Some girl called Stana Katic ugly. I said, ‘WHERE?’
She said, 'Under all that makeup.’ I said, 'BITCH WHERE?’

A Cat-astrophe of Epic Proportions

Wordcount: 2358
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Dean hates cats. So naturally, Castiel gets one.

“What the hell is that.” 

Cas looked up from his spot on the couch, a book held open in his right hand. His left hand was absently stroking the mottled grey ball of fur sitting in his lap. The mottled grey ball of fur that was purring. “It’s a cat.”

“I’m aware of that, Cas,” Dean said – quite calmly, he might add, considering his blood pressure was spiking at an alarming rate. “I mean what is it doing in our living room?”

“He’s a stray I came across while driving into town,” Cas said fondly. He scratched behind the offending animal’s ears. “I’m naming him Walnut.”

This assertion was ridiculous enough to distract Dean from the larger issue at hand. He scowled. “Really? Walnut?

“Yes. That’s the name of the street where I found him.” Castiel quirked up an eyebrow, as if this was obvious.

Dean didn’t know what else he’d expected. Of course Cas would stop to pick up a mangy stray while on a supply run, and of course he’d want to name it something lame like freaking Walnut. He exhaled slowly, a relaxation technique he’d seen Sam use. “No,” he said. “This is not happening. We are not getting a cat.”

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blarkes stan ravick bc it gets raven out of their way

anonymous asked:

I agreed with everything you said, except that people DO worship Garret for being a sarcastic little shit, and hate on Marian for the same reason.

that doesn’t make sense and it’s indeed sexist. people who do that are stupid then.