i’m like a broken record in the fact that i get caught on a specific lyric from a song and sing that one part constantly and in-tune and stop myself from singing further. if you hang out with me i’m so sorry

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not a collab just wanted to say this is quickly becoming my religion and i’m not even sorry xx

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Ah, welcome to our gang, friend! No idea what’s happening here but none of us are sorry <3

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You are so gorgeous and wonderful and your tattoos are AMAZING. I love seeing inked reptile lovers omg 💕💕💕

Oh thank you so much love ❤️❤️❤️ I’ll have to take more selfies with my reptiles and tattoos

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i just realized something thanks to one of your answer, did she get the Finn tattoo when they started dating?? and may it be it was the matching one? like, december 2011, i mean you don't go and get a tattoo related somewhat somehow to your boyfriend after what..2 week of relationship if you don't think is going to last. Especially if your not a superficial person. I fall in love with this 2 again & again <3

yes and yes! 😊

I think I could remember your love in a thousand different ways. I always start with remembering you as pain. I always have that initial drop-gut feeling, where I remember sobbing into pillow sheets, sobbing into your old t-shirts, sobbing into the phone.

But after? I remember our love in light. I remember guilty teasing and lips that brushed and your hand in mine. I remember our love in the steady beat of your heart under my ear. Your shampoo smell in my clothes. I think the crinkles you get by your eyes when you smile are imprinted into the back of my brain. I remember our love as heat, as skimming fingertips and whispering “I love you’s" into your throat and your palm and your mouth. I remember our love like as if it was tattooed into my skin.

I hope you remember our love in light. I hope you don’t remember me in drunken voicemails and angry words thrown at closed doors or in the taste of another girl’s mouth. I hope you remember me in light the way I remember you in sunshine. I know that I loved you with a fire in my heart that needed to announce its love to every inch of your skin, but maybe I’ve always been burned out.

—  You told me you’d remember us in all our best parts, and then you forgot to remember.
The hours between 12am and 6am have a funny habit of making you feel like you’re either on top of the world, or under it