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i’ve been infamous for my negative opinion about ‘dear evan hansen’, and asked by a few people to explain how i could hate a show so “wonderful and inspiring”. i’ve listened to the soundtrack through act one and couldn’t get any further because i was that unimpressed, but to formally make a full opinion, i’ve elected to start watching the bootleg. i know the full plot (read it on wikipedia) and i know the fanbase pretty well, considering i run a heathers blog and am friends with all the theatre nerds.

continue at your own possible offense. i have no idea why, if you’re a fan of the show, why you’d want to read a hella long rant against it, but i mean, live your life. please argue/discuss this with me privately (or anon i guess), because i’d rather limit the discourse.

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MTV Scream Theory: Season 2

Kieran is the killer, but wait, he has a friend.

Disclaimer: I’m barely in this fandom and have no idea if someone has posted the same theory as me, so if this is already a popular theory, sorry for just adding another post to the pile.

Also warning: This includes lots of connections back to the original Scream movies, because the show has given quite a few significant nods to it’s ancestor, so there will be spoilers.

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they’re both trying to get you to stop trying, to give up, trying to prevent you from getting to the ending. yeah, i know, like a video game boss, they’re in your way, but the in-game reason given for them being an obstacle in the way of you ending the game is that they just don’t want you to end the game. that’s their motivation. their goal is literally to Be a video game boss. their only goal is to stop the player from beating the game.

asriel tries to stop you from getting the true pacifist ending, because he thinks that will make you stop playing the game. he doesn’t want you to be satisfied, to have that happy ending, he just wants you to keep playing over and over with him. he’s holding away the satisfaction because he wants you to keep playing

sans, on the other hand, is trying to convince you that you ARE satisfied. he knows that if a player does a genocide run, it’s because they want to see every possible ending. he knows youre not actually evil, you just do it because you want to find out what happens in all the routes. and he knows youre not going to stop until you reach every possible ending. so he’s trying to make you think that he IS the ending, that it’s impossible to beat him, and that his “special attack” where he does nothing is the end of the game, that you can’t continue on. he’s actively trying to get you to stop playing the game because he knows the actual ending, what you’ve actually been trying to do, is much worse and involves you selling your soul to a demon. 

sans is trying to give you the satisfaction of ending the game so you’ll give up, and asriel’s trying to keep it away from you so you won’t