OUaT 6x01-1 - Opening

Wow, I feel out of practice! I do need to get some thoughts down while they’re still bubbling.

First of all, I love these classic intro shots.  Love. Them. I get a little thrill every time.

I also love the lighting in this scene. The broken patterns echo the bars of the birdcage and hide details from the eye. Aladdin’s home out there in the middle of nowhere is no refuge.

“And to think, you could have escaped this fate.” Ah, fate. The show keeps circling back to this topic. I am deeply pleased to find it introduced in the thread for all three of the central figures in the show – Can Emma escape her vision? Can Regina start a new story? Can Rumple avoid repeating his previous mistake? I look for interesting things to come from this, and I want to drop one particular thought here:

Whatever characters are doing at the start of the season, they won’t be doing that same thing at the end.

“You were nothing but a common thief, but you had honor. It took becoming a hero for you to completely come apart. That’s what always happens to Saviors, isn’t it? It’s the fate of Saviors. You give, and give, and give, and for what? They pick the fruit, the cut the branches, and all that’s left is this shaky stump. That’s why you never ever hear these words about a Savior: they lived happily ever after.”

Given what happens to Jafar in the Wonderland spinoff, I think this gloating is tad out of place, but we’ll worry about that later. For now, a reminder that the first scene in the arc always drops a clue about where the story is going to go; there’s always some bit of parallelism going on. Sometimes it’s weak (“this won’t work the way you think it will” – okay, but…), and sometimes it’s strong (Charming waking Snow, Emma waking Henry). In this case, it’s basically banging a gong. When Jafar says “they lived happily ever after,” you can bet that’s going to be said again at the season’s end.


Ruth Negga photographed by Zoey Grossman for Interview Magazine

[Star Wars] also gained a deeper love from fans that already exist, i.e. people of color and women. There is a huge [group of them]. Geeky, comic-book-loving people aren’t just white males. I think there’s a bigger level of respect among black female nerds [for those films], because they’re like, “Finally!” Like, “We read them, too! We’re obsessed with them, too!” I think that’s the exciting thing.

Just a reminder that Octavia Blake spent the first sixteen years of her life hiding under floorboards in a tiny room in space and yet she’s a thousand times more competent at being a decent human being than 90% of the characters on this show. 


Charles saying Erik’s name


And I see war on the screen
And it is cruel and unclean