I was the most hated [person] online in the world for a second. So, I probably dealt with it for a while and now it’s just like, you can say anything you want to me — I’ve heard it all. I know who I am. People I love know who I am. That’s all that matters.

Take Me Home Tonight

I wrote this for @ghost-grantaire, as a sequel to her fic (which actually doesn’t have a title, it was an ask). I couldn’t resist, I just love Carol so much. I hope this makes you feel just a tiny bit better, babe <3

She stopped in her tracks when she realised her hands were empty. Carol closed her eyes momentarily, almost hating herself for forgetting it.

Stupid fucking purse. Stupid fucking brain.

She turned away from the neon lights of the record store, which had mostly burnt out a while ago—which meant the sign proudly and loudly displayed the letters A K S REC S. Another reason to hate this place; they didn’t even have any pride in themselves.

With her head down she walked back to the diner, wishing she hadn’t even gone out at all. She seemed to wish that a lot with Billy.

The bell chimed once more as she walked in. Carol winced at the sound. She looked immediately to the booth, but found it empty.

What the hell…?

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So I’ve been alone for a long time, the short while I was with people I never really felt anything beyond what I can only surmise was the inclination that someone was interested in me but all I felt was discomfort. Now I’m sure a lot of people would say that’s shitty of me to be with a person when I wasn’t really attracted to them. Being Demisexual, at least for me, is hard to figure out who I might be compatible with. Dating websites make this a little easier but I’m still never sure if it would end up well. Back in May, a beautiful girl messaged me and guys I’m gonna marry her. I mean, I know we arent even close to actually dealing with that, and the distance is an issue right now, but i know. I KNOW. And she’s so wonderful. She’s like rain (I’ve never liked sunshine, that’s too easy.) But rain is comforting. She makes me feel so comfortable with myself and she makes my day better by just existing. I love this girl so much. My heart has never felt so full. Even if she’s in a bad mood she still makes an effort for me and she’s so strong. I hope everyone has the opportunity to find someone that makes you feel as complete as she has for me. I never thought I would have this and I just wanted to express myself. I have no idea what she sees in me. She’s on vacation right now, and I miss her terribly (she’s still talking to me and sending me pictures but I’m greedy). She deserves it though, and all the happiness in the world and I’m gonna make sure she knows it. I’ll probably send a link to this when I post it lol she’ll call me a dork or something but if I get a smile out of it then I accomplished what I wanted to. Thanks all!