Turning Page - Morgan Rielly

morgan is much more of a romantic than you thought

for anon

soundtrack: turning page instrumental by sleeping at last

lowercase intended

word count: 1814

warnings: hold onto your hats yall this one is cute 

Originally posted by vanzish

you yawned and stretched out, searching for morgan in your bed. he was always there when you woke up, so it was unusual that you couldn’t find him now. to be completely sure that your boyfriend of six years really wasn’t there, you rolled onto his side of the bed.

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  1. Jake Virtanen -You never saw? (J)
  2. Olli Maatta Pt. 1  - 5 kids and skates (J)
  3. Tyler Seguin - Baby stuff everywhere!  (J)
  4. Olli Maatta Pt 2 - Kittens (J)
  5. Michael Latta - Oneis fun (J)
  6. Jake Virtanen - Magical Christmas  (J)
  7. Olli Maatta - Sick and cuddles (J)
  8. Christian Thomas - I’m going nuts (J)
  9. Olli Maatta- Dance with me? (J)
  10. Christian Thomas Pt. 1- More manners than you (J)
  11. Christian Thomas Pt. 2 More manner’s than you (J)
  12. Sven Andrighetto - Meeting the parents (J)
  13. Michael Latta - Hurt feelings (J)
  14. Michael Latta - Girly time (J)
  15. Sebastian Aho - Minä rakastan sinua (J)
  16. Mitch Marner  - I love you (J)
  17. Ben Bishop - I missed you (J)
  18. Olli Maatta - Hometown visit (J)
  19. Christian Thomas Pt. 3 - More manners than you (J)
  20. Claude Giroux - Daddy’s girl (J)
  21. Mitch Marner (mlm) - I’ve wanted to do that for a long time (J)
  22. Mike Condon - Boat Rides (J)
  23. William Karlsson - Drunk (J)
  24. Sebastian Aho - Gas leak. (J)
  25. Gabriel Landeskog - Just like Daddy (J)
  26. Taylor Hall -Surprise! (J)
  27. Alex Galchenyuk - That’s my girlfriend! (J)
  28. Conor Sheary - Deal (J)
  29. Jack Eichel - What if… (J)
  30. Christian Thomas - Fight (J)
  31. Dylan Larkin - You like Chocolate (J)
  32. Eddie Lack - I’m not drunk (J)
  33. Alexander Wennberg - Future Hockey Player (J)
  34. James Neal - Do you want kids (J)
  35. Mitch Marner Ft. Auston Matthews -Nightmares and truth  (J)
  36. Andrew Shaw - Blanket fort (J)
  37. Teuvo Teravinen - I love you (J)
  38. Tyler Seguin - Baby Seguin? (J)
  39. Mitch Marner Pt. 1  - I’m deaf (J)
  40. Jacob Chychrun - Help me! (J)
  41. Connor McDavid - Date night (J)
  42. Jack Eichel - Hot girl (J)
  43. Connor McDavid - Losing Teeth (J)
  44. Max Domi - Puppy time! (J)
  45. Andre Burakovsky - Where do babies come from? (J)
  46. Niklas Kronwall - Help me! (J)
  47. Tyler Seguin - Beach fun (J)
  48. Dylan Larkin - Crowds (J)
  49. Mikael Granlund - Jealous (J)
  50. Mitch Marner - Why? (J)
  51. Matthew Tkachuk - You got this (J)
  52. Auston Matthews - Book (J)
  53. Tyler Seguin Ft. Andre Burakovsky - Beautiful  (J)
  54. Steve Ott - Uncomfortable  (J)
  55. Michael Latta - I love them (J)
  56. Leon Draisaitl -Bucket list (J)
  57. Tyler Seguin - What about hockey players? (J)
  58. Max Domi - What if they don’t like me! (J)
  59. Artemi Panarin - Dance (J)
  60. Colton Parayko - Note  (J)
  61. Nate Schmidt - Even when you’re married (J)
  62. Mitch Marner Pt. 2 - I’m Deaf  (J)
  63. Ben Hutton - Breakdown (J)
  64. Tyler Seguin - Who’s your date?  (J)
  65. Olli Maatta - Snow (J)
  66. Dylan Larkin - Not going to be mad (J)
  67. Zach Werenski - Key (J)
  68. Tyler Seguin - How could you?! (J)
  69. Auston Matthews - Hurt (J)
  70. Jordie Benn - Lumber Jack  (J)
  71. Sidney Crosby - Kids (J)
  72. Christian Thomas - Plane ride (J)
  73. Christian Thomas - Christmas Joy  (J)
  74. Dylan Larkin - Wild Lights (J)
  75. Ben Hutton - Home for the Holiday’s (J)
  76. Michael Raffl - What Now?  (J)
  77. Auston Matthews - Awkward  (J)
  78. Michael Latta - Forgive and Forget  (J)
  79. Luke Glendening - Snowman (J)
  80. Auston Matthews - Breakup  (J)
  81. Michael Latta - First Period  (J)
  82. Dylan Larkin - Game Lost (J)
  83. Mitch Marner (Mlm) - Can’t remember  (J)
  84. Auston Matthews Ft. Mitch Marner - Summer loving (J)
  85. Joonas Rask - Beside me (J)
  86. Ben Hutton - Road trips and I miss yous (E)
  87. Auston Matthews - Hate or love? (E)
  88. Connor McDavid - Bet? (J)
  89. Michael Latta - This can’t be happening (J)
  90. Elias Lindholm - Falling (J)
  91. Auston Matthew - Tamales (J)
  92. Olli Maatta - Cold Day (J)
  93. James van Riemsdyk - Who is she (J)
  94. Ben Hutton - Meeting the parents (J)
  95. Sebastian Aho - Red String (J)
  96. Mitch Marner - Cinnamon Pancakes (J)
  97. Jakob Chychrun - Stripper or Volleyball player? (J)
  98. Tyler Seguin - You’re something else (J)
  99. Sidney Crosby - Shark Soup (J)
  100. Olli Maatta - See you tomorrow Pt.1 (J)
  101. Colton Parayko - Note Pt 2 (J)
  102. Tyler Seguin - Who’s your date Pt 2 (J)
  103. Morgan Rielly - Who’s louder (J)
  104. Tyler Graovac - First goal (E)
  105. Andre Burakovsky - Eight (J)
  106. Andre Burakovsky - I have a game (J)
  107. Artturi Lehkonen - Proud (J)
  108. Shea Weber - Toothbrush (J)
  109. Nikita Scherbak - No power (J)
  110. Trevor van Riemsdyk - I can’t wait (J)
  111. Jacob Trouba -  Come on! (J)
  112. Auston Matthews Ft. Mitch Marner - What about her? (J)
  113. Christian Thomas - Oh honey! (J)
  114. Tyler Toffoli - Anything you want (J)
  115. Olli Maatta - Slide daddy, Slide! (J)
  116. Dylan Larkin - Mean girls play dirty (J)
  117. Auston Matthews - Winners get…(J)
  118. Justin Jackson - Date a real man (J)
  119. Morgan Rielly - Cuddle Bug (J)
  120. Artemi Panarin - No title (J)
  121. Olli Maatta Pt. - See you tomorrow (J)
  122. Baker Mayfield - Energy (J)
  123. Auston Matthews - Winter fun with a dash of love (J)
  124. Dylan Larkin - Because I love you (J)
  125. Patrik Laine - Like a date? (J)
  126. Taylor Hall - I’ll take care of you. (J)
  127. Conor Sheary - I’m Proud of you (J) (Personal)
  128. Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Bucket face (J) (Personal)
  129. Jakob Chychrun - The bag (J)
  130. Dylan Larkin - Far away (E)
  131. Tyler Seguin - Black Rose (J)
  132. Robby Fabbri - Letters (J) (Personal)
  133. Trevor Riemsyk Ft. Jonathan Toews - Alone (J)
  134. Mikael Grandlund - Smile (E)
  135. Sebastian Aho - Not a single thing (J)
  136. Mitch Marner - Bonfires (Personal) (J)
  137. Ben Hutton - Great Date (J)
  138. Teuvo Teravainen - Baking + Stress = Breakdown (J) (Personal)
  139. Dylan Strome - V - Day (J) (Personal)
  140. Dylan Strome - Another Strome for the NHL (J)
  141. Ben Hutton - Can you believe it. (J)
  142. Jake Virtanen - Home (J)
  143. Sidney Crosby - I’m sorry but… (J)
  144. Tom Wilsom - Why are looking at me (J)
  145. Mitch Marner - We won! (J)  
  146. Dustin Byfuglien - First Kiss (J)
  147. Alex Galchenyuk - Mine (J)
  148. Dylan Larkin -The Ring (J)
  149. Mitch Marner - Wild Night (J)
  150. Mikael Granlund -Death and Love (E)
  151. Morgan Rielly - I shit myself (J)
  152. Sebastian Aho - Jealous Aho (E)
  153. Auston Matthews - NYC (J)
  154. Dylan Larkin - Family Skate (O)
  155. Auston Matthews - Stop (J)
  156. Jori Lehtera - Grumpy Jorsti (E)
  157. Connor McDavid - Bet Pt.2 MLM (J)
  158. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 2 (J)
  159. Sidney Crosby - I’m sorry but…Pt. 2 (J)
  160. Sebastian Aho - Fake Injury (O)
  161. Dylan Larkin - Grumpy McGee (J)
  162. Luke Glendening - Big Green Nachos (J)
  163. Dylan Strome - A Strome, really (J)
  164. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses (J)
  165. Morgan Rielly - You know I love you right (J)
  166. Dylan Larkin - Clubbing Catastrophy (O)
  167. William Nylander - Book store fun (J)
  168. Alex Galchenyuk - A stupid game (O)
  169. Patrik Laine - Who are you? (J)
  170. Sebastian Aho - Knee Pain (J)
  171. Dylan Strome - Acceptance (O)
  172. Anthony Cirelli - I like you too Dork (J)
  173. Morgan Rielly - Would you rather (J)
  174. Mathew Barzal - Condoms (J)
  175. Andre Burakovsky - Jeeper Creepers (J)
  176. Mikael Granlund - Bad mood (J)
  177. Jakob Chychrun - They love you (J)
  178. Morgan Rielly - Morning cuddles (J)
  179. Tyler Seguin - Sixteen Times (J)
  180. Zach hyman -Happy Hanukkah (J)
  181. Alex Galchenyuk - We got this (J)
  182. Tyler Seguin - Welcoming baby Seguin (J)
  183. Elias Lindholm -Wanna join - (J)
  184. Ivan Provorov - Corny Jokes (J)
  185. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 4 (J)
  186. Connor McDavid - U.S. Navy (J)
  187. Dylan Strome - Pink Everywhere (J)
  188. Josh Morrissey - Bunny (J)
  189. Connor McDavid -Birthday Concert (J)
  190. William Nylander - Real Pucks (J)
  191. Alex Galchenyuk - Mess (J)
  192. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 5 Ft. Jamie Benn (J)
  193. Patrick Kane - Team Dinner (J)
  194. Alex Galchenyuk - Meet and Greet (E)
  195. Phil Kessel - Lingerie (J)
  196. Connor McDavid - Polar Opposites (O)
  197. Max Pacioretty - Gally Jersey (J)
  198. Martin Jones - Food pictures (J)
  199. Zach Werenski - Can you not (J)
  200. Auston Matthews - “Buttercup” (J)
  201. Andre Burkaovsky - Judgey (J)
  202. Markus Nutivaara - Panic Attacks (J)
  203. Carter Hart - Valentine’s Day (J)
  204. Mitch Marner ft. Matt Martin - Little Martin (J)
  205. Brent Burns - Sad as hell (J)
  206. Sebastian Aho - Broken English (J)
  207. Auston Matthews - I did it daddy, I did it! (J)
  208. Ben Hutton - Don’t tell my mom (J)
  209. Sebastian Aho - Say you won’t let go (J)
  210. Auston Matthews - (E)
  211. Martin Jones - Pregnancy announcement (J)
  212. Michael Latta - Like Mark and Juliet (J)
  213. Travis Konecny - Halloween Fun (J)
  214. Michael Latta - Like Mike and Juliet (J)
  215. Martin Jones - Pregnancy announcement (J)
  216. Sebastian Aho - I’d be better if you were here (J)
  217. Tyler Seguin - Make up fail (JA)
  218. William Nylander - Proud Daddy (J)
  219. Andre Burkaovsky - Dancing with the star (JA)
  220. Morgan Rielly - I made it (J)
  221. Dylan Strome - D.A.D.D (J)
  222. Dylan Larkin - The first to..(J)
  223. Justin Faulk - Dreaming (J)
  224. Auston Matthews - Run the 6ix (JA)
  225. Max Domi - My Everything (JA)
  226. Leon Draisaitl - Our Future (G)
  227. Phil Kessel -Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? (J)
  228. Morgan Rielly - You’re amazing (J)
  229. Matthew Tkachuk - Because I love you (J)
  230. Dylan Strome - Moving Day (J)
  231. Leon Draisaitl - I’m not a puckbunny (JA)
  232. Joonas Rask - Meeting the family (J)
  233. Johnny Gaudreau -Loud (J)
  234. Connor Brown - Draft Day (J)
  235. Auston Matthews - Cabbie Show (J)
  236. Tom Wilson -Teaching (J)
  237. Brendan Gallagher - It hurts (J)
  238. Tyler Seguin - Baby bum (J)
  239. Connor Brown - Congrats with the glitter (J)
  240. Justin Schultz - Too much sugar
  241. Auston Matthews - Buttercup Pt.2
  242. Brendan Gallagher- Marry Me? (J)
  243. Alec Martinez - Why did you stop? (J)
  244. Tom Wilson- Surprise! (J)
  245. Micheal Haley (MLM) (J)
  246. Sebastian Aho- You did it! (J)
  247. Frederik Andersen - I’m like you daddy. (J)
  248. Martin Jones MLM - Shoot the puck (J)
  249. Noah Hanifin - Drunk girl (J)
  250. Ben Hutton - Slutty friends (J)
  251. Auston Matthews - Your turn (J)
  252. Brock Boeser - My promise (J)
  253. William Nylander - Best movie night (J)
  254. Brayden Point - cooking and dancing(J)
  255. Antoine Roussel - If you could be…(J)
  256. Morgan Rielly - Play off visits (J)
  257. David Panstrnak - My knight (J)
  258. Zach Werenski - Pit bull love (J)
  259. Andre Burakovsky - The Biellmann spin (J)
  260. Zach Werenski - Zoo love (J)
  261. Micheal Haley - Taco stuck
  262. Phillippe Myers - Lowkey love
  263. Ben Hutton - That dress
  264. Jakob Chychrun - Moves.
  265. Alezander Wennberg - Both woman and men
  266. Kasperi Kapanen - Morning Sex
  267. Leon Draisaitl - You drew blood!
  268. Tyler Seguin - Wanna get out of here?
  269. Auston Matthews - I always picture a really cracky woman.
  270. Jonathan Toews - Trouble x2
  271. Patrick Kane - two years clean
  272. Leon Draisaitl - $500 bet.
  273. Leon Draisaitl - God, I love you.
  274. Morgan Rielly - Relationship goals.
  275. Kasperi Kapanen - the notes.
  276. Morgan Rielly - Molly Wolly.
  277. Micheal Haley MLM
  278. Joonas Rask - Children
  279. Anton Khudobin - You’re such an as-asset.
  280. Olli Maatta - Seunrise Avenue.
  281. Sidney Crosby - Lets have a drink.
  282. Leon Draisaitl - Personal
  283. Tyler Seguin - Secrets
  284. Jamie Benn - What your’s in mine and what’s mine is mine.
  285. Sidney Crosby - My Ass!
  286. Miles Wood - I’ll remember that.
  287. Connor Mcdavid - AH!
  288. Brayden Point - You’re faces.
  289. Olli Maatta - Lost kisses.
  290. Jeff Skinner - Bad skinner
  291. Mitch Marner - Personal for Cade
  292. Kasperi Kapanen - Stressed.
  293. Joonas Rask - Tie me up
  294. Phil Kessel - The one
  295. Zach Werenski - Moaning
  296. Tyler Seguin - Gerry, Carl, or Tony?
  297. Leon Draisaitl - Personal for Eldy
  298. Sidney Crosby - I’m pregnant
  299. Micheal Haley - MLM
  300. P.K. Subban - Ha, ha.
  301. Conor Sheary - Tell me.
  302. Brandon Montour - Worms vs, Minnows
  303. Tyler Seguin - Wake uppp.
  304. Shea Weber ft Brendan Gallagher - 12 year now lost.
  305.  Miles Wood - I forget how luck I am.
  306. Tyler Seguin- Personal for Erica.
  307. William Nylander - There’s a first for everything.
  308. Andre Burakovsky - I hurt him part one
  309. Paul Martin - Personal for Ginger
  310. Tyler Seguin - No one ever goes in the frozen section.
  311. Ryan Murray - personal for Leeyah.
  312. Tyler Seguin - personal for Briana
  313. Dennis Rasmussen - My baby girl.
  314. Shea Weber ft Brendan Gallagher - 12 years now lost pt.2
  315. Brayden Point - Personal for Amanda
  316. Morgan Rielly - “Life, is never right. It goes on ,whether we like it or not. We have to make ourselves happy.
  317. "William Nylander - Blackmail and unlock doors. 

Word Count: 1777

Player: Morgan Rielly (Toronto Maple Leafs)

feat. Mitch Marner + the Leafs

Warning/s: relationship conflict (mentioned), mild swearing

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

“Do not do this! Do you hear me, Nylander? Are you trying to get yourself killed?”, you exclaimed in shock, watching the Maple Leafs Rookie climb on top of a railing. 

“But I can do it!”, he insisted.

“You are not going to do a backflip off a fucking railing in the middle of Toronto! Get down there, right now!”

The rest of the boys around you laughed at the exchange between you and their blonde friend. But they weren’t any better anyways. They were just as bad as William, who thankfully decided to take your advice and climbed back down, although he really wanted to show off in front of his friends.

“See, I said he wouldn’t do it! He’s too chicken!”, Mitchell grinned.

“You wouldn’t even try.”, William pouted.

“My turn then.”, Mitchell said, accepting the unspoken challenge.

But before he could even start climbing, you got a grip on his arm and dragged him away from the railing.
What would’ve happened if you decided not to join their late night walk? They could’ve gotten themselves killed and then you would be left to be the one saying: I told you so. Gosh, although some of them were legally adults, they were acting as if they were ten years old sometimes

“Hey!”, Mitch complained.

“Do not test me, Mitchell.”, you warned.

You gave the tiniest Rookie a light shove, causing him to almost trip over his own feet. But he caught himself and continued to walk next to Auston instead.

“You’re no fun, Y/n.”, he complained. 

“Agreed.”, William added.

“I’m the only one that’s keeping you alive when your girlfriends are out of town. So you better stop pouting.”, you disagreed, unable to hold back a chuckle.

“Okay Mom.”, the Rookies said in unison, all of them giving you a smirk. You turned to Morgan and rolled your eyes, making him laugh. 

“Why do they keep calling me Mom? I feel so old.”, you whined, leaning your head onto your boyfriend’s shoulder. 

“Because you’re their Rookie-Mom. We don’t make the rules.”, Mo smiled. 

He leaned down to place a sweet kiss on your lips, causing the boys in front of you to giggle or do fake gagging noises.

“Ew. You’re so gross.”, Auston complained. 

But a single glare from your side was enough to keep him in line, making Mo laugh again as he laced his hand up with yours and pulled you closer.

Your initial plan on how you would spend your Thursday night included a blanket, the couch, and a book. That you would share that blanket with Mitchell didn’t cross your mind until he appeared in front of your door though, looking distraught and sad, asking for your advice.

Mo was still out with Jake. What kind of advice would Mitch need from you? Girlfriend advice, as he established. Mitch looked like a kicked puppy when you let him in, trotting over to the couch and plopping down against the armrest as if he was at home. You promised to be right back, making two cups of tea to help cheer him up. And when you came back, Mitch had already pulled the blanket over his legs. You handed him his cup and sat down against the opposite armrest, sliding your own legs under the blanket next to his. 

“Careful. It’s hot.”, you reminded him. For a second, Mitch’s sad look disappeared and he had a smirk on his face.

“No shit, Mom.”, he joked, but after that, he started to mope again.

“You want my advice or you just want to share your sass?”, you asked, a smirk on your lips as you arched one of your eyebrows at him. Mitch rolled his eyes, but he sighed.

“I had a fight with Steph.”

“Why? What happened?”

“We didn’t have any groceries left. Steph normally picks them up, but tonight she decided to go out with Syd. So she asked me to pick them up from the store.”

“And what exactly is the problem with that?”, you asked.

“I had plans to meet up with Mats. So I said no.”

“And you couldn’t pick them up before or after you met up with Auston?”

“But why? I mean it’s her job! She could’ve squeezed it in too.”

“Why exactly is that her job? She’s your girlfriend, not your personal assistant.”

“That’s what she said before she stormed out, like half an hour into the conversation.”, Mitch muttered. He carefully took a sip from his tea, staring into his cup instead of at you.

“There’s something you didn’t tell me.”

“Before she stormed out I said something. And I think that’s the reason she left. Normally she wouldn’t just run away from an argument. But I didn’t think it would have such an impact on her!”, he groaned in frustration.

“What did you say?”, you asked, gently nudging his knee with your foot.

“I told her that she should be the one to get the groceries because I’m the one who brings home the money.”

You squeezed your eyes shut for a moment, trying really hard to suppress a facepalm.

“Mitch. Of course, she was mad enough to leave after that. Of course, it’s true that you earn the money, but if I remember correctly you were the one who offered to provide for both of you. That means you can’t use this as leverage to make her do things that you don’t want to do.”

“I didn’t mean it that way. I don’t get why this is such a huge thing.”, he muttered in confusion.

“You asked her not to search for a job so your limited time together would be more. She agreed. That means she trusts you enough to depend on you, but if you use that against her, that trust might disappear. Because what you said is basically: I pay, so you do everything I say. And that’s not what a relationship should be like.”, you explained.

Mitch’s eyes went wide while you spoke. Realization hit him like a train.

“I fucked up big time.”, he whispered faintly.

“No, don’t worry. This was the first time you said something like this?”

Mitch nodded.

“Just drink up, get groceries and wait for her to come home. And apologize. You can explain yourself, just don’t do it again.”

Mitch sighed in relief. For a second he had feared that he had screwed over his entire relationship but now he was much calmer thanks to your advice.

“Thank you, Mom.”, he said, a slight smile on his face as he took another sip out of his cup.

You gave him a smile back. Only then did you catch the eyes of Morgan who was standing next to the front door. He was smiling at the scene he had witnessed, motioning to the door of the bedroom. He didn’t want to interrupt your bonding moment with Mitch, and he feared that he might make things uncomfortable if Mitch knew that Mo was aware what was going on in his relationship.

After Mitch left to clear things up with Steph, you joined Morgan in your shared bedroom. Mo was already under the covers, wrapping his arms around you as you slid beneath them next to him. 

“You did well with the Kid.”, Mo smiled.

“Only trying to be helpful. I didn’t know being a Mom would make me so tired though.”, you yawned, a sleepy smile on your face.

“Get some rest and tomorrow I have something planned before the game.”

“Night Mo, love you.”

“I love you too, Y/n.”

Yeah, no. Sleep was not an option. Your body would’ve shut down immediately, but you were woken up every ten minutes because Mo was deciding to play windmill with his arms, tossing and turning the whole time. This went on for hours. He would move a lot and when you asked if everything was okay he would say yes and be very still for a couple of minutes until you were asleep. Then everything started again.

“Mo, what are you doing? It’s been hours. Why so nervous, honey?”, you asked, turning around to face him. Mo looked at you with wide eyes, a smile on his face at your sleepy appearance. 


“No, not sorry. Just tell me what’s on your mind or we won’t make it to that thing you planned.”

Mo battled himself for a moment before he sighed and relaxed.

“I had this whole romantic thing planned out, that’s why I was with Lucy and Jake tonight. But seeing you and Mitch just mixed all of that up.”, he confessed. 

“Mix what up?”

Mo sat up in bed and you followed his example, a slight frown on your face. What could possibly distract him this much? Nothing had distracted Mo this much, ever since you knew him.

Mo turned around and reached down to the floor where his pants were, pulling something out of his pocket.

“Mo.”, you gasped when you spotted the black box in his shaky hands.

“Lucy and Molly helped me plan out this whole romantic dinner. I thought of everything. We would have had dinner at your favorite restaurant, where we ate cake on our first date, that you love so much. We would have that exact cake for dessert and then take a walk in the park right across the street, with the little lake. I really thought about everything, but you. 

You always catch me off guard and you never stop surprising me. Every time I think “that’s it, it’s a problem”, it’s just not. You moved here with me without asking questions. You accepted the team as your family just because they’re my family too. Hell, I never thought you would even go out with me, and here we are.“, Mo rambled.

Tears started to prick at your eyes at his words, but they also forced out a smile that was playing on your lips.

"I love you, Morgan.”, you smiled, “My amazing ice cream cake enthusiast.”

“I love you too. So damn much. Y/n Y/l/n, will you marry me and take care of all of those Rookies with me?”

A watery giggle escaped your lips at the mention of the Rookies, but you nodded frantically.

“Yes! Of course.”, you managed to say, jumping over the bed into his arms.

They’re Very Humerus

A/N: This was a fluffy request for a reader who makes a ton of nerdy and science-y puns around the office for Spencer, which he of course loves. However, it drives everyone else insane. @coveofmemories


“A neutron walks into a bar and asks the bartender how much for a drink,” you said to Spencer, coming up behind him first thing in the morning. “The bartender replies, for you, no charge.” You were unequivocally the queen of corny puns. As you passed his desk, setting down the cup of coffee you’d promised you’d pick up for him, he inhaled so hard he snorted. 

Garcia was coming off the elevator just as you began to tell another crappy pun. The punchline was dropped and you could see Garcia dragging her hand down her face. “You must stop!” she moaned. “It’s so early in the morning. How do you have this much energy? I mean, I know I’m a shining ray of sunshine in the darkness, but even I can’t have that kind of energy at-” She pulled her phone out of her pocket, barely awake enough to read the time. “It’s 7:15 in the morning. How?”

Spencer smiled as Garcia walked toward her office and you took a deep breath. He could tell you were about to drop another pun that would make Garcia want to scream. “Hey Garcia,” you called after her, stopping her in her tracks. She gazed at you with the best death stare she could possibly muster.

“What?” You could see the smoke coming out of her ears. She really was cranky first thing in the morning.

“They’re finally making a movie about clocks…it’s about time,” you snorted, watching as she said nothing, took a deep breath and walked to her office.

Spencer held his hand in front of his mouth, attempting to hide his cheesy grin from anyone else that was coming into the office. “That was a really bad one, Y/N,” he laughed. “I’ve got a worse one though.”

“Bring it, Spence,” you chuckled. 

“Why can’t skeletons play church music?” Because they have no organs, you thought to yourself. A classic. 

“Why, Spence?”

He giggled. “Because they have no organs.

Both of you began laughing like fools as you waited for everyone else to come in. “These are so, so bad,” he laughed.

“I know,” you replied. “Hey, Spence…skeleton puns…bone puns…they’re very humerus.” You cackled, slapping your knee. “So great.”

“What’s so great?” Emily asked. Everyone was filing in early in the morning because they had to be on the jet by eight. “Oh no…” She could see your face light up with glee, the glee only brought to you by a shitty pun.

“Oh yes…” you giggled. 

“Not again!” Morgan screamed coming off the elevator and immediately taking not of you and Spencer laughing under your collective breath. 

“Oh yea. I got one for the two of you. Spencer will probably know this one.” 

Emily took a sip of her coffee and Morgan looked her way with envy. “I haven’t even had my coffee yet, Y/N. Don’t make me listen to this.”

“But you have to and you love me even though I like shitty puns. So here we go, how much room is needed for fungi to grow?” You swallowed your laughter. God, it was so hard.

They cut their eyes at each other, then at you, and finally back toward Spencer, who had definitely figured it out. “How much room is needed, Reid?” Emily deadpanned. “I absolutely need to know.”

“As mushroom as possible,” he said, his mouth opening wide as a bellowing laugh emanated throughout the bullpen. “God, they’re so bad. I love it.”

“It’s such a good thing I love you, kid,” Morgan said, turning to the coffee machine. “Normally, this kind of energy in the morning would be met with a swift punch to the face.” When JJ got off the elevator, her hair still a mess from just rolling out of bed and driving to work, Morgan motioned for her to walk away before you had the chance to shower her with crappy puns. There were times she could deal with them and others…not so much. You and Spencer seemed to be the only truly morning people, although Rossi wasn’t too bad of a morning person.

“You’ve been working here for a year now, Y/N,” Rossi said, calmly sipping his espresso as he walked toward your desk. “How is it possible that you still have a slew of puns in that head of yours that we haven’t heard yet? I could practically hear the stifled giggling from the parking garage. How many people have you drive crazy this morning so far?”

“Garcia, Morgan and Emily,” you laughed, sitting on Spencer’s desk. “Spencer appreciates my crappy jokes. And Morgan robbed me of the joy of watching JJ’s face this morning. I have a special one for you though, Rossi. I can’t believe I haven’t used this one before.”

“Go ahead,” he sighed. “It’s so rare that we get people smiling in here, I can’t deny you that.”

“What do you call a fake noodle?” you asked.

“Oh, come on!” Spencer cackled, throwing his hands up in the air and nearly knocking over his cup of caffeinated goodness. “Everyone knows that one!”

“He’s right you know,” Rossi replied, taking his thumb and pointing backward toward the Boy Genius’s desk. “An impasta.”

Dammit. That was an easy one. “I’m gonna have to come up with a better one for you.”

“Especially if you’re going with the Italian theme,” he laughed. “Impress me.” Now everyone was in. The only person that hadn’t had one of your jokes showered upon him was Hotch, and honestly, you weren’t sure how much you were willing to test him, no less first thing in the morning.

As everyone filed into the conference room, cups of coffee in hand, you opened your mouth to speak - not tell a joke - speak, but you were cut off by Emily. “Unless you plan to whisper one to Spencer or bestow a crappy pun on Hotch like you did the rest of us, you must stop.”

She was hoping that would be enough to keep you quiet, but she had no that you ran on puns and if you didn’t keep spouting them you’d lose your mind. Actually, the case could be made that was already starting to happen. “If you’re going to tell one to Hotch, it better be bad,” JJ mumbled. “A really bad one.”

“Okay Hotch,” you said. Spencer was waiting with bated breath to see his reaction. Last week, he’d dared you to bring out your worst pun for Hotch and you’d chickened out because he wasn’t in a good mood. But now… “A thief fell and broke his leg in wet cement…He became a hardened criminal.”

Much to your surprise, as well as everyone else’s…Hotch started to chuckle under his breath, trying desperately not to smile. “Don’t encourage her!” The rest of the team screamed. 

JJ banged her head into the table, still barely awake after a half a cup of coffee. “Or she’ll never stop.”

Mason (Part Six) - Morgan Rielly

A/N: Here’s Part Six! I know it’s a bit shorter then average but I hope you enjoy!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Morgan Rielly

Words: 3,665

Warnings: None

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Player: Morgan Rielly – Toronto Maple Leafs

Prompt: The boys discover that you play hockey.

Mentions: Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, Connor Brown, Matt Martin.

Warnings: Curse Words

Preview: You recognized the video as soon as the music began playing. It was your senior video. Of course Mitch found the most embarrassing and long video of you. You made a mental note to kill your old teammate for posting it.

Characters:. 1257 words.

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You were trying to, unsuccessfully may you might add, clean your kitchen after dinner. You and Morgan had been dating for a little over six months. He had kept you to himself for the first few months, and now you could see why.

Ever since being introduced to his teammates, for some reason your apartment was now the coolest hangout spot in all of Toronto. You had no idea why at first but you quickly realized they probably enjoyed the free home-cooked meals.

You were still washing dishes when Mitch walked into the kitchen. “What are these Y/N?” he asked curiously. He held up two hockey jerseys.

Your breath hitched at the sight of them. You had hidden your college jerseys way in the back of your closet, hoping Morgan wouldn’t find them. Or noisy teammates apparently. You didn’t exactly indulge him in the fact that you played almost your entire life. Hockey was his thing. You weren’t sure how he would take the fact that you played the same sport. You had a good thing going, so you just never told him.

“What were you doing in my closet Mitchell?” you questioned trying to change the subject.

“We were trying to find clothes to give Brownie a makeover, but that is beside the point! These jerseys have your last name on them!”

You just shook your head, trying to think of a good excuse. The rest of the boys had become intrigued.

“They are old jerseys of my brothers.” You tried.

“So what’s the super small hockey equipment for?” He asked in some ridiculous detective voice he was trying. Auston held up your duffle bag you had stuffed in the back corner of your closet.

You sighed putting the last of the dishes away.

“Okay so I might have played hockey, it’s no big deal.”

Morgan looked at you quizzically as did the rest of the boys.

“You played hockey? What position did you play?” Connor asked.

“It was never that serious, I come from a hockey family, I played hockey. That’s it.” You replied trying to downplay your college career.

The boys just nodded and you had hoped that was the end of it. You figured the guys would be off to play some video game as they normally did. It was better than the alternative which was driving your neighbors insane to no end with their rough-housing.

That was until you noticed Mitch entranced by his phone. The pit in your stomach grew two sizes. You prayed he would find nothing. You gulped as you watched him.

You all moved to the couch and you sat down. You were still watching Mitch intently hoping he was talking to Steph or tweeting something ridiculous. 

You started watching whatever the guys had put on when Mitch suddenly made you jump.

“AHA! Found it. Detective Mitch is the best!”

“And what is it that you found Mitchy?” Matt asked looking up from his seat on the floor.

“I have found a highlight reel of our little Y/N here.” He grinned at you evilly.

You groaned as the guys got excited all trying to lean over Mitch’s phone.

“Y/N has airplay you know” Morgan quipped and you shot him a glare.

“No please!” you begged but you already knew you had no choice in the matter.

Mitch set up the airplay and the guys all settled in delighted to see how you played. 

You recognized the video as soon as the music began playing. It was your senior video. Of course Mitch found the most embarrassing and long video of you. You made a mental note to kill your old teammate for posting it.

The video started showing you playing on the ice and a few goals of yours.

“You played center?” Auston asked. You just nodded pulling the blanket in your lap up to your face, trying to hide the pink tinge flooding your cheeks.

“You have a pretty good celly Y/N.” Connor noted

The video had switched to show you goofing off in the locker room dancing around in your pads.

“Oh my god, she is basically Mitch” Matt added watching you try on your goalies gear playing around.

“Auston has a better ass in gear though, sorry Y/N.”

Morgan hadn’t said a single word so far. You glanced at him as he watched the screen attentively. His expression was unreadable and it worried you.

You looked at the screen and you knew what was coming next, a lump filled in your throat.

“Okay I think that’s enough of embarrassing me for one night.” You tried reaching over for Mitch’s phone. 

“No, No, No. It isn’t over yet.” Mitch quipped. You both wrestled for the phone and then you heard it the music that signaled the part of the video you dreaded. 

You sunk into the couch as far as you could. You stole a quick look at the boys. They were all staring at the screen their mouths ajar.

There on the screen, your fight reel was playing. You had a temper on the ice and when someone messed with your team, you came for them. You watched as you skated away from a fight blood dripping down your face. You think your face matched the red tinge you had on the screen.

Morgan was the first one to finally speak up as the video came to an end.

“You were an enforcer?”

You didn’t think it was possible but you could feel your cheeks get hotter.

“I might have had an inclination to fight people when they fucked with my family.”

“Our sweet little Y/N was a Goon?”

“Man she puts you to shame Martin.”

“Don’t tell my girlfriend, but I don’t think I have ever been more turned on.”

Morgan suddenly grabbed your hand pulling you up off the couch and then towards your bedroom away from the guys chirping.

He dragged you into your room and shut the door.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Morgan asked softly.

You sat on the bed with a sigh.

“I was worried about how you would react. Hockey is your whole life, and I wasn’t sure how you would react to me playing.” You said honestly.

“Why wouldn’t I be happy about the girl I love being able to share something as important to me as hockey.”

You almost fell off the bed. “What?”

Morgan’s cheeks matched your own. “Well I love the fact that you can play hockey and Well I love you.”

You were speechless. Morgan rubbed the back of his neck with his hand.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything…”

You stood up and walked over to Morgan who was now staring at the floor. You grabbed his face in your hands “If I knew telling you I played hockey would finally get you to say that, I would have told you a month ago.”

“Only a month?” He questioned raising an eyebrow.

“Well it’s when I wanted to say it for the first time.” You smiled.

A grin crept onto Morgan’s face and he kissed you.

You both pulled away when you heard the hollering outside your door. You rolled your eyes as you opened the door. You were met with the guys almost falling into your room. You laughed.

“We have the coolest parents ever!” Mitchy declared pulling you and Morgan both in for a hug.

Morgan Rielly- Lock Screen

Request: Could you please write a Morgan Rielly imagine?? Something super fluffy. Maybe meeting the team and the WAGS for the first time and the boys kinda embarrass him a bit? Thank you!

Authors note: of course! Sorry for the wait!

“Come on, please! I already promised them you would go!” My boyfriend of ten months Morgan says, well pleads. As he leans against the kitchen island.

“No. No way. Not gonna happen. I’m not ready to meet your team! Let alone your team and there wives and girlfriends!” I exclaim, pushing my self off the counter walking out of the kitchen.

“Pleeeeeaaasssseeeee.” Morgan drags out. Grabbing my waist.

“Noooooooo” I say back tapping him on the nose. Then starting to walk away.

My effort ended up only being in vain though because Morgan decided to pick me up and carry me to the living room.

As he lays me on the couch he gently sits on my waist. He gives me a wicked grin before tickling me.

“Mo-morg-Morgan! S-St-op” I yell. Thrashing and laughing.

“Not till you promise to come to the dinner with me.” He says moving his fingers quicker on my now exposed skin.

“F-ine.” I give in laughing.

Little did Morgan know or remember. I like to get him back for that.

“Thank you!” He exclaims. Grabbing my face and kissing me deeply.

“Mo.” I say pushing him up.

“Yeah babe?” Morgan asks looking somewhat hurt but also as if he just got challenged.

“No.” I say, wiggling out from under him.

“Why?” He asks pulling me on his lap. His arms wrapping around my waist.

“I need to get ready. Is it dressy or casual?” I ask rubbing his cheek with my thumb.

“Bon fire Casual.” He says, starting to lean in.

“Okay, see you soon.” I reply abruptly getting up.

“Not funny!” Morgan shouts as I run up the stairs.

When I get to the room I quickly show and find casual clothes.

I settle for a nice yet casual red and black plaid button up, with a white v-neck t-shirt underneath. I also wore a pair of dark wash blue jeans. I paired that with my maroon vans.

Then I styled my hair, so it looked casual but not messy by any means.

“Babe, are you-” Morgan said coming up the stairs.

“Im not changing clothes.” We both say at the same time.

We had both dressed in red and black button up with a white shirt and dark wash jeans along with maroon shoes.

“We are gonna be late lets just go.”

“Mo’s whipped!” One of the guys yelled as we walk onto the backyard of one of the guys houses. There a giant fire pit in the middle. All of the guys and some of the girls to crowd around us when the notice of Mo being relationship ‘whipped’ was announced.

“Am not. Right babe?” Morgan says like a child.

“Well….” I drag out teasingly making Morgan roll his eyes.

“I like her already.” Connor says with a laugh.

“Mine.” Morgan says hugging me close to him.

“Awwww…..look at little Morgan. He so whipped.” Another one of the guys teased.

“At least we now know the face to the name. Not that Mo doesn’t already have you as his lock screen and screen saver. But now we can physically put a face to the name.” Freddie says causing Mo to blush a deep shade of red.

“Alright guys. So, what’s for dinner?” Morgan asks trying to change the subject.

“Do you walk on water cause Mo seems to think you can.” Auston teases.

“No, against Mo’s belief I do not walk on water.” I reply with a giggle.

“Really guys.” Morgan groans his blush reappearing in his face and ears. It’s also slowly showing on his neck.

“I can’t wait for you guys to be out of the honey moon stage. All we hear is “she did this” and “she did that” and “she’s so great at this.” I feel likeI know you on a personal level with how much he drowns on about you.“ Jake says trying to imitate Morgans voice.

“So, did you guys get stuff to make s'mores?” Morgan asks again trying to change the subject.

“Oooh s'mores.” I say trying to help Morgan.

Through out the rest of the night we ate s'mores and got teased for the whole matching thing.

“So, I’m your screen saver and your lock screen?” I tease as Mo and I get into bed.

“Uggggh.” Morgan groans, shoving his face into his pillow.

“Am I?” I ask turning out the light.

“Yes.” Morgan says. His arms wrapping around my waist so we are spooning.

“That’s really sweet, Rielly. Your my lock screen too and my screen saver.”

“why thank you, future Mrs.Rielly” Morgan says snuggling closer to me.


“I said I love you.” Morgan covers.

“Oh, I love you too, mo.” I play along. Falling asleep with a smile on my face.