Linkin Park’s; One More Light, was the heaviest inspiration for this painting. 

Hence all the stars and glitter and such, I wanted to render Prompto again for some time now, it’s been a while since I’ve done so properly so here’s something I did with Clip Studio Pro and PS! I’ve finally got the knack for painting on there now, and picking out a color palette for this was he hardest three hours of my life! The combinations were endless, but I settled on something!


Tom Hiddleston lifting not so gently Ladies

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Okay, I know this is an extremely random question, but it's for my latest fic. What would Henry and the toon's favourite biscuits be? I'm kinda seeing Bendy into ginger snaps, and Henry... maybe a fan of the traditional digestive? -LNicol1990

(Ah, you’re British! XD  A biscuit is very different for me!)

Their favorite cookies… hmm!

The way I see it, Bendy would likely enjoy molasses cookies, which are very similar to ginger snaps with an extra bit of cinnamon (and, of course, a heaping helping of molasses; they’ve got a rather strong flavor).  These also happen to be my personal favorites. :P

Alice would prefer shortbread cookies, methinks.  Light and sugary-sweet, bonus points for something like honey or jam to go with them.

Boris is more of an oatmeal-choco-chunk person, and I think Henry would be into peanut butter cookies!


London, England - 1938 

Miss Sybil Moira Branson, daughter of Irish journalist Tom Branson and the late Lady Sybil Branson (née Crawley), has published her first novel at the tender age of 18. The Fate of Gold explores the adventures of an aristocratic young woman who goes against the wishes of her family to explore the goldfields of Australia in the early 19th Century. The novel has so far received positive reviews from literary critics as a ‘heartfelt’ and ‘refreshingly exciting’ piece that examines the harsh reality of the British class system and the challenges of womanhood. 

Miss Branson currently resides in London, working as an intern for the magazines, Tatler and Sketch (the latter owned by her aunt, Lady Edith Pelham (née Crawley), Marchioness of Hexham). Miss Branson’s mother stunned the British aristocracy shortly after the Great War when she married the family’s chauffeur, Mr. Branson. Sadly, she passed away after complications during the birth of Miss Branson in 1920. Thereafter, Miss Branson was brought up with her mother’s family in Yorkshire at the family estate, Downton Abbey whilst regularly travelling to Ireland to visit her father’s relatives after spending a short time in Boston, Massachusetts. 

For the time being, Miss Branson intends to remain in London to begin her career in journalism whilst working on her second novel, which she promises will more thrilling than her first. 

im fuckin Hollering bora and feeldog met on hit the stage n they’ve been dating for roughly a year and hoya is feeldog’s homie and is close to bora n bora is just generally friendly w all of infinite esp sunggyu and shES DATIN FEELDOG AND THEY’RE BOTH AMAZING DANCERS AND I LOVE BOTH INDIVIDUALLY SO MUCH CAN U IMAGE HOW FUCKIN HAPPY I AM THAT THEY’RE TOGETHER HONESTLY I’M OVER THE GODDAMN MOON

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How do you keep a legacy? Like how do you keep going and enjoying it?

who says i enjoy this??????! lolol “jk” ummm tbh sometimes u just wanna quit uk bc doing ~things~ is /hard/ but for me knowin tht ppl read my story keeps me motivated??? this is cheesy af but like i set my alarm at like 11 so i can make the posts for tht day & tht wakes me up?? bc i don’t wanna disappoint by not posting ??? idk IDK how 2 answer :/// plus i love my ugly babies so it helps that i’m attached to them LOL