I was the most hated [person] online in the world for a second. So, I probably dealt with it for a while and now it’s just like, you can say anything you want to me — I’ve heard it all. I know who I am. People I love know who I am. That’s all that matters.

thisissirius  asked:

wedding night headcanons; robert refuses to let aaron get worked up about his sentencing the next day and does his best to drive him crazy. they're husbands and robert wants to make the most of it. but he also does it to take himself out of his own head; he's hurting, refusing to admit it because he wants to be strong for aaron. aaron knows - this is aaron! - and he does the same, so they end up having the most amazing wedding night all because they care more about the other than themselves :)

SIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the wedding nite hajsdhjahsdjkash what do you think they’re gonna do? Hot rough sex or cuddly soft sex?!?!? also robert keeps on calling aaron husband while they’re at it a million times ;))))

Ah guys I need some distracting please please send me some asks, ask me stuff, make me choose, gimme robron headcanons, tell me about your wedding wishlist or robron wishlist in general, ok please❤