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Hi hello um I just got here and somehow I'm like 1000 pages deep in pictures of your OCs and I'm not normally all that interested in people's OCs? How did you do this I love them you are great I am very awkward okay bye


  • Some distant family member who buys me clothes that don't fit every Christmas:Aw seeing you with your pet snake just shows that you'd be a great mother
  • Me:or
  • Me:perhaps
  • Me:I'd just be a snake hoarder
  • Me:
  • Me:just a thought
  • Family member:you're too young to know what you want in life, sweetheart
  • Me:
  • Me:but
  • Me:I'm fairly certain I love my snake
  • Me:do you even know how old I am-
  • Family member:you know, when I was your age, I knew I wanted two kids
  • Me:I want two snakes
  • Family member:Aw :) sweetie :) pets and kids :) aren't the same :) it'll never fulfill you :)
  • Me:*squints*
2015/2016 Dance Favourites

I decided I wanted to make a master list of my favourite solos and group dances this season since nationals is over! I didn’t include duets or trios mainly because I don’t watch many, but I’ve included a lot of great solos and group dances! Every dance has a link to go along with it. Hopefully I didn’t leave out any favourites! Everything will be under the cut, enjoy! 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND @voxellgeist , I know you have mixed feelings about this day but Life is Grand and I only see great and incredible things in your future! I, for one, am so glad that you were born and I got to meet you. We’ve become so close, you’re my goooo buddy and I cant imagine life anymore without you. You’re the Yin to my Yang and the reason I wake up and don’t sleep forever. Keep being you, because you’re just amazing. I love you so much Jimbles Nontronbo and I hope that today and the rest of your life will be filled with excitement and happiness. Happy Birthday!! <3 


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She could not determined if the boy, also known as her history partner, was messing around. It was a Saturday afternoon - the only day they could study for more than 90 minutes. The session was long and tedious, only breaking for light snacks and the restroom.  After a series of review questions, she looked up to find him already looking back. His huge smile was bright, Cheshire Cat-like, and borderline fake. 

“No, tell me.”

“Hmm, it’s fine. Never mind.”

The boy with the kind blue eyes, smirked, returning to his spread of books and papers. A hint of the smile lingered. Her eyebrows narrowed and her fingertips tapped the surface of her notebook. 

“Just say it.”

“Two minutes ago, I made you laugh. I’ve never heard it before. I like your laugh. That’s all.”

Quickly gulping, she lowered her eyes, allowing her long bangs to cover some of her face. She was not used to being noticed. But he was paying attention. It felt strange, but comforting. At that moment, she chose to laugh a little more often during study hour.

(if you don't like mushy gross lovey stuff, don't read. I'm sorry)

Your lips are my fresh breath of air. Every time we kiss I get to escape and be happy with just me and you doing what WE want to make US happy. Maybe I need to work on some technique, which I will don’t worry. But maybe I just need to let myself get completely lost in the heat of the moment. I tense up knowing that the moment will be over and it’ll be a while til I can have it again. I don’t want to leave myself gasping for that fresh breath of air, your lips, after its over and I have to wait til we get the chance again. I didn’t want to set myself up for sadness when I had to say “I love you, goodbye”, close the car door, and wait gasping for more til your car pulls up in the parking lot once again on another day. I know now I need to let go and let myself get lost. Escape into that fresh breath of air. Treasure it. Go deep into it. Relax every inch of my body and let myself melt. Because that’s how it feels. I lose control over everything and it’s just me and you. In this moment. So yeah… I need to work on my technique. I need to let myself relax and open up, so I can get an amazing breath of fresh air 💋

I drew a compilation of just a few of my favorite Ritsu moments!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


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