5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon”

“Apparently the Nest Messes with the Victim’s Head, Shows Them Things They Love. Parts of Their Soul in Distress. It Keeps the Victim’s Soul Vulnerable” - Or: Have Some Meta Relating to S12 That Will Never Happen on the Show, But I Keep Writing about Anyway

I initally hadn’t wanted to write about this at all as I feel it kind of useless since it’s not going to be in any way featured in S12 I am 100% certain, but what can I say? Sometimes you hold onto hopes that you know will not be answered. ;) Point being: The newst promo pictures for S12 immediately had me thinking of the episode captured above and especially this particular moment due to the green/blue tint we have in the picture as well as the small, but important word “fear” placed atop Dean in this picture. Now, it seems it’s a cap from a clip, if you ask me, so the “fear” could be part of various sentences that make “fear” as a word itself not as relevant, but for now I’ll just treat it as a standalone word, because it makes it apply so nicely to 5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon”.

“Dark Side of the Moon” written by no other than new showrunner Andrew Dabb of course follows the Winchesters’ quest to escape Zachariah while in Heaven and stumbling across all kinds of “best of”-memories that soon turn sour especially for Dean since Sam’s “best of”-moments are mostly moments in which none of his family is featured. Now, whether Zach maybe chose certain memories in order to cause tension between Sam and Dean or not is really not relevant, but the fact that Dean feels like he had no “special place” within his brother’s Heaven surely relates perfectly to this moment coming along later in which Zachariah uses Dean memory of his mother to twist it around to his liking and to torture Dean in probably the most horrific ways as not only has he Mary tell Dean that she never loved him and considered him a burden, but also that it’s Dean’s own fault that people leave him behind, which directly connects to the experiences leading up to this moment where Dean has felt that Sam enjoyed the time away from him (it’s this fact that makes me wonder how much of those “greatest hits” of the boys were true “greatest hits” or how much those were manipulated by the angels too possibly) much more than those with him.

The show has gone out of its way on multiple ocassions to showcase that one of Dean’s biggest fears is to end up alone. So Zach having Mary tells exactly that to her son as well as that she never loved Dean is about the most painful and disgusting thing Zachariah could have done.

Now, the reason I had to think of this moment when seeing the S12 promo picture is due to how the greenish-blue tint in the episode indicated that something was not right, but that something went “toxic”. You can feel the emotions of fear, anger and hurt radiating off of Dean here due to what he is told - so to me it perfectly fits to the picture of Dean for S12 with the word “fear” atop of him. I think given that the connecting piece between S12 and this episode is Mary Winchester and the fact it was written by Andrew Dabb who, I suppose, shapes S12 as heavily as no other writer, I would not be surprised if he sort of “played” with this memory of Mary in Heaven in S12.

We already know from what Jensen said, that Mary will make the brothers more vulnerable and also someone Dean feels the need to protect and likely sacrifice himself for. And it’s this aspect of vulnerability overlapping with the emotion of fear that brings me back to S11 and the episodes that felt heavily important for myth arc things that seem to have been thrown overboard in the last few episodes and in so far are left hanging mid air imo.

I have talked about this before while S11 was still airing, but I am too lazy to find a link right now (sorry, I am being an even shittier person today than I already am in general I suppose lol), but basically 11x16 “Safe House” to me was one of the most important episodes in terms of foreshadowing (that sadly went nowhere in the end) and connection to the myth arc. The soul eater and the nest imo could be very well analyzed as parallels for the Empty and Amara.

While the reunion bit of God and Amara has been foreshadowed seasons in advance and didn’t exactly come as a surprise, the complete dropping and forgetting about the Empty was a little disheartening (at least for me). I am very much thinking that Mary is back completely and that Dean is well and alive in S12, but still I would like to offer a “theory” - though this is certainly too much of a word for these loose thoughts - on what could also have happened in the finale. I know it’s not where the show is going, but there’s room for possibility to headcanon into a different direction and have fun with crazily speculating anyway.

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I’m watching this adorable Let’s Play and like once a video the LPer tries calling Toriel or is like YOU KNOW WHO LOVED SNAILS???  TORIEL!!! or YOU KNOW WHO CAN COOK REALLY WELL????  TORIEL!!!!!  Every time someone calls she’s like WILL IT BE TORIEL??? and is sad when it’s Papyrus or Alphys or whatever.  I think she may actually miss Toriel more than Asgore does.

(Which is pretty much how I was too, so aww.)

Dear Auntie @sunaddicted,

On behalf of 00QAD and myself and Turing I want to wish you a very


There is no doubt that you are my favourite Auntie because you were the first to tell the fandom about me even though you described me as “vaguely obese.”

I will have you know i’m just big-floofed!

I also appreciate the accuracy in which you describe my… colourful relationship with Gramps.

I shall now go shed all over his wardrobe. 

I am also starving because it has been ten minutes since my last treat. 

I hope you have a great day filled with pets and cuddles and snacks. 

I can practically hear Nina yelling at me from our house in London.


Pampuria Bond

PS. Daddy says it has been a while since you two compared lingerie purchases

PPS. I am told you are a Mean Queen like me

PPPS. If you ever want to join Spectre you know what to do

Whenever people ask me that inevitable question, “Who’s your favourite author?” I always say “Shakespeare”. There are some good reasons for that. First, so much of what we know about plots, characters, the stage, fairies and inventive swearwords comes from Shakespeare. Second, if you name a living author the other living authors will be mad at you because it isn’t them, but Shakespeare is conveniently dead.
—  Margaret Atwood (on rewriting Shakespeare’s Tempest)

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When you get this, respond with 5 things that make you happy. Then send this to 10 people that make you happy

This is so sweet! Thank you! <3

  1. Getting fic ideas when I actually have access to a computer and cAN WRITE THEM

  2. Sitting on the couch only to have both my cats freak out, scream at me, then jump on top of me. They still think they’re kittens who can both fit in my lap at the same time, rip. Also! Having one of my cats (Dean) use me as furniture. He just jumps on me/uses me as a stepping stone lmao

  3. Sending @vispurralmemes in the mail (and sending @hushitisme​ god only knows what in the mail)


  5. Stories that are written by people who obviously loved writing them! i love those stories ; ; idc if it’s for a different fandom or if there are a slew of typos; reading something that was written by someone who was actively excited by the idea they’re writing is just the best, oh my god.

I love you, Mayu, my one and only Mayu~ Thank you for bringing this smile to my face, for every moment that my heart beats faster, for every night we spend in each other’s arms, just for being by my side, my sunshine, my beloved soulmate and solace~ ❤️❤️❤️

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happy birthday, moira!

i totally suck with words but you know that i love you lots and lots and i hope you have the most amazing birthday ever known to man and thank you for being such an amazing friend to me i know this set could have been better but it’s basically a thank you for being you and go enjoy yourself because you managed to survive another year and that’s an achievement

zen: i love you so much i would die for you, you are the most beautiful thing ive ever seen in my entire life and i also wanna pound you til you snap in half but im a gentlemen so im gonna wait ;)

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Just a bit of lovin for my best friend

I love you dude. And it hurts me so much to see you being so,hated. You deserve better. You are like,one of the best people I know. I love you like a brother. I wouldn’t trade you for a billion dollars,the world,or even the most beautiful gems in the world. I love you to bits. Never change. Don’t let them get to you cause you are so handsome,intelligent,and talented. I think you are so special and you are such a huge page of my life. I love you dude.

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I just read every word of your post and I agreed with everything you said. Life is too short to spread vicious comments and rumours. People remember things, and I certainly wouldn't wanna be remembered as the girl who spread hate. Also i'm so sorry your time at school was rough, there really are some toxic people out there. But whenever I come on here, I always see you and you're one of the kindest, most loving blogs i've seen. You take care of everyone so much! Thank you for being so positive ❤

Well, thank you for reading. I’ve always believed in the right to have an opinion. I just hope people who have sent each other cruel things will take this or something similar to heart, and do what’s right.

And thank you for your kind words. I have actually come back from that rough time. My family and I are in a much kinder environment, and what they’ve done is something I wish to not be or do.

Mark and this community have done a lot for me. Heck, when I isolated myself, I didn’t have an account, and you guys brought so many laughs and smiles. I want to return the favor.

So, thank you again for your words. Have a good day!