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What are your thoughts on Morgan and Carol right now? Im still on the fence about Morgan not sure if I can like him after everything that happened with Carol hence I wanted to hear what you think

first, let me tell you i’m flattered anyone would give a damn about my opinion on stuff and thangs, second, if i can sway you, i’d def tell you to give morgan a chance. hey, carol is giving him a chance and god knows she needs as many caring friends as she can possibly find right now.

let’s get this straight, carol was already broken before morgan even met her. she was pretending to be fine, not allowing herself to feel it and distancing herself from everybody. she was already haunted by her past, sophia, the killing, lizzie, everything she has done for her family. morgan’s approach didn’t help. he actually just made it worse when he started pushing her in an effort to help her. i gotta confess that throughout s6 it was a bit hard for me to watch specially because morgan vs carol to kill or not to kill dilemma was basically their whole storyline in s6. it’s a drag for the fans, and you could see that resolution coming from a mile away.

anyways, right now, carol and morgan are in a good place. he went out looking for her probably because he felt guilty, but also because he genuinely cares about her. morgan also made sure carol knew other people care about her too, telling her daryl would have come for her, and rick actually did. he actually killed for her. plus morgan himself already straight out told her she was right, that he knew he made it worse for her and he shouldn’t have pushed her, should have given her space just like she asked. he promised to respect her wishes, and that’s what he has been doing. what more can you ask of him? you gotta love a man who owns up to his mistakes.

we all make mistakes. god knows carol’s made plenty herself. now morgan is just leaving fruit at her doorstep and letting their interactions be on her own terms. did you see carol being all full of sass and morgan smiling like that in the sneak peek? god i love it. morgan smiling!!!!!! what a sight for sore eyes! then richard had to be a creep showing up at her doorstep. go away, richard! so yeah, morgan is a good guy. he is dealing with his own demons and it seems like he finally found his place at the kingdom. he just seems more at peace there.


Merlin/Supernatural AU // Skype

Arthur lives, Kevin lives, everybody lives and everybody is happy! Merry christmas, there is nothing wrong in our fandoms, thank you very much.

This is my 10,000th post and I dedicate it to my lovely friend Cherie


“I keep to an 80% to 20% rule. 80%, I maintain my healthy lifestyle, but 20% of the time I relax, have some dessert and eat tacos. I think it’s important to start now, as soon as possible, to begin committing yourself to a fit and healthy lifestyle. You only have one body, and one life, and you are fortunate to have that, it is important to love it and take care of it. Giving up is more heartbreaking to me than failing could ever be.”

I always thought the show should end with a long conversation between Merlin and Arthur. A face to face where they’d talk about everything on their hearts and all secrets would finally be revealed. The last episode is like that. Colin and I were able to play all the nuances of the relationship between these two men that are the best friends in the world despite their differences. These scenes have been very emotional for me and it was a way for me to say goodbye to Colin.
I love this guy, even though I made fun of him and even hit him on set all the time!
—  Bradley James

Want to know why I will still be watching The 100?

  • Bob
  • Eliza
  • Lindsay
  •  Paige
  • Christopher
  • Henry
  •  Devon
  •  Marie
  •  Richard
  • Jarod
  • Sachin
  •  Adina
  • Chelsey. 

They work their asses off to bring their characters to life and they are proud of what they do, even when they get shitty scripts and awful character development. I will be patient with the show, not for Jason, but for this wonderful cast of people.