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Name: Bella
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hi guys! I’m just looking for funny chill people to be pen pals/friends with. I’m kinda shy at first, but if it’s over text or whatever it doesn’t matter lmaooo. I’m 15 yrs. old from NC. My first language is English but I’m working on Spanish rn. I love animals, writing, YouTube, reading, and makeup, also SCIENCE. Music is 11/10 too. I listen to some pop, but lately I’ve been into more alternative stuff, so if u can reccomend music we are already pals. I’m currently learning how to play bass guitar so that’s neat. Best form of communication would be email or text.

Preferences: Ages 15-17, but don’t talk to me if u are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. (Race, gender, sexual orientation doesn’t matter)

I want to start off by saying i am not artistic at all. That being said i am pretty proud about how this turned out. It took me a couple weeks to get it to this point and I really like it. Mark and Jack are my two favorite youtubers. I love both them and what they do for their communities. It would make me so happy for them to see this so I can show them my love and thanks for all they do. Especially today because it’s my 20th birthday! (June 27th, the day before Mark’s!) Thank you again for all you two do! @therealjacksepticeye @markiplier

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who are some good people to watch on youtube?? i'm bored of netflix

navathebeast (military/fitness/my boyfriend)
nick bare (military/fitness)
rob marino (cheat day eating videos/fitness. him
and his fiancé are so cute)
drip46 (military/humor)
heidi somers (fitness)
nikocado avocado (mukbangs)
army barbie (army duh but this bitch is so funny)
cambria joy (lifestyle/wellbeing/pisces older sister figure)
olivia jade (beauty)
bella fiori (beauty/i love her mystery monday videos)
alwayshungry (ED recovery/cheat day eating videos)
josh garza (military/vlogs/also my boyfriend)
yoga with adriene (all time fave for yoga)
sarahbethyoga (2nd all time fave for yoga)
kendall rae (i like her conspiracy/crime videos)
edyn jacks (what i eat in a day’s/i just love her personality)
morgan taylor (fitness/vlogs/she’s a kindergarten teacher too!)
marie j (beauty)
alexandrea garza (beauty/fashion)
a classroom diva (she’s so cute omg she teaches 3rd grade)

I was speaking to the lady that works for Make-A-Wish and she said that back in the day when they started the Make a Wish charity people always used to want to go meet Robert Downey Jr. or Jack Sparrow or go to this crazy thing but recently the people that they get asked to hook people up with the most are YouTubers. And I was wondering why and the girl said that because most of the young people that are part of Make-A-Wish spent most of their time in hospitals, dealing with their illnesses, they obviously spend a lot of time on the Internet and then would naturally stumble across YouTubers. And when they have lots of time in hospitals, going through all these treatments or recovering from things, YouTubers are the people who they spend their time watching instead of stuff in the cinema. You know, simultaneously that’s so like… it’s heart-warming and it’s nice and then it’s also kind of sad. But it just really make you kind of happy that a) such an amazing charity is there, doing things but then also for YouTubers, you know, like Markiplier who does so many - he’s amazing obviously for a billion reasons - but whenever me and Phil get to do it, it’s just such a nice thing.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 14th of February 2017

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One of the many reasons I love YouTubers. It’s also a perfect example of the amazing impact their content have on the people watching.