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hi, what bughead fics are you currently reading and why. thx -anon

This is a very big question, GrayFace. Firstly. I read a lot of fic. A LOT of fic. I love all the tumblr one-shots from our immensely talented Bughead writers. I wish all of them posted them on Ao3 so I could comment and squee all over again along with all the other one-shots I’ve read and reviewed. There are only officially a total of 595 Bughead fics on Ao3 right now - and I would guess I’ve read at least 500 of them… 

However, I get the feeling the question is talking about the WIPs I’m following at the moment. I’ve subscribed to 19 pages worth of fics for all different fandoms - so I can’t really give a concise answer.

How about I just share a bunch of Bughead fics (because let’s be honest - like 90% of those of you who actually actively interact with me are fellow Buggies) - that I am EAGERLY awaiting updates on. As of right now - none of these are complete - and only SOME of the fics I have alerts for. 

Long Live Rock by @ficmuse- because seriously, unless you’re new here - you already know that FM is my girl. The BLT series should be required reading for a Bughead shipper. 

Chiaroscuro by @formergirlwonder- LITERALLY filmed in black and white. It’s Film Noir at it’s VERY finest. I can’t get enough of this fic.

The Stacks by @malmo722- Juggie and V are the best of friends and V is a big Bughead shipper. I love them.

fall in light by sylwrites  - DUDE. It’s just about over and I’m not prepared. One of my most favourite Bughead fics ever. Roomates->Friends->Lovers  **just finished this afternoon** 

I’ll Wait for You by @a-girl-named-whiskey - Underground Racing Bughead. Need I say more?

tell them we sold out by thedeadsea33  - DUDE. Fight!Club Bughead. We need more. So much more of this. What does a fangirl have to do to get more of this?

In the Still of the Night by BlueLonghand  - Amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it. 

Behind the Rear Window by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency- Rear Window AU

1971. by @katiedegennaro- set in the 70s. Super good. Mystery and Journalism. 

Do You Believe in Fate? by @jennimisk - Because it’s a Bughead in Italy AU and it’s wonderful.

Skin to Skin by @burgerheadjones - Soulmate AUs are my BAG. I wish there were a million more of them. I love them.

the winged beast by @onceuponamirror - I’m a sucker for Juggie from the Southside.

Make It Work by @raptorlily - because Fake Dating is awesome. Also because all of raptorlilly’s fics are awesome. Also  And Other Collisions  - because.

red sunrise by @lusterrdust - Zombies and Bughead! Nearly complete - but seriously, I’m subscribed to Luster - so I get notified every time she posts anything and I stop what I’m doing and read it. Because it’s Luster.

Needing/Getting by slantedsunlight -  SKI TRIP Bughead! It’s AU but it’s fabulous and I’m dying for more.

That Primeval Cosmic Night by LoneWulffe  - this one just started but there are dreams involved and I’m parking myself right here waiting for more.

Bughead by @wordgirl80 - Goes along with the episodes - but is SO much more. And I’ve managed to convince her to continue through the summer instead of waiting until the new season picks up. You’re welcome.

Finding a home by @bughead4days- Serpent!Betty. Honesty I would read anything Erika writes - even if it was just Bughead watching paint dry - so I’m biased here. And there are quite a few of her fics that are WIPs and I’m waiting on all of them:  A Dangerous GameTurf Wars - seriously all of them. 

Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil by @it-happened-one-starry-night - A sweet take on Bughead getting married young and the traumas that surround that.

Softening the Edges by Ruby_JW - through their whole friendship - vignettes from their past. This is really good.

Ash and Smoke by saltyhowell - SOUTHSIDE REPRESENT!

We are all Riverdale by NyGi  - Post S1 - and super good. the update today had me emotional.

Jughead’s Circular File by AvenuePotter  - I feel a lot of feels when I read a new chapter of this. It’s full of pain and angst but I love Juggie’s voice in it.

The Boy on the Bike by SereneCalamity - AU - Betty and Juggie meet in LA. So good. There are motorcycles. lol.

Gun Song by Shippershape - it’s been so long since this was updated but it’s also so amazing and awesome. Maybe if other people go forth and fangirl that will help the author know we’re dying for more?

Edited after because I suck!
Self Conclusion by @betsforsythetrash
 - warning mentions of suicide attempts but also so super good.

I’m still working on my giant spreadsheet of fics (but I recently got distracted trying to write my own Bughead fic). The list is still gonna happen though - Complete and WIPs too - but the fic needs to happen too. 

So yeah. I hope this answers your question, Grayface. And remember - this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are lots of fics I’m still reading and probably didn’t add to the list. If you wrote one and I missed it - I’m sincerely sorry. Love to all of you!

Imagine...Proving To Chuck That You Can Get The Archangels To Behave

Characters: Y/n, Chuck, Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel

Pairing: Chuck x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Fluff, sorta angry reader but nothing serious, bratty ass Archangels, fluff, more fluff and then kinda hinted at smut at the end…

Word count: 875

Summary: Of course, Chuck thinks you won’t be able to discipline his powerful, archangel sons. But you’re determined to prove him wrong. 

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon- Oh my God, I love all your one shots, they’re amazing! Could you please write male reader smut or fluff with Jensen, Benny or Chuck? That would be great!. Ok, so I made it gender neutral, and I went with Chuck and fluff. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

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You threw the pan down, a hole burnt through it as you glanced around your house.

Everything was a mess.

The couch was ripped up, the walls were scorched and there were holes in the floor.

Actual, huge holes, that seemed to be never-ending.

Then there were those four morons, all sat on the floor, looking down like a bunch of five year olds.

“You gonna tell me what the hell happened?”

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in view of yoongi’s birthday!! I really love all these shots I took in Hong Kong back in December, and I edited them!
So Far Away (from yoongi’s mixtape) always reminds me of the beautiful sceneries in Hong Kong 🌸

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I interpret thus: When Dean says "we" it seems like he means "we = Dean, Sam, Cas" but actually it's "we = Dean and Cas". Similarly when Cas says "you" it seems like he means "you = Dean and Sam" but actually it's "you = just Dean". There's a miscommunication going on, between Dean and Cas, and between them and the audience. Different layers of meaning. The mixtape scene is a great example of this, and the argument they had just beforehand. I encourage you to watch again and interpret both ways.

Follow up: “we” can also be “us / our.” Also Dean sometimes uses “we” to mean “we = just me, Dean”. Such as the argument in 12.19 where Dean is upset with Cas but tries to make it seems like “Dean and Sam are upset with Cas” when really Dean is talking about himself and his own feelings. Quote: “Not only were you ditching *us* but you were also ignoring *us*.” In context, clearly, Dean is talking about himself - “we = just Dean, not including Sam”. Later on: “*we* were worried, that’s not ok.”

Add-on (because I’m re-watching and I can’t switch off): Cas during the mixtape scene, where ‘you’ is read as ’= Dean and Sam’ but likely ’= just Dean.’ Quote: “I didn’t mean to add to *your* distress. […] When *you* were taken I searched for months and I couldn’t find *you*. […] I needed to come back here with a win for *you*.” Followed by Dean saying “me and Sam we had her” so 'we = Dean and Sam’ and Cas switches back to 'you = Dean and Sam’ “And if you find her again?”

Final ask, I promise: I’m just saying for particularly the mixtape scene there’s always a clear distinction made when “we” or “us” or “you” is meant to include Sam, and when it is not. The times when it is not clear are, in my opinion, when Sam is not meant to be included - at least not in a strong way. “I couldn’t find you” - yes Dean AND Sam were missing and Cas was looking for them both, but it’s also meant to be addressed JUST to Dean here. The talk later start notably including Sam. (End.)

Hey! Yes this is a very frustrating thing in this show. Because there are several ways to interpret everything that the characters say. This is why you end up with MASSIVE debates over a simple sentence such as Cas’s love confession in 12x12 and exactly the reason why my tag for that debate is ambiguous love confessions. This show loves its ambiguity because it wants to keep all sides of the audience (though by sides I really mean destiel shippers versus people who would rage quite if it went canon) happy. (Personally I think the show should stick a middle finger up at those who would rage quit over something like Destiel but that’s just me)

This is also an excellent example of why English as a language generally sucks. Other languages have different words for ‘you, we, us, etc’ depending on the meaning. I imagine that translators for subtitles and things must have a hell of a time trying to figure it all out. (I guess that means the translation would entirely depend on whether the specific translator watched the show through a destiel lens with a knowledge of subtext or whether they were just as dense and heteronormative as the rest of the GA.

Anyway, it is as you rightly say, something Dean does a lot. He sublimates his own feelings onto Sam, grouping them together so he isn’t left vulnerable.

11x23 was a great example of where this became SUPER annoying:

You’re the best friend we’ve ever had.

You’re our brother, Cas. I want you to know that.

Textually, Dean is talking ABOUT him AND Sam, but subtextually, through an understanding of the shows history and Dean’s behaviour, it is clear that Dean is actually talking about himself. This exact line was said specifically TO Dean by Bobby in Season 7 after all “You just lost the best friend you ever had”. Whilst I would never want to understate Cas and Sam’s relationship, Cas has always meant more to Dean than Sam and that in itself is evident by the fact that it wasn’t SAM who made an excuse to drag Cas along on a made up beer run so he could talk privately with him about his feelings.

Enter season 12 and every freaking episode is bringing to light just how very different the feelings between Dean and Sam for Cas actually are (season 11 also did this, most obviously in 11x18 but yet we still had that useless little talk in 11x23 which gave us hardly anything *sigh).

I think the moments that you refer to specifically are in 12x19. But they also apply heavily to one specifically memorable scene in 12x12. Both episodes are vitally important to understand how Dean and Cas view each other compared to how they view others.

In 12x12 we get this glorious speech:

DEAN: Cas, come on.

CASTIEL: (talking to Dean) No, you listen to me. You–

(looks around to address everyone) Look, thank you. Thank you.

(looks from Dean to Sam throughout) Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life. And the things that… the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me.

(reaction shot from Mary looking at the boys)

(reaction shot first of Dean, then of Sam – evidence that what Cas just said meant BOTH of them)

You’re my family.

(Cas looks from Dean, to Sam, to Mary)

I love you.

(Cas looks down)

(reaction shot from Dean)

I love all of you.

(Reaction shot and zoom in on Dean and then Sam)

Just please… please, don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die.

(again Cas looks at both Sam and Dean at this point)

Just run. Save yourselves. And I will hold Ramiel off as long as I can.

Following the pattern of eye contact, its pretty clear who he is addressing at each point, except for one point, when he looks down.

Therefore we have to go by reaction shots. Early in the scene the reaction shots are used to establish WHO Cas is talking to at any specific moment. After he looks down, we ONLY get a reaction shot from Dean.

Therefore logically, he is talking to Dean and Dean only when he says “I love you”.

Also we can argue that the emotional weight behind telling ONE person “I love you” romantically, compared to telling several people “I love you” platonically is the reason that Cas averts his eyes at that specific moment. A platonic “I love you” would not cause a person to avert their eyes.

However in the context of the whole scene, many people would argue that is not the case as the majority of other “You’s” refer to more than one person.

This is a perfect example of ambiguity in a scene specifically crafted as such. Frustrating I know.

Let’s look at the next scene that comes a few episodes later (but interestingly enough the next episode specifically devoted and referred to by TPTB as a ‘Cas’ episode, meaning that they wanted the audience to link 12x12 and 12x19 in their minds).

12x19 uses this language ambiguity a lot, but not to mislead the audience, instead like in 11x23, it is used BY Dean to sublimate his own emotions and thoughts on the situation onto his brother, and its pretty obvious that he’s doing it:

Dean: Let me rephrase that for Sam. Where the hell have you been? And why have you ignored our phone calls?

This is the first time where DEAN as a character is purposely trying to bring Sam in to HIS argument. We have seen Cas’s phone, we know all his missed calls were from Dean and Dean only.

Castiel: I was in Heaven. I was working with the angels. When I saw Dagon had captured Kelly, I-I thought they could help.

Sam: And?

Castiel: Nothing.

Sam: Well, at least you’re back. We’re glad you’re back.

Dean: Really? No, I’m sorry. Okay, 'cause while you were striking out in Heaven, we had a shot at Dagon, and we lost.

Castiel: I know. I received your messages.

Dean: Oh, you did – you did receive the messages? Okay, that’s good.

Castiel: Dean.

Dean: So not only were you ditching us, but you were also ignoring us? That’s great. 'Cause we really could’ve used the backup. But, uh, you were too busy with, um What was it? Nothing?

Whats interesting about this exchange is how Sam does it as well. He tries to speak for both him and Dean but Dean immediately contradicts him. Which proves that all of Dean’s “Us’s” and “”we’s “ to follow actually just mean him. Sam isn’t overly emotional and upset about the situation. He is more interested in finding out what Cas actually did. As you stated above, the majority of ‘we’s and us’s’ from Dean here actually just mean him.

Then in the now infamous mixtape scene we get this exchange:

Castiel: Sorry, Dean. Um I just wanted to return this.

(hands Dean a mixtape)

Dean: It’s a gift. You keep those.

Castiel: Oh.

Dean: Cas, you can’t – With everything that’s going on, you can’t just go dark like that. We didn’t know what happened to you. We were worried. That’s not okay.

The first thing to note here is that this is just Dean repeating to Cas what he already told him back in 12x10 (the last Cas episode and therefore also supposed to stand out in the audiences minds here). The audience has seen the last few episodes whilst Cas has been missing. We all know how Sam reacted to the whole thing – by consoling Dean as per usual. It was only Dean who was really worried. When Dean says here *we* were worried, he means *I* was worried – just like he already admitted to Cas in 12x10. The difference in these two moments is the intimacy of this scene. Hence Dean is most likely slightly uncomfortable and aware that his heart is suddenly out on his sleeve and vulnerable and he’s already been burned by Cas’s abandonment so he uses the plural words instead.

Castiel: Well, I didn’t mean to add to your distress. I – Dean, I just keep failing. Again and again. When you were taken, I searched for months and I couldn’t find you. And then Kelly escaped on my watch, and I couldn’t find her. And I just wanted I needed to come back here with a win for you. For myself.

Unlike with Dean, Cas’s words are far less easy to interpret. The audience already knows that Dean means that HE was worried and not Sam, but we don’t really know whether Cas means just Dean, or Dean AND Sam at this point. Just like with the 12x12 love confession, Cas’s ambiguity is far more difficult to interpret. Both Dean and Sam were taken as you say, so Cas most likely means both of them. But Cas isn’t addressing Dean and Sam right now. When he says he wanted a win for *you* it is only knowing their background and correctly interpreting the intimacy of the scene (following the mixtape moment elevates this even more) that logically, that final *you* at least, means just Dean.

Dean: You think you’re the only one rolling snake eyes here? Me and Sam, we had her. We had Kelly and we lost her.

Castiel: And if you find her again?

Dean: Sam’s working on it. Of course, he’s hell-bent on finding something that doesn’t mean killing her or her kid.

Castiel: Right. And if he doesn’t find something? If you run out of time, could either of you kill an innocent?

Here the plural form of the words is clearly given. Cas clarifies this time with *either of you* which further enhances the singular form of *you* in his previous line (just like in the 12x12 love confession).

Dean: We will find a better way.

Castiel: (gestures to both himself and Dean) You mean, we?

Dean: Yes, dumbass. We. You, me, and Sam, we’re just better together. So now that you’re back, let’s go, Team Free Will. Let’s get it done.

Castiel: I’d like that.

Dean: Great. And I’d like a beer.

Finally, this moment brought into text the ambiguity itself, proof that there is INDEED a miscommunication going on between them. Castiel asks for clarification on that final *we* because he isn’t sure if he is included in Dean’s plans, Dean clarifies that he is, and confirms that the *we* means all 3 of them. This time.

That final moment is a real kicker because it proves several thing:

  • The miscommunication is real between the characters (starting in 11x23 imo) and a big problem in terms of their relationships.
  • The audience is being invited to question these ambiguous meanings, since they have now seen a character specifically question them.

  • The writers are aware of the ambiguity and are intentionally writing it that way.

Added to this that in the episode following this one, the characters even further highlight the miscommunication found using plural terms. Max and Alicia constantly squabble over her use of *we* when really she means *I* because Max doesn’t want the Winchesters to think that he is overreacting like his sister. This happens throughout 12x20 to the point where by the end of the episode, it’s pretty much drummed into our brains that when Alicia says *we* or *us* she means *I*. The writers are specifically trying to get the audience to realise this and apply it elsewhere.

It’s almost a neon sign really. 12x19 and 12x20 both go out of their way to prove a point. Words are misleading. 

But they want us to think about this. They wouldn’t have spent so long having characters question the words used if they didn’t. 

Therefore its no real leap for us to question Cas’s use of the word *you* and how he means it, since it was right there in 12x19 amongst all of Dean’s *we’s* that mean *I’s* and so on… 

It may not be a clear distinction in either his *i wanted a win for you* in 12x19, or his *i love you* in 12x12, but the comparison is there, and made clearer by both Dean and then Alicia’s insistence in using plural words to group in other people where they really mean the singular form. 

If we are being told to watch out for it, then we damn well will watch out for it, and Cas’s “I love you” was not for the group- plural. It was for Dean. Just like so many other times he has said *you* and meant Dean and only Dean when other people are around. This is what Cas has been doing for years but it is only now that we are specifically given hints in the text to look out for this ambiguity and actually question it. So keep questioning it, and hopefully it won’t remain ambiguous for too much longer.

Steve Rogers Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: steve rogers imagine where you accidentally break steve’s favorite vase. and he was on a mission while this happened. and so when he returns, you made everybody dinner and it was good dinner, and you’re really nice and acting mature and stuff like that. and steve finds it awfully suspicious how well behaved you were acting. and so he asks what happened and you tried to avoid the subject. and than soon enough he got it out of you and you were in full tears. steve thinks you’re being over dramatic

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: fluff

 The Avengers were out on a mission which meant that you were home alone. And when you were home alone, the first thing you did was clean. But it wasn’t just cleaning, it was cleaning while dancing. You loved to dance while cleaning, it really put you in the best mood. You decided to clean Steve’s room first, you wanted to make it look spotless.

 His clothes was spread all over the ground, and it bugged you. You brought your speakers into his room and plugged in your phone. You put on your jams and got out the duster, you started to dust around, dancing to beat of the song. At your favorite part, you took the duster and used it at a microphone. You got to Steve’s favorite vase, he’s never told you why it was his favorite, but it was.

  He’s always told you to stay away from it, but you could see the dust collecting onto it. You had to do something about it. You started walking to his vase suddenly your foot tripping over a pile of Steve’s clothes. You fall foward, catching yourself on the desk that the vase laid upon. You were happy you caught yourself, but the momentum you gave the desk shook the vase.

 The vase started to wobble, making your heart skip a thousand times faster. You tried to save it, but as you leaned over to save it, you bumped the desk once more. That one bump made the whole vase topple over and crash against the ground. You gasped as the vase broke against the ground. Your hand slapped over your mouth as you saw all the pieces of the vase scatter around the floor.

‘’Steve’s going to kill me.’’ you whisper to yourself.

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Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Hey, can you do an imagine on peter Parker where the reader is a tomboy and tony starks daughter and they play football together and the reader impressed him and all the avengers and then something happens and peter and the reader kiss and the avengers pay each other because they bet on them. Ya that’s it thank you if you do it if not it’s fine ☺️:)

Warning: Fluff

 Peter Parker has always been a close friend and you two always have the funnest time together. But Peter starts to develop feelings for you the more that you two work together. You and Peter are always sent on missions together because they know that you two make a wonderful team. And they’re not wrong, you and Peter kick butt. But Peter’s starting to have problems with working with you.

 He can’t focus on the mission when he has so many feelings about you bottled up inside of him. Whenever he talks to you or even looks at you, he gets extremely nervous and loses his train of thought. And you’ve started to notice that and you don’t like it because you two have almost failed two missions in a row. You needed to snap Peter back into reality, because he’s still fantasizing his future that he thinks that he has with you.

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Weekly Reading List #37

Originally posted by sugoi-boy

Hello there!

How are y’all doing? It’s Monday again, the Monday after my first weekend I had to work on after a break of few weeks, so there are 4 more days before I’ve got some free time again…. To work 12 days in a row sucks, I can tell you. So, that’s the reason my Weekly Reading List is late again. I think I should put up with the fact that I have to switch from Sunday to Monday weekly, depending if I have to work or not.

But I’m complaining again, so change topic: it was my pleasure to read all these fantastic writings from you all! I love the One-Shots as much as the series and I’m patiently waiting for every new chapter, so please, dearest series writers, keep going, all your writings are phenomenal!

And you readers out there: have fun with these!


James ‘Bucky’ Barnes

Control @emotchalla

Feel You @emilyevanston

Imagine being on a mission with Steve & Bucky @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Suga Mama Part 5​ @emotchalla

Steve Rogers

Heating Up @angryschnauzer

Imagine Steve asking you out @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

One Life to Live @caplanbuckybarnes

The Drink Allergy @theladyofmanyfandomsfanfiction


Fuel to Fire Part 4 @avasparks

Real Characters

Chris Evans

Dip the Tip @sfdce

Hawaii 5-0

Steve McGarrett

The Deal @amarabliss

Star Trek

Jim Kirk

Accustomed to her Face @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

Flower Boy @blueoftheenterprise

Fine @auduna-druitt

Five Minute Ficlet @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

Imagine being on shore leave with Jim @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy

Comfort @medicatemedrmccoy

Forgetting Something @outside-the-government

Hearts don’t break around here @atari-writes

“I may have mildly panicked…” @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

You can tell me anything @whatif-animagineblog


A very good morning (extended version) @pinkamour1588

I Need You @pinkamour1588

Masterlist @imoutofmyvulcanmind


no x reader

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

Dean Winchester

Imagine Dean being a little out of it when you surprise surprise him and wake him up… @supernaturalfreewill

Imagine how distracting Dean finds you whenever you’re in the room… @supernaturalfreewill

The Bronze

Lance Tucker

Of Beams and Broken Hearts @theassetseyeliner

Wonder Woman

Steve Trevor


Where’s Waldo Liebgott? Episode 1 Part 4

Study these sand tables, maps and reconnaissance photos until you can draw a map of the area by memory. 

Dear Floyd, Give ‘em hell.

anonymous asked:

oh. renruki please :3

Alright :3 

Maybe I should mention that I am not a huge fanfiction reader because I am quite picky with the writing style and it’s important for me that they are in-character. I only recently started reading more and here is a small collection of my all-time favs:

multi chapter:

13 by @mothmckrakken

It’s set around the time after Rukia got promoted to vice captain. Renji and Rukia and the other characters are very in character and they have so nice interactions together. Also it’s also written very well and it’s easy to imagine each scene :3

Heartstorm by Nightheart

Renji and Rukia are trapped in Hueco Mundo and they discuss their relationship; I really love their characterization in this fic and the dialogue is very well written. 

Forever Belonging With You by @tappity-tap

It’s a sequel to the RenRuki novel “We do knot always love you” and deals with Renji’s and Rukia’s time after the marriage up to Ichika’s birth. it’s soooo good and also fun to read and it also has illustrations in each chapter!!

Out of Rukongai by c2t2

It is very dark, deals with their Rukongai + Academy days. Their relationship is somewhat unhealthy here because both are traumatized. But the writing style was very appealing to me!


In general, I really love all one-shots by @gizkasparadise and I can recommend all of them.

Like the sun by spooky sageheart

Its RenRuki/IchiHime, Renji and Ichigo discuss their girls and they are super in character. 

The View from the Top by SakuraChiyo

RenRuki + Ichika feat. Uncle Bya family fluff. I LOVE ABARAI FAMILY FLUFF? (they are drabbles so I count them as one-shots, but in fact it has several chapters)

Oji-sama by KennyEchelon

Also RenRuki + Baby Ichika + Bya fluff. Did I mention I love Abarai family fluff? 

the eye of the hurricane by huffspuffsblows

…Abarai family fluff…….

Just the Two of Us by St. Harridan

Renji and Rukia have some private meetings on the roof to do some adult stuff.

Atomic Winter by  pyrrhicvictoly

Deals how Renji and Rukia might have died in the human world when they were children and I loved the idea behind it. 


These are the ones that I remembered at once, you might also check out my fanfic tag (there’s not much in it but maybe I forgot something)

And this post

(i hope i did not mess up with the links D: tell me if that’s the case!)

Also, if you like the fics, please remember to leave some nice words for the authors because they will love it and it might encourage them to write more :3

AAAND also: because I really would like to know if there are other fics I forgot to mention I hope people will add some fics they like to this list bc I am also craving for more :D Thank you!

fanfics’ writer appreciation day! [01]

HULLO it’s me @taemins-dolphin

i would just like to thank all fanfic writers for creating such wonderful stories! i stared reading fics back in 2012. i was having a hard time back then and everything was just so hard. that’s when i found comfort in them and honestly its the best thing that’s ever happened to me mentally. if i wanted to be happy, i would read some fluff.if i  i was sad and wanted to feel even sadder, i would just read angst. it was just so comforting to read the stories. 

so in commemoration of this day, here are some of the writers thati love and respect a lot!! (i migh forget some…  im sorry!)

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