It’s been 10 months since I made this blog and it was never my expectation to reach 1k before reaching one year! Thank you so much for everyone who have been following me all the way though I never get to talk much to most of you but still thank you so much! I met friends along the way and you guys know who you are! I was too shy to talk at first but I got used to it eventually but I’m still shyyy to some so I would really appreciate to continually meet more amazing people ^.^

Actually, I was supposed to make this a few days ago but since the past month I had a lot of priorities in my life such as being busy at school which it became impossible for me to be around most of the time. But still this blog will keep on existing till whoever knows when ;)

My 1st FF yet I don’t even know if I deserve this but I’m happy to reach this milestone!  I started getting a lot of follows ever since I started making edits yet I’m not  satisfied most of the time how they turned out but I still post them anyway. Again, thank you so so much guys! All of you are awesome! Until next FF ;)

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anonymous asked:

Hi Angela, you know what I love most about Another Man? He looks so much younger than ever. Sometimes I forget how young he is and all the things he's (and the rest) have gone through, the rigorous working and the pressure and having to be guarded all the time. These things age you and seeing the photos from this interview, it feels like the ability to be himself and open and comfortable just shaves so many years off his image IMO

I’m nodding vigorously.

Things I should say but Can't

Dearest C

You say we’re toxic and I can only disagree. I’m so infatuated by you I never ever want you to leave me. I love you. You are in my head - always. 

Alas I can’t tell you any of this because it will tear the remnants of your stable life apart; - 

I can’t. I won’t do that to you. I don’t want to hurt you…

Which is why regrettably I sit behind a keyboard instead of with you telling you these things. I love you I love you I love you. We tell each other that most the times we talk. Yet for myself, it’s missing a vital word, the most vital of them all. It changes it entirely. I’m IN love with you. 

I’m jealous so bad, so so bad, it hurts not being in your life [and certains are], I’m in physical hurting pain, I want you to be mine, I love you, I want to hold you, touch you, have you sleep on me, be with you, be near you, kiss you, hold you, everything I want it all. Although I want it I’m scared, petrified to loose the only thing good in my life. Why don’t you see I’m good for you, I’m better for you. I’m in love with you

All my love; - J

alayne-stonecoldfox  asked:

I love that your legitimately so kind and pure BUT if your asking what I love MOST about you then I have to admit its that your name is Nova. That's so cool. I'm so in love with that name its so cool.

aww thank you!! tbh i didn’t like it when i was a kid bc i wanted something ~normal (and was sad that I could never get those personalized keychains and license plates in gift stores lmao) but i’ve grown to love it as i’ve gotten older. i’m glad someone else likes it too! :D ❤️