Boyfriend Taehyung
•holding your hand tightly
• will bother you nonstop
• “Jagi, jagi, jagiiiii”
• “i love youuu”
•he’s not drunk, that’s just how he is
• “what are you doing right now? It’s probably not that important right?”
• “good, come over, let’s cuddle”
• peppers you with kisses
• good night texts
• takes you out on walks
•"let’s take a walk"
• “I know it’s 2 am… Your point is?”
• swings both of your hands when you walk
• you get to see his messy hair when waking up next to him


You’re such a lovely person ;w; Your message made my day and I’m really gratefull for that! The idea of the circus inspired me and here’s my project. I hope you’ll like it ^^ I’m planning to play with these characters more so let’s hope that I’ll show you more of them soon. Thank you once again and have a nice day ;w;


intense… kids

Words could not desribe my unimaginable joy when they announced SS on the stream not only for Heroes but for Cipher too; i’ve waited an entire year for my very first FE to finally get Cipher cards THANK YOU INTELSYS I LOVE YOUUU now i can happily go broke pulling their 5*FEH versions and their SR+ cards v^-^v 

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Ur Hercules au makes me feel like what I imagine love to be. That kind of happy/sad mixed with a collection of other feelings swirling from my stomach to my chest and warming me up. The kind of feeling you can't name, but can describe by using other feelings. It feels like indigo.

This is such a beautiful explanation !! <3

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Rhett fell asleep while waiting for New Year to come!

Ahhhh It’s already New Year here in Indonesia, so I guess I’ll be telling you all early XD

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! :・’゚\\ ̄(エ) ̄)♪clap clap♪( ̄(エ) ̄//゚’・::.

I seriously can’t thank you all enough for this year! Even though 2016 sucks in general, you guys made it SO MUCH better <3 Even though we all know 2016 has been a really sad year, we all have each other to make everything better :D So I hope that 2017 will be a much better year ^^

Here are some of the people that has made my year:
@arthur-nath @cypriusgray @heatgeneratingtechniques @snivycat @arel-rhink @ladycynthiana @m-gm @mythicalemily @twiningunicorns @mythicallyvi @izzyr11 @totallyrhettro and SO MUCH MOREEEEE :DDD

I can’t thank you enough to all of you, even if we never really talk, or chat, or something, please KNOW that I ALWAYS appreciate every single thing you guys do <3

I know this isn’t much, certainly. But again, thank you so much! You guys made my year a lot more beautiful ^^

(you better not fuck up)