Jean Arthur was, by her own admission, shy and uncomfortable in social settings. She avoided parties, had trouble connecting with people—even those she had known for some time—and had very little confidence in both herself and her ability as an actor. “I am not an adult, that’s my explanation of myself,“ she said. “Except when I am working on a set, I have all the inhibitions and shyness of the bashful, backward child… Unless I have something very much in common with a person, I am lost. I am swallowed up in my own silence.”

It was in animals that Jean found the great friends she lacked in humans, and she valued them immensely. “When I’m walking down the street I don’t pay much attention to the people,“ she commented. “I only see the animals, and I go up to them like old friends.”

Jean was arrested in 1973 for trespassing on a neighbor’s yard when she attempted to console a frantic German Shepherd that was chained outside. She was convicted of “trespassing and of cursing and abusing the policeman who arrested her on the neighbor’s complaint.“ None of this seemed to bother her—she firmly maintained the animal’s needs as being far more important than her situation.

She said she was concerned about the dog, whom she believed was being neglected “because he barked all day and most of the night, and he cried like a child.” She added: “It kind of broke my heart.“ Jean explained that she would occasionally sneak into the yard to pet the dog and bring it food and water. She had threatened her neighbor that she would call the Humane Society, but after he continued to ignore the attentions of the dog he kept constantly chained outside Jean took the matter into her own hands. According to reports, the former Hollywood star—then seventy-three years of age—had to be physically restrained and handcuffed. 


Sawamura Eijun [Minimalist Posters] → Happy Birthday precious sunshine boy!

I gotta photo reply to these but @hilanime and anons I got with this message too:


I love you guys sfm 💗💗💗💗 just as much as I love my beautiful son especially now knowing mafia yuri fashion isn’t that far off at all 😭😭😭🤘🤘

The Odd Man Affair episode rewatch + trashy commentary

Illya: “When Raymond was getting on the plane, I took the precaution of removing his wallet.”
Napoleon: “In other words, you picked his pocket, hmm?”
Illya: “If you prefer such a bourgeois description of an act of pure presence of mind.”

Napoleon smiles fondly at this, as if Illya picking the pockets of top international assassins is the most precious thing in the world (it really is).

Illya: “Why did you put a pin in his cuff?”
Napoleon: “All the better to find him with, my dear.” ♥

Sadly for Napoleon, Sully not only removes the tracking pin but also gets our boys detained at Customs.

Illya: “It’s like playing the game of ‘pin the tail to the donkey’.”
Napoleon: “Donkeys.”

All these close-ups of Illya and Napoleon smiling adorably at each other are killing me.

Illya: “I thought your idea of the homing pin to be such a good idea that I placed a second pin in the band of his hat, along with a microphone disc, so that we can not only find our friend Mr. Sully, but we can also listen to him.”

Napoleon: “Mm, you are a sly Russian. Some day, when you grow up, you should make someone a marvelous secret agent.”

Illya: “Very funny.”


Napoleon and Illya track down Sully, who’s met up with an ex-girlfriend to beg her to tell him about Raymond, because he actually doesn’t know a thing about the guy. While everyone’s arguing about what to do next, Illya abruptly loses interest, wanders off and starts drinking at the bar.

Argh, Illya, you are so adorable, I love you sfm. ❤

Our boys kill one of Zed’s thugs (who was trying to kill Sully) and dispose of the body by dragging it to a park bench while pretending to be drunk and singing at the top of their lungs. Lol.

More of the International Assassin group comes after them, and poor Napoleon gets shot in the shoulder. Noo! Illya wants to get Napoleon medical attention, but Napoleon tells him to go to the strip club with Sully and Bryn. Illya sadly obeys.

The bit at the club where Illya stops a female friend of the real Raymond from ratting them out by pretending she’s his cheating wife is hilarious. “Have you no regard for our children?!”

Bryn then jumps into the fray and kicks some serious ass – this woman is amazing, U.N.C.L.E. should recruit her.

Did I mention that Illya is wearing his adorable glasses throughout this scene, because that is a Very Important Fact.

Through a wonderfully-executed combination of skill and sheer dumb luck, Bryn and Illya take out the guards at Zed’s house, and Zed accidentally kills himself with the explosives meant for Sully.

Illya goes to take care of his poor wounded Napoleon (note Napoleon clinging to Illya with his good arm in the screen cap below) and thus we conclude one of my favorite episodes of S1 :)

i understand that a Chair Post without a fandom attached is not wanted by anyone but i’m gonna go ahead and issue a formal declaration of Whifferdill’s Favorite Chairs 2017

first up this classic

Charles and Ray Eames, the shell body on the Eiffel frame. this is what your chair in high school wished it could be. the pure ass-cupping simplicity of the fiberglass seat, the poetic geometry of the frame. the Eames’ own my whole soul; have you watched Powers of Ten? if not please do

look. LOOK. somewhere in me still lives a 21-year old who’s like fuck YEAH BURN THE IDOLS but also preserve them in resin. Maartin Baas’ Burn series completely encapsulates my feelings towards the design establishment in such a shitty college-kid Dark Goffik way and also it makes the Adirondack look cool, right it looks cool, i never quite aged out of my goth phase

while we’re commenting on the Adirondack - Gerrit Reitveld’s Red and Blue chair. i wanna sit in De Stijl. in 2017, this is still an angry and weird thing, such a conscious exploration of 3D space. it gives me an Emotion i cannot name

it’s the Swinging Sixties and you’re too mod to live and you’re high AF and feeling like a queen in Arne Jacobsen’s Egg chair. i love chairs that tell you how to sit - this one tells you to curl up but like in a proud, fuck-off kind of way

thru the wonders of Modern Technology you can sit on a shittily crocheted chair by Marcel Wanders. it’s the weird slackness that gets me, like. mass-produced human failures. the tension between error and precision is…it does things for me

Verner Panton’s S chair is a CLASSIC for a REASON it’s just a tongue. a stackable tongue. it’s so smooth and easy. one sheet of plastic, doing that. go on, then

this is by Allessandro Mendini and it’s called Proust Geometrica and i think it speaks for itself

look i have mixed feelings on Gehry but the Wiggle Chair is so…you know?

i feel like we as a society really missed out not embracing inflatable furniture. Gaetano Pesce’s Up series is so nice. i like the one where you can sit in the lap of a disembodied female torso like yes it is Problematic but it’s also just so Much

i don’t discuss this much but my love of Memphis is, like, a huge part of what i am. this is Peter Shire for Memphis with the Bel Air chair and LOOK AT IT IT’S GREAT

the ID discourse will never reach Tumblr but just in case: i’m sorry, i still unironically love Phillipe Starck. i adore a lot of his stuff, i adore the Gnome Stool extra much. like it’s not pure pop, it’s got nothing to say, it’s a cynical piece of nothing-much but i also would pay more money for this than i would a Breuer, i love it sfm

hey, guys! as you know or are pretty much all aware of, i’m sam also known as admin sam also known as the small joke i like to always add in: ½ of team rocket so i’m going to make a few things known right now that were already addressed by my lovely coadmin but just again, in case you missed it. so tinsels is my baby. i think i made that clear before but it is! steph and i put a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears into this roleplay because we simply wanted a place to call ours and to create an a space where we could share that with some pretty awesome individuals, make new friends and to plot as well. personally, i think we definitely had that going here with you all because you guys are SUCH an amazing group of people to the point where i’d give you my number right now and have you guys text me but we’ve taken account into how the activity has slowed down a bit. some of our fellow members have ghosted because they’re simply not interested anymore or because the dash hits a standstill sometimes and that’s perfectly fine! i’m going to admit that i wasn’t really helping the issue either because i always logged on late in the afternoon and mostly because i do tend to have a social life on the weekends (much to my surprise) and steph pretty much works and has a social life as well but i do understand that life gets a little hectic sometimes where you’re not able to get online.

however, steph and i are so determined to keep this going with you guys to the point where we are changing a few things about tinsels. of course, that doesn’t mean it’s over or anything like that! it just means as the admins, we want to make sure everyone’s having a good time and that everyone’s interacting and enjoying themselves because otherwise, what’s the point, right? so we’re not giving up just yet and we honestly hope that you guys aren’t either! we still want you to be apart of this and only if you want to because we don’t want to force anyone into anything they don’t necessarily want to do but i assure you that i’m not going to let our baby (see, there it is again) die and just be swept under the rug. it’s not something i’m going to allow to happen, regardless of what anyone may think because i take an immense amount of pride into this rp and i definitely want to be able to explore the possibilities and success tinsels could have.

it’s going to be a little tough, obviously, but the thing about this is that i’m like 99% sure we’ve all made friends here or at least, i’ve made friends here to the point where i’m not interested in letting y'all go. so the point of this is that the admin team is going to go ham to get tinsels in a new & improved condition that i’m sure some of you will enjoy. it’s been almost 2 weeks since we’ve opened for interactions but to be honest with you, it’s been the best 2 weeks ever because i’ve met all of you and want to continue prospering with you! so there is it… an update on what’s going to happen this week! you guys can continue to interact and everything since we’re definitely not interested in stopping that but please LIKE this and STEPH’S POST so we know you’re aware and also message us if you’re interested in staying so we know when we do this quick yet drastic makeover like mia thermapolis in the princess diaries! alright, i’m done because i have things to do but thank you for reading this! love you guys – i mean, fam! ♥️