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My custom Clawdeen and all the jewelry I’ve made for her. She was missing her earring so I made her a better one. I especially love her necklace and the little circlet/tiara. And isn’t it cute that her dress has little paw prints?! 

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“If the apocalypse comes… beep me”

Ultimately I think its Buffy who made me want to buy Funko Pops, I just love all of them and they’re so cute! I love Buffy’s little stake and how you can see her cross necklace and earrings, all the girly stuff that makes Buffy who she is.

My pop has a strange yellow dot on her hand (maybe its supposed to be a ring, i don’t know) but other than that she looks awesome and I love her a lot.

Bought: May 2015
Where: Hot Topic, America


Today’s repaints– Twyla and Viperine! I love Twyla’s minty eyeshadow, and Viperine came out far better than I thought she would. I figured she’d be a difficult repaint, but the colors just seemed to work. I love her steel-blue eyes! 

Finally, two more of Rochelle, to show off the headband and matching necklace I made for her. I love her colors!

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02/02/2016 - 10:30am

Good morning!! :D

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, so I wasn’t home a whole lot yesterday. We visited with the family and took her out to eat. I gave her a necklace that she loved. It was silver with turquoise stones native american accents like a arrow-head design. I got it from Light Years. They always have such nice things. 

Dad tried to get us to watch Disney’s “The Good Dinosaur” at the house but honestly I watched half of the movie and was like… I’m just not getting into it, so we said our goodbyes and left for the evening. We hadn’t intended to stay that long to be honest. The difference in animation style between the backgrounds and the characters really kept throwing me off dramatically. I kind of feel bad for not feeling any sort of emotional response to it because my sister and mom were really getting teary eyed while watching. Am I heartless? Or maybe I was just too exhausted mentally to care. Who knows.

But yeah spent the rest of the evening writing and wandering around on the internet which turned out pretty good. Patrick and I had a great time working on one of the two writing prompts I was sent.

@robancrow I’m so happy you liked the story! :D I still need to write something for the other prompt, but figured I should sleep on it. XD Thanks for the prompt! It felt good to take a break from what we’ve been writing and do something different. :D

But yeah, at the moment trying to wake up still because we slept later than intended because we stayed up later than intended. Patrick is making pancakes and coffee, and then we’ll probably dive back into writing. XD

Just a reminder, I am still open for writing prompts. <3 Any of my characters from Grimoire Rose (whom you can see HERE), Kylo Ren, Rey, Reylo, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy XIV are where my brain is at, but I’m open to other potential fandoms. I’m in a bunch like Tales of, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Suikoden, Bleach, etc. Just ask if you’re curious. XD

Loving my lovely loc jewelry from @calypso_theshaman !!! Especially my tigers eye wrapped loc jewel which is my favorite! Order from her ladies and gents and she a little extra in every time and I love it!
I also ordered a necklace from her which I love but it’s NOT in this picture….

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I can't give you a hint! Maybe other than I don't think you know who I am at all ;) awe I love that Vera and Marcus story so much! I love her necklace, and Marcus making it would be even better! Angst/hurt comfort is my favorite as well! In all honesty, if we don't get any torture fics soon, I may cry. Abby healing Marcuss wounds and everything is awesome and I need more torture material. IF ANYONE COULD WRITE A TORTURE FIC PLEASE! What's your favorite fics?! Are u excited for Valentine's Day?!

Aw, damn, now I’m even more curious ! Is that because I don’t know you ? Or do I know you ? RAH

Yees, I love that story too, I’ll probably write it one day when I’m not overwhelmed by other projects.

*angsty/hurtcomfort hug* I love you anon, this world needs more of Kabby torture fics, let’s cry together. I AGREE PLEASE PEOPLE WRITE TORTURE FICS

My favorite fics ? Ouch, that’s hard. Actually that’s a good idea, I’ll try to make a fic rec tomorrow or the day after !

OF COURSE I’M EXCITED, say… If you can’t give me a hint about who you are, can you give me one about what you’re making for me ? *bats eyelashes*

My dance Rant!

Holy fucking shit! tomorrow is the school dance, and I am going with my crush! oooh shit, We are suppose to be going as friends, but I dunno what to do!! uuugh, please help me! I’m giving her a necklace, because she really really loves this this called Vocaloid, and it’s a music note, but I dunno. Help me please.