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what is your spotify username if you don't mind me asking? i'm trying to find your spider-man playlist on the app but nothing's coming up. also i love your screenplay so much wow ty for writing it

uhh idk what my username is b/c it’s not my primary streaming service but here’s the playlist!

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plz write a blurb involving that beautiful picture of pe/\ke by the fire i'm in love

wow this is my first peake request i am truly so happy this is a milestone for me

alright so say you guys are visiting friends or family or something and you’re both a little tipsy bc you’re celebrating or whatever and you guys are about to go to bed but hes like “babe wait,,” and he gets into the pose right by the fire and damn near sets himself ablaze and he’s like “take my picture” so you do quickly bc you’re worried about the wellbeing of your boyfriend. you get him away from the flames and put the fire out and then he’s the one rushing you to bed. pretty much as soon as he hits the matress he’s conked out and completely forgotten about the photo so you decide to post it as a friendly reminder with the caption “this is pretty hot. the fire’s neat too.” and the next morning when matt wakes up with a hangover and sees the photo he’s real embarassed and :’) i love matt peake yall

  • What Sansa Says: Bran is home...he has visions now.
  • What Sansa means: Hoooo boy okay Arya I am G L A D you are home so I don't have to deal with this Three Eyed Raven shit by myself I love our brother but WOW lemme tell you it's been a day since he's been home and I cannot with his cryptic messages THANK YOU ARYA FOR COMING BACK-

“He appreciates the adoration for a second, but when he meets her, Finn is trying to escape the whole war. He’s trying to leave,” Boyega says. “And she comes in and basically gives him a depiction of himself that wasn’t necessarily true.”

But he likes the impression Rose has, the vision she has of him.

A good guy. A brave guy.

Seeing himself through her eyes gives the ex-Stormtrooper something to live up to.

“It’s now an opportunity for him to be the best he can be. He has to make a decision, and Rose is there to help him make that choice,” Boyega says. (EW)