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hi, what bughead fics are you currently reading and why. thx -anon

This is a very big question, GrayFace. Firstly. I read a lot of fic. A LOT of fic. I love all the tumblr one-shots from our immensely talented Bughead writers. I wish all of them posted them on Ao3 so I could comment and squee all over again along with all the other one-shots I’ve read and reviewed. There are only officially a total of 595 Bughead fics on Ao3 right now - and I would guess I’ve read at least 500 of them… 

However, I get the feeling the question is talking about the WIPs I’m following at the moment. I’ve subscribed to 19 pages worth of fics for all different fandoms - so I can’t really give a concise answer.

How about I just share a bunch of Bughead fics (because let’s be honest - like 90% of those of you who actually actively interact with me are fellow Buggies) - that I am EAGERLY awaiting updates on. As of right now - none of these are complete - and only SOME of the fics I have alerts for. 

Long Live Rock by @ficmuse- because seriously, unless you’re new here - you already know that FM is my girl. The BLT series should be required reading for a Bughead shipper. 

Chiaroscuro by @formergirlwonder- LITERALLY filmed in black and white. It’s Film Noir at it’s VERY finest. I can’t get enough of this fic.

The Stacks by @malmo722- Juggie and V are the best of friends and V is a big Bughead shipper. I love them.

fall in light by sylwrites  - DUDE. It’s just about over and I’m not prepared. One of my most favourite Bughead fics ever. Roomates->Friends->Lovers  **just finished this afternoon** 

I’ll Wait for You by @a-girl-named-whiskey - Underground Racing Bughead. Need I say more?

tell them we sold out by thedeadsea33  - DUDE. Fight!Club Bughead. We need more. So much more of this. What does a fangirl have to do to get more of this?

In the Still of the Night by BlueLonghand  - Amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it. 

Behind the Rear Window by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency- Rear Window AU

1971. by @katiedegennaro- set in the 70s. Super good. Mystery and Journalism. 

Do You Believe in Fate? by @jennimisk - Because it’s a Bughead in Italy AU and it’s wonderful.

Skin to Skin by @burgerheadjones - Soulmate AUs are my BAG. I wish there were a million more of them. I love them.

the winged beast by @onceuponamirror - I’m a sucker for Juggie from the Southside.

Make It Work by @raptorlily - because Fake Dating is awesome. Also because all of raptorlilly’s fics are awesome. Also  And Other Collisions  - because.

red sunrise by @lusterrdust - Zombies and Bughead! Nearly complete - but seriously, I’m subscribed to Luster - so I get notified every time she posts anything and I stop what I’m doing and read it. Because it’s Luster.

Needing/Getting by slantedsunlight -  SKI TRIP Bughead! It’s AU but it’s fabulous and I’m dying for more.

That Primeval Cosmic Night by LoneWulffe  - this one just started but there are dreams involved and I’m parking myself right here waiting for more.

Bughead by @wordgirl80 - Goes along with the episodes - but is SO much more. And I’ve managed to convince her to continue through the summer instead of waiting until the new season picks up. You’re welcome.

Finding a home by @bughead4days- Serpent!Betty. Honesty I would read anything Erika writes - even if it was just Bughead watching paint dry - so I’m biased here. And there are quite a few of her fics that are WIPs and I’m waiting on all of them:  A Dangerous GameTurf Wars - seriously all of them. 

Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil by @it-happened-one-starry-night - A sweet take on Bughead getting married young and the traumas that surround that.

Softening the Edges by Ruby_JW - through their whole friendship - vignettes from their past. This is really good.

Ash and Smoke by saltyhowell - SOUTHSIDE REPRESENT!

We are all Riverdale by NyGi  - Post S1 - and super good. the update today had me emotional.

Jughead’s Circular File by AvenuePotter  - I feel a lot of feels when I read a new chapter of this. It’s full of pain and angst but I love Juggie’s voice in it.

The Boy on the Bike by SereneCalamity - AU - Betty and Juggie meet in LA. So good. There are motorcycles. lol.

Gun Song by Shippershape - it’s been so long since this was updated but it’s also so amazing and awesome. Maybe if other people go forth and fangirl that will help the author know we’re dying for more?

Edited after because I suck!
Self Conclusion by @betsforsythetrash
 - warning mentions of suicide attempts but also so super good.

I’m still working on my giant spreadsheet of fics (but I recently got distracted trying to write my own Bughead fic). The list is still gonna happen though - Complete and WIPs too - but the fic needs to happen too. 

So yeah. I hope this answers your question, Grayface. And remember - this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are lots of fics I’m still reading and probably didn’t add to the list. If you wrote one and I missed it - I’m sincerely sorry. Love to all of you!

Imagine...Proving To Chuck That You Can Get The Archangels To Behave

Characters: Y/n, Chuck, Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel

Pairing: Chuck x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Fluff, sorta angry reader but nothing serious, bratty ass Archangels, fluff, more fluff and then kinda hinted at smut at the end…

Word count: 875

Summary: Of course, Chuck thinks you won’t be able to discipline his powerful, archangel sons. But you’re determined to prove him wrong. 

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon- Oh my God, I love all your one shots, they’re amazing! Could you please write male reader smut or fluff with Jensen, Benny or Chuck? That would be great!. Ok, so I made it gender neutral, and I went with Chuck and fluff. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

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You threw the pan down, a hole burnt through it as you glanced around your house.

Everything was a mess.

The couch was ripped up, the walls were scorched and there were holes in the floor.

Actual, huge holes, that seemed to be never-ending.

Then there were those four morons, all sat on the floor, looking down like a bunch of five year olds.

“You gonna tell me what the hell happened?”

They all looked at each other, deciding they wouldn’t say anything, until Michael stood up.

“Of course you’ll snitch. Daddy’s little soldier, right?”

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in view of yoongi’s birthday!! I really love all these shots I took in Hong Kong back in December, and I edited them!
So Far Away (from yoongi’s mixtape) always reminds me of the beautiful sceneries in Hong Kong 🌸


Where’s Waldo Liebgott? Episode 1 Part 4

Study these sand tables, maps and reconnaissance photos until you can draw a map of the area by memory. 

Dear Floyd, Give ‘em hell.

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oh. renruki please :3

Alright :3 

Maybe I should mention that I am not a huge fanfiction reader because I am quite picky with the writing style and it’s important for me that they are in-character. I only recently started reading more and here is a small collection of my all-time favs:

multi chapter:

13 by @mothmckrakken

It’s set around the time after Rukia got promoted to vice captain. Renji and Rukia and the other characters are very in character and they have so nice interactions together. Also it’s also written very well and it’s easy to imagine each scene :3

Heartstorm by Nightheart

Renji and Rukia are trapped in Hueco Mundo and they discuss their relationship; I really love their characterization in this fic and the dialogue is very well written. 

Forever Belonging With You by @tappity-tap

It’s a sequel to the RenRuki novel “We do knot always love you” and deals with Renji’s and Rukia’s time after the marriage up to Ichika’s birth. it’s soooo good and also fun to read and it also has illustrations in each chapter!!

Out of Rukongai by c2t2

It is very dark, deals with their Rukongai + Academy days. Their relationship is somewhat unhealthy here because both are traumatized. But the writing style was very appealing to me!


In general, I really love all one-shots by @gizkasparadise and I can recommend all of them.

Like the sun by spooky sageheart

Its RenRuki/IchiHime, Renji and Ichigo discuss their girls and they are super in character. 

The View from the Top by SakuraChiyo

RenRuki + Ichika feat. Uncle Bya family fluff. I LOVE ABARAI FAMILY FLUFF? (they are drabbles so I count them as one-shots, but in fact it has several chapters)

Oji-sama by KennyEchelon

Also RenRuki + Baby Ichika + Bya fluff. Did I mention I love Abarai family fluff? 

the eye of the hurricane by huffspuffsblows

…Abarai family fluff…….

Just the Two of Us by St. Harridan

Renji and Rukia have some private meetings on the roof to do some adult stuff.

Atomic Winter by  pyrrhicvictoly

Deals how Renji and Rukia might have died in the human world when they were children and I loved the idea behind it. 


These are the ones that I remembered at once, you might also check out my fanfic tag (there’s not much in it but maybe I forgot something)

And this post

(i hope i did not mess up with the links D: tell me if that’s the case!)

Also, if you like the fics, please remember to leave some nice words for the authors because they will love it and it might encourage them to write more :3

AAAND also: because I really would like to know if there are other fics I forgot to mention I hope people will add some fics they like to this list bc I am also craving for more :D Thank you!

When The Clock Starts Ticking

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Chris Evans x Reader

Request:  3.  Hiya! I hope you’re not flooded with requests, if you are take you’re time to do mine, I’m in no hurry. I love all the soulmate one shots and imagines you have done! I was wondering if you could write a one shot with Chris with the idea where the clock starts at 00:00:00:00 from the moment you’re born and stops counting the moment you meet your soulmate? Also, I saw that there was a little tension earlier with some people’s opinion, but I just wanted to say that I think your blog is great. ^_^


A/n: This was cute to write!

Genre: Romance, Slight Angst, Friendship, Adventure

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Humor, Slight Angst, Swearing


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain


Soulmate AU: You have a clock that appears on your wrist the moment your heart starts to beat. However, it doesn’t start until the moment your born. It stops counting until the day you meet your soulmate.

It had never made made a sound but you could hear the tick/tock of the clock. It was a little metronome in the back of your head, the sound echoing through you. Two seconds, Three seconds, four seconds would go by as that little clock that was tattooed onto your skin counted. What was it counting? You huffed and sighed. Every person in the world had a clock tattooed onto their wrist. It counted the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks, the months, the years that it took for you to meet your soulmate. It stopped counting if you met them but the clock never went away. It stayed there, on that time, if you met your soulmate. But then you had people like yourself, where it never stopped. Tick, tock, back and forth the metronome in your head would go as it counted. It was counting. 29 Years, 348 Months, 1512.14 weeks, 10585 days, 254040 hours, 1.524e+7 minutes, 9.145e+8 seconds, and 83 milliseconds. That was what was on your wrist. Complicated? Maybe. Hard to understand? Nope. 23 years had passed and you still haven’t met him. Some had met their soulmate during middle school, some high school, and others in college. You hadn’t met yours yet and it was sort of depressing. So, you usually went to Starbucks to settle yourself. Sometimes, your clock would glitch, making you gasp a bit every time. Why would it do that? Did it do that on purpose? You never knew. It scared the hell out of you, that was for sure. You sighed and got out of bed. It was Monday and there was no way you were missing out on some good ole Starbucks coffee made just the way you like it. You grabbed some clothes, putting them on, a beanie, and headed out with your money in your pocket. You needed a little wake-me-up. After all, you had to do a lot of grocery shopping today later and just couldn’t afford to get a coffee maker. As you walked, the Boston air hit your lungs and you sighed. Boston was a nice place, though it was sort of junkie with the streets. Nevertheless, it was a nice place to be and when you studied at the University there, well, what else could you do? You sighed and walked into Starbucks, biting your lip. The line was long, making you groan a bit and you stood there. Taking out your phone, your eyes flicked to your wrist, the thing still ticking by as the Week changed to 1513. You sighed. Playing a game, you waited until the line got a bit closer and you shut the game off when you used up all your energy. Your eyes met another man’s eyes, his eyes blue and you smiled when he smiled at you. People still had manners, you thought. When you got up to the cash register, you ordered your drink and your eyes flicked down to your wrist. It took you a second to realize it wasn’t clicking. What?! You shot your eyes up to the cashier but his clock was still ticking. What was going on? You grabbed your drink and a hand on yours stopped you. You looked up to see the man you smiled at and his hand with his clock was holding out a number. 

“Miss, I think you’re gonna need this.”

His clock. It wasn’t ticking and you slowly brought your wrist up to his and he smiled at you. His clock said. 

34 years, 408 months, 1772.86 weeks, 12410 days, 297840 hours, 1.787e+7 minutes, 1.072e+9 seconds, and 83 milliseconds. 

He was 34 years old and it took him a lot longer to find you. You bit your lip, chewing it a bit as you did so. You felt bad for complaining about never finding your soulmate. He was five years older than you, for crying out loud. It took him longer than you, much longer than you. You looked up into his blue eyes and you said, chuckling while his eyes lit up a bit at the sound.

“Shouldn’t we exchange names before exchanging numbers?”

The man’s ears turned pink and he chuckled a bit, rubbing the back of his neck and then scratching the side of his beard. 

“yeah, true. My name’s Chris.”

You smiled at him, blinking slowly as you informed him of your name.


He smiled and asked, gesturing to his booth.

“You wanna sit down with me?”

You smiled and nodded and he took your hand and you smiled. Maybe the clock wasn’t so bad after all. It was like telling a love story. This is how long it’ll take. You couldn’t have imagined a better way of finding your soulmate. The smell of coffee hung heavy in the air as his voice, like silk, smoothed out over you as the soft of his hands held you. 

Your coffee had never tasted sweeter.


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small dramatic complaint: i lowkey hate that the environment in the finale was so... clinical (in regards to bellarke ofc). like the colors were blue and hard and those suits!!! and then outside was just sO yellow. the fact that the best scenes of the season had the worst lighting... 😒 thank god for the giffers who managed to make them bearable to look at y'all are doing god's work

Omg I loved all the shots!

A massive thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys the One Shots as much as I enjoy writing them!

Thank you for 4k

Thank you for ever like and reblog

Thank you for ever request you send


Have a wonderful day!

All the love, C xx

Request: Underestimated

Word Count: 982

Request: Don’t get me wrong I love all your One-shots and what not but could you please do one where the reader doesn’t need saving but instead it’s the guys like they don’t think she’s really capable of some of the things they do like killing monsters and such but when they fuck up she’s there and pulls out a gun/knife from her thigh holster and goes all bad ass and kills basically all of what ever they’re hunting and they never understand estimate her ever THANK YOU SO MUCH sorry if I sounded mean /.\

You didn’t sound mean at all! You’re so polite, actually, and thank you so much! I hope you like it, and thanks again!<33

“Dude!” You whirl on Sam, somewhat exasperated, “I could have done that!”

“I was just making sure-“

“I didn’t get hurt, sure.” You roll your eyes, “I know what I’m doing, you know!”

“Jeez,” He holds up his hands defensively, “Just trying to help.”

“For the ninth time tonight!” You sigh, running an annoyingly clean hand through your hair. While getting dirty isn’t great you’d rather have that sense of satisfaction that you’re getting less and less often at the moment.

He sighs, turning around to find his brother, who emerges from the shadows of the warehouse, blood smattered but grinning.

“Just a couple more, Sammy boy, and then we’re done for the evening!” He announces, somewhat gleeful for being in the middle of a hunt, “Lighten up, Y/N, at this rate it might be worth going out later. Now, you just wait here, and we’ll finish up next door.”

You frown, folding your arms, “I’m not sure about that. I should help, just in case. There might be more down there than you think and-“

“We’re fine, seriously.” Dean claps your shoulder, “Hang tight, stay safe, we’ll be out of here in ten minutes flat.”


“Come on, let’s make this as quick as possible.” Sam offers, and without saying anything else, they head off through the little metal door.

Sometimes, they forget just how capable you are. You’ve been a hunter for almost as long as they have – you’re only three years younger than Sam, and you’ve been in the game since you were a kid. Maybe it’s because you’re a girl or you’re smaller or they see you as weak, but you’re damned sick of them making you hang back and them doing all of the work. You’re equally as skilled as they are, and when it comes to being slick and nimble, you’re probably better. Conning and manipulating, that side, sure, you dominate that kind but this is the part with the thrill.

You lean against the filthy wall, listening to the scuffle next door. After a minute or two, it stops, and you wait for the guys to come parading through the door celebrating their victory, planning a night out. You watch the door, but you don’t so much as hear footsteps.

After a minute of total silence, you straighten up and slip over to the door. It creaks horribly as you open it, but the totally empty room before you doesn’t seem to care. A sweeping glance finds nothing but one dead vamp, head rolled off somewhere into the shadows, and a seemingly disproportionate amount of blood.

“Oh, no.” You murmur, moving to sink into the shadows. You slip around the dark edge of the warehouse until you hear a voice.

“Which one do we sink our teeth into first?” It purrs, and you hear knuckles cracking, “This one looks so delicious, don’t you think? But the mouth on this one… I think he should watch his brother bleed.”

There’s the sound of a small struggle, quickly quelled by laughter from at least two people, but it’s loud enough to be more.

“I say get that one. If the angels are gonna turn up, he’s the one they’ll want. Better to get him out of the way.”

“Your logic, Michelle, is a load of shit.” The first voice says seriously, “We’re eating this one first!”

“How about you take turns and give up?” A familiar voice growls – Dean. You smile to yourself, stepping forward and watching the three figures advance on him like he’s about to jump at them – he’s tied down and on the floor so that isn’t happening, but they have the right idea.

Don’t underestimate hunters.

You leap out, immediately decapitating one. They haven’t quite reacted yet giving you a solid advantage as the second head hits the floor. The third one, however – the one closest to the guys – sees you coming and makes a dive for you, razor-like teeth bared and a horrible snarl shaping her lips.

“You’re going to regret that.” She seethes, her whole weight landing on you and sending the blade skittering across the room. You wince, holding her off with scratching and throwing punches in the hope that you can-

A solid punch to the nose that sends pain rocketing through your hand and up your arm holds her off for long enough for you to flip the situation, and you use the momentum to roll over and propel yourself to your feet. It’s mere seconds before she’s running at you again, though, and this time you’re prepared.

It takes less than a second for you to yank the shining blade from the holster secured on your thigh. Not as long as the other one, but sharper. It slips through her neck like a hot spoon through ice-cream, and you’ve moved before the head even hits the floor.

You don’t speak as you make quick work of untying the guys, using the knife to get rid of the ropes. Upon straightening up, you scoop up your other blade, wipe the blood on your spare onto your jeans, and shove it back in the holster.

“Holy shit, Y/N.” Dean rubs at his wrists, staring at you in total awe, “You never told us you could do that.”

“You never gave me the chance.” You say, wiping blood from your eye.

“I’m sorry.” They say in unison, and immediately look at each other.

“I guess we’re used to the whole damsel-in-distress type.” Sam offers, and you crack a small smile.

“The day I’m a damsel in distress is the day you’re a frog that needs a kiss.” You inform them, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

You lead them out of the building, and Dean leans into his brother so you don’t hear.

“I think we severely underestimated this one.” He whispers, “Let’s not get on her bad side.”