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Chris Martin is adorable and must be protected (pt. 2)

“Some people are into bondage, and some people are into cross-dressing, and some people are into Coldplay – I don’t mind being a fetish. I don’t mind not being cool. I’ve never been cool in my whole life. Being voted the world’s sexiest vegetarian is about as cool as it gets.”

Someone else to join - Bucky x Reader - Oneshot

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Sooooo I’ve been very very quiet the last months, because I was super busy with my finals but now they are almost over. And while watching some videos on YouTube I got this idea, I had to write this. So let’s jump into it! I hope you enjoy! ♥

Words - 846

Warnings - crying but mostly fluff

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As you sit on the double bed in your bedroom, your legs and arms wrapped around a big cushion, you look over to your nighttable, your phone halfway charged. 

Your heart hammers against your chest, you pick up the phone, unplug it and dial Natasha’s number, but before pressing the inviting green button to call her, you delete the number again and stare at the clock on your phone.

It’s 2:36 pm and it shouldn’t take long until your husband is home. And you wanted him to know first. It is his right to know first, wasn’t it?

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Caffeine (pt 9)

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Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae

Type: Smut/Fluff/Angst

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

He leaned back in his chair, tilting his head to the side as he continued examining your features from across the table. His eyes narrowed, and he leaned forward again, resting his elbows on the table as his brows wrinkled in scrutiny. You shifted in your chair, your eyes flickering from his to Jongdae in the kitchen to his elbows on the table to your own hands in your lap, trying to feel less awkward. It wasn’t working. 

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Husband of the Year™ goes to Marcus babe, babe I got your bag it’s okay what do you need how can I help do you need your scalpel I think I remember what that looks like??? is it the pointy one??? how about shoulder pats do you need shoulder pats because i can give you shoulder pats!!! go babe go you kick ass!!!!! I love you so much oh my god” Kane. 

Boyfriend Yuta
  • sssuuuppp
  • have you see his teaser pics??? i’M SCREAMING
  • i feel like yuta is going to slay this concept so much?? like i’m so fucking excited
  • but let’s start this rn bc idk what to write here
  • bc i’m a smol awkward being c:
  • okay so!!! 
  • basically, he would be the perfect boyfie that everyone wants
  • first of all, A++ humour sense
  • he never, n e v e r, fails to make you laugh or feel happy again
  • he would do aegyo or would act like an idiot just to get you to laugh a little
  • and if you’re feeling down he would be unbearable, trust me
  • he wouldn’t let you go till you finally told him why you’re feeling like this
  • he just would be extremely worried about you and he just wants to find a solution to your problem as soon as possible
  • “what do you mean you don’t want to tell me? y/n i’m your boyfriend”
  • “you don’t trust enough?”
  • “but why do you want to have so much time alone? i need you, y/n”
  • “please, tell me”
  • fucking u n b e a r a b l e
  • but you would eventually slowly open up to him
  • he would listen to you at the same time as he thinks of possible solutions
  • he probably doesn’t tolerates seeing his loved ones feeling sad at all
  • and would do anything in his power to bring a smile back into their faces
  • and specially if it’s you <33 aw
  • so then you’ll have him doing and saying the silliest things just to make you laugh
  • that and a bunch of cuddles
  • in his world and in mine cuddles can solve any problem
  • and he’s super clingy anyways so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • and when he’s the one feeling sad he wouldn’t doubt about telling you
  • maybe it would be a bit hard for him in the beggining but he undestands that he has a problem and that the first step, always, is talking to someone
  • so he would make warm coffee for both of you and slowly start talking with you
  • and for every minute it passes you would notice how he feels more relaxed and calm
  • y’all probably you have a bunch of lazy dates
  • things like idk anime marathons that are a whole day long
  • or both of you playing nintendo at night while eating pizza at night
  • and honestly that sounds fucking amazing, sign me the fuck up
  • and even if he loves those lazy dates, everyone knows he’s the type who loves doing extreme sports and things like that
  • he probably loves feeling all the adrenalin in his body and he would defenetly want you to experience cool things like that too
  • so also expect crazy dates like idk going to amusement parks with really crazy rides
  • or doing weird things like when he was in idol party and obligated his fake family to do that weird thing
  • hey, a little reminder ;))
  • he would love to cook for you
  • but tbh, he would do it only to show you that he is talented enough to do it
  • also, he would want you to taste some of the japanese gastronomy and that good stuf you know
  • but what he would l o v e is you cooking for him
  • even if it’s just a sandwich, he would still love it
  • that’s basically the only thing i can cook so, perfect
  • he’s super protective and jealous with you
  • but he wouldn’t like to admit that he’s jealous??? sohe would be suffering trough the pain
  • and the complaining with you lmao
  • but he would do little things to make your relationship obvious
  • like grabbing your waist or put a strand of your hair behind your ear
  • also, he would look at you a lot, not only to see your reactions to the other person’s opinions but to make you feel nervous??
  • “stop looking at me so much, yuta!”
  • “but you’re so pretty, y/n”
  • ugh, i h8 fuckbois
  • he would cuddle with you every night before sleep
  • and there was this moment where you were like
  • “yuta, can you sing a little for me?”
  • anD HE WAS LIKE !!!!!!! WHAT
  • “singing?”
  • and after doubting a little hE DOES SDFG
  • and his voice is so soft and sweet, and specially if he’s basically whispering the whole thing in your ear
  • and you fall asleep in his arms aND HE GETS WEAK
  • “i love you so much, y/n”
  • oH MY god dfghjklwHAT¡¿?? 
  • he’s so boyfriend material ugh i love him
  • okay and the end!!
  • i hope y’all enjoyed this even if itwas bad :’) <3
  • lmao, bye 

i stand easily corrected, the ultimate ship is @tyranttortoise and i apparently, thank you all for your support and shipping master insights, @wildunderbeastly, @mellamew, @with-a-whisper, @kiwispaz X)

oh yeah Ty lemme whisk you off your feet, i can show you the woooorld, shining shimmering splendor skeletons~~<3

An Actual Angel
I was listening to Sign of the Times while I wrote this so idk what to tell yaA story where Harry first plays you the song and things escalate from there if ya know what I mean ;)

“I’m sorry, pet, I’m just so tired.” Harry mumbled as he stood from the couch you were both sitting at. You frowned slightly, and stood to wrap your arms around him from behind. You pressed your cheek into his back.

“Don’t be sorry, I just hate to see you so worn out”, you spoke into his back and took a step back to allow him to spin and face you. His eyes looked deep into yours, and his hands rested on your hips. He slowly leaned in to press a gentle kiss on the top of your head. The kiss lasted for a couple moments; you could feel his soft breath against your scalp as his lips stayed pressed there.

“Do you want to hear the song?” He breathed out against your head and you froze in your spot. He had never offered to let you hear one of his newly recorded songs. Maybe he just finished and perfected the one he wanted you to listen to today?

You stepped back to look him in the eye and search his facial expression. His brows were furrowed and his bottom lip was brought under his top teeth as he genuinely looked at you.

“Oh, Harry” you sighed and moved in to hug him again. “Of course I want to hear it!”

“Are ya sure? I mean, I like it and all but I don’t know if-“ he began to ramble, a nervous habit of his, before you interrupted, “Harry. I would absolutely love to hear your song now play it for me you bumbling idiot.” He grinned, the look of worry began to disappear from his face.

“Okay, okay, don’t bully me” He laughed and leaned down to pull his laptop from his bag next to the couch.

You squirmed in excitement. Obviously you had heard Harry sing before, and you could only imagine how a studio recording of a song of his own writing could sound. As he searched through his laptop to find the audio, you were lost in your thoughts. You watched him scroll through files and you reached out to run your nails gently down his back. It seemed like your fingers always ached to be touching him.

He turned to face you, a nervous smile on his face. His green eyes were lit up with a sort of hidden excitement, and you couldn’t help but to return the smile. “You ready?” He asked, hand hovering over the touchpad of his laptop on a file entitled ‘Sign of the Times’. You nodded enthusiastically in response, and his finger tapped the touchpad to play the song.

For the next couple minutes, time seemed to move in slow motion. Although you didn’t know exactly what to expect from his song, the sound surprised you. An almost spacey rock anthem began to play through the speakers, and you gazed off into the distance as you listened. As you looked, you could feel his eyes on your face, but you were too physically moved by the song to return the eye contact. His flawless vocals practically made you shiver as the song continued.

You didn’t even realize you were crying until his calloused thumb brushed gently against your cheek to wipe the tear. After he wiped that tear, you were quick to run the length of your index finger underneath your eyes to remove the wetness and hopefully prevent your mascara from running all down your face.

“Do you like it?” Harry asked, his voice soft, before the song was over. In response, you smiled at him and put your fingers over your lips and shushed him in order to listen to the rest of the song.

The ending resolve, his high notes in particular, gave you goosebumps. And as the song came to a close, your tears return again, and were even larger. You were forced once again to wipe under your eyes, and once you finished you finally returned Harry’s stare. Although you had wet eyes, you smiled at him and nodded wildly.

“So you liked it?” he murmured beautifully, his voice was low and his gaze was strong.

“I can’t believe you wrote that! I feel like I just listened to an actual angel.” You giggled, only half-joking. The song had completely exceeded your expectations. “I absolutely loved it. You’re absolutely amazing and I love you so much, oh my God.”

Any hint of hesitation or nervousness was completely gone from Harry’s face, and in its place was the biggest grin you’ve ever seen on him. His eyes were slightly squinted due to the intensity of the smile, and it was contagious. He leaned in, his hands pressing around the back of your neck and his thumbs rubbing both of your cheeks.

“I’m so glad you like it, pet” he spoke and immediately leaned in to press a kiss against your lips. His soft lips moved against yours passionately, not exactly rough, but not exactly soft either. Instead, you could feel the palpable love between the two of you. It wasn’t exactly surprising, the love you had from him was so strong you weren’t even sure it was even possible. His tongue pressed your lips open slightly and the kiss deepened. Your fingers moved to tangle themselves in his hair, and after a slight tug a groan escaped his lips. When he pulled back, he was breathless.

As he spoke his hands were still pressed against your neck. “I love you so much” he breathed out heavily. There weren’t enough words in the English language to fully elaborate on all of the love you had for him in that moment. His eyes were lit up with love and lust and pride and all you could think about was how absolutely and genuinely perfect he was.

You didn’t respond immediately, and instead moved to press your lips gently against his neck. You licked a small stripe and gently sucked on the spot on his neck. His breathing sped up considerably.

“I love you more than I can even tell you” you gently mumbled into his neck, not wanted to move from the heat he was radiating.

Since you weren’t going to move, he had to physically grip your shoulders to pull you back. His eyes met yours.

The lust in his gaze was evident. “If you can’t tell me, then show me”, he whispered huskily. You gulped before standing up slowly and gripping his hand to lead you both to the bedroom.

He deserved to feel exactly how he made you feel by playing his song for you. Once the door to the bedroom was closed behind you, you spun and pushed his shoulders to allow him to fall back onto the bed behind him. His eyes widened, and he looked you up and down in an approving manner.

Harry was almost always the dominant one in the bedroom, so standing here, above him, was quite the bizarre feeling. However, seeing him below you on the bed was a hefty feeling, and you attempted to swallow any nervousness.

“Baby girl…” he trailed off as you began to crawl up his body until you were straddling his hips and your hands were pressed against his chest. Denying the deep urge within you to kiss him, you instead pulled his tee shirt up off of his chest. The skin of his torso was slightly tanned. Your hands made their way to trace the outlines of the ink across his skin, and your lips were soon to follow. He tasted so distinctly like Harry, and you couldn’t get enough. You dragged your tongue across his chest and onto his collarbone to place a soft bite there. Underneath you, Harry had started to breathe a little heavier, and the bite you gave him made him jump with a small groan. You smiled into his chest and moved to run your lips across his neck now, licking and sucking as you moved across.

Without warning, his large hands gripped you tightly and flipped the two of you so that you were now underneath him. You could tell it was the dominant side of him wanting to take control of the situation, but tonight was going to be about him, not you.

Groaning in feigned annoyance, you sighed “Harry, why would you do that? I was trying something different!”

He laughed and pressed a kiss to your nose before he replied, “Baby, you were driving me crazy,” as he spoke his hips grinded into yours and it led to a small gasp escaping from you lips, “don’t be mad at me.” His bashful smile was adorable, and you couldn’t help but giggle.

“Let me back on top” you smiled at him, plans already forming in your head about what you could do to him in that position.

“Must I?” he chuckled, not yet moving.

“Yes. You must.”

He quickly flipped you both back into the original position, and you couldn’t help but wildly grin.

“Thanks, baby cakes.” You laughed, and leaned to press another trail of kisses across his chest. No matter what the situation, your skin always craved to be touching his, especially his toned torso.

“Hey, don’t call me baby cakes.”

Without raising your head from his chest, as your lips were almost unable to move from his skin, you asked, “Why not?”

“Because I’m not a ‘baby cake’. I’m a big, strong man.”

You laughed into him before looking up to meet his eyes.

“Yes, Harry. The biggest and strongest man.”

His eyes lit up at the comical response, but you weren’t finished. Before continuing, you moved your hips down hard to press against the growing bulge beneath you.  A rhythm naturally picked up at you began to grind against him. “I love how big you are.”

He groaned, eyes temporarily squeezing shut as the pressure between the two of you built up. You could see in his face that he was searching for a response, but the constant grinding motion was distracting him. Slowly, you moved to sit on your knees between his spread legs and started to unbutton his jeans. He watched you closely as you did, making no move nor speaking. It wasn’t long before both his jeans and his boxers were pushed down his legs and thrown across the room to who knows where. In an effort to make him more comfortable, you removed your shirt and threw it across the room as well. His eyes greedily roamed over your bra-clad chest. You smiled to yourself, and leaned to lick across the tip of Harry’s cock. His eyes widened as he watched you pull him into your mouth. You sucked gently at first, simply just to tease him and watch his face contort so slightly as you continued.

“You taste so good” you murmured, and leaned in again to lick a stripe up the underside of his throbbing cock. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let out a labored breath. Then, you pulled his tip into your mouth, and increased the intensity of your sucking. His hands found the back of your head and gripped the hair there tightly as he began to move your mouth further onto his cock. You let him lead your head however he pleased, and the speed at which you were moved up and down the length of him quickly increased.

“Fuck, baby girl your mouth feels so fucking good” Harry groaned below you, and the praise made you internally smile. During a particularly rough tug of your hair, his cock moved deep into your throat and you gagged around him. Stopping immediately, Harry pulled your head off of him so that he could look at your entire face. The fact his hand was still tightly gripping your hair only made you grin; he didn’t even realize that he was doing it, he was just naturally that way.

“Are you okay?” He questioned, searching your eyes. You wanted nothing else than to tell him to quit worrying so that you could have him squirming under you again. Nodding in response, you attempted to lean back down to pull his throbbing cock into your mouth, but his grip on your hair didn’t budge. You whined and continued to pull but his hand was locked.


“Baby girl, I’m gonna lose it if you suck me off again.”

“Please, I want you in my mouth” you pouted, giving him puppy dog eyes. It was obvious he was genuinely considering giving in, but after a few moments it seemed as if he wasn’t going to.

“I want to come inside you baby girl, not in your mouth” he whispered, and your legs involuntarily squeezed shut tightly. His dirty words never failed to cause the wetness between your legs to make you writhe.

He sat up now to begin his work on your jeans and pull them off of your legs. After he swiftly removed your bra, you were completely bare above him. His eyes devoured every inch of your skin before he flipped you again, leaving him above you and resting in between your thighs. It was almost cute how he couldn’t help but being in control at all times.

“Harry, I wanted to make you feel good” you whined, looking up into his blazing eyes above yours.

“You always make me feel good, baby.”

With this, his hand moved down to grip his length and run it along the length of your slit. When his tip began to circle your clit, you arched your back and moaned louder than anticipated. Sucking him off earlier had created this intense want in your belly, and each time he spoke, or moved against you, you felt yourself ache inside to feel him.

“But I wanted to show you how much playing that song meant to me…” you trailed off, not breaking eye contact. Half of you desperately wanted him to just thrust inside of you already, but the other half was slightly disappointed you weren’t directly controlling how good he was feeling at the moment. His eyes softened.

“I know how much it meant to you, and believe me, you’ve shown how much it meant to you” he smiled and pressed a kiss to your forehead. As he lined himself up at your entrance, he suddenly stopped and you whimpered loudly. Your hips were completely lifting up off of the bed to find a way to push him inside you yourself. He laughed at your desperation and used the hand that wasn’t holding his cock to press your hips roughly back down onto the bed and you pouted.

“Do you really want to make me feel good? ‘Cause I’ve been thinking about this-“ he began, but you cut him off. Your voice was slightly shrill due to the all-consuming desperation to feel him

“What? Yes. Whatever you want.” You rushed to speak, and a huge smile spread across his face. He was enjoying torturing you. You, however, were positively aching for him to be inside you. Each time he barely shifted his hips as he spoke, most likely not purposefully, your insides would clench in preparation. Yet, his thick length never pressed into you as he continued,

“You don’t even know what I was gonna say.”

“Harry, please. If it’ll make you feel good, of course I want to.” You begged.

“Okay.” he started, taking a deep breath and now completely removing his hips from yours. You loudly whined this time, and he smirked down at you. His hands suddenly moved to reach and grip both of your calves. What was he doi- Your legs were thrown up onto his shoulders, and you shuddered. In the new position, he had to press you hard into the bed below you, and it was slightly harder to breathe due to the pressure on your chest. Yet, any thoughts were wiped completely from your brain as he pressed into you slowly. An extremely long, drawn out moan escaped your throat as he buried himself inside you. The pressure inside you only heightened as he pulled out until just his tip was inside you before pressing all the way back in again. A string of curses left his mouth as he held himself up with a hand on either side of your waist. You both began to breath heavier and heavier with each deep thrust.

“You’re so deep” you moaned, voice higher than usually due to the tightening arousal inside of you. He grunted in response as his thrusts got rougher, and the sound of your hips slapping against each other got louder.

“Are you gonna be a good girl and come around my cock” Harry groaned, his eyes staring into yours with a lust that shook you to your core. You knew that after a few more thrusts you were most definitely going to come, and you nodded wildly and breathed out a “yes”.

He seemed impossibly deep, and once his left hand moved to rub harsh circles into your clit, you knew you were done for.

“H-Harry” you squeaked, verging on your orgasm, but attempting to hold it back to wait for him. This night was supposed to be for him, and here you were coming too early.

“Come for me, baby girl.”

And that was all it took. The words pushed you off the cliff as seemingly every muscle in your body clenched, and your eyes squeezed shut. A wave of euphoria passed through every nerve, the feeling only drawn out by his continued thrusts and rubbing on your clit. It took many seconds before you came down from your high, and when you were fully aware again, Harry’s beautiful face was the first thing that caught your eye. His bottom lip was tightly between his teeth and his eyes were tightly shut.

“Harry,” you moved your hand up to run your thumb across his cheek adoringly.

“You feel so fucking good when you clench around me. Can you do it again?” his eyes didn’t even open as the words rapidly fell from him lips. You grinned, even though he couldn’t see it, beyond happy to see him in such a state of pleasure that he could barely speak. Without hesitating, you inhaled deeply to clench around him. The muscles in your stomach were shaking from the intense use, and above you, Harry came. His perfect face contorted to one of bliss and he let out a loud, dragged out “fuuuuucckkk”. He remained in this state for a few seconds before gently pulling out of you and collapsing next to you on his back. He took a couple deep breaths before turning his head to press a soft kiss against your lips.

“God, I’m so glad I played you that song” he laughed, and you joined him.

“I bet you are. Maybe you should play me your songs more often” you were only half joking.

“If the sex is gonna be like that, then maybe I should” he replied, with your favorite stupid smirk on his face.

“Even though I’m the youngest, you could say I’m the big sister of the band. I comfort 2D when he has a bad dream, and Murdoc when he has a bad trip. I calm Russell down when he gets angry about the world’s problems. I have to remember to look after myself, though. Usually I make a bowl of okayu, a kind of chicken soup, or just oil my mini-gun. Both are very soothing.”

Noodle I love you so much oh my god

😱😱😱😱😱😱 omg guys….. this is so amazing……. i love all of you so much oh my god  💕💕

ALSO!!! i was thinking I wanted to do some kind of 5k follower special, but the problem is i don’t really have any idea of what to do lol. i was thinking of doing a sort of writing give away? like i could write a few mysme fanfiction for some people (i don’t have any examples of my writing rn… but i’m p confident in my writing abilities lmao)

but anyway i don’t really have many good ideas. if you guys have anything you should hmu!!!

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I NEEDDDDDDDDDD a connor proposal!

-you had been dating for a couple years now

-you would be in your guys’ favorite diner and then he would hold your hand and walk you to the park you met at as kids.

-he would be fiddling with the ring constantly and just be so nervous.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“Nothing.” He replies almost too quickly.

-when you finally get to the tiny pond you would always sit by to calm down, where you began to talk to connor more. It was the place where you both went to cool down.

-he sat next to you on ‘your rock’ and just stared at you.

“Con, what are you staring at me to-”

“I love you so much. Oh my god I just- you already know I’m shit at expressing my feelings, but I just need you to know I wanna spend he rest of my life with you. You make me happy and that’s something I didn’t think could happen.”

“Oh my go-”

“So, [your full name] can I spend the rest of my life with you?”

-the ring was so perfect, it wasn’t big and shiny but it was a thin ring with 2 beautiful jewels in the middle that swirls together.

-you burst into tears and at first he thought he did something wrong before you kissed him so hard he almost fell off of the rock.

- “yes. A million times yes.” Through gasps and tears and he would just be so freaking happy he would pick you up and twirl you like I’m the movies.

-“I love you.”

“To the moon and back.”

anonymous asked:

I love how you draw Togami so much, oh my God, I love everyone you paint. And most recently I loved togakure, because that's why. And what was my surprise when I saw the art with them. I want to say that you embody incredible couples, and only thanks to you I see such beautiful things as kuzusouda, hinadam and other characters. Thanks for your lovely, brightly colored drawings, and your golden hands

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THIS IS SOOOOOO SWEEEEET???? thank you!!! togami is nice!! i like dat  four eyed lemon

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Harry hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time❤❤

This made me gasp because I can picture it so clearly.

He’s holding your hand and staring nervously at the screen, where his precious baby is pictured in your tummy. The doctor is smiling at you both, knowing you’re nervous first time parents, and after flipping a few switches, a loud and fast little thumping noise can be heard.

And Harry cries. He doesn’t mean to, but the minute he hears it, he can’t help it. He squeezes your hand and brings it to his lips– not quite kissing it, just holding it. “Oh my god,” he says quietly. He laughs softly, partly out of shock. “Ohhh my god.”

You’re crying too, and you giggle. “There it is,” you say. “There’s our baby.”

“Baby Styles,” he says through a chuckle. “Strong heart. Gonna be a tough little thing I can already tell.” He reaches up to wipe at his eye a little, laughing again because he doesn’t really know what else to do in this moment. He is so overwhelmed.

He leans up to press a kiss to your lips and mutter “I love you so much. Oh my god. We made that baby in there. Y/n I love you so bloody much.”

white-haired-hope-squad  asked:

Your family AU is so lovely, and your art is so beautiful.. Do you have headcanons (or is it a canon? Lol) about their backstories, like Shiro & Keith's families, their first meeting, how they proposed to each other, how the kids ended up in orphanage, etc? (Sorry that's a lot!)

Oh my goodness THANK YOU! I’m glad you found The Voltron Family AU lovely ;A; I wanna draw more for this AU so probably soon!! :D Alright I got chu. Since you wanted more of this, I’m going to deliver.

Shiro and Keith’s Families

  • Both of their families are in Japan.
  • The Shiroganes are from Kyoto, while the Koganes are from Tokyo (yes, Keith isn’t actually an orphan here). Keith is a city boy while Shiro is a country bumpkin lmao
  • So they didn’t have any problems where to stay when they visited Japan with their kids WHOM THEIR FAMILIES ADORE. 
  • They didn’t care if they were not blood-related because they could see how much Shiro and Keith adored their children and that was enough.

Shiro and Keith’s First Meeting

  • Shiro and Keith were one of those who were in the exchange program in college for their final year. Shiro for pre-med, and Keith for Lit. 
  • They met at the library as cheesy as that sounds. It was during finals and Shiro was cramming his papers and Keith as well.
  • There was only ONE WORKING PRINTER on the 3rd floor because it was already late and they were the only ones left. It was 11:30PM.
  • Shiro was in the printing room first and but the printer stopped working 
  • Keith went inside to print his and he sees Shiro panicking
  • Keith: Hey, dude, you okay?
    Shiro: It stopped printing and my papers are due at midnight!
    Keith: Oh, shit. Really? Mine, too. And I have to get these done and have it mailed to my prof because I am not going to flunk this subject. WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE PRINTER?
    Shiro: What?! You think I did this?! *gestures to the printer*
    Keith: *looks around and pointedly at Shiro* You’re the only one here.
    Shiro: UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    Keith: *smiles* I’m Keith Kogane.
    Shiro: Takashi Shirogane, but most people call me Shiro.
    Keith: My printer works at my dorm. If you still want to print? It’s just a two minute walk from here.
    Shiro: Bless you! I could just kiss you right now!! \o/
    Keith: *laughs* Buy me the 3rd book of Harry Potter first and we’ll see. 

Shiro and Keith Proposal

  • They’ve been dating for eight years because they’re cute like that.
  • It happens when Shiro visits Keith’s apartment. He knows his boyfriend is such a bibliophile so he tries to maneuver the place because books, papers, manuscripts are scattered everywhere. Keith’s already an editor and Shiro’s already a doctor.
  • Keith’s still in bed and he’s surrounded by so many papers he was trying to proofread the night before. 
  • Shiro gently wakes him up by showering him kisses all over the face
  • Shiro: Baby, wake up wake up wake up!
    Keith: GO AWAY SHIRO IT’S A WEEKEND *grumbles*
    Shiro: But it’s the day Deathly Hallows go on sale!!
    Keith: *opens eyes immediately* Holy shit. I need to get to the st–
    Shiro: *stops him* No need. Because I am such a great boyfriend I got you the book already and it arrived last night! *gives Keith the gift*
    Keith: *holds the wrapped gift* Baby… you’re… *looks at Shiro* You’re the best have I already mentioned that?
    Shiro: *beams* Well, I’ve been told by some. Some. One. 
    Keith: *gives him a peck* I can’t believe this. *opens the gift and sees the book* I feel like I might cry. 
    Shiro: Go on. Open it! Feel it~
    Keith: I’ll try not to read because I dont want to spoil myself. *opens the book and sees it’s been cut inside to hold a small black box* Shiro… *still staring at the black box inside the book* *takes out the box and opens it to reveal a silver ring*
    Shiro: Keith, I just want you to know that, well, I’m not pressuring you or anything but I felt like, you know… We’ve been together for such a long time now and honestly…
    Keith: Shut up, Shiro.
    Shiro: *blinks* W-what? 
    Keith: I love you so much, of course I’d say yes.
    Shiro: Oh my god. *laughs nervously* I had a speech prepared and all
    Keith: *laughs and then hugs Shiro* You idiot. No speech needed. I can’t believe you beat me to it. *sobs* Fucking hell. You idiot. You even destroyed a book for your proposal. A Harry Potter one at that. This is expensive! What the hell *hugs him tightly* You idiot. You idiot. And I love you so so much. This is so ridiculous my snot is all over your shirt but I don’t care right now. *laughs* You’re going to marry someone who’s going to shower you with snot and you can’t back away now.
    Shiro: *laughs while stroking Keith’s hair* I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stop crying, Keith. I’m sorry for destroying the book. I got you another one because I doubt you’ll be able to read the one I used. Do you want to see the not-destroyed-brand-new Deathly Hallows now?
    Keith: *shakes his head* Let’s stay this way. The book can wait. 

How the kids ended up in the orphanage

  • Lance was a survivor when there was a fire in their building. His mom and dad died along with his siblings. 
  • Hunk is Lance’s friend in that same building. Him and Lance were the only survivor because they were playing at the building’s lobby so they were able to get out quickly. Hunk lost his family, too.
  • Pidge’s parents were already dead and her brother Matt took care of her, until he died in a car accident. Shiro knew Matt so when he found out that Pidge was at the orphanage, he decided to adopt her and Keith agreed. Then they saw Hunk and Keith was so taken but Lance and Hunk were a package so they adopted both. :D Lance was admiration-at-first-sight when he saw Shiro walk through those entrance doors of the orphanage. ;)

I spent too much time on the proposal HAHAHHAHA But there you have it!

Dating Tom Holland, and running a fan account for Sebastian Stan would include…


  • Having the account (Which was on Tumblr obviously)before Tom got his role as Spider-man
  • So it used to be a sort of hilarious secret between the two of you
  • “Haha, just imagine if you actually ever met him in real life, though.”
  • Only showing Tom parts of your blog, like the fan art and the gifs. You would use any possible means to make sure he never strays over to the deep, dark side of your blog
  • Namely the fanfiction side
  • Because, ho-ho, if he ever saw the fanfiction and reader inserts you read on a daily basis, it would most possibly scar his innocent mind
  • “Y/n, what’s thi-”
  • “Nothing, it’s nothing, absolutely nothing. Hey Tom, look, it’s Harrison Ford!”
  • And you’re only option would be to fake your own death and move to Atlantis
  • Having Marvel movie marathons with Tom, and inwardly and outwardly screaming whenever Bucky pops up
  • “He’s so hot, but he’s also dark and mysterious, and his face is just- oh my god.and don’t you dare say that James Buchanan Barnes is a villain. He was brainwashed, and didn’t have a choice.”
  • Having multiple posters of Bucky Barnes on your bedroom walls
  • “He’s so beautiful. Just look at his eyes.”
  • So when Tom ran up to you one day, completely out of breath, with very important news, you couldn’t wait to hear what it was
  • “Tom, just tell me. What happened?”
    “Y/n, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise me that you won’t freak out and do something crazy, like throw that cup of coffee out the window.”
  • “You know I’d never waste a perfectly good, steaming cup of coffee.“
  • “I got a role in Captain America: Civil War, and I’m Spid-”
  • WHAT?
  • “Aw, come on. What did that coffee ever do to you?”
  • Begging him to let you visit the set with him
  • “Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.”
  • After a few days of endless ‘please’s’, he finally relents and lets you tag along with him
  • "You’re being so unfair! You know I can’t resist it when you do your puppy dog face.”
  • Watching Tom while he goes swinging in his  Spider-man suit in front of a green screen (And taking a few pictures here and there, obviously)
  • Hanging out at craft service, and stealing a few snacks here and there, before you feel somebody tap your shoulder
  • Turning around to see Tom standing in front of you, an excited smile on his face
  • “Y/n, I’ve got a surprise for you.”
  • And standing behind him is Sebastian Stan
  • Sebastian. Freaking. Stan.
  • Long story, you froze for a few minutes, then started babbling about how much you loved and admired him, then cried, then asked him for a hug, then started babbling again, and cried a few more times before running out of the room
  • having to restrain yourself with every last ounce of self-control you have in your body not to spill out all the details about meeting Sebastian Stan on your blog
  • “Resist, Y/n. Just… resist.”
  • Tom taking you as his date to the Captain America: Civil War Red Carpet World Premiere
  • And, once again, you spent most of your time just crying and babbling and crying even more
  • “Oh my god, Robert Downey Jr., I love you so much, oh my god…”
  • And you try not to break down in front of Sebastian Stan again
  • Hanging out with Tom and binge-watching Netflix during his break before he has to start filming Spider-man: Homecoming
  • “So, Y/n, do you like Spider-man or Bucky better?”
  • “Oh, that’s easy. Definitely Buck- Ow, okay, I’m kidding, I’m kidding!”

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