I can’t believe this was almost 4 years ago, easily one of the most wonderful trips I’ve ever had. I loved ducks, the sunshine, wandering around and exploring, experiencing a new world of happiness with my favourite.. I’ve grown and changed so much for the better over those years since, but my love for those things hasn’t changed one bit.
I don’t think you can ever be 100% happy without your bestfriend

I’ve been told that I’ll fall in love with trains
And that they will make me see the truth:
Home is less of something to attain,
A little less of a tree with deep roots,
Or a flashing sign, a spot on a map.
It’s two familiar hands and a heartbeat,
All my belongings in a nap sack;
Lone wandering by way of blue cloth seats.
Not so much, “You are here!” or “You’ve made it!”
But, “You’re always here,” and “It’s in your bones”
The rusted railways have always known this
They feel the weight of millions of small homes
I watch the trees pass by and the houses, too
Knowing I am half a home without you
—  a sonnet for the lump in my throat I get when I take the train home from seeing you (coffeekissesandwords)
Stressed Out

Can you write a Fernando Llorente smut? Thank you so much, I love your blog so much! Keep up the work! :)

8pm this was the latest you had been home from work for ages. You walked in the house from a tough day at work. You had been feeling really stressed out as you were trying to complete a project.

You throw your coat on the coat rack and walked in the living room and getting your phone out. Also chucking your heels off as they were killing your feet. You had no idea where your husband was.

Where is he? You though to yourself. You wandered into the kitchen and saw your topless husband standing in front of you. “There you are” You say walking towards him. “Sorry darling, I was making my wife some dinner” He says stirring your dinner.

“That’s sweet of you” You smile as you kiss his lips. “You’re late home?” He says. “Don’t even go there babe. I don’t want another word about that place. I need a day off or even a week” You sigh laying your head on the table.

He wanders over and kisses the side of your head. “Its okay baby, you are home now and with your beautiful husband” You laugh at his cockiness. “You love yourself don’t you” He winks at you.

You laugh as he plates up your dinner. Placing it in front of you. “Thank you” you smile as he kisses your cheek. “Why are you being so good?” You say biting into your pasta. “because I love you” he smiles.

After finishing your dinner, you put your plate in the dishwasher and load it up. “Hey. Leave this, you’re tired baby” he says placing his hand on the small of your back. You nod knowing you need to take a break.

You stroll upstairs and collapse in a heap on the bed. “Take your clothes off” Fernando smirks playing with your the hem of your skirt. “Yes I will, I’m exhausted, why did I decide to work for 2 whole weeks with no break” you say getting frustrated.

Fernando pulls you up and gives your body a squeeze. “You’re so adorable when you’re stressed. But you’re so tense baby” he rubs the back of your neck. “That feels good” you groan into Fernandos hands pressing into your shoulder.

“You know how we can get rid of this stress baby” he winks at you. You nod as he pulls your skirt off. You know how this situation ended.

it makes me sick how easy it is for my eyes to look away, and how my heart can so quickly wander and cling onto other things. but i desire You above all else, and so i will cut off everything that weakens my grip on You no matter how hard it may be, no matter how heartbreaking, and i pray that You show me that You are so much more than any of these. i know You are, i know. but sometimes i can be so blind and my heart doesn’t believe it, and lately it has been constantly on the verge of breaking. let me not only see the wonder of Your love, but consume me completely. i want every fiber of my being to love You and You alone, because You are my life. only Your love satisfies.

Jesus, take all of me–i am wholly & completely Yours.

Drabble Games #22: “I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Requested by falloutassbutt , deangirl96, we-can-be-immortals, and one anon. This one turned out angsty. There is a fluffy/smutty version of this drabble here if you’d rather read that one :) XOXO

You slipped into the bed you shared with Dean. He was already asleep, his back turned so that he was facing away from your side. You sighed. It had been ages since the two of you had touched each other, let alone had a real conversation. You hadn’t given up trying, though.
You pressed yourself against his back and wrapped an arm around him, your hand wandering over the smooth muscles of his stomach. You kissed his shoulder blade and whispered “I love you, Dean. So much.”
You knew Dean was awake now and that he heard you, but he didn’t speak. He did lace his fingers through yours, and you took that as a good sign. You continued trailing kisses around his shoulders and back, eventually pressing your forehead to his warm skin and silently waiting.
After several minutes, Dean finally spoke.
“Are you okay?”
Dean was asking if you were okay? After everything he had been through, everything he hadn’t figured out yet, the fear he must be feeling…he was concerned about you?
“Dean, I’m fine! It’s you that I’m worried about.” Your hand instinctively ran up his arm to feel the raised skin of the Mark.
“I know. I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice. Like I’m broken. Like I’m not the man you fell in love with.”
You pulled on him until he rolled to his back, but he kept his eyes on the ceiling.
“Dean Winchester, I do love you. That’s why this is so scary. I don’t know how to help you, or how to comfort you. You keep pushing me away, and I’m terrified of what’s going to happen. I just can’t get you to let me in.”
“You don’t want me to let you in, trust me.” Dean’s voice was emotionless, even worse than when he was angry.
“I miss you, Dean,” you whispered. “More than anything else, I miss you. This is hard for both of us. I want to be there for you, but you keep pushing me away. And every instinct I have is telling me to curl up in your arms and find solace in you, and you won’t let me.”
You were crying now, not even trying to hold back your tears as they streamed down your face onto Dean’s chest.
“I miss your voice telling me everything is going to be okay. You can’t give up, Dean. What am I supposed to do if you give up? What about us? Aren’t we worth fighting for?”
As much as you tried to stop, you continued to cry, hard and wracking sobs that came from your gut. Finally, you felt Dean’s arms snake around you and pull you close against him.
“Shh, don’t cry. You know I love you, too. Always.”
Dean’s words didn’t fix anything, but they did give you hope. Maybe that was the same thing. You looked into his eyes, and he leaned up and kissed you. For the first time since he had been cursed with the Mark, you felt like it was really Dean, your Dean, that was kissing you.
You laid awake in his arms, still terrified of the days to come. But Dean slept like a baby, clinging to you. No, you weren’t going to give up on him.

The thing about me is you have to catch me while I care
Take 100% advantage of the time where I’m fully committed
I don’t know how to be someone that stays involved if it’s not reciprocated at the same time
My mind wanders , my heart loses interest …
And by the time you realize it’s already too late
So the choice is yours but there’s not much time to spare
You can either miss me when I’m gone
Or make sure to catch me when I’m there
—  Rafelina Michelle

In a completely and utterly amazing twist of fate, I have reached 1000+ followers. First of all: what are you all doing here? Second of all: when I started this blog back in December I never dreamed it would get this far, and I am constantly amazed and humbled by the wonderful friends I’ve made on here. So, without further ado, here is my bias list.

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The Twins (Other Leggys I Love)

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cutekookie asked:

hi! i love your blog and i love your stories and ily and i was wandering if i could request some fluffy jikook?? (woops sorry i know youve been getting lots of jikook recently :P) thank yiu so much if so ;u; have a wonderful day~

jimin’s a terrible cat. he’s more of a puppy than a cat, tripping and falling a lot and too excited for everything. and he tries to fit himself into cardboard boxes too small for him and ends up getting stuck.  

all of which culminates in the fact that jungkook is the superior cat. 

“you’re stupid, hyung,” jungkook says, flicking jimin’s nose with his tail. “this is the third time this week.” 

“it looked comfortable,” jimin whines from where he’s stuck in the box, ears flattening against his head. “kookie, help me?” 

jungkook heaves a long-suffering sigh, pads over to the box, and sinks his teeth into the scruff of jimin’s neck, trying to pull the stupid kitten out. the box ends up kinda squashed and deformed in the end but there’s nothing he can do about that. 

“don’t do it again,” jungkook says and jimin nods brightly. 

“i’ll do my best, jungkookie!” jimin grins and jungkook sighs. 

“i will allow you to share my box, jimin,” he says importantly (even though this is an everyday occurence) and jimin squeals. 

jungkook enters his box first and curls up in it, sticking to the side so jimin can get in too, tails curled around each other and noses touching. and when seokjin comes back from getting the groceries, he grins at how cute his two kittens are. 

then he sees the other squashed box and sighs. not another one. 

hey team! so i recently reached 400 followers (!!!), which is amazing and i know it’s 3000% cliche but i honestly never thought i’d make it this far. in honor of making my first follower goal i have decided to make my first follow forever! so i’m really shy online and don’t talk often so i’m not on a personal basis with most of you but i still love all of your blogs and you guys give me so much inspiration!

i’ve bolded those who i’ve interacted with or that i particularly love! (lord of light forgive me if i miss someone)

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Hi Ming, I couldn't sleep so well last night so I reflected what you said (I wandered the streets at 2am thinking) and I'm starting my Recovery today. But today I went go see her. We spent one last day together. We sat down and watched the clouds. We talked about our past and we talked about our current situation. We're completely different, she's not the type of girl that loves anyone. I asked her what I meant to her, i didnt even get an answer. Ming, what's makes you happy? Thank you so much.

The streets are dangerous at 2AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really proud of you. I just want you to know that I am really freaken proud that you are choosing that for yourself today. While focusing on your recovery, don’t forget that some days are harder but I don’t want you to give up. You’re here today, you’re going to make it tomorrow. 

Sometimes, not getting an answer IS an answer. As much as that hurts, you have to take that with you and continue on with life. Don’t allow that to make you bitter though. Being resentful takes a lot of energy. Instead, I hope you remember that not everyone is you. We are not all capable of the same things. Two people don’t always work out, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t come into your life to give you temporary happiness, even if it’s for a brief moment and they leave you hurt. For that moment of loveliness, it was worth something. 

I’m overall a really happy person. Even when my heart hurts, I am able to laugh and smile and find happiness in the simplicity. I call it magic. It’s this thing I want to forever hold onto, no matter what age I am. I want to be excited about life, about the small and big things. And I think that sometimes when people grow up they forget to be excited about living their lives. People grow older and they start to have more hate than love. I never want to be that person so I try to appreciate all the moments. Whether it’s good or bad, I know that it’s going to pass and I have to be patient with both myself and the future. Right now, I want to be the person that makes myself happy. I am surrounded by wonderful people and I live in a wild city. I am about to end a chapter and write a new one. And even if my heart still sometimes ache at the thoughts of the past, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Above it all, all that has happened makes me happy.


anonymous asked:

I saw a list of AUs and this one reminded me of Stucky and your writings (which are super cute) and I wanted to let you know if you want to do something with it :3 “i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” au

Oh god this is so nice. Thank you lovely anon


Steve likes to consider himself a fairly discreet person. But when Bucky wanders into the gym at six am, hair mussed and thrown haphazardly into a bun, and starts working out, he can’t help but stare. Bucky’s only been back for a few months and he’s far from being back to his old self, but some things never change. Namely, that Bucky can do one-armed push ups for hours, with or without a metal arm. 

“Is that why you didn’t fit in a SHIELD?” Bucky asks without stopping. Steve blushes and stammers out something unintelligible. “I mean, Christ Stevie, you’ve got to have the heaviest stare in the world.”

“You’ve got the heaviest arm,” Steve mutters under his breath. At that, Bucky nearly collapses onto the ground, clutching his stomach from laughing so hard.

“Great comeback Stevie,” Bucky says, wiping tears out of his eyes. “Good thing some things always stay the same, yeah?”

Steve grins, his heart thudding in his chest at the sight of Bucky’s smile. “Yeah.”

Hey, I miss you. I said it. I miss you. I do. Terribly. I also love you. So much. You’re the only thing that’s been crossing my mind for the last 6 months and I still get over-excited when we talk. I still think about you when I’m in the shower and have my face pressed against the tiling, or when I’m having a bad night and it’s 3 am, I’m wandering around my kitchen blindly, trying to find a glass and have a drink, with eyes half-clossed. I just love you so much and it’s been so long since I’ve told anybody how I feel about you and us..
You’re just so fucking beautiful and I think you already know that every piece of my so called ‘poetry’ is about you and only you.

Finding Home - Epilogue (Louis)

HOW ABOUT the boys tell 5sos what happened in there

A/N: So these got really long and I decided to do each boy in a separate chapter! Today is Louis, so here you go…part three of a five chapter epilogue! Enjoy!

Louis loved school. He really did! But it wasn’t his fault that sometimes he really didn’t want to pay attention and would rather play with the interesting things in the classroom. Sometimes what his teacher was talking about was boring, or sometimes he just had too much energy to sit still. Today was an especially rough day, and he kept getting up and wandering over to the window to look out, just curious to see what was happening outside the classroom. “Louis! Come sit down right now,” the teacher repeated once more.

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Cycle II

I can think
of better things
to do
with my time
than sit here
staring at this mailbox
but it is so

I do not believe
that I have ever
told you
how much I love it
when you whisper
in my ears
when I am trying
to sleep

If there was
a way
to pour myself
out -
all the way
let everything go
and vomit out
all the words
and gestures
and meaningless
I would
as fast as I could
streaming glory
from eyes and ears
and nose and mouth

who cares
how dark it is
let’s go
and wander around
the city
is a forest
and the forest
is a city -
either one
is sacred

That happened and you can not tell me otherwise.
  • Emma to Regina:you've done so much!
  • Pine cone man:no I'll save you Regina!
  • Handless wander:there must be another way.
  • Emma:I love you. *then looks at Regina cuz she said that to regina*

anonymous asked:

beautiful thing, you are alive with the sadness of youth while wandering eyes cast miles-away judgments sculpted by insecure anger keyboard taps. chin up, smoke up, suit up, drink up, turn inward, because the kingdom of heaven is within you and a night only lasts so long. everyone has a lens they see the world through it's only a matter of taking it off, i'll wire peace across a country, much love

Saving this forever.

anonymous asked:

I am about to annoy you with my Stiles-like chatter but oh my GOD I don't think you UNDERSTAND you are one of my all time favorite Sterek writers!! I just found your fics a few days ago and binged on them and holy crap I love your style so so much! Your Derek is the PERFECT Derek oh my God we need more of your Derek! Yes sub!Derek yes bottom!Derek and I never even thought about it until your fics but YES VIRGIN!DEREK YES and I'm not usually that into dom!Derek but "Thoughts Of You" (1/?)

is such a gorgeous depiction of dom!Derek and it’s driving me CRAZY, favorite dom!Derek EVER, but your sub!Derek … be still my heart! I have wandered around AO3 more often than I’d like to admit to looking for perfect sub!Derek and you have written it and it is PERFECT! I am just flailing so much and the deeper parts of it, the psychology of it, it’s all handled so beautifully! YES talk to me about how this precious sugarball needs gentle, understanding, carefully placed love and how he needs to be pulled apart thread by thread by Stiles and slowly stitched back together, how he’s in constant conflict with himself because he’s so freaking touch-starved but he can’t help flinching when someone touches him either, how Stiles soothes those nerves and when Stiles is with him the flailing uncontrollable energy that naturally IS Stiles just smooths out like a wave that washes over Derek and lets him BREATHE for the first time in years and Stiles LOVES it. I just… I just need sub!Derek in my life and yet there seems to be so little of it but you have no idea how much I love your fics, you portray these two lovebirds PERFECTLY, and praise kink is my FAVORITE Derek kink and you do that too and that just makes me smile so much! Ah see I said I was going to annoy you, I just flailed all over your inbox, I’m sorry, it’s 3 AM and I’m having a squeal fit over here because I just realized you had a tumblr and ALSO you like meta? That’s perfect! I love meta, your fics though, just the absolute gems of this fandom holy corn you are the best person ever so yes just wanted to come and gut my feelings all over your inbox because finallyyyy another person who loves sub!Derek and dom!Stiles, I need so much more of that, and the possibilities! I could so see Stiles as being professional in the area of sex somehow, a pro!dom or co-owning a club with Lydia or maybe a psychologist of some sort it just really seems like his jam, I bet he fixes people, I could see him as that sort of person so easily except when he meets Derek he doesn’t JUST want to fix him, he wants to care for him and love him and… what do you think of pro!dom Stiles’ signature being black gloves? I bet Derek would have a little heart attack over that, especially if Stiles was a werewolf specialist of some kind and the gloves had some kind of werewolf aphrodisiac in them, but ah anyway I’ve rambled too long, I just love your fics so much!!

(I tried to find a place to break that, but it wasn’t happening so I shall reply under the line!)

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Happy six month, my darling.

Dearest the dweeb ((Lukas)),

So, docmedecal. It’s been six months with you. (I know it’s a few minutes in but idc I love you). Six months. Half a year. Someday this will be futile but right now it means the world to me.
You’ve changed me so much. All for the better. I can’t focus like I used to. Everything I see/experience I start wandering to “what if WE saw/experienced it?”. Every beautiful thing I see doesn’t even begin to compare to you. I cant write anything because all I have to say is the same thing: “I’m in love with Lukas”.
You’re different and I love that. You respect me. I mean something to you. You’re my everything. I really do love you, Lukas.
Every fiber of my being burns with a desire for you. I can’t wait to see you or be with you or touch you or hug you or kiss you. To show you how much I love you.

You are the love of my life. And all my lives. Happy six month, my love. And happy every month after, from here until eternity, docmedecal.

All my love,
Your Dork. ((Julia.))

stripeydani did it so I will too, it is Empire this weekend and I have so much keen! This banner kinda represents how I will look. 2/3 of the time I will be ‘me’ being a Celestial Ladybird, wandering around taking photos. The rest of the time, I will be my character Hazel (full name Hazelelponi… yeah, not many know that). Warning, the book she is holding is very dangerous, it is the ROOT of evil (right dani? ;D )
In case you’re wondering what the heckie is on her face, it’s bark. My character is what’s known as a Briar, and a common physical part of them is having bark on their body. It also creates some very interesting roleplay effects too.
First photo is by Adam Herritage, second & third are by Tom Garnett.