-¿Qué pasa?… ¿Por qué me miras así?
-Has cambiado de peinado.
-¿No te gusta?
-Sí, pero cuando una mujer cambia de peinado significa que también está a punto de cambiar de hombre.
—  Federico Moccia, Tengo ganas de ti.

My Bartoli…I don’t know how to write love letters.  But I wanted to tell you that my whole being opened for you. Since I fell in love with you everything is transformed and is full of beauty…. love is like an aroma, like a current, like rain.  You know, my sky, you rain on me and I, like the earth, receive you.

Frida Kahlo’s newly discovered love letters to Spanish artist Jose Bartoli. Compare and contrast with her passionate love letters to Diego Rivera.

Complement with this wonderful picture-book about Kahlo’s life of love and art.

For more beautiful love letters, see those of Vladimir Nabokov, Margaret Mead, Franz Kafka, Oscar Wilde, Violet Trefusis, and Mozart.

Lance headcanon

Okay so we all know that lance loves shakira, especially hips don’t lie
So what if he just starts singing it at random times
They’ll be waiting to get briefed for a mission and allura will come in and he’ll just start yelling
COMO SE LLAMA *runs up to the nearest paladin* SI!
BONITA *falls to his knees and throws out his arms* SI!
*starts rolling his hips around* Shakira Shakira!
The rest of the paladins just kinda groan and ignore him but its kind of entertaining watching him go. allura and coran have no idea whats going on

They’ll be sat at the table eating goo again, kinda bored, and lance will just suddenly stand up and they’re all like??????
And he just yells
COMO SE LLAMA *he puts his hand to his ear. no one joins in so he shrugs and does it himself, unphased* SI!
Bonita *stands on the table* SI!
he yells SHAKIRA SHAKIRA sits back down and carries on with his meal
Everyone has a small smile on their faces after, he counts that as a win

Later that day he’ll be around just pidge and hunk and do it for kicks and they kinda find it funny, so when he pauses for them to do it, they both scream SI and lance almost cries w happiness??? He’s so proud????
Few days later they’re all going on a some small mission checking out this planet for Garla or other life etc, and after a long day lance just kind of looks at everyone being tired and grouchy having found nothing, and when he decides to do it that time, everyone just gives in and goes for it, except keith, who refuses to take part in something so stupid and no Lance it’s not funny 

Like a week later they’re in their lions getting ready to go into a battle and lance just takes his moment to shine and at the top of his lungs in all their coms yells COMO SE LLAMA
everyone screams SI!
then lance yells keiths name and the red padalin just sighs really loudly, pauses, and then mumbles-
Shakira shakira.
And lance practically sCREECHes, they may be going into battle but if keith can sing shakira they can do anything 


“Ooji isn’t coming. A while ago i met with him. He said he’s heading to Tokyo, he has decided he’s going to change schools. (…) If you hurry, you’ll reach him.”


“… in fact, I told JJ Abrams, just a warning, ‘my uncle is a huge fan, he’s coming to set, just want to let you know’. […] and then my uncle came with all these shirts that he had made with everyone’s names on them, that said: Estar Guars.”