empressmcbride  asked:

top 5 characters you wished carl shared more scenes with

i would definitely have to say:

  1. tara chambler
  2. aaron
  3. maggie greene
  4. jesus
  5. carol peletier

also, i would really love some more carl and michonne scenes and i would have definitely loved glenn and carl scenes in the previous seasons. thanks so much for asking, mel, i hope you’re having a great day!

feel free to ask me my top 5 of anything


twd meme » [1/7] quotes 

» People you love, they made you who you are. They’re still part of you. If you stop being you, the last bit of them that’s still around inside, who you are… it’s gone. Who are those people to you?

maggie greene had to watch her father get beheaded, her sister’s dead body carried out when she was expecting a reunion, get on her knees while having pregnancy problems as her husband’s head was being bashed with a bat till he died, and the first thing she says after she gets up is to fight back

if that doesn’t give you motivation to work harder well sHIT i don’t know what will

What’s going through his head there?
First off, in that first scene, even being in that jail cell, Daryl’s thinking he deserves it. Like, whatever happens to him, he deserves it, but he can’t say he’s Negan because it would give up all of the hope that Glenn had. Glenn was this optimistic guy. He was his friend. He’s done so much and that’s the last thread of humanity that he has left, is saving face for his friend. It’s as much for Glenn as it is for Daryl, you know? That’s the last thing he has left.

Norman Reedus in Entertainment Weekly

See I love this so much had to share it…

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Tough Guy- Negan (JDM)


Love your Negan imagines!! “Stop me if you hate me so much” with Negan saying it to the reader??


I’m in love with your account ❤️ And I was wondering if I can request a negan imagine? Fluff & smut since he’s a aggressive guy…I really think you’ll pull off him having a soft side for the reader!?

I’ve had alot of Negan smut requests recently so i decided to make this fluff and show his sweet and soft side. 

Added bonus: Cute nicknames

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Glenn dying ( ;’( )

You were sitting on the hood of your car waiting for Negan to come back from seeing a group that was causing trouble.

He wanted you to stay out of the way just encase things turned south.

He came back about half an hour later. “Hey sweetie.”

“Why is there blood on Lucille?” you scowl and snatch the bat out of his hand.

“Fucking hell.” He growled a little as the saviours walked up behind him, Dwight stupidly close.

“Well answer me!” you snarled frustrated.

He chuckled and his men followed and stopped when he did. “Sweetheart I wouldn’t take that fucking tone with me.” You knew he was acting tough in front of the saviours and would never hurt you.

You step forward and puff your chest out and make yourself seem taller that you were but Negan still looked down at you. “Why do you have to kill so many people?”

“That’s how the fucking world goes.”

You shove his chest roughly and he barely budges, “I hate you!” You turned to stop tears threatening over.

“Stop me if you hate me so muchHe smirked and the men chuckled again. He saw your shoulders shake a little and tells the men to go back to camp.

You sniff and cross your arms around your chest.

“Babygirl.” Negan muttered stepping to you and kissing your shoulder through your shirt.

You shake your shoulder to get him off and don’t say a word.

He tried again with another nickname that you loved. “Princess?”

“You can’t call me sweet names and expect everything to be better Negan!” You were so upset at him. He always had to be the tough guy. Be aggressive. Kill when it wasn’t needed.

“Look Darlin’ I know I fucked up” he muttered into the crook of your neck, discarding the bloodied Lucille on the floor. His hand ran softly around your hip and rested on your stomach.

“No who did you kill?” you scowl still not facing him.

He sighed. “It was an Asian man. But I didn’t pick him, I did the Ip, dip, dog shit, Fucking bastard, little git rhyme so it was fair.”

“He could’ve had a family! A wife. Children? Think of that.”

He sighed and turned you to face him, running his hands through your hair gently. “Look it had to be done Babygirl. I didn’t want to…I had to send them a message” That was the longest time he had gone without swearing so he must be telling the truth.

“And what about a minuet ago…You thought you could scare me. Demean me in front of the men.” He looked up at him and he gently wiped away a tear that had escaped from your eye.

He pulled you close with his free hand and chuckled, “You know I would never hurt you. And those men know you’re my queen and not to fuck with you.”

You moved onto your tiptoes and kissed him softly, smiled slightly. “Okay I forgive you.”

“Fucking good.” He chuckled and kissed you again.


Christmas Morning (Preference)

In the holiday spirit, and instead of making separate imagines for everyone, I made one big one !! Hope you guys like it ! Also, a big thanks to anyone who followed me from my previous acc, thank you so much!! Much love to the current following and those to come, happy holidays guys!

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Negan: You’d wake up to the sight of him making pancakes, in his pajamas with an apron draped over him. You’d hug him softly from behind.

“You weren’t supposed to be up yet, Merry Christmas babe” Negan chuckled.

“Merry Christmas” You’d whisper back making him smile and turn to see you.

“Never thought I’d spend another Christmas with a woman I love, but here I am”

You’d then spend the morning exchanging goods, from which he had collected from other groups. You had gotten help from Simon and Dwight to get stuff for Negan.

Originally posted by tyrellselliot

Rick: You’d lay in bed with him until the last minute, before cries from Judith and impatient whines from Carl. No matter how old Carl was, Christmas still made him turn into a 5 year old inside. When the frist cry from Judith was heard you were both awake but stayed still. You made the first groan.

“Merry Christmas” He’d mumble.

“Merry Christmas”

Then all four of you’d sit around the tree, watching the kids open the few gifts you’d managed to find. They weren’t disappointed. Rick got you a gift even though you both swore not to get each other gifts. You’d felt bad but he said it was fine with a small kiss.

Daryl: You two didn’t do much for the occasion. Didn’t bother with a tree and not many fancy gits. There was no waking up early, it was just another day. You’d wake up to him stroking your hair softly, staring down at you.

“Mornin babe, it’s Christmas” Daryl said in a raspy voice.

“Yeah, Christmas” You groaned and he kissed me.

“Gotcha a lil somethin” He said handing me a box from his bedside table “Not much but I thought you’d like it.

I opened the box and saw it was a Polaroid. He picked up soem extra film, also.

“I didn’t get you anything” You said upset.

“Slim pickins nowadays, I didn’t expect nothin so I a’int disappointed”

“Sorry babe, but I love this” You say holding up the camera.

You took your first picture of him in bed on Christmas morning.

Glenn: He’d wake you up early and frag you to the tree.He was excited for you to see what he got, not many but quantity didn’t matter anymore. You groaned as he took you to the tree, still in your post sleep grog.

“Merry Christmas!” He said and shoved his present in your hands.

You opened it and saw a necklace with your name on it.

“Thanks, hun” You said before wrapping your arms around his.

You’d spend the day visiting the rest of the new group and spending time together, now safe again in Alexandria.

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Take Me Away

Imagine being Rick’s girlfriend and Negan wanting you. And it just being really sad

Thank you so much for the request, love! This was a bit challenging (but I like a bit of a challenge, haha!) so I hope this turned out okay!!

NSFW: Swearing

It always seemed like just when things were starting to get better, everything fell apart. Alexandria’s wall may have been broken down but they had spent the next few months repairing it. Aside from that, life was pretty great. Maggie was having a smooth pregnancy and she and Glenn were elated. And you were the happiest you had been since the entire world went to shit. You also had a handsome, curly haired sheriff with stunning blue eyes at your side.

But, as usual, everything went to shit. Upon meeting a new group in the Hilltop community, there was something new to be feared. Apparently, the governor wasn’t enough, Gareth wasn’t enough. Now they had Negan to deal with. Rick’s idea was to take Negan out before they could even find any of you. Unfortunately, that resulted in Carol and Maggie’s brief kidnapping as well as the murder of dozens of sleeping men. They were part of Negan’s group so it wasn’t something that kept you up at night. But not taking Negan out with them was a huge mistake. But the question became, “When would Negan have his revenge?”

Despite this, the morning had started out peaceful. You awoke beside Rick, who was still sleeping soundly. His bare chest rose and fell with his steady breathing and his eyelids fluttered a little, his fingers twitching. You could lie there all day just watching him sleep but you had to start the day and he had some tasks of his own.

You softly kissed his shoulder, moving across his collarbone and up his neck and jaw until you reached his lips. Rick’s eyes opened and his fingertips grazed your jaw, eagerly returning your kiss.

“Alright, I’m up,” he spoke against your lips, “Although I gotta say I don’t mind being woken up like this, Y/N.”

You quickly pulled away before Rick could continue kissing you, giggling as you swung your legs over the side of the bed and stretched, “Well, you’re gonna have to earn it. Time to get up and start the day.”

“And what’re the plans for today?” Rick asked with a yawn.

“Just another day of waiting for a madman to find us,” you replied, shrugging your shoulder, “Hoping he never does find us, ya know, the usual.”

“Y/N, we’re gonna get him before he gets us,” Rick said, “Don’t you trust me? Trust that I’m gonna keep you safe?”

“Of course I trust you,” you said. You got out of bed and turned around, resting your knee on the bed as you leaned in and grabbed Rick’s face, “And I love you. Nothing could ever take me away.”

Rick ran his fingers through your hair and he grinned as he pulled you in for a tender kiss, “I’ll never get tired of hearing that, Y/N. Now, I guess we really should get up now.”

Your first stop of the day was to see Maggie. With her being pregnant, she couldn’t do too much heavy lifting like she used to. You were glad to help as you hated not having anything to do. When you arrived at the house, you could see Maggie and Enid through the window talking in the kitchen.

“Hello!” you called out as you tapped on the door. Maggie beckoned you inside and you opened the door, waving at her and Enid as you stepped inside, “Hi guys. What’s going on in here?”

“Enid was just about to cut my hair,” Maggie replied as she pulled the hair tie out of her hair, letting it fall down just over her shoulders. Enid brushed through it with her fingers.

“I would offer some help but I might end up butchering your hair,” you chuckled, “I’ll just sweep up the hair instead.”

A lot can happen in just an hour. One moment, everything is so serene and carefree and the next everything is exploding into chaos and panic. Just an hour ago, you and Maggie were laughing with Enid while she cut Maggie’s hair into a cute pixie cut. And in a split second it came crashing down when Maggie started experiencing debilitating pain and needed to be rushed to Hilltop.

“You think she’s gonna be okay?” you said to Rick as everyone was loading up weapons and various other supplies, “She’s looking pretty bad right now.”

“If we get her there as soon as possible, I’m sure she’ll be fine,” Rick said, “Don’t worry, Y/N. Everything is gonna be fine.”

You trusted Rick more than anyone in the world. It was everyone else that ruined Rick’s reassuring words. Your worst fears were realized when large groups of men continued blocking every possible path to the Hilltop community. They progressively became more sinister until they eventually just started shooting at all of you.

A lot can happen in just one hour.

And somehow in that hour you and the others had ended up on your knees lined up in front of the RV with the same guys who had been blocking the road standing behind you with their guns ready. Daryl, Glenn, Rosita, and Michonne ended up with you in the lineup, Daryl with a pretty nasty bullet wound that left him pale and weak.

And then the door to the RV slammed open, a tall, larger than life man stepping out with dark, slicked back hair and a salt and pepper beard. The smile on his face was chilling and the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire was absolutely terrifying. He swung it around tauntingly, pacing back and forth looking everyone in the eye. Of course, Abraham was the only one who met his gaze and refused to show his fear.

This must be Negan, you thought to yourself. He stopped in front of you and squatted in front of you, his baseball bat rested on his shoulder. He looked at you up and down with a smirk, “And who’re you?”

“Y/N,” you replied, all of your effort going into not crying.

“Well,” Negan chuckled, “Aren’t you a pretty little thing? I think I’ll have to spare you.”

“Spare me?” you said, “From what?”

Negan leaned in and his lips curled into an amused smile, “You’ll see, darlin’.”

He stood up once more and pointed his bat at Rick, “eeny.”

You gasped and gripped Rick’s hand tightly. You had never seen such a look of defeat in Rick’s eyes, such terror. He was shaking uncontrollably and sweat dripped from the ends of his curls hanging in front of his face but he didn’t bother to move them.

Negan went down the line, picking you all at random before he landed on Abraham, pointing his bat at him, “It. Now, you can cry, you can scream. Hell, you’ll all be doing that.”

The next thing you knew, Abraham’s skull and brains were pulverized all over the ground, blood soaking into the dirt. Everything was such a blur in that moment. You were numb to everything except Rick’s hand in yours. It was over now, right? Negan would let you all go now, right?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t even close to being over. No one even had time to process what the hell had just happened when Negan smashed Glenn’s head in. He choked out his final words to Maggie before Negan turned his head into mush on the ground. Maggie’s baby would grow up without its father…if it even survived. With how bad Maggie was still looking, Maggie might end up losing her baby on top of everything else.

“I’ll be back in a week to collect what you owe me,” Negan said, “Don’t forget it, Rick. I want half your shit. But…I think I’ll take this little lady with me now.”

Negan grabbed you by the upper arm and yanked you onto your feet. You screamed, refusing to release your grip on Rick’s hand. Rick burst into tears and shook his head frantically, “No! You can’t take her! Not her!”

“I already told you, Rick,” Negan said, “Your shit is mine, your people are mine. That means she’s mine. She ain’t yours anymore, Rick.”

Negan pulled on your arm even harder until your other arm was stretched too far and you couldn’t hold onto Rick anymore. You still thrashed around, kicking your feet, “No! I won’t go with you!”

“Please don’t take her!” Rick cried out.

“You’ll like it better with us, hon,” Negan said, wrapping his arm tightly around your waist, “It’ll be better for you here.”

“No!” you continued to scream. You dug your nails into Negan’s skin but he didn’t mind the pain, simply tightening his grip around your waist. You bawled as you turned to look at Rick over your shoulder, reaching for him as if he could do anything at this point, “I love you!”

“I love you!” Rick replied, moaning in agony as he watched Negan put you into the passenger seat of one of his trucks, climbing into the driver’s seat beside you, “Y/N!”

You pressed your hands against the window, tears dripping off your chin onto your lap as Negan sped off down the road. Everyone in the group was standing up and comforting Maggie, picking Glenn and Abraham’s corpses up off the ground but Rick stayed on his hands and knees watching you and Negan drive away.

“Please let me go,” you said, “I’ll never let you be with me. You can say that I’m yours but you can’t own people. You don’t own me!”

“Give me a chance, darlin’,” Negan said, “I can offer you so much more than Rick ever could.”

“Rick loves me and I love him,” you said, “You can’t take me away.”

You stopped once you said that. All you could think of was what you’d said to him this morning. Nothing could ever take me away. But she never thought she would be letting Rick down like this. She stared out the window at the other cars following Negan towards her new home, filled with anxiety and plagued by an uncertain future.

I hope this turned out okay! If not I can redo it or write a new request! Let me know! <3 :) thanks again for the request, love! <3

Imagine Glenn confessing his feelings to you with pink roses, knowing how much you love them.

(So I hope I got this request right and  it’s fluffy enough and you all like it :D I know it’s a rather short one but it just fit this way. Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

From the day he met you, he instantly felt his heart beat faster and knew he was going to make you his.

He had found the courage and walked up to you to go speak to you
and soon invited you to be part of the group back in Atlanta.

He vouched for you and convinced everyone to trust you and you couldn’t be more than thankful for him.


Since, you’ve travel along with them and was truly grateful to find people you could call friends.

Spending so much time with you, he learned a lot about you and just fell for you even more.

He loved just sitting next to you and listening to you talking about anything and everything. Sometimes so much, he’d come up with any subject of conversation just to hear you.

It didn’t matter how late it got or where you both were, if he could just hear you speak to him, he’d take the opportunity.

As you talked, he had soon learned you used to work in a flower boutique, helping out your parents as much as you could.

You loved working there and meeting all kinds of people to help them pick out some flowers.

He thought it was lovely of you and actually understood you working at a young age, just as he did.

Whenever you talked about flowers, he knew it became your passion and learned about your love for roses, especially the pink ones.

You loved them so much whenever you saw something resembling roses or something in a pink color, you would get excited and say how beautiful it was.

He thought it was cute and endearing of you to feel that way, especially since you were usually acting tough to prove yourself to the others.


One day, he had been sent to go get some supplies and unfortunately for him, you couldn’t go along as you were busy helping the others clean up.

As he spent the day scavenging, he was finally done and decided to walk a different path back.

He walked by being carefree and thought about his feelings for you. As he walked, something in the corner of his eye caught his attention.

He turned to see and saw some pink roses in full bloom. Instantly, he thought about you and imagined how cute and beautiful you’d look thanking him for the gift.

He then walked over and started to carefully pick them.

As he plucked and inspected them, he then felt his heart racing and knew what would be the ideal way to tell you about his feelings for you.

He ended up picking a ton and removed made his way back to camp.

His arms were so full of roses, a few petals had drop on the ground and left a trail behind.

He soon noticed of it and had an even better idea.


Later in the day, Carl came over to you and tapped you on the shoulder.


You turned to look at him and gave him a warm smile.

“Yeah? Is something wrong?”

You got up and he grabbed your hand to pull you over with him saying “There’s something you gotta see!”

You followed along and suddenly saw some pink petals on the ground. You couldn’t help but immediately smile and felt Carl’s hand letting go of yours.

He ran back to camp and said “Just keep following the tracks! Don’t worry, it’s not a prank!”

You chuckled hearing him and decided to follow along the trail of roses.

The more you walked, the more you smiled and just couldn’t resist picking up a few petals.

The color was just so vivid and pretty, you felt like it was a breath of fresh air to see it, especially with how the world was right now.

You soon were met with Glenn standing in the middle of the woods , surrounded by rose petals.

He was holding a few pink roses and shyly smiling at you said “Hey, Y/N…”

You were stunned to see him among the flowers and had difficulty finding the right words to describe the feelings you had.

You slowly inched closer and smiled saying “Glenn? Wh-what’s the meaning of all this?”

He got flustered hearing you call his name and looked away from you for a moment.

“Well…I-I know how much you love roses…especially the pink ones…so…”

You chuckled and once you got in front of him, he offered you the flowers.

You gladly took them and looked at them lovingly.

“Thank you…they’re really pretty! I love them! You’re so thoughtful…What did I do to get these?”

He laughed and said “You’re welcome…Actually Y/N…the thing is…”

He finally mustered up the courage and grabbed a hold of your hand. You felt you heart pound even more and held his hand back.

“Since i’ve met you…I fell for you at first sight…and the more I got to know you…the more I love you…I know it sounds weird but…I want to spend every instant with you and keep you safe…I-I can’t imagine my life without you…”

You got shy from his words and felt flustered from the way he looked at you.

His gaze told you everything about his feelings for you and you could tell he was genuine.

“I love you, Y/N…I really do…”

As you looked at him, you suddenly understood him and felt yourself feeling the same for him.

“I-I love you too Glenn…I promise I won’t ever leave your side…I’ll always be with you…”

He instantly cupped your face and pressed a kiss to your lip, not letting you finish your sentence.

You felt a few tears form up and chuckled realizing how sweet and simple this moment was.

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What are your thoughts from the Caryl moments? When carol told Daryl "I couldn't lose you" do you think that was her way of telling Daryl she loves him? When he lied to her about Abraham and Glenn do you think he did the right thing? I wanna know your thoughts on the whole thing

The fact that you even want to know my thoughts make me very happy, so thank you.

When Carol said she couldn’t lose him and I think she was trying to get across how much he does mean to her. He was hurt by her leaving, that was so obviously evident, she had to repair the damage she’d unintentionally caused to him. I believe she was trying to show that she cares for him just as much as he cares for her. I have no doubt that she loves Daryl, everything in that episode screamed how much she loved him, particularly that moment where she turned back for him on the porch. 

That moment was there to show a lapse in her emotions, her emotions that she’s had so tightly bottled, those emotions that were opened by Daryl, of course. That one little fleeting moment where she was almost selfish by calling him back, only to shake it off, shutting herself back into solitude. I really hope that the writers explore that moment more when Carol is back on our screens, that they show how her barrier has been cracked by a certain Dixon and changes in her evident after his visit. I don’t think that visit will go forgotten, it will play on her mind, her future actions influenced by memories of him. 

As for Daryl lying about Abraham and Glenn, this made my heart clench just a little. Partly because eventually she’s going to find out and we as viewers are going to have to witness her deal with yet another loss. But mostly because Daryl knew she just wasn’t ready to hear it. At first I was upset he didn’t tell her but after his scene with Morgan talking about how they’re all holding on to something, even him, it made me want to cry at how much he damn loves her. 

He didn’t tell her for reasons, she wasn’t emotionally ready to handle it, it would have made her fight and that’s not what she wanted at the moment. He tells her, he risks losing her. He’s holding on to her, protecting her in any way he sees fit, can’t fault the man for that. 

I think the writers have tried to write them like they care about each other very deeply and that really does show. But I think it will come to a point that when they want to make it obvious that they’re in love there will be no blurred lines or room for debate. Every time they interact they are getting closer and closer, physically, emotionally, the evolution is so clear. 

I think it’s just leading up to them both just being okay for once, both at the same time. Not that they’re ever going to be truly okay but just a peaceful time for them both (after Negan maybe) where shit isn’t crumbling around them. 

The terminus reunion and scenes after, searching for Beth, Carol wasn’t okay.

The kiss on the head after losing Beth, Daryl wasn’t okay.

The hug after rescuing Carol and Maggie from the saviours, Carol wasn’t okay.

Reunion at creepy house, neither of them were okay.

I feel like next time they see each other they’re both going to be in such better places (one can hope), they’re good for each other and the love between them is evident, defined or not.

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I mean christ just look at them.

Lighten up.

🔅Hey! If you have time do you think you can write another Carl imagine? If so can you do one where they are in the line up and the reader is with Glenn, Daryl, etc in the van when the others are brought, and Neagan taunts her. Even though she tries to be tough, She starts to break down. (If that makes sense) Thank you so much! I love your writing! Hi, I was the one who just requested the Reader/ Carl one in the line up. Would it be possible to have as much comic Carl as possible please? Thank you!🔅

 I hope you like it!💕

-Dwight! —you heard a male voice call from the outside. —Chop, chop!
As the last words were spoken, the doors opened up and a blonde man with a scarred face pulled you out, one by one.
You fell to the ground, knees and palms scratching, and your hair falling on your face. Behind a dirty lock, you saw your friends, your family, kneeling with terrified grimaces on their faces. Carl set his gaze on you, he frowned and his breathing quickened immediately.
-Alright, we got a full boat! —a man said in a jolly tone. —Let’s meet the man!
He knocked on the RV, and you knew who would be walking out of it.
For a moment, there was nothing but silence, and it was killing you. The suspense left everyone shaking and breathing heavily, but not Carl. He was only looking at you. If you didn’t know him all too well, you would say that he had a poker face, but his eyebrow was slightly twitching and his forefinger was nervously tapping his knee; he was worried, not for him, but for you
-Pissin’ our pants yet? —was the line that broke the silence. A man walked towards the group, carrying a bat and tapping it over his shoulder. You noticed he was tall, very tall, with broad shoulders and a cocky grin on his lips. —Boy, do I got a feeling we’re getting close.
He kept walking down the line up, inspecting the fear he had cause on you. When he introduced himself as Negan, you knew what would happen and you knew what he wanted. Jesus tried to warn you, but you thought you were invincible and taunted them anyway.
-So now, I’m gonna beat the holy fuck fucking fuckity fuck out of one of you. —he said. —This… This is Lucille, and she is awesome.
You turned to the right and saw Glenn, his eyes were fixed on the bat that Negan held in his hands, this time you noticed it had barbed wire wrapped around it. Rosita was kneeling at your left, she had tears in her eyes and her lips were shivering in fear. Then you noticed Rick, his eyes were wide open and his entire body was shaking, you shed a tear at the picture. The leader of your group, who had always been the brave one, the tough one, was breaking down before your eyes.
Negan strolled down the line up, watching every single one of your faces, trying to choose which one was going to be beaten to death.
-You got one of our guns. —he stopped in front of Carl and crouched. You gasped, for a moment you thought Carl was the one Negan had chosen. —You got a lot of our guns.
Carl stayed still, facing Negan instead of looking away, like Rick had. He wasn’t afraid, if he was, he hid it really well because all you could see in his face was defiance.
-Shit, kid, lighten up. —Negan smiled, you saw a bit of amazement in his eyes at the boy’s courage. —At least cry a little.
Carl turned to look at you, giving you a knowing look, letting you know everything was fine. Negan saw that and chuckled, he followed Carl’s eye and saw you.
-And what do we have here? —he stood up and started walking towards you. —Well, hello there, sweetheart.
You flinched and faced the ground, hoping he would lose interest and leave. Instead, he used his bat against your chin to lift your face. The spikes pierced your skin, drawing tiny drops of blood; you grimaced, letting out a little groan.
-I wonder if the kid would finally show some emotion if I kill you. —he said with a bitter laugh. You kept your eyes on his, trying to let him know that you weren’t afraid, but it was hard, because you were. He started shifting his bat on your chin, opening more wounds. You closed your eyes and tried to shuffle away from it, he took the bat away but leaned closer to you and held your face with his free hand, squeezing tightly.
-Look at me. —he ordered, any trace of his jolly tone was gone along his cocky smile. His voice was deep and you could tell he was angry. You opened your eyes and looked at him, your hands starting to shake when you noticed he was so close to you.
-Take your hands off of her. —Carl commanded with a neutral voice, but defiance in his stare. Negan’s eyes were still on you, but he dropped the angry expression and started laughing.
-Now, that’s all I fucking wanted! —Negan said with a smile. He let go of you and stood up again, still holding Lucille in his right hand. —So, back to it…
He raised his bat in the air and swung it at you, but before it could hit you, he stopped abruptly. A sharp spike stinging your nose.
-Stop! —you heard a muffled sound that you recognized as Carl’s voice. It was a gutural sound, coming directly from a tearing throat.
Everything happened so quickly that you barely had a change to shut your eyes tightly and duck your head. You expected to feel pain, judging by the strength with which he held the bat inside his hand, it would be really deep pain. Instead, you heard his laughter again.
You opened your eyes and saw the horrified looks on everyone’s faces. Glenn was breathing heavily, his eyes wide open. Daryl’s lips were parted, sweat drenching his forehead and his blanket sliding down his shoulders. Rosita had taken a hand to her mouth, her eyes were also wide open, letting small tears fall down her face. But when you saw Carl, your heart skipped a beat. His face was raging with anger, and you could almost hear his heart beating wildly, pumping furiously against his chest. There were tears staining his cheeks, but not for sadness, for hatred.
-Well, that was fuckin’ fun! —Negan yelled with a smile and a bitter laugh. —So, where were we?
You turned to look at Carl. Even with his long hair covering half his face, you could see that he was looking at you. You pushed the corners of your mouth up into a faint smile; you weren’t happy to be there, you weren’t smiling because of what was happening, but because even in that moment, with a terrifying man threatening to kill you, Carl stood up for you. He took a deep breath and when he let it go out his mouth, you saw a smile spreading faintly across his lips.
Negan grinned eerily and proceeded to walk down the line up, stopping right in front of Rick as he pointed his bat at him and saying just one word before continuing strolling through the line:

About What Happened On Season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead

Look, I am just as upset as everyone else about what happened. I loved Glenn so much and I really grew to love Abraham when at first I thought I would get annoyed with him. 

Now, let’s talk about some issues this fandom is having right now. First off, people who are demonizing or hating on Daryl. Look, anyone who just saw two of their friends/family member get beat to death in such a brutal way would have a reaction to it. Some cry, some cower, some scream, and some get angry. Daryl is one of the types of people that you hurt his family, he’s going to react. He acts on instinct, he reacts. It’s what humans do, we react. If Rick wasn’t so fucked up in the head at the moment he probably would’ve reacted to, so would Shane, Merle, Abraham. Because that is their character. If you just watched someone beat your brother to death would you not automatically want to kill them? Not only that, but we all know Daryl is going to carry that guilt and psychological damage with him. He’s going to hate himself and despise himself for that for a long time. For those who treat him like he infallible and perfect. He’s not, he’s human. He has problems and shortcomings like everyone else, yes this was an accident but it’s still the consequences of his actions. 

This does not mean he needs to be blamed for it because I’m sorry let’s face it he was going to die. In the end we all knew Glenn had to die here. Technically speaking the hit Abraham took is the hit Glenn should have gotten. That was meant for him, but having Abraham die first was a smart move on the writers part because it gives the audience false hope that Glenn will be safe. You can’t deny this fact, even if you hated it (which I did) even though it made you cry and made you sick it was still a smart move. Because it got the reaction they wanted from the audience. I’m sorry but that’s how it works in this industry. Yes it is a fandom community but it is also a creative medium and a job. This is something that people making a living off of. As a cinema major I understand this so I accept and appreciate things like this because I understand the how and the why of the way they do things like this. To keep the thing alive one has to keep up the tension and the suspense, or else the thing dies. 

Lastly, yes it was gruesome and horrifying. Yes it was terrible to watch and I doubt I will ever be able to watch that episode ever again but it had to be that way. It had to go down exactly like it did, and be shown exactly like it did. That is how violent and bad Negan is in the comics. That is what he does, they didn’t make it extra gruesome just for the show that is literally just what Negan is. Of course it’s gonna look worse on screen then it would in the comics because the color is deeper, the character is actually moving and alive and personified, and you can actually see and hear it happening. But that is exactly how gruesome it was in the comic. And to those who say that death was disrespectful to them I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. That death, as violent as it was, was a fitting death. Especially for the two of them. Abraham died like a soldier, he died with defiance in his eyes and posture and a big “fuck you” attitude. He did not cower, he did not cry, he faced death head on and told it to suck his nuts. He couldn’t die to walker or to a measly bullet to the head or knife to the chest. And as for Glenn, well it’s exactly like Steven said, he died thinking of others. He didn’t beg for his life, he didn’t cry for his life, he died thinking of Maggie, of his family. He forced out a last goodbye to put his wife at ease even though it must have been so painful to try and speak and even just think. He couldn’t die to some disease, walker, or person. He couldn’t. That would feel more like you were cheated then this feeling of having something taken from you. 

This is the apocalypse. This is the world now. You met men like the Governor and those at Terminus and the Claimers. Bad people exists. Really bad people exists, and if you think for one second that in a world like this that they would not be this nasty, cruel, and inhumane then you’re wrong. Negan is a sick son of a bitch and this within his standards, this is something that he does in this world and it is not gruesome to him. It is how the world works now. Life is pain, life isn’t fair, life can be cruel and gruesome. Sometimes that’s just how life goes.

I’m sorry this went on so long, it was not my intention but I was getting very irritated by some of the comments about the episode. 


“I-I’m ready”

Since these imagines are really short i’m gonna be making a lot so brace yourselves..Hope you enjoy. Much love xox

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I don’t know if other people can relate to this but during the series Glenn was never my favorite character, like I love him and always did but never would say he’s my favorite if you get me? But after his death it made me realize how much effect his death has on me and others obviously, I never thought the death would affect me so much like the way it was presented and all the >promo> for it and stuff is just so… powerful. The show will not be the same at all without Glenn.

"I'll find you Maggie"

this quote means so much to me because like lauren said it means so much more than it was the first thing that came to his head when he was hit. in a way, glenn saying that he’ll find her is a foreshadowing. glenn, maggie, and the whole world knows that they are meant to be together and whether this means that in the next life they are starcrossed lovers or childhood friends who end up together or simply neighbors who fall in love, glenn will find her. he always does.