A year ago @sxorp1o brought me back here. I had made one years ago, signed in one day, made one post and never remembered it again. Having been friends with Trini for a bit, he told me about it and from there, it was like signing up new…it was a wrap.

I met the squad ( @ridinhanzsolo @ngenius-kidd06 @nicegirlscomelast @chef-joyardee @blazexxxii ) through @kingwildex. And now @nicegirlscomelast is one of my greatest friends and I’m so fortunate for the fam!!! I luh y'all.

I have made great friends like @highsidditybroad and @chubbygirlindreamland and even started a blog for plus size beauties with them and @nicegirlscomelast. Not to mention @rizzyroy @trifelifeshawty @kiinglexii as well as @thawritah and @ohwellshutup (who is always hitting up these damn concerts i wanna go to..it’s like playing Russian roulette on your snaps sometimes😂). Having been part of the blackout movement was a definite highlight of my year..not to mention TEAM DRIP DRIP (😂😂 @nicegirlscomelast). Man there’s so many wonderful people I’ve met and I’m really horrible at remembering URLs so please don’t kill me if you are not mentioned but trust and believe if we have interacted you’ve been a part of my life and maybe even gave me a different outlook on something or helped me through something, made me laugh or smile; whatever the case may be..Thank you!!

I’ve learned a lot about myself and a lot about things I wasn’t subjected to outside of this particular platform of social media. Tumblr has been my outlet to express myself and vent and also been a way for me to heal. It’s crazy how I’ve got to meet all kinds of really great people on here and made some amazing friendships.

This damn near sounding like an acceptance speech so I’m just gonna end this by saying:

Thank you for following me.
Thank you for interacting with me.
Thanks for making me laugh.
Thanks for making me smile.
Thanks for making me cry (hopefully all in a good way).
Thanks for being a friend.
Thanks for being a mutual.
Thanks for it all.
I luh y'all, truly.

T. 💋❤