BTS reaction to their S/O having tattoos


Jin wouldn’t quiet get the whole tattoo thing. He never really had any desire to get one or understand the purpose. If you had some, though, he would think they’re pretty amazing. He’d like to look at them and poke at them. He would finally get it’s just another form of expression and have respect for them. “I think you have a special way of expressing yourself and I really really like it, baby~.

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Yoongi wouldn’t mind if you did have tattoos or if you didn’t have them. He would just want you happy. If having tattoos and getting tattoos would make you happy, he’d be all for it. He would also like to look at them and listen to the stories on why you got them. "If they make you happy, I am too~.”

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He wouldn’t make a big deal either way. Hobi would like to poke at them and make them move in silly ways when he got the chance. He would like to go when ever you got a new one so he can hold your hand and be there for you for something you found important. “I love your tattoos, jagi~. I can’t wait for your next one!!”

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Namjoon would think they’re amazing. He would love the story behind all of them and just the idea of using your body to display art. He would like to look at them and just study them. He would tell you how nice they looked on you and he just loved them. “Your tattoos are so beautiful. Should I get some, too?”

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Jimin wouldn’t say much about them. They aren’t really his thing. He likes more of the “girly” type, but once he realizes how much you loved them and how they told your story, he would love them. He would even suggest him drawing something for you to get tattooed on you. He’d just make so many things and show you. “How’s this one, babe? Do you want a tattoo of this one?”

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Tae wouldn’t mind them much either~. He would just want you happy, and if tattoos made you happy, he would be super happy, too. He’d be excited when you said you were going to get a new one. “Can I come with!? What’s it gonna be this time!?” Tae would ask, sounding super excited.

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He would really like them. Jungkook would draw things for you to get tattooed or just give you little ideas and suggestions. He’d love to listen to you talk about them And just adore them so much. “I think they make you so cute, baby!!”

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awwwww I love your tattoo! what will be the next one?

Ugh, I’ve been racking my brain over this. My left arm is going to be a series of simplistic Star Wars designs and illustrations by my favorite artists. It’s all going to be blackwork, no tattoo on my person is going to have any touch of color. 

Bruce Timm is my absolute favorite artist, and there’s this beautiful spread he has in which I’d like to isolate the Luke or Boba Fett panel.

And, as other readers have already seen, the tattoo I have is one of Liam Ashurst’s Star Wars designs and I’d love to get another one from his portfolio.

Thank you for your question, and thanks for reading! xoxo


I fell in love with you, The way People did back in the 40’s.
Little by little Then All at once Then Everything Else just Became Lovable. 
I fell in love with your smile, As it Lit up the road as we drove from Point A to Point B.
I fell in love with your laugh, because it echos across the world and comes right back to me.
I fell in love with the way you grip the steering wheel, as you get nervous driving on the highway.
I fell in love with the way you look at me and As you look back at the road I can hear your thoughts about me.
I fell in love with your fingertips running across my forehead brushing my hair out of my face.
I fell in love with the way you say my name, and as much as I hate my name you make me love it so much.
I fell in love with the way you stare at me and tell me how amazed you are that you found me.
I fell in love with the way you have to fall asleep touching a part of me, Even if its just your finger tip on my side.
I fell in love with the way you chase the light in my eyes.
I fell in love with your eyes, and how they say so much.
I fell in love with your lips and how they look and feel like home.
I fell in love with your hugs and how I can feel and see the future with you.
I  fell in love with the way you tell me everything.
I fell in love with your sailor mouth, and how you laugh when I curse.
I fell in love with how I can talk about work and you actually respond in a way that no guy has ever.
I fell in love with your tattoo, because it show that you just don’t care what people say.
I fell in love with the way you amaze me everyday, with all the support you give me. 
I fell in love with your hair, and how it sticks up in the back.
I fell in love with your perfect smile and how you raise your eyebrows at me, and call me crazy.
I fell in love with the way you only slept an hour with me that night we first held each other. 
I fell in love with your ability to love me even when I’m stupid and trying to tell you're completely wrong even though I know you’re right. 
I fell in love with your funny birthmarks. 
I fell in love with your ridiculous thoughts when you’re deprived from sleep.
I fell in love with your arms and how they wrap around my body perfectly.
I fell in love with the way you look at me like I’m the entire universe to you.
I fell in love with your funny tickle spots, and how you laugh at everything I say.
I fell in love with the way you always ask if I’m okay, or if I’m sick.
I fell in love with the way you kiss me and how each and every time you make me feel like I’m flying.
I fell in love with the way you beat on the steering wheel like it’s a drum when you’re listening to hardcore music, and how you try to do the deep scream or growls. 
 I fell in love with the you kiss or rub my forehead or the back of my hand randomly or any bone that hurts.
I fell in love with you, The way you fell in love with me.
As soon as I met you I just knew..
—  I Chose You..
Love Affair Part 4

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Love Affair Part 4

Chapter 7

Negan let out a groan as I pulled back and looked at him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. He held me close as we started to kiss again. 

God, it was electrify. The way our lips moved with one and another. The way he taste, it just draw me in. Negan slide his tongue into my mouth, making me moan. He groan as he tighten his grip around me. I started caressing him as he lifted me off the ground and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He broke the kiss, leaving me breathless. We kept our eyes on each other as he carried my to his bedroom. He stop when we got near his bed and he sat me back down on my feet. 

“Negan.” I said, as I place my hands on his shoulders. 

“Yeah doll?” Negan said, placing his hands under my shirt.

“I’m.. I’m a bit nervous.” I said, looking down.

“Hey.” Negan said, using one hand to gently rise my chin up to him. “It’s okay doll. If you fucken don’t want to, we won’t”

“No, it’s not that. I want to, I do. It’s just,..” I said, biting my lower lip. “It’s been awhile and I always feel… that I’m not doing it right, you know?”

“I’m sure you’ll be fucken great doll.” Negan said, smiling at me as he stroke his thumb a cross my chin. “If you want, I’ll fucken take the lead. Once you ready, just fucken take control. Alright?”

“Alright.” I said, smiling as I nodded my head.

‘Now let’s fucken take this off of you.” Negan said, as started to unbutton his shirt that I was wearing. “You fucken don’t know how  long I’ve been waiting to see your body doll.” He ran his finger tips up my body and place his hands on my shoulder. He gently slide the shirt off my shoulders and I let it fall to the floor. “Fuck me.” He step back a bit, taking me in as he licked his lips. “You are absolute fucken gorgeous doll. So fucken gorgeous.”

“Thank you.” I said, blushing. “Your turn.”

“Alright.” Negan said, chuckling a bit as took off his shirt. “What do you fucken think doll?”

“I love it.” I said, running my hands up and down his chest and stomach. “I love your tattoos. I think they’re sexy.”

“I think your more fucken sexy.” Negan said, giving me a small kiss as he wrapped his around my waist again. “Anytime you feel uncomfortable or need to fucken stop, just tell me doll and I’ll stop.”

“Okay.” I said, as we lean into one and another. “Okay.”

We both close our eyes when our lips met again. The kiss started off slowing, but became more tense with each passing second. I started running my hands up and down his chest, then sliding them behind his back. Negan took a hold of my face with one had, deepening the kiss .

Negan let out a groan. “Your fucken lips doll.” Negan said, against my lips. “Taste so fucken sweet.” He started kissing my cheek and to my ear. “I fucken wonder.” He use his other hand to slide over my hip and down my thigh. “What else.” He brush against my clit with his fingers, making gasp. “Taste fucken sweet.” He took my lips again as he started rubbing my clit over my panties, making me moan. “I bet it taste really fucken sweet.”

“Won’t you find out?” I said, against his lips, making him groan. 

“I fucken will doll, but first.” Negan said smiling at me. “I want to feel how wet this fucken pussy is for me.” He slide his fingers under my panties, making gasp again. “Oh yeah.” He slide two of his fingers into my, making me moan. “It’s really fucken wet for me.” He started moving his fingers in and out of me. “And fucken tight too.” He kiss me again, roughly this time. “Just the way I fucken like it.”

I started to moan more from the way his fingers move inside of me. Even more so because of how he was talking to me. I never had a man talk to me this way before, ever. His words, sweet and dominating, flatting and seductive. God, he makes me want him more and more with every word he says to me.

“I think I’ll have a little fucken taste now.” Negan said, sliding his fingers out of me and put them in his mouth. He pulled them out and smile at me. “Hmm, you fucken do taste sweet doll. Just like fucken candy” He picked me up and laid me on the bed as he crawled on top of me. “Want a fucken taste?”

Before I could answer, he kiss me and slide his tongue into my mouth. Another thing I never had a man do to me, having me taste myself. He broke the kiss, yet again leaving me breathless. He smile as he kiss down my chin and to my neck.

Negan kiss my neck a bit and pulled back, blowing on the wet skin. I shiver, making him chuckle a bit. He slide his hands behind my back as he kept kissing my neck. He unhook my bra and toss it aside as he moved down to my chest. 

“Gorgeous.” Negan said, smiling as he grab my breast and teasing my nipples. I close my eyes and moan his name. “Oh someone fucken likes this. Now, what about this?” He started sucking on one of my nipples, then pulled back and blow on it. I moan louder as I grabbed his shoulders. “Yeah, you fucken like that too.”

“Negan.” I moan his name as he kept doing it over and over again. “Fuck.”

He chuckle a bit as he looked down at me. “I think that’s the first time I heard you fucken cuss doll.” Negan said, giving me a kiss. “I bet I know what would really make you fucken cuss.”

He slide his hands down the slide of my body as he kiss down my chest and stomach. Negan grabbed a hold of my panties and slide them off of me. I looked down at him as he put my legs on his shoulders. He looked up at me, watching me as he lean down and started tasting me.

“Fuck.” I said, leaning back and closing my eyes. “Fuck.”

Negan chuckle again. I moan as he slide his tongue up and down, making my shiver. The way he moved his tongue around, moving it up and down, in and out of me, it was too much. I already started to feel my body tense up and shake because of it. Then he slide two fingers in me, making my arch my back.

“Ready to fucken cum for me doll?” Negan said, looking up at me as I looked down at him. I nodded my head. “Good. Now, lay back and let me fucken take care of you.” 

I nodded my head again and laid back on the bed. He started moving his tongue around my click and moving his fingers in and out of me. He started to move faster and faster. He pushed his fingers deep and hard into me, hitting my g-spot. I started tensing him as he kept his fingers deep and moved them around. I grabbed the sheets as my body started to shake from his touch. 

“I’m cumming. Fuck. I’m cumming.” I said, arching my back as I came. “Negan. Fuck. Negan.”

I body felt like it was out of control. I tried to move away so I could relax, but Negan wasn’t having it. He moved his arm and wrapped it around my hips, keeping me in place. He started flicking on my clit as he started moving his fingers harder and faster out of me.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Fuck.” I said as I started to release again. “Fuck I’m cumming. I’m cumming again.” 

I arch my back as I grabbed his hair and started pulling it. He slowing started going slow as my body started to calm down. I let go of his hair as he slide his fingers out of me. My legs drop off his shoulders as I tried to catch my breath. 

Negan kiss up my body and looked down at me. He touch my face gently as smile down at me. 

Still fucken with me doll?” Negan said and I nodded “Good, thought I fucken broke you there for a second.”

I laugh as I smacked his shoulder. I put my hand behind his head, pulling him down to me. He brush his lips against mine, teasing me. I ran my other hand down his chest, his stomach and slip it in his pajama pants. 

“Feel how fucken hard you got me?” Negan said, kissing my neck.

“Yeah.” I said, as I started stroking his head with my thumb, making him moan. “Someone likes this.” We both laugh a bit. 

I move my other hand in his pants. I started moving my hand up and down his lengthen as the other one kept teasing his head. He groan into the side of my neck as I started moving my hands faster.

“Am I doing it right?” I said, being unsure.

“Yeah doll.” Negan said, moving his hips with my hands. “Fuck.” I started tighten my grip and moved faster, making him moan my name. “Fuck.” Then I pulled my hands out, making him sigh. “You fucken tease.” He grabbed one of my hands and shove it back in his pants. “Keep fucken going.” I started stroking him with one hand and started kissing his neck. I started moving my hand out and he grabbed it. “No you fucken don’t” He kept his hand on mine as I ran my other hand up and down his body. “Fuck, these pants got to go.”

He slide them off and props himself up on his forearms. Negan press his forehead against mine as started grinding up against me. I started moaning as I felt his dick slide up and down my wet folds.

“Time to fucken tease you doll.” Negan said said, taking my hand off of him. He started rubbing the head of his dick around my clit. “How you fucken like it doll?”

“I love it.” I said, moaning as I put my hands on his shoulders. “I need you Negan. I need you inside of me.”

“Fucken A.” Negan said leaning down and kissing me roughly. “Fuck.” He pulled back and look at me. “Raw or fucken condom doll? I’m fine either fucken way.”

“Condom.” I said, kissing him gently. “For now.”

“I’m fucken looking forward to that.” Negan said chuckling a bit as he sat up. He reach over to his night stand and started looking through it. “Let’s fucken hope I fucken have some left over from the ex.”

“You know your hoping you don’t.” I said, smiling at him.

“I fucken do.” Negan said, chuckling as he grabbed on out. “Sadly though, I fucken found one.”

“Poor baby.” I said, laughing a bit.

"Now I’ll have to go fucken rough now to teach you a lesson doll.” Negan said, winking as he put the condom on. He grabbed my legs as he crawled back on top of me. “Ready doll?”

“Ready.” I said, as I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Go head.”

Negan lean down and kiss me gently as he slowing slide himself inside of me. I broke the kiss and moan as he push further inside. He wrapped his arms around me and I wrapped my arms around him. Our breathing got heavier as he finally settle deep inside of me.

“Fuck you still tight doll.” Negan said, kissing me gently as he moved his hips around. “Still feeling good doll?”

“Wonderful.” I said, smiling as I kiss him back. “Negan?”

“Yeah doll?” Negan said, smiling down at me.

“Make love to me.” I said and his smile got bigger.

“Don’t have to fucken tell me twice doll.” Negan said as he started moving. “I’ll make fucken love to you all night (y.n). All fucken night.”

He started moving in and out of me slowing as he kiss me. The way he moved, the way he kiss me, it felt so different from to me. It wasn’t just sex with him, like he said, it was more. I never felt this way before, not even…with Danny. 

“Negan.” I moan his name as he caress my body and moved faster and harder. “O god.”

“Told you doll.” Negan said, pressing his forehead against mine. “It would be fucken different.” 

“Yes. Yes.” I said as I got lost his touch. “Yes.”

It felt like we were rolling around in the sheets forever. He had me in almost every position there was. In every one, he would tell me how much he’s been wanting this, been wanting me. When I was on top, he just smile at me. Telling me I know how to move my hips just right. How he wanted more and more.

I just love how he went from being rough and dominated, to gentle and passionate. He knew how to keep cumming, keep me begging for more. He place my hands to the side of my head, sliding his hands up to my mine. Our hands entwine, locking with one and another. 

Our bodies started to trembling as they started to tense up. We came together, moaning each other names. He kept in deep, rolling his hips, making our release last longer. After awhile, our bodies slowing started to relax as we try to catch out breath. He kiss me gently and slowing, taking it all in.

“Doll.” Negan said, against my lips. “You were fucken amazing.”

“You did all the work.” I said, smiling against my lips. “But thank you.”

“Welcome doll.” Negan said, sitting up and looking down at me. “I hate to fucken kill the moment doll, but I got to ask… what are we now?”

“I was going to ask you that.” I said, looking up at him. “What do you want to be?”

“Together.” Negan said, smiling at me. “I want us to fucken together.”

“Then we’re together.” I said, smiling back at him.

“Good.” Negan said, taking my hand and kissing my finger. “Because I fucken need you with me. I always need you with me.”

“I have to get the divorce papers tomorrow morning.” I said, as I touching his face gently. “It’s going to be hell for awhile, you sure you can handle it?”

“I can fucken handle doll. Only thing I can’t..” Negan said, touching my face. “Is not fucking having you with me.” 

I started tearing up at his words, words I knew he actually met. He wasn’t going to back down, he wasn’t going to give up on us. He was willing to do anything to keep us going, even if that means dealing with Danny. 

“I need to find a place tomorrow too. Since he own the house when we first met.” I said, letting out a sigh.

“You can always fucken move in with me doll.” Negan said and a rise my eyebrow at him. “I know, I know, your fucken thinking too soon. There is a fucken apartment opening up down from mine in a couple of months. I’m sure I can get the landlord to let you fucken move in there, since we’re friends. You can stay with me till then or if you fucken change your mind you can just stay here. Sound good?”

“Yeah,sounds good.” I said, nodding my head.

We’ll start moving your stuff out slowing. That way that fucker won’t find out and give you fucken shit. When everything is fucken out, give him the fucken papers.” Negan said, finally moving off of me. “We’ll figure the rest of this fucken shit out tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep doll.”

“Okay.” I said as we started getting ready for bed. 

I curl up to him and lay my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. He started running his hands through my hair, making my eyes get heavy. I just listen to the sound of his breathing and his heartbeat. I slowing started to fall asleep, when I heard him whisper…

“I love you.”….

Love Affair Part 5 

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Exo When their S/O has a tattoo and they try to hide it

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Junmyeon definitely strikes me as the traditional type.  Here’s the thing, though, he’s practically lived his whole life surrounded by people with tattoos of both genders.  At this point, he’s use to it by now.  So when he discovers that you also have a tattoo, he might be initially surprised by it, but it isn’t going to change the way he thinks about you.  In fact, I feel like Junmyeon would be the type to really enjoy and marvel at the super colorful and aesthetically pleasing tattoos, bonus points if it’s watercolor!  There’s just something super artistic about it that he would think it only enhances your beauty.  Junmyeon will wonder why you were so adamantly trying to keep it from him, but once you explain it was because you knew Korean society wasn’t too hot on them, he’d tell you not to pay any attention to their standards.  “Jagiyah, you’re dating me, not the whole of Korea.   I happen to really like your tattoo.  I’ll even go with you if you want to get another one.  Honestly, you’re beautiful no matter what.”

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KINK ALERT! KINK ALERT!  I don’t know why, but Minseok strikes me as someone who has a tattoo kink.  Like maybe not a super hardcore one, but enough to where it’s definitely a turn on.  You’ll stretch your arms over your head casually after a long movie marathon, your shirt riding up enough to expose the colorful tattoo resting on the inside of your hip.  BAM! Minseok would be transfixed!  He’ll ask you when you got it and all the subsequent questions that go along with such a discovery.  Don’t worry too much if he seems lost in that beautiful head of his or if his eyes kind of glaze over, he’s just playing though some fantasies, he’ll be back.  Your tattoo will become his new favorite part of your body.  He’ll flower bruises all around it, kiss it, nip at it, trace it (fingers, tongue–whatever he’s feeling at the time tbh), etc.  It’s in such a place that he doesn’t have to worry about it being found by anyone else, but dear lord, please do not make the mistake of showing it off to anyone else (even by accident).  That is for his eyes only and he’ll make sure you know.  “Jagi, you were trying to hide this from me?  But I love your tattoo!   Do I need to show you how much?”

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This muffin seems like he might be more on the traditional side, but honestly, Yixing will love his s/o no matter what.  I think it will be super surprising for him.  He wasn’t expecting to catch a glimpse of anything on your shoulder, but there it was as clear as day.  It will definitely take a moment to register what exactly it is his eyes are seeing, down to that adorable ‘o’ face he’s so famous for, but the second you go to pull on a sweater or cover it up with your hands, this guy will be swatting your hands out of the way so he can have a closer look.  He’ll ask questions about it, curiosity being a given, but Yixing is an absolute sweetheart, so more than anything he’ll want to know if it had been a painful experience.  To him that’s all that matters.  He just wants you to be safe and sound, so the prospect of you going through something so seemingly painful (even if it was by choice) would startle him.  If you said you were planning on getting more, his reaction would probably mirror panic. “What?  You want more?  How many?  No, no, of course I don’t mind, Baobei, but it hurts, right?  Are you sure it’s something you really want to do?”

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Insecurities (Josh Dun)

Hell this is my second ever imagine I have written on this blog and I am thankful for the notes I received on my first post, as always feel free to drop some requests in my inbox and I will try to get round to doing them as soon as possible.

I was in a very sappy mood so I decided that I was going to write some emotional stuff about Josh being insecure about his looks as well as comparing himself to Tyler.

I want you to know that everyone reading this out there is beautiful even if people tell you any different (Including yourself) Trust me you pretty and beautiful every single day. If you ever want someone to speak to feel free to send me a message. :)

Triggers: Josh talks about body parts he dislikes such as, hair, eyes, chest, tattoos, and height. If any of the things above trigger you please be careful, however they are only brief mentions and don't go into any detail.


Josh POV

I have alway been slightly an anxious person throughout my life, whether that means hiding behind my powerful drum kit and letting Tyler be the main attraction during concerts or breaking into a small sweat when I order at a restaurant scared that I will mess up a simple order. However I thought that the one thing that I was able to control really well was the amount of negative comments me and Tyler often receive, I tend to just block them out because I know how many positive comments we get back from our fans, but something is different.

As I sit on the cold sheets at the very edge of the bed that me and my girlfriend (Y/N) share I can’t help but hear all these pessimistic words flood into my ears. I am sitting shirtless with only a pair of basketball shorts laying low on my hips, my elbows creating red marks on my thighs from where I had been leaning on my hands for a period of time. I didn’t know where this ongoing battle in my brain was leading to but instantaneously, I couldn’t handle in any more and the tears cascaded down my cheeks all at once as if every hurtful, mean and spiteful comment I have ever read suddenly turned to a pool of tears I was slowly creating on the crisp clean bed sheets, I have no idea what has come over me but I don’t feel this flood of emotions starting to slow down anytime soon. I suddenly remembered that (Y/N) is downstairs and that I should quieten down, the last thing I want to do is worry her about my stupid problems. I quickly jump up off the bed and rush over to the large mirror that was on the wall above a chest of drawers and stared into it

She doesn't love you 

She doesn't really want to be with you 

Did you actually think that someone like (Y/N) would actually want to date someone like you. 

Everyone likes Tyler more than you

Tyler is the attractive one

All you do is play the drums, Tyler does so much more and you just sit there

I look in the mirror that was in front of me, I stare into my dark brown eyes, brown boring old brown, I look at my bubblegum pink hair, its horrible, not even a natural colour. I continue to pinpoint different things on my body, my tattoos, my chest, my height and the list goes on. 

“Josh are you alright? You have been in their a while now” I hear (Y/N) call from outside the door, with concern laced in her voice. I look once again into the glass mirror and rub the salty tears from my eyes trying my hardest to rid any evidence that I had been crying.

“Yes I’m fine, I will be out in a second” I reply unconvincingly because my voice broke halfway through.

“Josh, I know you’re upset please can I come in?” (Y/N) asks, (Y/N) wasnt stupid she knew when I was upset I don’t even know why I tried to hide it from her because I knew that she would just find out anyway. She was also stubborn so no matter how many times I tell her I am fine she wont stop pestering me to make sure that I really am alright.

I dont respond in the fear that my voice won’t be able to support me, I walk back over and sit on the bed like I was previously. (Y/N) pokes her head from around the door and sees me with my head in my hands trying with all that is left in me to fight back the tears that were threatening to spill.

“Oh Josh” (Y/N) exclaims sadly, putting her small her to her mouth and rushes over to comfort me.

I feel her protective arms wrap around my shoulders, I respond automatically by turning to her and burying my head into her soft sweet smelling hair, I continue to cry into her shoulder for another few minutes until I am settled enough to talk.

I explain to (Y/N) about all the emotions I have been experiencing and that I felt like people like Tyler more than me because he sings as well as play other instruments. I continue to speak to ashamed to look up at her softened glance. But when I finally do I notice she is also crying, however she speedily wipes the tears away not wanting to show her emotions on the situation.

“Josh, I can only understand that you being in a famous that at times it is going to get overwhelming for you, having all these amazing fans look up to you, admire you. However I know that you and Tyler are going to get your share of negative comments, but honestly that is because they are jealous, they are jealous that they can’t play the drums, they are jealous that it isn’t them on stage surrounded by thousands of people who love them, they are jealous that they can’t tour with their best friend, fuck that the people who say these low life comments proably don’t have a best friend.” (Y/N) takes a sharp intake of breath and swallows hard.

“(Y/N) I-”

“I’m not finished” She cuts me off and I stay silent looking at her from the side, at this angle I can see how the low moonlight reflects beautifully off of her glistening eyes. She truly is beautiful. 

“Do you know how upset it makes me when you say all these untrue negative things about yourself, Josh you are beautiful, personality wise and appearance wise, I love your chocolate brown eyes, because I love the way that they widen when you hear something funny, I love your pink hair because it suits your personality and I love the way that it sticks to your forehead when you play the drums.”

I cant stop grinning, I didnt realise that she picked up on all these small details about me.

“I love the your tattoos they look amazing, I love that when you are asleep next to me I trace over them softly not to wake you, I love your body all of it I love your toned chest and the way that your back glistens with sweat you have been playing the drums for a while. I love how tall you are you may not be the tallest but you don’t need to be any taller because your height is the perfect height for me to do this”

(Y/N) then gives me a quick and small peck on the lips, I grin widely.

“I love you Josh alot, and so do thousands if not millions of fans out there.” She finishes and tightens her grip around me. I sit in shock I didnt realise I did all of those things myself so I was surprised when (Y/N) picked up on them.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say, I mean how did you notice all these things about me?” I question a smirk appearing on my face. I see (Y/N) duck her head down as a red blush forms on her cheeks.

“I dont know I just, notice” She replies, I chuckle deeply.

“I love you (Y/N) and I’m sorry, I’m sorry for upsetting you”

“Josh it’s alright really, as long as you are feeling better then I am ok to. I love you” She says with a genuine smile on her lips.

We both sit there in silence for a minute just taking in each others company. (Y/N) stands up suddenly and stretched her arm out towards me, encouraging me to take her hand.

“C’mon, lets go watch a film and cuddle on the sofa for a bit” She suggests, I grin

“that sounds perfect.” 

Personal Performer

a G-DRAGON scenario, where it’s his day off but he can’t seem to relax, so you try your best to distract him, requested by sun-beam05

Originally posted by jiyonggifs

“What are you doing?” You jumped beside Jiyong and took a glance at his phone. 

It’s been 30 minutes and he kept checking out his phone while you were cooking breakfast. He seemed anxious. 

He looked at you for a while then turned his attention to his phone again. “I was just checking the details for my next concert.” 

“Ah..” You touched his hair and played with it a bit. “But you already checked that this morning.” 

“I was just checking if everything’s fixed or if there’s any changes.” 


As always, he wants everything to be perfect. 

“Also, I checked Youngbae’s comeback. If there’s anything I can do to help.” 

You nodded. “But how about you rest for a while?” 

He suddenly turned his attention to you for a while. “I just want to make sure that everything’s going well.” 

“And they are.” You assured him and rubbed his arms. “It’s your day off today. You should relax, okay?” 

You stood up and took his hand. You pulled him towards the dining room and made him sit down. 

“I cooked breakfast. Plus, there are fruits for you to eat.” 

He nodded smiling. “I just can’t seem to relax.” 

“I know and I understand, yeobo.” 

He ate a lot but he kept on checking his phone once in a while. He’s really a workaholic. He can’t seem to relax for a while and kept checking on his work. You don’t know how to make him relax. This might be because his tour is still on going and there’s so much more work to do. It’s really understandable but you really want to make him relax a bit. He needs the rest or else he might get sick or too restless. 

“Hey, love.” You sat down at his lap and rested your arms on his shoulders. 

He raised an eyebrow at you and smirked. “Hey?” 

“I love your hair.” You touched his hair and brushed it towards the back. You felt how soft and smooth his hair is, no matter how many times he colored and styled it. “You take care of it really well.” 

“You’re the only person that I allow to touch my hair, and my stylist.” He muttered while staring at you. He rested his hands on your hips and lightly rubbed it. 

You slowly stood up and pulled him to stand up too. He looked confused for a bit as you held his hand and pulled him towards the room. 

“I love your thin and long fingers. They hold my hands really quite well.” 

“I’m glad you do.” He chuckled. “They’re the only hands you’ll ever gonna touch for the rest of your life.” 

You giggled and faced him. You’re now in front of your bed and you motioned for him to lie down. 

“Why?” He smirked. 

“Come on, Yeobo. Stop it with what you’re thinking. Lie down, face down.” 

His left eyebrow rose up but he followed. You slowly helped him remove his shirt as you sat down on his back. You slowly rubbed his back as you put lotion on it. You plan to massage him to help him relax. You heard him sigh. 

“I love your tattoos.” You whispered as you smoothly massage his back and pass by one tattoo. “I feel like you define this tattoos too uniquely that I fall in love with them too.” 

“Stop.” He groaned and he suddenly turned around. He’s now facing you. He pulled your hand and made you lie down on his chest. “Stop. You’re making me feel like I’m drunk.” 

“What?” You chuckled. 

“I feel like I’m high just because of the words you’re showering me.” 

You moved a bit to his right to properly cuddle with him. “But it’s true. I’m so in love with every bit of you.” 

“And I am too.” He whispered to your ear before kissing the side of you head. “Ahhh, thank you for this. I feel really light and relaxed more than ever.” 

“Anything for you.” 

Sorry if it took too long. AGAIN. My laptop broke :( I’ll be accepting scenario requests soon! 


Request: Can you please do one more the reader is covered in tattoos and Crowley loves to trace them and ask about the meaning? - anonymous

Word Count: 566+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: None

You slowly awoke from your dreamless slumber with the feeling of warm arms wrapped around your body. You stretched and yawned tiredly as the familiar arms pulled you back against a chest.

With a lazy smile on your face, you turned your head back to meet the eyes of your lover, the King of Hell.

“Hey,” You voiced groggily, still exhausted from the events from the night before.

“Good morning, my love.” His deep morning voice gave you shivers.

“Good morning, my king.” You breathed.

“Sleep well?” He asked with his hot breath hitting your neck.

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anonymous asked:

omg i love your tattoo malvie and jaylos fic!!! could you please please continue it when you have time? like the healing process and everything? your concept of their journey sounds amazing!!!

Thank you so much!

Also, I am crazy shocked that my tattoo fic got as much attention as it did because it’s really short and there’s not really a plot to it, it’s pretty much just a description of all of their tattoos, but I’m glad so many people liked it!

Also, I don’t know shit about tattoos, so don’t do anything that is in this piece because I am pulling info from my butt.

Mal had been picking at her shoulder for too long, her fingers had scratched up her healing scab and dried blood was under her nails. Still she’d take the pain over the chastising from Evie.

“You’re like a little kid with chicken pox. I can’t believe you scratched until you bled.”

“It was itchy!” Mal shouts from her chair. “What are you doing in there?”

Evie exits the bathroom just as the door opens up to reveal Jay and Carlos. “We’re washing all of our tattoos. You’re probably getting an infection right now, but I can stop it with the rest of us.” She carries a bowl of water and a rag, placing it down on Mal’s desk.

The boys step closer, Carlos winces at the sight of Mal’s shoulder before nudging Jay. “Your skin looks like it survived a knife fight!”

“That’s an upgrade. You went from a dragon to a bleeding dragon, that’s sweet.”

Carlos bumps his shoulder again. “This is why I tell you to stop picking at it!”

“But it’s itchy,” Jay whines.

“That’s what I said!”

“Quiet, both of you. I have warm, soapy water, a clean rag and peroxide. Mal Bertha, I will tie your hands down if you do not stop scratching!”

“E, don’t talk dirty when they boys are here, save it for tonight.”

“Stop being gross!” Carlos groans and grabs a washcloth and dips it into the water. “Jay, roll up your sleeve.”

Evie and Carlos each grab a washcloth and set to cleaning their wounded others. Mal hisses when the warm water touches her scratches, but Evie kisses her head and shushes her. Carlos dabs at Jay’s snake tattoo gently, it’s much better than Mal’s, but still red and angry; he rubs soothing circles on the firm shoulder and pats it dry.

Mal eyes the peroxide warrily. “Is that going to burn?”

“Probably,” Evie drips it onto her shoulder blade and Mal hisses.

Before Jay can pull away, Carlos is gripping his arm and taking the peroxide from Evie, pouring a bit of it onto his skin. He grimaces, but lets Carlos dry the wound. “Our turns yet?”

“I haven’t been picking at mine,” Carlos turns his wrist to reveal the paw print that was still pink and shiny, but not sore from irritating it. “I don’t even need to clean mine.”

“Yes, you do,” Evie points at him, sets her cloth down. “Me too.”

“Ours are on our wrists, we can wash them in the sink.”

“This is way more romantic, C,” Jay winks, grabs his hand. “Let me wash you.”

Mal picks up a clean rag and dips it into the water before patting Evie’s wrist. “Was it worth all the pain, Princess?”

“Definitely. Now I’ll always have a crown to wear. And I’ll always have a piece of you on me.”

On the other side of the desk, Jay dries Carlos wrist, presses a small kiss to the skin. “Are you happy with yours?”

“Yeah, the paw print you drew reminds me of the most important person in my life,” Carlos cups Jay’s face, looks into his eyes, “Dude.”

Mal laughs as Jay shakes his head to remove Carlos’ hands. “Okay, E. I’m finished. Are we all done?”

“Hmmm,” Evie lifts Mal’s hair, pokes at her sore skin, “only if you stop scratching at it.”

“Deal.” Mal seals her promise with a kiss against Evie’s lips.

“Stop being gross!”

“C, shut up and kiss me too.”

I imagine tattoos to be like any wound that gets itchy as it heals, but I don’t actually know!

I think this came out cute and I hope you all do too :)

BTS Reaction to a Tattooed Female Fan

Thanks a lot for requesting this anon~

I think everyone of them would love it!!

Rap Mon : I think being the open minded person he would absolutely love it how brave and open minded you are. He would fall in love with your attitude first. “hey I love that tattoo. Where did you get it from?”

J-Hope : HE WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! Being the sunshine he would be a bit concerned about if it hurt you. But looking at your tattoos he would want to get one too. “Hey I love your tattoo!!” 

Jimin : He would think of it as something really sexy and would really feel attracted towards you for sure. He would flirt with you and steal glances sometimes. 

Jungkook : Another cutie who would absolutely love it!! The moment he sees you from afar he would be fascinated to see your tattoos sometimes even touching them. “Does that hurt?” 

Suga : He would be so much into it. But he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it like the other members., I think he would just compliment on how sexy it looks on you.

Jin : I personally think he would be the one who would be fascinated the most. He would stare at them for a long time before finally complimenting on how good they look and how brave you are. “Wait so it doesn’t hurt that much?” 


Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Jay watched from his position on your shared bed as you bustled about the room. He’d been in that same spot for almost an hour now, watching you get ready for a night out with your friends. And as entertaining as it was, he couldn’t help but want to stop you.

You’d been looking forward to this girl’s night for weeks. It was rare that all of your friends had schedules that allowed for you to get together. But it was also rare for Jay to have a night off.

However, as his night off was followed by a day off, you didn’t feel so horrible.

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