Being in love with you is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. And I don’t mean because I’m worried that you’ll break my heart or in some horrible way the universe will twist us into hating each other. What I mean is that I am growing with you and this is scary. This is scary because I have been stretching towards the same sun facing the same window in the same house breathing the same air. Being with you is like walking outside for the first time and realising that there is more to life than I’ve ever known. It is like showing a toddler a picture of a constellation and watching them fail to understand the vastness of it all. That the world is big and we are small and huge all at the same time and how can this be? That we can exist at the same time as every other extraordinary thing on this planet. How can this be that with you, I am wide eyed and trembling and delirious. That I can walk into this massive God filled place together, feel the steady weight of you at my side and think ‘I did not know any of this wonder existed at all.’
—  Azra.T., An Education

☆・°:*:° (〃 ̄ー ̄)ノ ☆・°:*:°  It’s that time of the uhh….-time again! I can’t believe it’s been four months and I’ve already reached 4k cute potatoes! I decided to skip my 3k since I hit it a week and a half after the last one and didn’t want to annoy the people I follow. Anyway, I’m berry much grateful to everyone who follows me and also to the friends I’ve made on this bloody website. Thank you to all the cute potatoes who have given me support this entire time or who have just come across my trash blog. I LOVE YOU ♥ Also, I apologise to anyone I missed; I’m not the most organised person ;^;

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It’s totally NOT a version of their waltz that plays in Vanessa’s dream sequence, and I’m totally okay with it

anonymous asked:

hi!, i was reading through your larry recs and there's this fic "most wanted" on livejournal, i have an account, but i cant read it :( can you help me, please?

Of course! There might be an easier way to do this, but my way works too, so. (I created a new account so that I can see what you see)

First when you try to go to that page, it says “Access denied” or something like that, right? and the URL looks like this:

I need you to delete that “/1989.html” part, so the URL is just mmmy-telephone.livejournal.com, and then go their page. 

Right at the top of the page you can see this:

Click “Join this community”, accept it and tadaaa! You should be able to read it now :)

If someone is curious of what we’re talking about:

Most Wanted

Harry Styles is a world-renowned cyber criminal. He’s only just 18, and he’s hacked into the most protected firewalls in the world, and he’s in the Top 10 Most Wanted lists in most countries in the world. He’s also a cocky shit. Louis Tomlinson is the most successful secret agent, and the son of the head of MI5. Harry’s got a crush the size of Australia on him, and he’s using all of his best techniques to try and seduce him.
Or, the one where Harry is a hacker and Louis takes a long time to woo.(criminal!harry, spy!louis, ~70k)

I crave the look you give me when you want me to kiss you..
I crave the kisses you give me when you are so happy to see me or when you miss me so much.. Even the kisses you give me just because..
I crave you placing your hands on my body and letting them wander around..
I crave you coming up behind me kissing my shoulder and telling me how much you love me..
But the one thing I crave the most is having you in front of me and telling you how gorgeous you are.. Looking at your body and telling you how gorgeous it is.. You see, your body is my biggest craving.. Your body is my personal canvas I crave to paint my kisses all over it to create nothing but loving things all over you.. Baby I’m craving for you..

You’re my biggest craving.. (Via. shesholdsmyheartinherhands )


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Can you do how the SITS guys propose to MC? I love your SITS headcanons, most of them are so adorable~

Thank you. I also received two similar requests on this. Hope both anon enjoy it.

Kyohei Rikudoh
Tonight is another performance of Revance. You watch Kyohei perform from back stage and can’t help but captive over his charm. When you though the concert is ending, Kyohei suddenly announce that there is a special performance of him in solo.

“This song lyric is written by me and with the help of Takashi on the music. I want to dedicate this song to someone special to me. _____, listen carefully to the lyrics. This song is for you.” He said as he turns toward the back stage and look at you.

You are shock with what Kyohei just said. However you can’t stop your tears after hearing the song. The song is about a guy proposed to his girfriend and how they spend their life together still old. You are not sure if he is thinking what you are thinking. After the performance end, Kyohei pulls you to close to him.

“Did you understand the meaning of the song? Let me say it out openly to you now. Will you marry me?” He asks and holds out a diamond ring in front of you. All you can do is give a nod, with tears flowing down and throw your arms around him. He then pulls you away slightly and slip the ring into your ring finger

Iori Enjo
Iori invited you back to his vocation house. It really brought back a lot of memories. You can’t help but recalled the time when you spend with Iori. Today coming back again really was a lot of fun. At night, both of you sitting outside enjoying the night view full of stars above both of you.

“Thanks Iori. I really have a lot of fun today.” You said to him sweetly while still looking at the sky.

“I know you will enjoy here as much as I enjoy it. We should bring our kids next year.” Iori whisper sweetly.

“Huh? Kids? Next year?” You ask in surprise and turn to look at him. That is when you see him holding out a diamond ring in front of you.

“Well.. If you agree to marry me, we can bring our kids here next year.” He smiles. “However, I did not intend to take no as an answer from you.” He smirks and slip the ring into you ring finger.

You are so happy that your tears flow down. You lean over and wrap your arms around him.

“Yes, we will come here every year with our kids.” You replied happily.

Kota Igarashi
One day, Kota suddenly brought you to the airport. He seems to be very nervous when both of you arrive. He then leads you to the roof.

“_____, do you still remember here?” Kota asks nervously.

“Of course. This is where we started.” You replied and entwine your hand with his.

He takes out a diamond ring and hold it in front of me. He then takes a deep breath and said,“ At this place where we started, I would like to create any memory here with you here. Will you marry me and let me care take care of you for the rest of your life?”

“Kota, are you practicing acting for your scripts?” You ask in surprise.

“Come on. I am serious. Will you marry me and become Mrs Igarashi?” He asks again.

Upon realizing it is not a dream, you start crying, “Yes. I will”

Kota smiles and slips the ring into your ring finger. He then leans in to kiss you on your lips while wraping his arms around you. He then wipes away your tears and leads you out of the roof.

“We are going to get an air ticket to go back to your hometown now. I can’t wait to ask your parents officially for permission. You think your parents will like me?” Kota ask nervously.

“I am sure they will.” You smiles happily at him.

Nagito Aoshima
Nagito suddenly pull you to his room and ask you to try on the wedding dress that he had make during the time when you all just started. After putting on, he keeps staring and checking if there is anymore amendment need to be done.

“Nagi, why are you checking all the measurement again? Do you have another fashion show?” You ask curiously.

“____, you remember I made the wedding dress for you, right? I am wondering if you agree to wear it for our wedding. Emm… What I trying to say is, will you marry me and become my family member?” Nagito asks finally after going one big round of hestitation.

Your mind went blank at his sudden proposal and just stare at him. He then pulls put a diamond ring to you.

“Emm..so what your answer?” Nagito asks nervously again. You finally gasp the whole situation and start crying while nodding your head. He smiles happily and slips the ring into your ring finger.He wraps his arms around and give you a kiss on your forehead.

Takashi Ninagawa
Takashi seems to be very nervous the whole evening and keep looking at his watch when both of you are out on date. After the date, both of you stop at the school college where both of you first started your relationship.

“This place really brings back a lot of memories.” Takashi smiles and entwine his hand with your.

“Yup. We first get to know each other better was here. We confessed and started our relationship was here as well. There are so many of our first started here.” You blink as you recall the memories.

“Then let’s create another memory here.” Takashi said softly as he turns to look at you. He places his hands at your hips and pulls you closed to him.

“______, will you marry me? I want to start a family with you and grow old together with you.” Takashi asks nervously before pulling out a diamond ring from his pocket and holds it front of you.

You are so happy that you start crying and Takashi wipe away your tears with his fingers. “Is this why you are so nervous today?” You ask tearfully.

“Yes, I am worried that you will reject me.” Takashi blushed. “Can I have your answer? Don’t make me even nervous please.” He continues.

“There is no way I am going to say no to you. Of course my answer is yes.” You reply and starts crying again.

Takashi breath out a sigh of relieve and wipe away your tears again. He then slip the ring into your ring finger before pulling you in for a passionate kiss. “I will love you forever, _____.” He whispers in between his kiss.

Well That’s Interesting

said Captain Jack Sparrow, and to quote Yogi Berra while I’m being a name dropper, posting a poem first here on my beloved “little” blog is kind of like Deja Vu all over again.  This blog will always be dear to me, as it along with many of you helped me keep my internet sanity while I figured out that following over 3k people on my other blog wasn’t such a great idea after all. Well that’s about it, nothing really important to say, except goodnight, and of course the most important thing of all…

I love you,
Mike <3  

anonymous asked:

I love you.

And you, whoever you may be… I love you. Wishing you the most exciting, adventurous, and empowering journey you could ever hope to embark upon. May all of your days be blessed with love and laughter and the knowing that all of this life’s experiences have their place. You will find yours. You will create your masterpiece. And you will shine. I know you will shine.

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Lets be real, when I first watched your videos I was at a really insecure moment in my life. I hated my impression of you and now I look back on it and realise it was just because you said the TRUTH. And cause your way of spreading the message is so different to others it just made me hate you (almost envy you in a way). I've never seen anyone approach things as good as you, your controversial and I freaking love it. You spread the vegan message better than most and I've finally come to love you

Thank you. I don’t like myself unless I AM myself and Keepin’ it real is the only way to be. The most influential people of our times have also been the most hated. Thx for the support 🙌💋


and this is to the 2 most recent selfies of me ^^ tagged by the lovely radagasts-owl! sorry everyone for my face oops oh well

i tag frying-pan-drying-pansexual, oliverdoesntknowpenguins-are-my-weakness, tired cactus, doingjustbyne, and jellyslime if you all want to :)

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I love your post! You most likely didn't start this page to get popular but to share your amazing sims and photos with everyone! Beside ignore that annon there is a quote I like "People only try to bring you down because you are above them"

Thanks nonny! Oh no. I started this whole “sim blogging” with ts2 at GoS when I was really young and when ts3 came out I had a blogger/blogster where no one even knew me, I kept posting pics because I didn’t care about people liking my pictures, of course it’s nice when others like what you do but it’s not necessary for me. A friend I had on my blogger changed to tumblr and I was curious. I made one and I liked it better, so I stayed. Followers came because I followed people and liked their posts and then they progressively grow with me. Period. I don’t criminalise those who seek popularity, to me it’s okay, they don’t hurt me, so why should I care about it? Unless they hurt other people with their actions, people should be able to do whatever they want.

lycaonthewolfking asked:

Okay, different topic: what is your favorite character trope, and which one do you hate the most? Personally, I love the trope of the smarmy douchebag (example: Discord), and can't stand arrogant hero characters.

My character trope is the Action Girl. Tough, smart, sassy, and prone to kicking ass. (You’ll notice Rainbow Dash fits most of those).

My least favorite is probably angst-mongers; the kind designed to appeal to that ridiculous adolescent male rage and nihilism. coughsasukecough