you are important and I want to know more about you!! please go on anon and tell me about:
  • 1: your first kiss
  • 2: your crush
  • 3: your most embarrassing moment
  • 4: the happiest day of your life
  • 5: the last time you cried from happiness
  • 6: your first concert experience
  • 7: your favourite concert experience
  • 8: the worst concert you've ever been to
  • 9: one of your unpopular opinions
  • 10: your secret talents
  • 11: something most people don't know about you
  • 12: how many languages you know
  • 13: what you do when you're upset
  • 14: your favourite person in the world to talk to
  • 15: something you regret losing
  • 16: your dream job
  • 17: your dream significant other
  • 18: do you want to get married?
  • 19: your favourite food
  • 20: something you wish you were good at
  • 21: an inside joke
  • 22: something that ALWAYS makes you laugh
  • 23: your favourite movies
  • 24: your favourite song
  • 25: a song that perfectly describes you
  • 26: why you joined tumblr
  • 27: if you could have one wish, what would it be?
  • 28: if you had to be stranded anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • 29: if you could only live with one other person in the world, who would it be?
  • 30: your funniest moment
  • 31: your proudest moment
  • 32: something you've worked really hard to do
  • 33: your plans for the future
  • 34: all about your culture and nationality
  • 35: something you're worried about
  • 36: a moment you want to relive again
  • 37: something you don't understand that everyone else seems to get??
  • 38: something you've always wanted to have
  • 39: your turn-ons and turn-offs
  • 40: what annoys you most about people
  • 41: what you love the most about people
  • 42: five nice things about yourself
  • 43: why you make a wonderful friend
  • 44: all the places you want to travel in the world
  • 45: all the band merch you own
  • 46: if you had $1 million, what would you spend it on?
  • 47: what would be your last dying wish?
  • 48: what scares you the most?
  • 49: the cheekiest thing you've done
  • I LOVE YOU!!
blue | a.i.

a/n: hi! i’m back with another color series installment! i was so inspired by @thedreamvevo and @cliffordchick‘s ‘color series’ that i begun to write my own! please make sure to check out their installments as well! i really hope you enjoy this if you choose to read! feedback is encouraged :)

the color series


Blue was the color of the ocean as you walked along the quiet beach, your toes digging into the fluffy sand. The water shimmered in the sunlight and rippled with every wave or splash. The sunset was projecting beautiful pinks and purples and blues onto the water, creating a gorgeous watercolor design. The breeze was cool, your hair softly blowing in heat of the Australian day. You stepped towards the water, dipping your barefoot feet into the cool, salty ocean– kicking the water lightly with your legs. You splashed around for a few minutes alone on the quiet beach, deciding that studying a semester overseas may not have been the worst idea. 

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Robbie Coles | Tidal Waves + Beside You cover MASHUP

I’m loving this mashup! it’s so good!