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Lmfao I luv ya too m8. Mainly 'cause yer personality makes you seem like a cute piece o' sushi and I wanna protect you

i m 

m8 i cr i, ilu2 

apparently im not only an egg anymore, im a sushi


Ahhhh gotta love some good chanbaek interactions on instagram

Translation: Chanyeol-ah what are you doing here

(Hahahahahahahahaha very funny Baekhyun -3- it’s so cute when they just mention each other out of the blue, and he’s just low-key teasing Chanyeol)

(gasp! A wild Chanyeol appears!)

Translation: I guess I have to change my hair color

REVOLT!!!! Lol these two are just the cutest, I’m sure Baekhyun chose that color just to have an excuse to call Chanyeol out~

I’m still waiting for that comment that says I love you.


The first step to love is friendship, as is the last. All that’s left is what’s in between.