tatsueli  asked:

Hey lovely~ I hope you had a great day and that you can enjoy your weekend ♥ i just wanted to ask you if you maybe can drop some photos of your booboo? I'd really love to see her again ;u; Love you a lot ♥♥

Aww hello sweetness ♥ Thank you so much! You’re always ALWAYS such a sweetheart and I adore you ;; ♥♥ I had a nice day thanks as some friends from London came to visit and we took my boo boo to the beach. So this photo was actually taken today :)

and when she’d had enough walking for one day …

i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

colored&edited official sketch (x)