Whenever folks ask for book recommendations, I become at a loss because I am so deeply in love with so many different works! A wonderful problem, but still a problem…since being on the road I revisited with an old friend, “Travels with Charley” which is my favorite Steinbeck book in the world. My mummy introduced it to me, and although I’m sure she regrets that it made me want to travel SO much, I am indebted to her for passing on so many wonderful times and lessons through reading as a child.

If you are stuck in life, wishing to wander, wishing for adventure - I can almost guarantee that John’s words will lift you off the couch and into the world with excitement and a need for the unknown.

So all you beautiful adventurers…. Get it 💋

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aaaaaaa after seeing Robin say this I had to draw it but I didn’t have time cause I had to work on my blog art so yay now it’s here *Inhale**Exhale* Whew. Anyways, I hope you like it!


Oh gosh! This is so very sad! but so very cute too :O I really love how you’ve shaded out the eyes~ (so cool!) and the lineless artwork is amazing! thank you so much for the fanart!

* Dusty puts lots of sprinkles in your hair! L-lovely?? (ノ°▽°)ノ💖💜💞

Saint Germain - Fate Wanderer (Unmei no Tabibito)
  • Saint Germain - Fate Wanderer (Unmei no Tabibito)
  • Daisuke Hirakawa
  • Code: Realize (Full Character Song)

Saint Germain was my favorite before Sholmes stole his spot, and of course his was the only CD I bought <3 since I loved him so much, so I decided to upload his song for you guys too. Because why not share the love? 

The song is pretty damn amazing. I love it! Please feel free to use it as you wish, no credit needed <3 <3

Saint Germain’s Code: Realize Character Song -FULL-

Title: Fate Wanderer (Unmei no Tabibito) 

Singer: Daisuke Hirakawa

A big thank you to my friend Ashley for helping me translate the title to his song.


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how about headcanons about jace and magnus and them obviously being a secret brotp. will jace wait for the best man speech to pull out all the embarrassing stories? how many innuendos per encounter will magnus make to scar Jace for life? do they get drunk together when alec is already passed out after one pina colada ?

omg i love this!!!! 

  • okay but it all started when Magnus came over to the institute to pick Alec up for a date and he was just waiting for Alec to come and Jace wanders in and decides its time for a “man to man” chat and he does the whole spiel like “i swear to god if you break his heart” and magnus just kinda rolls his eyes but cant help but smile at how much he cares about his brother and because he’s so dramatic and magnus can relate™
  • but Alec ended up getting caught talking to his parents or whatever and so takes way longer than expected and theyre left to make conversations and a friendship begins
  • And Jace is just like this is amazing because he loves Alec but oh look now he likes Magnus too and he tends to end up third wheeling alot and sometimes he’s welcome but sometimes alec is like “ahem i would like to be alone with my bae” and is constantly dropping hints that Jace does not pick up on because he is emmersed in some crazy story and so Alec ends up having to kick him in the shin under the table Magnus finds the whole thing very amusing
  • but then jace starts butting in on purpose and will literally come into a room where they are and squeeze himself in between them and start talking to Magnus and Alec is just like “@ the angel, why?” 
  • idk man i just love the idea of Magnus having a place in the lightwood family outside of Alec
I want you to live the life that you have now. I want you to cherish it ‘cause you might not have it again the same way you want it to be. Show some love if you have to. Live today. Do not think about the future and let it worry by itself. We will never know what’s about to come so focus on the now and you’ll see that life is so much more than skyscrapers, expensive cars and city lights. Look at the bigger picture. Think outside the box. Never limit your mind to wander. Question everything you see. Make yourself curious. The world is a big place to live in. Travel without any itineraries. Book a short trip for the weekend. Relax. Just do whatever you have to do in order for you to move on with life every time it hits you badly. And i swear, you’ll grow; you will learn; you will realize that your perspective in life will become more mature than who you are yesterday.
—  vegaaskies

The wolf — cunning, deceitful, bloodthirsty, feral. the moon looks down on you. the forests whispers songs into the dead of night. you caress my skin with your claws. you lust for me, for my blood. the pain is lovely, so much of me spilled onto the ground.

The fawn — dappled, frightened, pale, a bright young thing. the sun floods you with light. snow white whispers songs into your ear. you wander deep into the mist, and lost in my eyes. you loved me, a beast. and i loved you, oh darling how i loved to destroy you.

a.s.t | to my first kill

This is my second submission for the flash driver from @peepsqueak and this is also for thanking the woy crew. I just wanna thank you guys for working REALLY hard on season 2 for woy, I really, really, really, adore this beautiful show and you guys must have worked really hard on this, I really hope to see you all once again woy crew and see what new coming episode will be next for the new woy season 3 and hoping to get a season 3, which we all woy fans are really trying hard as a team. I love each and everyone of you guys for giving us this inspiring show and knowing how to bring a huge smile upon our faces, again thanks so much woy crew, I want to give you guys a huge hug to all of you just like how wander would, you guys really know how to put a heck of a show. ;) *SaveWoy

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Hey!! Could you possibly do a number 6 for charles and getting caught by like the new students ie peter scott jean jubilee etc.... If you can thatd be great ans please tag me in it??? I love your blog so mucj i just spent an hour on it!! Great job and thanks again!

Aww thank you so much love! Im glad you’ve been enjoying my blog that means sm to me! ♥

Charles Xavier + Getting Caught in the Act

Warning: semi-smutty

It was late Tuesday evening and you were already exhausted from all your classes; lounging on the couch in Charles’ study you couldn’t help but let your mind wander from the stack of papers in front of you. It was your first year as a teacher and though Charles insisted you were doing a great job, you felt like you were drowning in your own incompetence. You could barely even focus on what was going on half the time with so many rambunctious students losing control of their powers in the middle of class. Sighing, you turned to admire Charles, the gorgeous man who had so graciously invited you into his home 3 years ago, offering you a place of refuge and eventually a job. He was handsome, kind, and not to mention your long-term boyfriend. You drank in his appearance; head tilted and brows furrowed as he nibbled lightly as his lip, his bright blue eyes searched the paper in confusion before he finally sighed and gave up. His hair was long, but not as long as it used to be, and small stray hairs would fall into his face every now and then causing him to brush them away. You thought it was adorable the way his nose would scrunch as he shoved the hair behind his ears distractedly.  He was wearing a light purple button up that made your heart flutter; the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, clinging tightly to his defined muscles. You shifted awkwardly as your body filled with desire; you wanted nothing more than to straddle his waist and have his way with him.

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                         ‘ The flowers are blooming early this season, don’t you think? Ah! But they’re so very beautiful… ‘

               Myrcella always had wandering eyes and a lighthearted voice, her step with a slight jump each time, as if she was always a child with too much contained energy. But this time, she stood facing a vine with clusters of glowing lilac flowers hanging from its branches. This season was always the one she loved the most, when the earth was reborn and started to sprout its beautiful children all around the place. Edareviel got all the more beautiful each time winter left and spring came around. She could’ve very well been talking to the plant herself, or perhaps to the air, if there was someone around, she hadn’t noticed, too caught up in the feeling of the soft petals against her gentle fingertips.


Skuff616, also known as Sean uploaded his part to the interwebs, check it out! This will be the start (sorta) of the entire MAP! :D

I loved the visuals, animation and style adaptation, even the background is fantastic!. Guys, all of your work has been so amazing, I couldn’t be happier! ;v;

Thank you so so so so much for joining, Sean! x3

Aaaand… we’re down to 9 parts… ;D

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I don't know if it's too soon to ask this, but aside from a few writers who might be joining you from the Wander Over Yonder staff, any hints on who's part of the cast in the new DuckTales show? I mean, with the kids, my (probably wrong) guess would be that Tara Strong is either Huey, Dewey or Louie and G Hannelius is Webby (yeah, I know I can't get over Little Bits, but I just loved her so much), but I thought I'd be able to ask you in case you knew.

Can’t reveal the cast yet, but it’s straight up awesome. Trust me, when we announce, you’ll be the first to hear about it!

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1. literally the worst person to watch a movie with. he’ll be looking at his phone or talking the whole time and then asks “wait who’s that guy? what happened?”

2. even if you have the tv on and he’s not watching at all– even if he’s not in the fucking room with you and you’re marathoning your favorite show by yourself– he will wander into the sitting room, stare at the tv for a second, and then say “wait what’s going on? who’s that guy?”

3. can’t tolerate even the smallest injustice. he’s been fired from multiple jobs for his inability to ignore rude customers. waiting tables and an 8 year old has a garbage attitude? you’d better believe a yelling match ensues after he tells off it’s parents for letting it talk to service workers that way. 

4. he’s really super nice to service workers. he tips more than 20% and always apologizes for being difficult when he’s not being difficult. 

5. eren will never remember your birthday, your favorite color, or maybe even your last name, but he will fight to the death for you if you’ve been wronged.

6. nobody ever wonders whether or not eren likes them. he’ll tell them to their face within five minutes of meeting them. 

7. he wakes up in the middle of the night with crippling anxiety that everyone he loves will die 

8. he will do literally anything for his romantic partner. he might not know when their anniversary is, but he will lay down and die if they ask him to. 

9. school is really hard for him, not because he’s unintelligent but because he just learns and processes information differently. he’s not very good at reading, but he retains really obscure information and remembers it forever. he feels self-conscious about it and will joke that he’s a “dumb guy”, but he’s actually incredibly smart. 

10. he doesn’t have road rage, contrary to popular belief. driving actually is really calming for him, especially if he’s alone. he can listen to music or sit in complete silence and think about whatever. people take him for an extrovert because he’s so outgoing and loud, but he’s incredibly introverted and needs that time alone to gather up his energy and reflect on his day. 

Chapter 4/6 - Waiting for Winter - Weconqueratdawn - Archive of Our Own

Rating: Teen & Up, Words: 1,249

Summary: Post-fall fic where Hannibal wakes up in Will’s cabin after an illness

Thank you to @lordofthelesbians for beta, and gifted to @wraithsonwingsposts

Also, I’ve had lots of support for this fic so far, so thank you very much to everyone who’s left kudos and all the lovely comments :)))


Over the last three weeks the temperature had dropped steadily and Hannibal’s breath clouded, visible in the crisp stillness of the morning. He had recently found himself fit enough to wander freely over the wooded land surrounding the cabin and did so often. His range increased daily and in a few weeks he planned to begin more serious exercise, but for now this was welcome. To roam at will through trees and ferns, to feel body and mind refreshed by the dimming golden light glancing through the gently waving branches. Frequently, in the quiet depths of the forest, he happened upon evidence of Will’s hand. Felled trees, a long double row of drying logs, fencing to dissuade deer - all these spoke of his stewardship.

He felt made anew. To return like this to the woods, not so dissimilar from the forests of his childhood, was apposite. They were the bedrock of European mythology - places rife with magical possibility, populated by pagan gods and folkloric beings who offered ambiguous bargains. It was fitting they should both wait out the ripples of their shared transformation here. A perfect landscape for shedding old selves and re-building once more.

Already, Hannibal could feel his carefully curated outer layers flaking and peeling, exposing tender new skin underneath. He was glad of the temporary shelter of the trees - the deepening reds and fiery bronzes of the canopy would soon be bare branches. In tandem with the changes he felt wrought upon his psyche, his appearance was altered too. He remained thinner and lighter, his strength still not what it should be. His hair had almost grown to its former length, though left uncut for so long that it was in danger of becoming shapeless and unruly. Soon he would be able to tie it back, and perhaps that would be for the best.

Living like this with Will was stripping him further of his humanity, returning him to the wild. Hannibal was strongly reminded of another temporary regression, long ago when he’d undergone another vital transformation. For a few moments he was tempted to walk barefoot as he’d done as a child, feeling the damp leaf mulch and sharp twigs on his soles. To remember the pain of that time, and how change was necessary and desirable. How one grew into new shapes because of it.

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You know, with the existence of fictionkin, it kinda makes me wonder how bigshot creators would feel if they knew about people being kin with their character, especially if the person doesn't truly understand the person they're kin with. Is it okay for people to do that just because that character part of something big that is loved by people all over the world? But discussing fictionkin stuff is such an iffy subject, and I don't understand it enough to really say much about it.

I don’t understand fictionkin thoroughly enough either, so I won’t at all try to explain or disprove it.

And yeah, having something publicly made, big shows like steven universe, wander over yonder, voltron, etc. you can’t keep track of every single fan interpretation. 

Your question of: “Is it okay for people to do that just because that character part of something big that is loved by people all over the world?”

I doubt big name show creators would have a care about it. They’d prob say it’s okay as long as you aren’t being hurtful. Fandom is weird and all over the place, and if someone’s kin with a character in a public cartoon, then there’s really no foul or anything to do.

However, this particular person who said they were fictive said that they WERE my actual character Tobias, or some weird version of him, idk. Now I don’t know the personal struggles going on in their life, but I politely asked them to remove Tobias from their blog, and they complied.

Here’s the big difference between my independent characters and popular fiction characters-

I AM NOT A BIG STUDIO, I am not a big content creator. I’m JUST ONE artist who enjoys showing my original stuff to others who enjoy it.

That said, my characters are NOT open to fandom. They’re open to fans who enjoy them, want to know more about them, and even draw them. However they are not open for someone to roleplay, claim, or alter in any form. 

My characters are within my creative rights.

If my characters and stories(eventually?) get turned into a webcomic, then yes, I’d change my views accordingly because then I’d be making the story public and open to others.

But since my characters are mine and mine alone right now, and have so much personal attachment and passions put into them, I kindly ask that nobody tag my characters as kin.

Okay so I definitely haven’t been on here as much as normal recently :(, and part of it is that working 40 hours a week is kicking my ass, part of it is Pokémon Go (I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I JUST KEEP WANDERING AROUND ALL OVER THIS CITY, IT’S SO GREAT), and part of it is that I seem to have somehow acquired a social life? Seriously, though. I like… leave my apartment, now. And do things. With other humans. I’m still not sure how that’s even happened?

Okay all kidding aside I’m grateful to finally have friends out here ♥ but I miss you all terribly. Things should slow down a bit after August. In the meantime, I’m home this Friday night, and I intend to spend all of it in bed with my laptop. :3

Sending hugs to everyone, and hope that life’s been treating ya’ll well. ♥