is only one person who would knock at your bedroom door at such an unholy hour.

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Soooo as i said I’ll try to draw another thingi. And I dunno i just got this sweet Idea. I mean Sanei, if your lil dork gets red eyes he looks like a sweet lil angry Big Red. And I totally luv how smol you are compared to BR.
uuh dear god I stayed awake the whole night to do this and immediately fell asleep afterwards.

So @the-humerus-skeleton @siviosanei I’m sry if its bad but… hell I’m so fucking drowsy I just woke up again, heh I’m not even aware of what I am babbling right now. hehehe.

NVM!! I hope you have a nice day today! And Sanei… you’re the fucking most accurate smol bean I am glad I found in the internet, stay awesome as you are!

Happy birthday~

characters belongs to her!

it makes me sad and angry when people judge ARTPOP because it had so much potential that gaga just couldn’t use because she was in such a bad headspace and in such bad times and like…… y’all bashing that era is shitty imo


Ahhhh gotta love some good chanbaek interactions on instagram

Translation: Chanyeol-ah what are you doing here

(Hahahahahahahahaha very funny Baekhyun -3- it’s so cute when they just mention each other out of the blue, and he’s just low-key teasing Chanyeol)

(gasp! A wild Chanyeol appears!)

Translation: I guess I have to change my hair color

REVOLT!!!! Lol these two are just the cutest, I’m sure Baekhyun chose that color just to have an excuse to call Chanyeol out~

I’m still waiting for that comment that says I love you.

DAY TWO of Christmas countdown is dedicated to @einpaarundthensome and @cryingfrompayne, two people I got to know via tumblr this year. You both mean a lot to me:)

Now that I actually have time, I’ll be posting a drawing each day up until Christmas day and dedicate it to people here on tumblr as a little gift. I obviously can’t make one for everybody that I would want to draw for, but I’m gonna do my best, and if I don’t mess up totally I’ll try to keep it going to New Years Eve too.
Happy Holidays!

I DID IT!!! ò3ò)9  
The last post of the year and my last experiment: Nat cosplaying me (?)

Well this is the @lealilies idea about our crosses wearing our clothes. 
Even i put her my glasses on, now she’s the nerd she always was =u=. 

I wanted to put more, but the party has arrived (✌゚∀゚)☞ so
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! have a great day everyday and make the next year gorgeous.

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i love you so much i want to talk with you but im shy and my english sucks but still luv ya;;;;;; i'm from brazil

Talk to me. I’m a nice bitch. I don’t care if your english sucks.