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1) Spell your name with song titles!:

J -  Just the two of us by Bill Withers

I - I have a dream by ABBA

L - Lift by Poets of the Fall

L - Looking for space by John Denver

2) Why did you choose your URL?: 

I made this URL up originally for my Deviant art account which it still is 

Searingdestiny deviant art account! 

The choosing was because I love the two words and their meaning despite having an enormous fear of heat QDQ making searing a bit silly but I still love it! 

3) What is your middle name?: 

Margret my grandmas name  

4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?: 

DRAGON! then I can befriend @laurelhach

5) Favourite colour?: 

Green and always has been green! 

6) Song you like right now?:

WHY WORRY BY SET IT OFF! I love this song! please give it a check if you can! right mix of dark and peppy! 

7) Top 4 fandoms?: 

Doctor who,



Horror games (I can’t pick one!)

8)Tag 9 people! (keep in mind you don’t have to do these!)

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1) Spell your name with song titles!

Going with the short version, because I’m busy and have done this before.

Beverly Hills by Weezer
E.T. By Katy Perry
Lips of an Angel by Hinder
Look What You’ve Done by Jet
All Apologies by Nirvana

2) Why did you choose your URL? 
Because Galion. (I’m pretty sure I related the whole silly story in another meme.)

3) What is your middle name?
Won’t say. I’m probably the only person in the world with that name combo.

4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be? 

A vampire. Because I love the night, and don’t want to age or die.

5) Favourite colour? 

6) Song you like right now? 

I actually haven’t been in the mood for music at all, lately.

7)Top 4 fandoms?

1) Tolkien
2) Harry Potter
3) Marvel
4) Star Wars

8)Tag 9 people!

I tag whoever wants to do it.

sethmcfartin asked:

Yo is it cool for me to draw your little fishy horsey creature design? I really like it! :o

Oh my gosh I would cry with joy yes!! Yes please! I… I have a folder dedicated to just Koi art (that’s his name! It’s silly!) and I look at them all from time to time and I JUST LOVE THEM… I would be very grateful if ever you decided he was something you wanted to doodle! 

His tag is over here if you want a closer look :”D !! 

Dear You, Love Me

Dear you,
I can’t wait to feel that feeling again. When my erection was inside you, without the rubber between us, I felt… at home? It sounds silly but I just felt right. Yes, you are tight. Yes you are hot. Yes you are wet. But the main sensation is the seemingly impossible grasp of where my erection is and where it ends. It’s very hard to describe! When I pressed into you there was a ‘pop’ and suddenly I was engulfed by your pussy. It feels like a creature, sucking me inside. A kitten. Fuzzy yet soft and warm. I lose my sense of being and seem to stretch into infinity within you… Becoming part of you… Being you. It why I know you are the one beyond any shadow of a doubt. I have never felt that before with any previous sex partners. It’s why I also know, when I spill my seed within you unprotected, it will be an awesome feeling. Cumming into infinity! Literally spelling my soul into yours and experiencing that feeling! It will be a life defining moment. Powerful. I will surely leave you pregnant when you choose for this to happen.

Putting it all of this into words is very difficult for me even though I write and can describe my feelings because of an almost autistic means satisfying my need for clarity. I sat here for a good, long time, wondering how exactly I could write this to you in order to convey the deep emotions I feel for you, yet, I’m afraid this will not be an accurate portrayal of my feelings, as articulating something as complicated as love into a mass of words stringed together in sentences does no justice to the emotional grasp that you have over me.

I do not long for a fairytale romance as portrayed in movies; my expectations are unclear and skewed, in a manner that allows me to be completely open to your whole being, each and every aspect of you becoming like a new discovery every day, reassures buried within you for me to excavate freely, me becoming an explorer into your deepest emotions, truths, wants, needs, ideals, and everything in between that you hold inside. And I know I will not be surprised and hold back, but instead I will step forward and understand. I will be amazed of the unique differences that lay between us as I begin to study them and accept them as another part of me.

Let me confess something that has always troubled me ever since I learned the concept of truly falling in love. When I feel things, when I involve myself into things, I cannot help but immerse myself into them completely. I know that doing so increases the chances of me possibly hurting for some reason or another, but it’s something I have difficulty controlling. I become utterly co-dependent on people and on these indescribable emotions I have deep within me…

When I think of you, regardless of who you may be, sometimes I hurt so much inside because I know that you will be someone who has had a life before me that I wasn’t a part of. There will have been people who touched your life, and there will have been people who made it a living hell. There will have been those who you once loved, those who you lost, and those who remain because they are worthy of you. You will have a whole entire history that I will only ever hear about from recollections, and see in photographs. And for me, this will never be enough, because sometimes I will be hit with the yearning to have been there with you for every significant step of the way. I think of the people you have loved, and I will wish that I too, loved them. There will be things that made you cry that I wanted to cry for with you, times when you laughed and I will wish that I had been there, by your side, indulging in your happiness.

Because of this, I may, at times, be overwrought with a sense of helplessness, of loss, where I will find it difficult to see the good in the moment. I know I should not allow the past, your past, at that, to affect me, but I know it will happen. And this is the biggest fear I have, even before there was ever a possibility of an us. I will need your help in overcoming this difficulty.

I need you to know that despite my fear of the future, I will be ready. I will be yours in times of need. I will be prepared to uphold your burdens when you need me to, because, selfishly, I need to know that it will be me you will come to count on. I need to know that I will be the first person to know your fears and your tears. I need to know, very selfishly, that you trust me deep enough to share your good times and even more, your bad times.

I’m fully prepared to expect the hardships and difficulties during our life together; I don’t expect perfection. But through it all, we will remain strong, and I will always be there for you, as a comfort, friend, lover, companion, and others that will become a combination of things, as I get to know all of you and hold it inside of me.

There’ll be gaining and losing in each and every step we will be making, but all I can offer to do is to be there beside you in good or bad. I promise I will stay by your side to support and have faith in you, even when you don’t have faith in yourself. I promise to help you overcome those burdens and never cease to love you endlessly when obstacles fiercely and repeatedly hit you. I promise to reach out my hand to hold yours in darkness and in the times you fall into the deepest well of sadness and depression. I promise to be strong when you’re not, to keep believing when you stop to, to keep loving when you hate, to endure any pain when you think it’s too unbearable for you, to stand high and steadfastly when you’re kneeling down, to listen when you feel the urge to ramble, to remind you when you stop remembering, to cure when you’re in pain, to pat your shoulder when you achieve your dreams, and to wipe your tears when you weep and bleed. That’s all I can offer to do, and I ask for nothing in return except you and your whole self.

Love me, that’s all I ask of you…