Dear Taylor,

I’m Suzy and I want to share with you something that is a big part of my life and that you are also a big part of it. When I was High School I wasn’t the most popular and didn’t have to many friends. I had braces, glasses, and didn’t know how to dress and teens called me weird. The only reason guys liked me was because of my body and that made me feel so used. I listened to your music a lot and it got me through a lot of hard times. When it came to prom my senior year, I thought I was actually going to get to go because a guy I really liked told me he would take me but in the end he backed out. I was left feeling like I wasn’t pretty enough or worthy of even going. That I would be laughed at if I went by myself. I decided to stay home, I wish I would have had friends to go with but none of them so called “friends” wanted to go with me. I was very unsure of who I was, until a few years ago. I went to your 1989 Tour and I heard your clean speech and the lines that stuck out to me the most of what you said was “You are NOT somebody else’s opinion of you.” and “You ARE your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile.” I knew from that moment, I am who I know I am. That I am beautiful no matter what others say. You gave me hope!! Now I am stronger, more confident, and feel beautiful!! I decided that since this year is my 25th Birthday, I want to have a party that is Prom themed!! That this will be the prom I have always dreamed of, the one I didn’t go to because I was afraid to. But now I am fearless!! I know this is kind of last minute and I know you are a very busy person but I would love to invite you to my 25th Birthday Prom!!! There will be lots of food, music, and dancing!!! A place where I am free to be myself, a place where love will be!!! My Birthday Party will be on Saturday, June 24th, 2017!!! Would you, @taylorswift be my guest of honor at my birthday prom??? It would be a way of thanking you for all you have done for me and to have you at my party celebrating who I am now, it would mean so much to me!! I know it is such short notice but it would mean the world!!! I can’t say how incredible you are and how you have changed my life with your kind and loving words!!! I love you, Tay  :)


Suzy W

Another Clean painting and this is for you, Taylor 💐 @taylorswift
Dear Taylor, the ray of sunshine☀️
I know you haven’t been lurking so much lately, but I just wanted to thank you for what you’ve done all these past years. It was my dream to meet you and I finally could make my dream come true in the red and 1989 era. You are always my goal, and you shine like nobody else do. When I see your smile, my pain goes away and I feel like the sunlight pouring on me.
It had so many tough times but I always had your music so I could go through with it and when I listen to them, I felt so close to you.
Your music and your existence helped me always. ALWAYS. I’m so glad you chose to live this way as a singer because I can’t imagine my life without you. You have brought me so many things into my life. In all the things you gave, friends are the best gifts that you have given to me. I have made so many friends across the world because we all had YOU in common, and it can not be happened if you were not there. You truly mean the world to me. I really hope your life is filled with happiness and I hope to put a smile on your face cause you know for me, it always you. Love you Tay, from the bottom of my heart💗

Dangerous Territory (Stiles Stilinski)

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A/N: This one’s for @stilinskiimagines, I hope you like this, and I hope you feel better soon Taylor. Sorry it’s short tho.

Rating: fluff

“Hey babe, I heard you weren’t feeling well so I decided to che-”

“Go away, Stilinski” Taylor’s voice came out muffled by the pillow she hid her face in. “If my calculations are correct, it’s that time of month again?” he chuckled and walked to the side of her bed, where she laid. 

“Look, I brought your favorite” Taylor’s attention was caught by the rustling of a plastic bag. Her head turned to the side to face her empathetic boyfriend. “What would I do without you?” she reached to cup his cheek. Stiles leaned into her hand, eventually giving it a kiss. 

“Now,” he said placing the bag on her nightstand. “Scooch” he held her laptop in his hand and waited for her to comply. Doing so, Taylor moved to the other side of her bed to make space for him. He set aside her laptop and closed the distance between them. 

“You’re so beautiful like this, Tay” he gently reached up to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear. “Oh stop” she smacked his chest playfully as tears swelled in the corners of her eyes. 

Stiles pulled Taylor close to his chest as he laid on his back. He then placed the laptop on his stomach and automatically his fingers typed the name of her favorite movie: Zombieland. “I still can’t comprehend your obsession with this movie” he slightly chuckled, remembering how she had ‘crazy eyes’, as he put it, the first time she introduced him to it. 

“It makes me feel better” her words, once again, came out muffled by his chest. Once the movie started, Stiles wrapped an arm around Taylor’s waist. His hand traveled to her lower stomach, carefully rubbing circles onto the dangerous territory. 

“Stiles” she breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Hmm?” he hummed, not taking his eyes off the screen. “That feels good” she moaned. He simply placed a kiss on her forehead. 

He grabbed her favorite chocolate and handed it to her. Tossing the wrapper aside, Taylor devoured the treat as if she hadn’t eaten in days. “You might wanna slow down,” his chuckled vibrated against her cheek. 

“You better shut up before I take a bite of your hand” regretting her words immediately. “I’m sorry,” she whined into his chest. “Hey, baby, it’s alright” lifting her chin with his forefinger, Stiles sent Taylor a reassuring smile. 

“I love you” she whispered, tears clouding her vision once more. “I love you too, Tay” he whispered back, leaning to place a lingering kiss on her lips. 

“How do you feel now?” he smirked. 

Taylor nuzzled her face in his neck and muttered "Really good".

:0000 @zenwisterias hi it’s me

I do a lot of traditional art but sometimes I do digital when I have the time lol. I did a sketch of Nessa with that gold veil for you a while back actually

This is my OC (nicknamed Trix because I made her in middle school…..) and her guy (who is @accel-dragons ’s) ❤️❤️❤️


It’s pretty rare for Lize and I to get nice photos together because someone is always being weird but hey I LOVE THESE PICS, AND I LOVE YOU @tswiftyaussie ✨🌟🌙

Ps Tay @taylorswift feel free to come to Newcastle Australia ANYTIME and we will happily show you our amazing beach picnic spots for sunset 🌈🌼


I know you won’t able to read or see this but I still want you to know that I love you so much tay !and I’m really proud of you. I won’t stop loving you and telling my family, friends how much you mean to me.On how you’ve changed my life, brought me so much happiness that I think I don’t deserved.I’ll turn 18th on July 3, next month and all I want is a greeting or at least a notice from my one and only role model for almost 5 years:( I know I’m not that lucky when it comes to fangirling but I’m still hoping Taylor.If this will not workout, I’ll still find ways for us to meet and I’ll wait for you to comeback here in Manila. Thank you Tay and I love you,I’ll love you forever♥ @taylorswift

anonymous asked:

What do we know about Taylor's friend Claire she just hung out with. Is she the Claire in the secret message from "22"? Is she from Haim's circle of LA people? I think of all Taylor's friends I know the least about her.

claire winter kislinger. let’s reminisce. Yes she is one of the girls in the secret message of 22 - she is part of taylor’s OG circle of friends. she is on the right in this picture below from 2012.  She’s what i would consider a non famous friend of taylor’s. Taylor has been friends with her for a LONG time. Shes in LA. She’s been to taylor’s July 4 parties at least twice that i can recall offhand.

Here are a few pics i gathered real quickly for a brief, and certainly not definitive, picture recap of taylor and claire’s friendship.

From 2012 Shirley MacLaine party: 

Also 2012, i think this was ashley’s bday party

Mar 2013 i love this one bc its a different view of taylor’s LA house

claire_winter This amateur challenged me to a staring contest. #theconnectionisreal

also 2013: (from july 4 party)

and there is this iconic pic that she posted 

claire_winter the chef & her cleaning crew

you all remember this pic below…. Claire on right 


@claire_winter: Happy Birthday to this magical girl that is not only there whenever I need but also needs donuts as much as me. I love you, Tay! 🦄🍾✨❤️


at her 1989 show in vancouver, and she went to one in LA too 

Supporting Taylor after the Grammys last year: 

More recently … this summer: 

clairewinter: ✨we had THE time✨

Claire was also with taylor, andrea and este/alana at the movie she went to in early november in LA … the one where she used the umbrella… 

and this December’s HBD post:

claire_winter Happy Birthday to the best cat-mother, kitchen dance party partner, crime drama marathon watching buddy, FRIEND I know. @taylorswift we’ve been through a lot (and not just retro clothing phases) and there’s no one else I’d want by my side. Thank you for your friendship, sisterhood & for always casting light instead of shadows. 

I guess you could say I’m pretty happy you were born or whatever.

And then there was the cat instagram story from last week.

The End.


TAYLOR!!!! My name is not Natalie… no its Julia! And I’m going to be seeing you in Omaha, Friday, October 9th! I am super excited, I have only been to one other concert and that was the 1989 World Tour in Denver! I had horrible seats, but now I am on the floor! Floor A, Row 13! I am going to get up at 1:58 am so we can drive 8 hours to see you! I made you a Popsicle stick castle… and I brought my bandaid collection! I am going with my mom, and it is going to be so fun! I really hope to meet you!! @taylorswift