a typical workday
  • sam:do you think they'd have sex right away after knowing how they feel about each other or would they take it slow?
  • me:i think john is trash and sherlock probably hasn't had sex with anyone in a very very long time if ever at all, so i think john would probably like, just not be able to stop kissing him and touching him and sherlock would be all shaky and unsure but also wouldn't want to disappoint john and then john would notice and break off and touch sherlock's face and ask if everything was okay and then he'd be really tender and careful with him and they'd probably have some kind of sex right away but it would be so so loving and so so sweet and gentle because john loves sherlock so so so much oh god why did you ask me this i'm crying at my desk now
When we feel a great amount of joy or a great amount of pain we turn to music, that’s why we’re all at Hyde Park tonight. From talking to you so much and from getting to know you it’s never more apparent to me how difficult it is to feel okay about yourself in 2015, real talk. I mean every single day we go online, and trust me, I love the internet, love it okay, but every day we scroll through the highlight reel of other people’s awesome lives but we don’t see the highlight reel of our awesome lives all we see is the behind the scenes of our lives. We see every single moment from when we wake up like oh my god not feeling the hair today.. You see your doubts, you see your fears, you see your concerns.. You’re the only one who’s inside your brain feeling all of your anxieties and hearing the voices that are telling you that you can’t be who you want to be or that you’re not who you want to be or you want to be more like that person over there. Let me tell you people are mean to each other but no voices are as mean as our own voices are to ourselves. Is it true or is it false? (Crowd cheers) It’s true. Ok so if there’s one thing that you come away with this night remembering I want it to be this: Every day when you look in the mirror and your kind is telling you all the things you are not, if those things are you’re not cool enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not popular enough, you’re not successful enough, you’re not special, you’re not wanted, you’re not unique.. Those are not the things you are not. Let me tell you the things you are not okay? You are not somebody else’s opinion of you. You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to be yet. You are not damaged goods just because you have made mistakes in your life. Those are the thing you are not. Let me tell you the things you are. Would you like to hear the things that you are? You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile and no one else’s definition. You are wiser, stronger and smarter because you’ve made mistakes in your life, not damaged. And lastly London, England you are someone who is probably standing here tonight going through your own battles, fighting your own ghosts, trying to cover your own scars, stressing about your own stresses but rather than wallowing in them you got up, put on an awesome outfit and now we’re all standing here together at the best concert having the time of our lives on a Saturday night. I’ve realized it’s not about being perfect, it’s not about feeling perfect, sometimes it’s just about getting on with things and after awhile you look around and realize you’re happy today. And that’s all that matters. I just want you to know the one thing I have learned in 25 years, and I’m still learning, is that if you get rained on, walked through a bunch of storms, life is constantly coming at you. That doesn’t make you damaged. It makes you c I e a n.
—  Taylor to the London crowd before performing Clean (6/27/15). 💙

GUYS okay so turns out the guy who played Steve on Full House, Scott Weinger, is a writer for fricken Galavant

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Patrochilles body swap au? (Thetis thinks that if Achilles spends time in Patroclus' body, he'll realise how fragile and boring he really is. She's so wrong lmao)

OH MY GOD i love this prompt? thank you so much???

  • I’d say Thetis decides this around the time she gets the first signs that war is coming, around a few days before the messenger of Peleus comes to pick them up from Mount Pelion and after Patroclus and Achilles get together
  • She does it with distaste; the idea that a mere human would be in her child’s body, even for one day makes her physically sick, but it’s his life, she knows of Patroclus’ oath, she knows Achilles will join him if needed
  • So one morning, Achilles and Patroclus both wake up but they switched bodies
  • It’s such a difference for both of them; suddenly, Achilles has to work living in a far more human body, with no blood of the gods running through his veins, he doesn’t have the ease in living he was given from the beginning
  • Patroclus suddenly has to live in a body that has an unusual strength and swiftness, his mind wouldn’t need time to wake from its usual slumber, his limbs wouldn’t feel heavy with sleep in the beginning, it’s all confusing
  • They don’t notice that quickly though, it’s until they look each other in the face that they start to panic and figure things out, Chiron needs to advice them, who easily tells them it’s a trick from Achilles’ mother, and they end up feeling slightly better. 
  • Of course Patroclus feels horrified at the idea of Achilles in his body; even though ages ago it became clear Achilles never focuses on his lack of strength, the other’s constantly reminder how human he is couldn’t be good, right?
  • Achilles is more confused about it all, though, because even though his strength lacks, he still has a swiftness and youth in his body of a young man, he had thought he would be more fragile, but on the way, he realizes Patroclus chooses to be. He asks Chiron for another training, and even though he is panting after a climb up to a good place to train, it doesn’t entirely feel unusual
  • Meanwhile, imagine Patroclus being a major clumsy dork, he isn’t used to so much strength, he is very afraid to touch Achilles because ‘what if i break your bones?’ Keep in mind that Chiron has told them that Achilles’ destiny is killing, he doesn’t know how much Achilles has to keep himself in and he doesn’t want to hurt the other with his experience in a human body
  • Achilles, at the same time, is enjoying it. It’s, of course, weird to touch his own body and to kiss his own lips, but even then, Patroclus’ body would still respond the same way? Imagine the way he responds to it, they feel each other’s love for each other, and as it is in an entirely different body, i could imagine it’s a weird but nice experience?
  • So Patroclus looks at Achilles fighting with his body, he is horrified to try it himself in Achilles’ body, since it’s built for fighting and he’d always choose fleeing if he could, even in this body
  • Imagine how much of a revelation it is to feel how strong Patroclus can be, imagine how much Achilles suddenly realizes why Pat doesn’t choose fighting, just imagine how much respect the demigod has for his lover when it ends, he’s tired, but his muscles are not aching, Patroclus is strong enough with daily exercise.
  • They swim, they run, they compete with each other, experiencing how it is to switch roles, Achilles loves the way he can suddenly feel a limit in his body, he feels like it’s a challenge he would like to overcome, and he can see the joy in his own face as Patroclus wins, all of a sudden. They are in each other’s bodies, but Patroclus still holds himself the same in Achilles’ body, still his own little smile, Achilles loves it. 
  • At night, before they go to sleep entangled with each other’s bodies, Patroclus asks him if he disliked to feel so fragile, and Achilles would, of course, shake his head
  • ‘I respect your strength and your choices, Patroclus. You have always competed with me with this body, you’ve run from Phthia to Mount Pelion with this body to join me, i have always been told by my mother that humans are weak, but i now realize they are stronger than me, because they work to achieve what i got at birth.’
  • Patroclus can only feel relief as he falls asleep, only needing one small warning of Achilles that he is squeezing the other too much, and the next morning, they’re back to normal, and Pat can see that little respect he seems to have earned from Achilles, a certain extra wonder and admiration, and he really likes it
  • Thetis is pissed off that her plan doesn’t work, tbh, but yeah who can stop them from loving each other? No one and nothing really can

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i dont know the ship name but man i think jorfani?????? thats dumb no. idk man jorfani until something fkcn better rolls along. but like have you seen the roller blad evid yet? stefani was all "no dont fuckin do it ull get hurt" and jordan was like "nah its fine trust" but she also has this"fckn do it nerd" thing in the begining ugh idk i love her shes my queen and jors her king

Oh my god i was think Jorfani too! but i was reluctant to say anything cause it sound freaking weird. and the way how she said “ no dont do it” was so sweet and cute and you could hear the worry in her voice and it was just so cute ahhhh i love stefani so much shes so perfect 

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I have a question. Do you worship coffee or something??? Bc I see the word folgers on this blog a lot and I get so confused bc at first I thought you probably weren't talking about the coffee but something else

hahahahahahahah oh my god. well folgers is infamous for their “Brother Sister” commercial bc the siblings give each other bedroom eyes and it’s just….. very uncomfortable…..

so well i fucking fell in love with marx, all of my friends joked about how i turned to the way of the folgers. literally since the teaser came out i’ve drank at least one cup of folgers a day to get my marx s-support. it worked. it worked and my friends all started screeching at me because it worked a little too well bc you can romance siblings from both sides and they say the most lewd things aND BASICALLY EVERYONE BLAMES THAT DEVELOPMENT ON ME NOW

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You meeting Taylor tonight gives me so much hope that it may actually be possible for me. I hope you had the best time tonight, you really deserved it and I am so happy for you! <3

Lou, i love you SO much oh my god. Thank you for always being so kind an amazing friend.

billie joe and adrienne are the cutest thing ever bc adrienne makes billie so happy (& vice versa) and and and they both remind me of two teenagers deeply in love and i’m so thankful for Adrienne taking such good care of billie’s heart throughout all these years and for billie being such an adorable !! loving !! husband !! oh my god you don’t know how much my heart flutters when i see those two together tHEY ARE SO CUTE

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What about those OCs? I want to get to know some pretty cool OCs to expand my horizon and not stick to fandoms.


There’s xinvinciblesummer (can also be found playing OCs at benevolentibus and xanimos) who is fucking amazing and really sweet and super wonderful and holy fuck so talented.  

I also can’t narrow this down to five so here are some of my other fave/amazing OCs, though, truly, I think all OCs are fantastic: 

dragon-of-the-stars  | trappmouththe-bab-brigade | binaryfrission | wavexriderrp-military-hunter | thesinful-lot | fakesmilesandsecrets | agentklrowley |  travelerlainewalker | adxpatresdreicha | terraasteriawednesdayspuppet | thiievery | silverheartsilverskin | andonyourright | miimesis | comelookatthefreak | hey-bxrtender | nomommyimnatasha | hisforgottensmile | caught-in-the-exchange | exprobravi | epilxgues | gunsnguinness | colorsprxy | thatchergreene | thesunisgonnashineonme | tofearthewolves | starkryan | justice-lives | morecomplicatedthanuniverses | imxthexhandler | fridge-o-mancer | partyciity | americasdaughter | tech013 | semperobliti | perfecthairperfectlife | ofdarkestnight | pillarofman | formerhydramedic | redeyesandaclearmind | sxdere | nijah | fuascailt | deus-lupus | wagermylifeonyou 

and so many others. I have a few of my own OC blogs which you can find here as well: noroomforheart | pulmentumxcalidum | parvulusxfrater | complicatedidentity | dxmxges | sxghtlessbxrd 

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i know that it maybe weird but let me tell u smth. YOu areso awesome and cool and kind and cute, you make great gifs, arts, you are always ready to help with something, i respect your personal life as all people i suppose, but you answer almost in the next moment. i just wanna say that i love your blog very very much, don't change your work style. I think you are nice,kind,sweet and great human being, just be happy, be loved and let all your dreams and hopes come true. i think u should know this

oh my god this is the nicest thing ever, thank u so much. im glad that u like my posts hehe. i answer asks immediately whenever im online so yeah. thanks again u deserve a mattfoggy hug!

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Johnny Storm x reader

Request: Can You Do A One Shot where Reed Richard’s Little Sister Is Caught In Bed With Johnny? Very Smutty if You Can! (: Love all your work!

A/n: oh my god, yes! Lol, thank you so much!

Genre: Romance

Rated: mature

Warning: smut, swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

Your lips moved in sync with Johnny’s, your hands held above your head against the fluffy material of the plush pillow of yours. Johnny’s tongue was slithering around your mouth, running all along your tongue as you tried to fight for dominance. You were rubbing your wet sex against Johnny’s hard on, begging for friction. He grunted and held your wrists with one hand while unbuckling his belt and tied the leather around your wrists. He gave you a sly smile when he pulled away and he ran his hands down your sides.

“Do you want me?”

His voice sent shivers down your spine as he unbuttoned his dress shirt that you stole from him, his fingers moving agonizingly slow. You answered.


His gaze was dark as he watched you, inspecting your reactions. He prowled up to you like an animal would on his prowl, a feral look in his eyes as he roughly to a perky nipple in his mouth, sucking and tugging back a little. You gasped at the sensation of Johnny’s tongue swirling around your nub then flicking over it. His other hand ran down your hip and outer thigh, holding your naked thighs. He fingered the string of the thong you wore, the material silky along your skin and his callused fingers scratchy. His hips rolled against yours, grinding harshly into your pussy while his mouth let go of your nipple with a pop. He switched and you watched, moaning lightly and arching your back, pushing your chest into his mouth. Johnny chuckled and whispered.

“Patience, firecracker.”

You whined and Johnny looked up at you, his hands sliding up and hooking his fingers around the material of your thong. His gaze never left your face and eyes as he slid your undergarment down your legs and stuffed them into the pocket of his jeans. He then started laying kisses along your skin, leading a trail from your chest to your stomach. He sucked a mark on your stomach right below your breasts then kept moving, leaving hickies here and there. He moved to your inner thigh and bit a dark mark into it, making you gasp and writhe a bit. He then got bold and pressed his tongue flat against your soaking slit. You gasped once more and watched as he flicked his tongue over your clit, his eyes focused on your glistening cunt. Johnny started to lap up and down your entrance, making you squirm and buck your hips up. Johnny positioned your legs in the air, your thighs pressed against your body, effectively holding you down. He rubbed circles into your thighs as he lapped upwards again. His nose was pressed against your clit and his tongue was darting expertly in and out of your sex, flicking upwards with each thrust. You moaned and arched your back, pulling against your restraints as you wished you could touch him. The frustration of not being able to touch him intensified the feeling of him tongue fucking you, making you arch your back high than normal and cry out. Johnny thrust faster, his head shaking back and forth as his nose rubbed against your clit. You gasped and moaned, your orgasm inching closer to you. Johnny sensed that and pulled back, making you squirm and whine. Johnny chuckled and put on a strip tease for you, swaying back and forth as he slid his shirt off and over his head, throwing it at you. It landed on your chest and you grinned a bit, biting the material and bringing it up to you so you can smell the scent that belonged to Johnny. Johnny seemed to like that as his smirk widened and he unbuttoned his jeans, fingers dipping along the waistline. He let them slide down and stepped out of them. You spied the tent in his boxers and blushed, rubbing your thighs and arching your butt of the mattress a bit to create some friction. Johnny’s smirk faltered as he watched your thighs and he slid his boxers down, revealing a hard, swollen dick that was leaking beads of precum. You felt proud that you could make him feel that way and he grabbed a condom from the dresser beside him. He ripped open the package with his teeth and rolled on the condom slowly, the sight so hot that it made you even hotter than you are now. He crawled up to you with that feral look again and asked you, kissing your neck.

“You ready, baby?”

You responded by bucking your hips and Johnny grunted. He slipped in slowly, moaning at the feeling. You gasped and pleaded when he didn’t move.

“Please, Johnny, fuck me.”

He started to thrust, whimpering a bit at the pleasure and you gasped, pulling at your restraints. Johnny then started to go faster, the slick sound of your fucking loud and the sound of skin slapping skin even louder. You moaned and called Johnny’s name, arching your back and Johnny ordered.

“Look at me, (y/n).”

You looked at him through half lidded eyes but they widened when he went harder, slamming into your sex mercilessly. You screamed Johnny’s name and arched your back, still looking at him. He moaned and then dropped his head to suckle on your nipple. Both of you gasped when the door was busted open and there stood a pissed off Reed. His eyes widened at the sight of you two and he yelled.

“What the hell are you doing with my sister?”

Johnny deadpanned.

“Fucking her, obviously.”

Reed growled and Ben had to grab hold of him to keep him from Johnny.

“Let them get cleaned up then yell at them, alright?”

Reed slipped from his grasp and Johnny covered you two up, yelling.

“Get the fuck out, Reed!”

“Get off My sister then, you bastard!”

Johnny responded by thrusting harshly into you and you moaned. Reed growled and jumped onto Johnny, making you gasp. The covers slipped from you and you yelped, trying to figure out a way to cover yourself. Ben untied you and then wrapped the blanket around you, giving you an embarrassed smile. You thanked him and watched as Reed and Johnny fought, too scared to try to stop them.


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oh my god I never thought about Harry having a crush on Bill before but this is just perfect this is my favorite thing ever. bless you, bless your cow.

Isn’t it just!!!? I love it so much!!

Bless your cow too

When the rain starts to pour

Prompt: “I forgot my umbrella and you offered to walk me home in the rain and I thought this would be the beginning of a cute love story but you’re really shit at this oh my god my shoulder is so wet, hold the damn thing properly ” au from this post

So here I am again. I lost inspiration and may or may not be flailing over Dark Swan, why am I so excited and nervous, hence the reason for fluff before the angst sets in.

F for fluff and flirtiness

Enjoy on ff net here

Oh and think of Emma and Killian on the way to Neverland because it will help.


As much as Emma loved the bug, the only true constant in her life for the past 10 years, she didn’t love driving around New York unless it was necessary, so on days like today when she was just working in the office she decided to walk or take the subway.

The walk often let her clear her head and mentally prepare a list of things she needed to get, food that wasn’t precariously out of date, was one of them, there were only so much time she could live off takeout’s. Unfortunately. That was when it wasn’t raining.

Today hadn’t been her day, the stacks of paper on her desk seemingly insurmountable, the idle chit chat between her colleagues that was quite honestly boring. She preferred to just get her work done rather than gossip about the latest hot boy in town. It was New York, there was always going to be someone else. Then after what seemed like years it was time for her to leave, there was one problem it was raining, not just a light drizzle but the rain that relentlessly lashes down, getting you soaked in seconds and she had forgotten her umbrella. She sifted through her purse and to her disappointment, although not unexpectedly she didn’t have enough money for a cab. She could get the subway but it was rush hour and it would be heaving and Emma was never really a people person and being pent up against someone who didn’t understand the concept of personal hygiene might just push her away. Sighing she made her way down the street, ready for a long cold and very wet journey.


Why he chose to come to New York he still didn’t really understand, maybe it was the young boy in him who still naively believed that fairytales can come true. He scoffed at himself, what a bloody ridiculous thought. It may not be the city that made everyone’s dreams come true, he expected that more hearts had been shattered than mended in this city, but New York was certainly huge. Easy enough to lose yourself, to blend in, the closest to anonymity you could get in a world where privacy was a rarity not a right.  He shouldn’t really be surprised that it had started to pour it down, with the foul mood he was in. He put up his umbrella and made his way back to his dingy apartment. He figured rum would be more comfort than a cab tonight.


She was standing at the intersection, waiting, impatiently for the damned man to turn green. Time was supposed to stand still when she was having fun, not a drowned rat. That’s when she saw him, the cocky bastard, strolling casually towards the crossing. The man turned green, finally, and he had to run to get across. She couldn’t stop the laugh escaping her mouth, or the thought that he was really hot entering her mind.



She was a vision, well a very wet vision at that. Her hair sticking to her face, her red leather jacket clearly not suitable for the weather, at least her foot wear was a pit more appropriate, knee high boots and the soaked skin tight jeans leaving little to the imagination. Perhaps if he’d spent less time admiring her rather beautiful figure he would’ve got to the crossing quicker and wouldn’t have had to run. Cursing he dashed across the crossing, weaving through the throngs of the homeward bound New Yorkers trying to get closer to the blonde siren.


Emma sped up, the last thing she needed was some smug, and rather handsome, idiot to point out the inadequacies in her preparation for the weather. Too late he was behind her.

“Excuse me love, you can stand under my umbrella, ella, ey”

Dork and he had an accent, British or Irish, of course.

“A) I am not your love and B) we’re on a street in New York, not at Karaoke “

“Apologies milady but what would you prefer to call me, your name perhaps, but as you expertly we are on the streets of New York, so nothing should surprise you and I was merely being a gentleman”

She smirked he was quick and from the 19TH century apparently.

“Smooth” shit she didn’t know his name

“Killian Jones at your service” he offered, curtseying and holding the umbrella over both of them”

He was an idiot

“Smooth Jones, its Emma Swan and now you’re a gentleman”

“Swan, that’s explains why you’re so beautiful even in this awful weather and I’m always a gentleman, now scoot closer”

There it was, the insult, or was it flirting. No it was an insult, because Emma did not like it when people flirted with her.

“Okay Jones, I didn’t know it was going to rain ok and I forgot my umbrella.”

“Of Course, Swan. “ He replied.

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Oh my god I just discovered your camcorder edits and they are the best fucking things ever made! I love them so much! I don't know if you're planning on making more but you would be amazing if you did! Maybe some that aren't necessarily Destiel but more TFW and maybe some where they're hanging out with Charlie or Garth or Claire. Idk, I just love it and can't get enough of it! You rock!

Glad you like them! And omg yes I do need to make more of the other characters! 

I commissioned the lovely metalshell for Neo/Trinity fanart, and look how beautiful and perfect this is oh my god. Thank you so much, Rosie! ♥

I rewatched The Matrix on my birthday, so I’m falling down the rabbit hole of Neo/Trinity feels, and it feels so good. They will be my ultimate OTP until the end of time.

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Hi! Damn, damn it, damn you beautiful person! I'm struggling to leave your blog right now, and the struggle is so real! Everything you have here is perfect and if I could I'd never leave and damn it, thank you for owning this flawless blog! I'm crying, everything is so beautiful! Hugs! <33

OH MY GOD??!!!

Thank you very much for this heart-warming message!! <333 Please, my blog is just trash but thank you for liking it I had no idea someone could love it so much AHHH nO I’m the one crying ;____; *sniffs*

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oh my god, i've never realized you wrote Forget-Me-Not-Blues??!!! I love that story so so much!

aaaah thank you so much for saying so! I really loved writing it and it makes me so happy that people actually enjoyed it :’)

shoutout to appleblossomdean for being an amazing beta though, it wouldn’t have been written without her <3