People say that there will be that one person we will always love no matter what. That one person who will always be apart of us, who will always mean something. I need to believe this is NOT true. I dont want to believe this is true. I need to believe that one day you wont mean anything to me. That one day your absence won’t hurt . That there will come a day when i get exciting news and the first person i want to share it with is not you.I need to have hope that one day i’ll fall in love again and i’ll understand why we didnt last. I need to have hope that one day i wont be angry with you for crushing my heart . That one day i will get some sleep at night. That the same way i learned to get use to falling asleep in your arms i’ll learn to love the emptiness of a bed. I need to believe that this isnt it. That i’ll get better. Because the thought of loving you FOREVER scares me death and i just wont let myself believe that .

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hey can I get a short request on BTS moving in next to you, and when you introduce yourself, they fall in love or something similar? Please x Sorry if this is confusing, I may have got the idea from EXO next door aha

Again, ending the day with fluff~ This was actually super cute and I loved it and I hope y’all love it too ^-^

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would invite you over every night if possible, but at first he only did it once a week. He would cook for you, claiming he wasn’t sure if you were eating well and he didn’t want to find you passed out from malnutrition the next time he tried to visit. Of course, you’d try to assure him that you were capable of eating on your own, but you weren’t going to complain about him cooking for you so often; it was better than eating out or spending your own money on food that didn’t taste nearly as good as what he made for you.

Yoongi was going to invite you over every so often; if the two of you happened to have a show that you both liked, then didn’t it just make more sense to watch it together anyways? That way you could talk about what was happening rather than just watching it alone. He didn’t want to go over to your place, though, because he was too lazy to move. Plus, he fell asleep while watching nearly every time, so he didn’t want to fall asleep at your place. Unless, of course, he had come over to “sleep.”

Nine times out of ten, whenever there was a knock at your door, you could expect to see Hoseok on the other side of it, snacks in one hand and a stack of movies in the other. All you had to do was let him sit in your home and talk to him; he’d do everything else. He’d order take out if you wanted it, he’d get up and change the movies, and he’d entertain you if the movie ended up being terrible; he just wanted to spend as much time with you as possible, and he wanted you to be smiling the entire time.

Namjoon texted you almost constantly, asking you to come over whenever the two of you were free. He was fine with just hanging out and talking, so long as you didn’t have anything else in mind. He’d take you out to eat if you wanted, or if you ended up talking so long that the both of you had missed dinner, but he enjoyed just talking to you so much that he didn’t care if you didn’t do anything else. Unless, of course, his flirting actually led to him confessing, and then there was a lot that he’d rather be doing.

Jimin would show up at your door at all hours of the day or night, asking if you would be up for hanging out. He liked talking to you after a long day, or whenever he had a day off, so he ended up lazing around your home a lot. He’d be flipped upside down on your couch, or draped over the arm of it, or just sprawled out on the floor, wanting to talk to you about anything and everything and hoping it would either put him to sleep or make his day better. And if you ended up sprawled out on top of him with him, that would be nice, too.

Taehyung would be whining outside your door often, waiting for you to open it and let him in. He’d come in with an arm full of grocery bags, all filled to almost the point of bursting with ingredients. He’d drop them all unceremoniously on your kitchen table or counters, whichever was cleanest and closest, and he’d pout and whine until you agreed to help him make it. And by help him make it, he meant make it for him while he complimented you and tried to distract you from the fact that he wasn’t doing anything to help.

Jungkook invited you over often. Kind of. Mainly, you ended up at his door when you heard him shouting at whatever video game he happened to be playing. He’d let you in, embarrassed that he’d been yelling so loudly, but then he’d invite you to play with him, either competitively so that he could feel good about winning - “There’s no way you can beat me,” - or cooperatively so that he could finally defeat a level. Normally, you’d be playing against each other, which led to a lot of teasing when you won, but surprisingly, he didn’t mind it.

I forgive love for all the ways
it has broken me; you’re a
sentence that no one has been
able to complete yet. Baby, our
hearts were just looking for a
safe place to undress our fears,
our tongues just swallowed too
much night, what’s the weight of
a tear these days when I loved
you in screams, but I miss you
in whispers; I almost forget this
choke hold exists when I walk
into a room that smells like you,

and forget where I am.

CYaRon! is actually the most precious and innocent subunit

Just look at how pure their songs are compared to the other subunits.


  • Strawberry Trapper: You can’t run away, my target~
  • Torikoriko PLEASE!!: I’ll use magic words to make you my captive ♡


  • Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss!: Hey there, wanna dance with me? I know I’m irresistible. ;)
  • Tokimeki Bunruigaku: I’m trying to figure out these emotions. Want to…help me with my research? ;)
  • Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no?: i’m a horrible person because i hurt my best friend, oh gosh i feel so guilty about it and now i just wanna stay up all night and cry while looking at the stars…why can’t i just be honest with myself im sorry im sorry im s o rr y
To Being Family [Narry]

Summary: It ends something like this, with soup and a smile and a silent ‘I Love You’, and the kid makes Harry get involved but he doesn’t mind it too much. (Or the finale to the sequel of a kid!fic no one asked for.)

The thing that sucks is that Harry goes into exams almost immediately after the night of their first kiss and they only manage to spend one breakfast together, where Charlie falls asleep in his oatmeal, before Harry goes into finals mode.

They text, of course, but a kiss emoji is nowhere near to the real thing, and Harry really likes the real thing.

And then one day, when Harry’s heading out for a last minute study group before an exam, he notices Niall’s keys are still stuck in his door, but the door is closed and Niall is nowhere in sight. Harry looks around, and locks his own apartment door before he heads over.

They aren’t close enough that Harry just wants to use the keys and let himself in so he pulls them out of the lock and knocks, and it doesn’t take long before Niall is opening the door.

Niall looks tired, bags under his eyes and a shirt that’s got a milk stain on the hem, but he smiles once he sees it’s Harry. Harry isn’t so much of a sucker that he thinks Niall’s the most beautiful thing he’s seen while he looks like this but still, there will be no complaints from him.

“Hey, Harry,” Niall rasps, leaning in for a quick kiss. He hugs his arms tiredly around Harry’s waist and Harry can practically feel how exhausted Niall is through his skin, in the way he shuts his eyes against Harry’s cheek and doesn’t complain when Harry starts to rock them.

“Hey, you alright?” Harry asks, stroking a big hand over Niall’s back like that’ll offer some comfort. He was only supposed to hand over the keys and go on his way, because he’s definitely missing the bus right now, but he doesn’t care much when Niall practically starts to snore against his shoulder. His study group can wait. “Niall?”

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I was reading this Rainbow Rowell quote from Eleanor & Park "I want to be the last person who ever kisses you… That sounds bad, like a death threat or something. What I’m trying to say is, you’re it. This is it for me." And thought it may inspire you for a JonSa

This was a lovely prompt, thank you. This is probably not one of my best as the SDCC panel left me with all sort of weird feels. Apologies for the lack of Sansa dialogue too, but I hope her voice comes through the narrative. 

Short summary: The White Walkers are coming and Jon is leaving to fight. Mostly details their last night together.

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January 28 2014

our first date was a picnic by the sea,
you spread out the purple sheet and told me I looked pretty,
and I smiled.
How simple we were in the beginning,
how simple,
how in love.

we danced around my kitchen one night when my parents had fallen asleep,
making pasta and garlic bread and laughing when the marinara sauce got on the walls and cabinets and on your nose and my cheek.
we were messy and chaotic
but we were so in love.

we sat on skype one night, you 400 miles away in your apartment in Chicago and me on my bed wishing you were here.
I ate pineapple and you ate peaches and we laughed about how fruit got its name.
We joked about kids and what we’d want to name them,
had our paths joined one day.

today i walk to the post office,
to mail back your things.
and mourn the julia and jake that will never be
and wish for the picnic and pasta days where we were in love
and not breaking over stretched out highways and disconnected phone calls.


Gosh, as I saw Popplio, I fell in love immediately! When I look at it’s happy face and see this positive nature, I feel so happy too! It just brighten up my mood every time I see it. I love, that it can bring so much good feelings to me. So I had to do a little more Poké-Fanart haha I hope you will like it and that you will have a good day/night!! ❤

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Hi, what are your personal favorite verkwan fics?

Hello! Here are all my favorite VerKwan fics!

All I Want For Christmas Is (To Kill) You

I’m No Good (Without You)

I’ll Make You Forget

Count on Me

my whole life (you’ve been there)

One Night Stand (and a million nights saved)

you in your high-tops any day

Show Me Your Fallen In Love Face

Honorable Mentions

lil’ something

be mine

Found In Translation

Udon Even Know

Beauty, Grace, Punch To The Face

The Space Between My Fingers  - this is a prequel to the above story and I highly recommend reading all the stories that are in this au in general (my fave is the JiCheol one You Spin My Head . oml its fucking beautiful)

Apple Initials and Thumbprint Soulmates

les memoires de toi et moi

Sugar We’re Going Down

maybe next summer

lol i have more honorable mentions than i do faves (the difference is that honorable mentions are ones that i enjoyed and remember if i see the description again but maybe not enough that i would want to read it over and over again but maybe once in a while i will reread it)


A Hard Lesson in Love: Chapter 8

Authors Note:  Thanks to @xemopeachx and @mrschiltoncat for their comments to the last chapter! You guys made our day! And now, @vintagemichelle91 and I present some Friday night fun! Enjoy!!!

Aria:  Vogliatemi bene (Madama Buttefly)

            They left the cab in a tangle of arms and legs. Natalia held Rafael’s hand and let him lead the way towards a dimly lit lobby. A man in a skinny tie looked up when they entered and gave the pair a smile.

           “Nice evening, Mr. Barba.” Rafael responded with a nod and guided Natalia towards the elevator bank. As soon as the steel doors slid open, he pushed her into the car and pressed her against the wall.

           “Rafael, I—”

           “Wait,” he murmured. “I… I have to…” He kissed her with hungry lips, his long fingers lifting her rich pink skirt in search of her thighs. Natalia started to lean into his touch and twirled her ankle around his leg when the bell overhead dinged.

           “What the—?”

           He broke away and tried to settle at her side as a gray-haired lady joined them in the elevator. Resting her chest against his heaving back, Natalia ran her hands down his arms as the floors continued to tick by. The unexpected traveler hummed an off-key tune, and Natalia chuckled. Rafael’s gaze cooled as they silently shared the absurdity of the moment.

           “This was not what I had in mind,” he said, his voice a low growl that turned into a sigh as she kissed his shoulder.

           “I got that.”

           The elevator stopped, and the old woman started to limp away when she turned her head over her shoulder.

           “Mind that he doesn’t break your back, little girl,” she said. “No fun recovering from hip surgery.”

           As soon as the woman was gone and the doors closed again, they both burst into laughter and fell into one another as Rafael’s hands cupped her chin.

           “What goes on here?” she asked through a stream of giggles.

           “I have absolutely no idea,” he said as he dabbed his eyes. “But now I guess I know what keeps Mr. Felcher smiling.”

           Playfully slapping his chest as the doors reopened, Natalia took his arm, and they reached his door.

           “Be it ever so humble,” Rafael said.

           “You are joking, right?” His place was spotless and shining. The steel shelves lined with books set off the ivory-colored walls, and Natalia’s eyes darted between a small sofa resting below a massive HD TV and a desk where every pen and piece of paper pointed at a perfect angle.

           “Don’t tell me you do the housekeeping, too?” she asked.

           “There’s only me to clean up after,” he confessed with a small shrug as he pulled off his coat. Taking her wrap along for the ride, he deposited the garments in the nearest closet and swiftly returned to her side.

           “Doesn’t that get lonely?” she asked. His finger trailed down her arms as he nodded his head.

           “Sometimes,” he said. “How do you deal with it?”

           “I live with my mother,” Natalia said. They laughed again, and he wrapped her in his arms and tried to ease her towards the sofa when he suddenly came to a stop.

           “Such a sweet little girl,” Rafael said.

           “Sometimes,” Natalia confessed. “She needs me. I try to take care of her.”

           “The woman seems happy,” he said as he fondled her hair. “I can understand.”

           “What do you mean?” she asked.

           “My days are better since I met you, too.”

           He kissed her eyes and ran his hand down the length of her back, her spine quivering under his touch.

           “So you’re like a saint,” he said as his lips met her temple. “An angel. And I left you alone in the rain.”

           “Rafael…” Natalia peered into his eyes and cradled his face in her hands. “You’re very nice.”

           “Just nice?” he asked as he buried his head in her hair. Natalia moaned as his arms surrounded her. His hands suddenly turned gentler, and even as she delighted at the feel of his fingers, the sudden change of pace was not what she desired as nothing but the sounds of the city street passed by underneath his window.

           “I don’t want to be a saint or a daughter or a teacher right now,” she said. “I just…” Her voice drifted off as she claimed his lips in a quick kiss. Rafael’s hands lifted her skirt higher and she leaned into his hands.

           “What do you want to be, Natalia?” he whispered.

           “Yours.” Her hands were almost at his fly when he caught her cue and sent the pink gown pooling to her feet. Natalia shivered until she was back in his arms. Turning in the heat of his embrace, she loosened his bow tie, his vest. The buttons gave way under her fingers, and she stroked the fine hair on his chest as he started to push her down a narrow hallway.

           “What do you want?” she asked.

           “To take you to bed,” he moaned into her cheek.

           “Right here, Rafael,” she said. “Let me.” Returning his favor, she lowered his fly and felt his cock hard in her hand. He started to blush when she leaped into his arms and hungrily kissed his face.

           “The… the sofa is right over—”

           “The desk,” she demanded. His eyelids fluttered, but when she kissed him again, Rafael obeyed her order and sat her on the sleek steel surface pushing the assorted pens and papers to the floor.

           “You’ll have to clean that up,” she quipped.

           “My life could use a little chaos,” he shot back. Natalia nodded her assent and grazed her nails up and down his back. Digging into his shirt, she relished his whimper and pushed back to see is shocked stare brimming with anticipation.

            “Lo que le paso a mi delicada flor?” he asked.

            Natalia smiled into his shoulder as his body drew nearer. Savoring the feel of his cock as he pulled her panties away, she raked her fingers up and down his arms. Squeezing his palms as he peered down at her, Natalia lifted her head in search of his kiss. Their lips locked, and she nearly nipped his tongue before she spoke.

           “Aqui,” she said. “Hazme tuya.” Without another word, he slipped into the eager warmth of her cunt. Clenching her muscles around his length, Natalia sighed and stole another kiss before he started to thrust. On the back of each lunge, Rafael smoothed his fingers down her cheeks and kissed her neck. Natalia grasped his dark hair and struggled to catch her breath when her body arched towards his.

           “Like that!” she moaned. “Just like…” His hold tightened on her shoulders, and she quaked under his hands until the force of his lust resounded in her mind like an orchestra in full force. Her eyes grew bleary, and her body shuddered until he folded her into his arms and came to rest with her against the desk. Natalia blinked at her own reflection in the space of the monitor at rest and slowly spied his face coming into view. His lips were parted, and his eyes were wide. Still so green despite the dark, dormant screen that captured his stare.  But when his breath calmed and his head was at her breasts, Rafael Barba, the man who had raced into the night because she remembered the one thing that escaped his quick mind, looked perfectly at peace. He sighed and let her hold him until their eyes met.

           And then there was nothing but his smile.

           “You okay?” he asked.

           “More than that,” Natalia insisted. “You were worth the wait.”

           “I was?” he smirked. Helping her to sit up before she could answer he zipped up and moved to the other side of the room. Any sadness at seeing him depart vanished when he returned with a cashmere blanket that he quickly draped around her shoulders.

           “Think that’s my line,” he quipped. “And I’ll have no more sleepless nights on account of you, mujer joven.”


           “Like you really didn’t know.” He kissed her again and gathered her in his arms. His hold was strong as he finally carried her down the narrow hallway. Kicking open the door, Rafael revealed a large bed, and Natalia smiled as soon as the plush pillows hit her head. He kicked off his shoes and slowly reclined at her side.

           “I think I do,” she said. “Thank you for tonight.” They kissed again, his lips tender around hers when he suddenly pulled back with a groan.

           “What is it?” Natalia asked.

           “I had dinner reservations,” he said.

           “On top of the town car?” she asked.

           “I was going to take you to this little French place. In keeping with the theme of the night.”

           “But the libretto was in Italian, Rafael.”

           “Just can’t help yourself can you, chica inteligente.” Natalia sighed at what sounded like a compliment and stroked his cheek.

           “So pizza?” she asked. “With extra olives.”

           “If I’d known that you were such a cheap date, I—” Tickling his sides as he reached for his phone, Natalia listened to him order and wanted to find a way to stay with him forever as he ended the call and flashed a brilliant smile.

           “Your wish,” he said.

           “Good,” she answered. “And Rafael?” Easing him down to the bed, she rested her head against his firm chest.

           “Hope you’re up for at least one more sleepless night.”

100 Ways To Say ‘ I Love You’  
∟  ”Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

Yoongi worked a lot, you knew that even before he asked you to date him.

He would spend nights at his studio producing tracks and writing, he would have practice with the boys every once in a while, rehearsals, shows…His work was something you stopped questioning, it was his life after all and you knew this. So you learned to cherish other moments the most; all the morning snuggles in bed in his free days, warm hands linked under the covers while you two watched a movie on the couch, his soft eyes looking at you, and only you, his smiles and laughs when you two were together…

Min Yoongi wasn’t the perfect boyfriend or anything like that but he was enough; enough to make you happy in the little ways he could. And you did your best to show him that whenever you had the chance, even if sometimes he didn’t feel too fond of you caring so much about his well being and health.

That night you two were going to a date. Somehow between all the work he still found time to not miss your anniversary and take you somewhere special. You would be pretty happy if it was another situation but now this only felt more wrong as the seconds passed.

You took your eyes away from the city lights and looked at the driver’s seat just to caught Yoongi yawning before shaking his head, trying to brush his exhaustion away.

You sighed. His eyes were rimmed with dark circles and his body language only showed how tired he was. He looked terrible but had insisted that you two should go on this date since he wanted to do something special for you. But special or not, you were starting to regret agreeing with this.

“Yoongi?” you asked as the car approached the red traffic light.


Pull over. Let me drive for a while. We’re going home.”

He sighed and rested his head against the seat.

“Jagi, we’ve talked about this, I’m fine…”

“You’ve been up for too long, working non-stop all day. You’re exhausted. It’s not okay and I want to go home.”

“But jagi, this-”

“Yoongi, please.”

He groaned and sighed again. You knew very well he wasn’t in the mood to argue right now which often made him more willing to accept things if that would take him out of situations (and also because he could hear the worry in your voice). Maybe it was a low move but you were worried about him, that date could wait - you two wouldn’t enjoy it anyway.

“Okay then.” he said, unbuckling his belt.

You switched places with him and few seconds later the traffic light turned green. Yoongi made himself comfortable in the passenger seat. resting is head against the window and closing his eyes. The rest of the way home was silent and you were sure that at some point Yoongi had fallen asleep. Deep inside he knew you were doing this because of him, that you cared more about his health than a stupid date, that you would prefer a thousand times sleeping by his side in bed so he could rest than to sit in a restaurant with him being in the state he was.

And he loved you for caring about him so much.

hey can i get a promo pls? im close to my next hundred :00

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♦ a poem truly about someone ♦

I never really knew why I loved the sky so much.

All I knew was I just did.

In the morning, the sun rose and the sky turned into its bright, early, warm colors.

In the afternoon, the sun glowed and the sky turned into clouds full of life.

In the evening, the sun set and the sky turned into its dark, late, cool colors.

And in the night, the sun was replaced with the moon and the clouds were now sparkling stars.

I especially loved the sky when I was with you.

However, it wasn’t until two years after I met you,

when we finally spent the whole day together,

watching the sky,

that I realized just why I loved the sky so much.

You made the whole experience worthwhile.

You made the morning bright,

the afternoon full of life, 

the evening cool, 

and the night sparkle.

How could I ask for more?

I’m sorry it took me so long.

I guess, maybe, I just wanted to make sure you were for sure going to be by my side and,

I remember, you told me that you would be by side

as long as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the night.

Then, in that moment, I remembered how much I love you…

and that you were named after the sky.


Late Nights -- Im Jaebum

Originally posted by igot7-love

A lovely little something for @kellys-seoul love you girly, i tried my best, hope you like it!!

Pairing: Im Jaebum (GOT7) x Reader

Genre:Light Fluff



Your back was aching.

You just wanted to go home already.

There was only a few minutes left in your shift, but you were 100% done with the day. You worked two jobs and on most days you worked them back to back. 9 am to 10 pm, and sometimes you were unlucky and had to stay at your second job till 11pm. It was always such a drag, but what else were you going to do, you needed the money, especially with school coming back soon you needed to save as much as possible. Living on your own, two jobs, school soon, it always stressed you out, but it’s what you had to do to survive.

Your back was aching from being on your feet all day, but what were you to do about it, you had no other choice at this point. You let out a soft sigh as you finish up closing the isle you were currently working on. Just a few minutes left, that’s what you had to keep telling yourself. You tried ignoring the pain, and clock, as you went onto the next isle. Once you reached the end of this isle you pulled out your phone to check the time. 10 pm, time to go. You were quick to grab your things from the desk as you made your way back to the break room. You waved goodbye to some of your co workers and hurried to run to your locker and clock out.

You went to your locker and grabbed your bag before heading downstairs to be let out. Your co worker allowed you to leave, you smiled at her as you left the building. As you made your way over to your car you got a text message from none other than Jaebum. You and Jaebum had been friends for a while, you met through a friend of yours that you had actually met from working with her. She introduced the two of you and ever since then you two had grown as friends, however you slowly were developing feelings.

Annyeong (Y/N), if you’re done with work, would you like to hang out? The message read. You continued to your car as you thought about your response. You were tired sure, but you wanted to hang out with him considering it had been a while. Working back to back this past week had killed you.

You responded. I’m really tired, so if we do hang out it may just me being a boring bum.

I can come to your place and we can order a pizza and maybe watch some movies?

Sure, I’m on my way home now, so meet me there?

See you in a little.


You arrived to your apartment and quickly headed inside to get changed out of your work clothing. Half way through your changing there was a knock at your door. You finished putting everything on and ran to answer the door. You opened it to a smiling Jaebum holding a pizza in one hand and a bag of movies in the other. “I wasn’t too sure what you would want to watch so I brought a lot of my favorites.” You moved to the side allowing him to enter.

You went over to the couch, he followed behind placing all the movies and the pizza on the coffee table. You shuffled through the movies. Nothing really spoke to you so you randomly picked one and looked up at him. “This one sound good?”

He took the movie from you and nodded. You got up and inserted the disc, on your way back you turned on the tv. The two of you got comfty. You noticed how he was when he was eating or paying attention to the film, you couldn’t help yourself from looking at him when he laughed. When you went back to sneek a peek at his smile you noticed he was staring right back at you.

Your face was quick to turn red as you turned your head away. “Hey, why are you looking away from me?” He moved his hand to your shoulder, this making you even more flustered.

“I didn’t want to be weird or anything, I’m sorry!” You were quick to apologize only because you felt as if you had just made the situation worse between the two of you. He laughed before placing his hand on top yours. You snapped your head back to him.

“You can be weird around me, I like that.” He smiled at you, making you want to melt. This boy knew exactly how to make you flustered, and man was he good at it. “Hey (Y/N) can I tell you something?”

You nod. “You can tell me anything JB.” You smiled back at him.

“I like you, the more I got to know you, the more I started to fall in love with you.” You heart raced. Jaebum had just admitted to like you and you weren’t too sure exactly how to respond. When you didn’t respond right away he looked away. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to weird you out.”

With all the courage you had you leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Im Jaebum I like you too.” You muttered out. The way you said it sounded weird, but it was the best you could manage considering how flustered you were. He looked back at you and smiled, before he leaned in giving you a peck on the lips.

“Good, cause I wasn’t too sure who else I could make easily flustered just by my smile but you.” He teased. You smack him on the shoulder.

“A! I should have know you were a tease!” The two of you laughed as you grabbed another slice of pizza. “Anyway, you bring me food and movies, what else could I possibly want?”

SPARK THE ROAD wrap-up interview

How was the chemistry between the two of you throughout this SPARK THE ROAD trip?
Our chemistry was very good.
Jinsoo: It’s like you’re reading from something, but there’s nothing written down…

What was the most memorable episode from the itinerary of SPARK THE ROAD’s 4 night 5 day trip?
For me the sheep ranch was most memorable. The scenery was great. I didn’t really know there were places like that in Korea, it was peaceful.
Jinsoo: The day we went to the sheep ranch the weather was beautiful and the landscape was great, I also spent a lovely time there. Overall it was all a fun time. The hanok stay was good, too… It was my first time driving long-distance in a compact car so I was quite worried, but I was able to enjoy it more than I expected, and since the staff were all very helpful it was in general a very fun trip.

Please tell your final greetings to those who have followed the SPARK THE ROAD roadtrip.
It was my first time travelling like this, it was fun and I think it’ll make a great memory. There was a large output of photos and videos, thank you to those who looked at that and were interested, and all the staff who were with us and all the teams all worked very hard, and… they worked hard and next time I’d like if I could drive by myself while travelling.
Jinsoo: Get a bus driver’s license so we can all travel together.
Hyuk: Alright.
Hyuk: If you’d like to see all of the videos of SPARK THE ROAD please come to Chevrolet’s website right now… Thank you.
Jinsoo: Thank you.

Hiya~ As probs everyone knows, I’m back but…not really(?). Back in a sense that I’m just gonna have glimpses of what’s happening here and there and if I can manage, talk to ppl, like I said before (probably too many times now??? XD) Thursday will be the day I can finally draw thangs again and continue where I stopped so far. Thanks y'all for all the love and support…just, thank you~ G'night Imma head tah bed~

Personal Trivia Tag Game pt. 2

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Birthday: September 23
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Very, very single.

Zodiac Sign: Libra 
Siblings: 4 (I have an older brother and sister, and a younger brother and sister)
Pets: 2 kitties, Susie and Agent Coulson. :3
Wake Up Time: varies - If I get a job soon which I hope !!! I will, then my schedule should become more consistent.
Lemonade or Sweet Tea: Lemonade.
Cat or Dog: Cat. They smell better. Though I love both.

Day or Night: Night ⭐️
Coke or Pepsi: Neither. :P
Smiles or Eyes? Smiles! :D (though I’ll take both, as illustrated in the gif below)
Chap or Lipstick: Chapstick. I ALWAYS have some with me because my lips are very dry. 

Country or City: Country.

Last song I listened to: ?????? Gosh, I don’t remember. I don’t listen to music very often.

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Hi, hi, Just finished "Thunder buddies" and I can relate so hard! When I moved to the US and the first thunderstorm hit us I think I might have been more terrified than anyone else. They're just so loud! And I think Steve is an awesome thunder buddy. I might have needed him last night, thunderstorm again. I'm still jumping when it hits and I'm like: DID THAT TREE JUST FALL INTO OUR HOUSE? But I'm a grown up woman so I just keep a straight face. Anyway I loved it. I think you can write everyone.

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I actually like thunderstorms haha so I enjoy when there are many like right now >.< Where I live, there are storms every day right now Ahhh. But I hope there aren’t many thunderstorms by your home! Thank you for liking my writing, sweetie <3 

“Thunder Buddies” Steve x Reader