I swear I loved every single second of this episode.

AND BTW how chilling it was George’s speech at the same time images of France were happening. GOOD STUFF YALL. Also when he excuses the nephew of that influent man while he condeem people for “crimes” that are far less offensive it shows how law works differently for people. Something that happens today in so many instances. Also, is a contrast of Ross ethics and his message. So, I don’t see it as GEORGE IS EVIL HE EXCUSES RAPE OMG (He seems to find a bitter pill to swallow), but more like it is something he can overlook for his own interests. BTW I also don’t think Elizabeth’s storyline in it had to do with consent or lack of it, but more as she felt trapped about Valentine’s reminder of Ross and how close that night could be disclosed. I also think it is about her growing dissatisfaction and anger and eventually she finds the disappointment over George’s sentence. Would he believe in her POV of that night? Take her side with all his heart? Or would he be jealous of it? Question? Condeem her?   

AND ROSS AND DEMELZA LKGJLJKLJLKJH;ÇLHJLLKJHKLJK. I CAN’T. I don’t see their interaction in the negative light at all. They both are people of their own strong mind and stubborn strike, bound to make decisions and mistakes and they’re not always sensible, but I think both are guided by their hearts in this episode. Ross loyalty, Demelza’s love of her brothers. I also loved their discussion of Demelza’s independence and their agreement on she is independent, indeed and has a saying at stuff. It is the modern setting of the show but also nothing in the text contradict that Ross respects Demelza’s decisions or at least this she should make decisions and have a mind on her own.

Sorry, but I don’t see Demelza’s behaviour as whinny.




this post has spoilers for all of the episodes of asoue.

i’ve tagged every spoiler tag i can think of, please don’t read if you haven’t finished watching and don’t want to be spoiled!

i wrote down some stuff that stuck in my head from watching the new episodes:

  • “i wouldn’t know, i live alone.” “NO KIDDING.” justice strauss you got rekt
  • “i told them to cry using their inside voices”
  • “remarkable woman. flammable.” don’t you start with me
  • yessica haircut is iconic
  • “do you know what question i’m asked the most?” “will you please leave the premises?
  • olaf mispronouncing merlot was so much funnier than it should have been
  • “every time she speaks, it’s like the tines of a fork are being jammed into my eye
  • “there is only what the french call a certain…escargot”
  • “the other is a little lemony” “i told you never to say that word” OLAF PLEASE CHILL
  • eleanora poe is the worst villain in the series
  • “klaus, i can touch whatever i want” this was the creepiest moment, OLAF YOU’RE DEAD TO ME. they also kept the parts like “yes boss she’s yours” and “i wouldn’t dispose of you like your brother and sister”. they kept them, and they’re horrible, but i think they’re really important so i’m glad they stayed
  • “sssss”, for short
  • the whole joke about long form television being better than cinema. his stare at the camera was too great
  • “heeeeere’s shammy” if that was improv, which i bet it was, nph is my new favourite actor
  • charles and sir are a proper couple! i mean their relationship is still terrible but i’m glad it’s allowed to be canon now
  • olaf and georgina orwell’s arguments were 10/10 would see again
  • “there is nothing evil about free healthcare” oh my god
  • “i’m a free man! i am never taking another partner” lmao good one, see you in book six
  • ESME SQUALOR IN THAT FUCKING CAR I SWEAR MY HEART STOPPED. i will fight anyone who argues that it wasn’t her come on
  • the prufrock prep school photo jesus

in summary, i loved every second of all of the episodes. i think the bad beginning and miserable mill episodes were the best, but they were all great. i thought olaf was perfect - still hammy, which he is as a character, but so much better than the movie. i can’t believe how much i loved the series and cannot wait for season two! a more articulate post will probably come later, once i’ve watched them all again a million times


Oh my Mobbie shipping heart! (seriously though this episode was amazing I loved every second.) 

(Even though technically this episode made my fanfic an AU but oh well, Also I am open to Robbry. Still Mobbie just holds this special place in my heart.)

Cabin Pressure Christmas Special: Molokai

Get dressed, you merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay! For it is Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Day!

I love pretty much every second of this episode, but my favourite little thing is the extra shot of adrenaline that kicks in on the second ‘Christmas’ in Arthur’s song, as if, in saying it, he realises afresh that it’s Christmas.

I have a lot of Klamille feelings like. They fell asleep together. They didn’t have sex they just. Fell asleep??? And they were vulnerable and open and THE BURN WAS SO WORTH IT!??? SO MUCH CHEMISTRY. SO MANY FEELINGS. The way he looks at her. The way he talks about her. Just all the things, omfg. I’m so stoked and even more excited because now that my finals are done I get to start this awesome angsty reincarnation verse and it’s gonna hurt so good and this is beautiful and everything I wanted and I loved it all, every second of that episode.

In the Flesh Appreciation Week (Day 2: Favorite Episode)

“How do I look?”
SO bad-”

Overall, I have to say that episode 02x04 was my favorite. Every episode crams in a lot of plot and development, but this one is right in the middle of everything, the calm before the storm, the moment where the audience is standing on the precipice of the story’s climax, ready to leap out into the finale.

We see SO MUCH develop during this episode I don’t even know where to begin. From the screen shot above, I suppose, which is a huge step in the development of Kieren’s relationship with Simon. We see them interact and, once again, Kieren rejecting Simon’s cult advances, but accepting Simon’s personal advances, and Simon trying to find a way to separate Kieren from the ULA so that he doesn’t lose him, and at the end we see Kieren stripped bare of all the layers he has used to hide, to try to blend in, and we watch Simon see him in a whole new light as not only someone special to Simon individually, but to everything Simon has come to so devotedly believe.

We see Philip taking his head out of his ass and becoming a better person re: the brothel protest. We see Amy going to change her medication again, and how she is shaking and forgetting things and getting worse (getting better?). We see, finally, him admitting to her that he likes her. I’m in love with these two, and watching them figure each other out is really magical. We see a bit of Shirley in Philip’s actions in this episode, and I love that.

We see big changes for Jem, re: Gary, and the two of them getting together (what a disaster), and we see her trying to cope with Henry’s death (and her own trauma at having killed the undead during the war). We see her come up against a choice at the lunch table, between Gary and Kieren, when Gary starts telling his horrible story and she doesn’t stop him- but she looks uncomfortable, and I think that’s the first step in Jem’s mind changing.

And ohhhh don’t get me started on that lunch… it was a magnificent display of clashing sides. You’ve got Kieren’s parents, and his sister, and Gary, and Simon, and Kieren, all kind of on their own sides and yet all tired so together as to be inseparable. These forces cannot exist peaceably, and yet there they are, all sat down together at lunch.

Kieren’s Rising story being told over this lunch will forever be one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. The way he hisses out “I killed people too.” always sets my blood racing, I’m just ready for him to go across the table and demonstrate that raw, terrifying power, to show Gary how dangerous he really is, and the fact that he doesn’t is incredible and makes it even better. Kieren being a deadly pacifist makes me so happy.

There are so many things to like about this episode, I feel like I could never cover them all, but I assure you, I love every single second of this episode, from Philip’s awkward sex dream to Simon’s breathless whisper of “He’s beautiful.”

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anonymous asked:

Okay, the writers have no excuse for Oliver and Felicity not being together anymore lol NONE. I really loved how natural and organic Oliver and Felicity's banter was in this episode. It felt like they were a couple, even married in this and I loved every second of it! This episode showed just how fun and normal they'd be together, just like my other ship Dyla. Imo there's way more fun and interesting stories to tell with them together and trying to work it out than the cliché love triangle mess

I agree with just about everything you said. 

There can be so much more fun stories to tell when Oliver and Felicity share the screen and banter than them apart and angsty. That just does not work for most of us. Honestly, just put them together in a scene and tell them to buy vegetables or cook pasta and between Stephen and Emily, they will make it electrifying. They are that good. 


James Spader Appreciation Week - Day 3/7

Favorite scene from a James Spader film/TV show
The Blacklist (Pilot)

This has to be the greatest introduction to a series and a character ever. I loved every second of this opening and that episode in general is just wow. Watching James kneel down on the FBI seal in that three-piece suit just makes me want to squeal excitedly (side note: he looks so good in those vests @_@) James sets the stage brilliantly for Red right here and his performance only gets better through the episode and series.

In the past week, I have introduced 4 people to The Blacklist. All were hooked after this scene and in love by the end of the episode