Dear alex (aka @not-the-best-painter ),

the first time i ever met you, i never really thought that we would be friends, we would only chat with eachother for a little and then ….end it….forever. but when i talk to you…it makes me really happy , i mean, everyone makes me happy when they talk to me, but the person that stand above the rest….is you…

Weve been through the good, the bad, the ugly…. you and me never thought that we would make it….but we did…for now…and forever.

this is something i wanted to do for you….to show how grateful i am towards you. you cheer me up when im sad, you make bad puns to me when im feeling hopeless, you pulled me up when i started to drown in my anxiety and depression.

you helped me so SO much….and …..if this is the least i could do to show you my love….then here it is….happy birthday alex.

…to a next year full of hope and happiness….

your dearest,


Missing you is like standing in the ocean. Sometimes I’m wading ankle deep and there’s a slight tickle that reminds me that you are away. Other days, I’m being dragged down by the riptide and the only thing I know is that I miss you and I can’t breathe.
—  Missing you comes in waves and tonight I am drowning

I told her I wouldn’t but I can’t help myself she’s just so beautiful with everything she does including sleeping. I sat down to study tonight and I found my girlfriend sleeping while talking on the phone and my pup sleeping while I was studying and I couldn’t help but wish that my girlfriend was in my bed too just waiting. I miss her so much it hurts but I keep telling myself that I’m going to school to make a future for us. But I still can’t help want to finish my studying and jump into bed with both my girls @cornmakes-whiskey. I love you baby and you’re always on my mind. Just remember babe that no matter how hard things get I love you the mostest of the bostest.

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heY YOU NERD. I'm here because I want the blog rates thing. what's good? wincest is good. Sam riding Dean's dick is good. Sam calling Dean daddy is good. yep. that's what's good. (I'll tell more about wincest later I promise)

who ya calling nerd, nerd? and here you are just using me to get blog rates and here i thought that you actually liked me. naw, i’m kidding. wincest is good. sam riding dean’s dick is very good. (just imagine like little sammy, hands braced along dean’s broad chest, brow furrowed in concentration, biting his bottom lip, rocking on top of dean, trying so hard to be so good. gahhh!!!) and then little sammy (so pure, so innocent, dean’s wet dream) calling dean daddy is ver very good. gahh! and i’m going to hold you true to that wincest promise. i better be seeing some more wincest very very quickly.

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COMMENTS - literally, i am so very happy that i met you (and how did that even happen? i don’t remember. it seems forever ago and i’ve loved every second of it. and then your new blog theme. honestly, it’s wonderful. it’s simplistic and so easy to navigate and i’m in love with it.

🍕free pizza🍕

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send me a heart for some random positivity || accepting!



So, we still don’t have an active thread because I am so bad at remembering conversations and plotting but we need to change that and I just might make you five starters so that this works out because I love your writing and I adore the way that you portray Shiro, and the relationship you have with your muse.

I’m SO GLAD that we get to talk, both in and out of the group chat! I admire how you share your opinions and just how friendly you are and how nice you’ve always been to me.

You are just a wonderful person, who runs a wonderful blog, and I really want you to know that you are a beautiful person who is worth so much and who is loved my so many, especially me, and I hope one day that you can see in yourself what I see- a wonderful, beautiful human who deserves the galaxy