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mama mmama i love u!! what are your favorite animals? i like cats and bunnies a lot!!

Oh my goodness!!! what a question!! you sure ask me tough questions little one!! hehe
If i had to pick my favouritest animal ever… IT would be puppydogs! i always had puppy pals growing up and I just think they are so lovely and cute! i love fuzzy little puffdogs… ANd big grumpy pupdogs.. And grey lumpy puffdogs…

I also love goats ! and cats and hbngh i love all animals!!! reptiles and mammals !! and fish! and everything! the only things i dont like are monkeys and moths! everything else is cute cute cute


“All us girls are sitting there, ‘cause it’s so hot in Dubrovnik in Croatia in the summer- so we’re all sitting with our skirts up around our necks, you know, playing Scrabble. It’s very glamorous." — Natalie Dormer on what was it like shooting the Purple Wedding (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

i think the reason it is confusing to be both the girl in the red dress and the girl with purple hair and leather jackets and the girl who hides in libraries is that we teach our children: what you see is what you get. that humans are two-dimensional. that you cannot love pink and video games. that you cannot love metal music and kittens. that you cannot be gentle and strong. this hurts us all - even i find myself saying things like “i’m not the kind of person who could pull this outfit off.” but i am, and so are you, no matter what you look like. there is no one who paints who you are except your own fingers. you are holding the brush. you do not erase your sense of humor when you have to be serious. you do not lose your strength when you cry because puppies.


she’s superhuman laura do you really think she couldn’t hear (x)

crazy, stupid, love sentence starters:

  • “you were right, i shouldn’t have eaten all that bread.”
  • “no puppy eyes, you little maniac.” 
  • “you’re not talking, and that only makes me talk more.”
  • “if you keep talking i’m gonna’ get out of the car.”
  • “just for the record, i think about you… while i do it.”
  • “i’m pretty sure you’re my soulmate.”
  • “i did, i jumped out of a moving car.”
  • “i don’t care, i love him. and given the opportunity, yes, i would have his babies.”
  • “friend to friend, ew.”
  • “your life is so pg-13.”
  • “don’t you think you’re a little old to be using cheesy pick-up lines?”
  • “i can’t take my eyes off of you. that’s a fact, not a line.”
  • “you’re a double negative.”
  • “i hope this doesn’t make you uncomfortable, i’ve developed like a little… crush.”
  • “i just wanted to say… shit.”
  • “i don’t know when you and i stopped being us.”
  • “i’m a total stranger, how would i know something so intimate about your life?”
  • “you’re getting drunk on watered down vodka like a fourteen year old girl.”
  • “i don’t know if i should help you or if i should euthanize you.” 
  • “i’m gonna’ help you rediscover your manhood.”
  • “what happened to your feet?”
  • “are you steve jobs? are you the billionaire owner of apple computers?” 
  • “you have a mom butt. is that what you want?”
  • “stop slapping me. really.” 
  • “i wouldn’t touch you. if my life depended on it.”
  • “how you are doing this wildly sexy, yet unbelievably cute thing that you’re doing?”
  • “you ran in the other direction when you saw me coming the other day.”
  • “love is for stupid assholes.”
  • “god, would you put on some clothes, please?”
  • “my schwanz is in your face, if it’s not bothering you we gotta’ bigger problem.”
  • “you want me to fight someone?”
  • “go away. please don’t come back ever.”
  • “you are the perfect combination of sexy and cute.”
  • “you’ll learn to love me, i promise.”
  • “you know i’ll kill him if he hurts you.”
  • “i’m glad we switched babies at the hospital.”
  • “i’m so mad at you for what you did. but i’m mad at myself too.”
  • “you fight for your soulmates.”
  • “he scares the shit out of me.”
  • “i was trying to move on. but i don’t want to. you’ve always been the only one.”
  • “i thought that you were gonna’ propose.”
  • “do you still find me attractive? still wanna’ take me home?”
  • “no. i am sexy. i am r-rated sexy.”
  • “i am here to bang. we are gonna’ bang.”
  • “take off your shirt.”
  • “fuck! seriously? it’s like your photoshopped!”
  • “thank god i’m drunk.”
  • “i don’t want your slutty money.”
  • “no way. break up right now.”
  • “i will mess you up!”
  • “go big or go home, right bud?”
  • “i’m sorry for being a dick.”
  • “i’m in love with her. i love her.”
  • “i think it’s fantastic that you’re a better man.”
  • “there is no such thing as one true love.”
  • “i met my soulmate when i was fifteen years old.”
  • “because when you find the one, you never give up.”
  • “i brought a firearm from a shitty site. i’m prepared to shoot you in the face with it.”

Hi, hello, here are a bunch of my favorite tumblr dogs!!!

@6woofs, @cloudthesamoyed, @lambdalupi, @necrologos@huskyhuddle, @pixpup, @happygoriley, @buckybutts

the thing I love most about Kirk’s string of ex lovers across the galaxy is that every time he runs into one he’s like 

“!!!!! How are you!! I missed you so much!! How’s your career?? Successful?? I’m so happy for you!! Haha, remember that time we almost got married!! But both of our careers were in the way?? That hasn’t changed but I’m still kinda in love with you and I’m happy you’re doing well!!! Goodbye forever again it’s a shame we never got married but I understand!!”


#8YearsWithSHINee; jonghyun + live

How Characters Changed In Your Mind

Octavia- mmmmm idk about her she seems like a snooty princess
Octavia- yaaaaasssssss the sensible Blake ily

Bellamy- Look at this ignorant son of- oh no he was merciful shit now I love him look at this adorable little heart of gold mother fucker
Now- Look at this ignorant son of a bitch. Fuck.

Clarke- Awwwwwwww yeah badass protagonist I like her
Clarke- Awwwwwwww yeah badass protagonist I love her- WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST MAKE HER CRY BELLAMY?!? I WILL FUCK YOU UP HOW DARE YOU HARM HER

Jasper- Aww what a sweet little puppy
Jasper- Ok bud I felt bad for about one episode but now you need to get your shit together

Monty- Ily so much you sweet little butterball you better not die
Monty- Monty I didn’t think I could love you more but godamn you are a brave, sweet, caring, mama hen and I love you

Murphy- Fuck you
Murphy- Fuck me

Jaha- you know you aren’t half bad
Jaha- Son of bitch you are all bad no

Pike- wait who are you?

Lexa- awwww look at the poor little- AW SHIT SHES A CLEVER LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER
Lexa- if anyone hurts you I will personally reach through the tv screen and shank them 87 times in the face

Indra- no
Indra- yes

Kane- Please go get floated
Kane- please adopt me sir

Raven- ANGEL
Raven- ANGEL