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I can totally feel for Margoe. I remember I was about to surprise my husband when I found out I was pregnant so asked him if he was ready for more kids, setting it up, only for him to say he didn't think so. I got really upset and he couldn't understand why until I caved and told him anyway. He immediately 180d but yeah, I can understand where she's coming from and why she's upset. Where perfectly happy now, but I wanted my hubs to be excited at the idea and not dismiss it like Wolfgang did too

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.- -.-. -.-. --- .-. -.. .. -. --. / - --- / .- .-.. .-.. / -.- -. --- .-- -. / .-.. .- .-- ... / --- ..-. / .- ...- .. .- - .. --- -. --..-- / - .... . .-. . / .. ... / -. --- / .-- .- -.-- / .- / -... . . / ... .... --- ..- .-.. -.. / -... . / .- -... .-.. . / - --- / ..-. .-.. -.-- .-.-.- / .. - ... / .-- .. -. --. ... / .- .-. . / - --- --- / ... -- .- .-.. .-.. / - --- / --. . - / .. - ... / ..-. .- - / .-.. .. - - .-.. . / -... --- -.. -.-- / --- ..-. ..-. / - .... . / --. .-. --- ..- -.


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Can you pair that 3:36 pm post with his dimply closed mouth smirk from his X factor audition? I swear, it is the fetus version of the same expression.

Do you mean like this?

Now my heart is left to bleed as I see how much of a man he has become while at the same time staying our sweet dumplin? 

Harry then and now

Death would have been less painful.

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OMG not the same anon but can I request a fix-it end for the IgnisxReaderxPrompto Drabble where Iggy confronts reader-chan about his feeling (maybe tearfully) and she realises how amazing he is pls because I will not stand for sad Iggy!

With pleasure! I hate hurting Ignis ok, that’s a lie, i adore putting him through the ringer and then giving him a good dose of comfort afterwards

“Do you have any idea how hard it is knowing the person you love is so captivated by someone else?”

“I do, as it happens,” he said, his voice low and gravelly in the back of his throat.

“Yeah?” you asked, footsteps faltering on the flagstones of the market place. The others drew on ahead, but you were so surprised that you came to a dead stop.

Ignis steered you gently out of the path of a slow-moving market truck, and sighed.

“Who is she? Or he?”

He let his eyes linger too long on you and realisation dropped through you like a stone.

His smile was so sad it broke your heart. “For a long time now.”

You had to laugh. “Gods, I never thought I stood a chance with you. That’s why I didn’t even…”

Hope dawned in his emerald eyes. “You mean…?”

You bit your lip. “Yeah.”

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers (though I’m now somehow at over 300), I’m writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble (or headcanon) in return! (note, drabble requests will close around Friday/Saturday 23rd/24th June)

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Honestly, about Yurio & Victor, I think people who consider it "sabotaging" or whatever have the wrong idea... the point wasn't that Victor wanted Yurio to steal the gold medal from Yuri so that he wouldn't retire. This is a series about skaters that inspire each other to better themselves. Victor was hoping that Yurio's skating would inspire Yuri, and reignite his passion as a reminder of his love for skating and competing. That's what Yurio was trying to do, too. And it worked.

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"nothing is canon except Marius and cosette" um scuse u bitch where is my bishop Myriel x goodness and Parisian sewers x reader appreciation

hello i mean that anon didnt even acknowledge jean valjean/the candlesticks aka the most beloved ship in the fandom??? talk about a fake fan…  

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Hc that since Honey got all ✨👓👀 after he find out about Jyugo's blade form he tries to get it to activate at first by touching the limbs where the shackles are attached so like arms ,knees, thighs , feet and Jyugo be a sensitive -> dead boi cause he can't activate the blades unless he's serious but he cANT be serious in that situation and then Honey finds out and OOOOO Jyugo's basically 15 ft under in tickle torture

Originally posted by nanbakathenumbers

Omg someone sent me a headcanon I feel so blessed, moved and honored. Thank you for this precious and incredible cute headcanon anon, I love you <3<3<3!!!! (Lol I read this in school and almost screeched loudly because it is so cute haha)

Ouuuuh I can so image Honey stepping closer with interest, being all: “Huh so you’re not that useless.” and start looking over Jyugos hands, wrists and arms together with Trois, sharing their theories about the blades and Jyugos body until Trois ask if Jyugo could activate them at any time. Jyugo who got pushed down into a sitting position during their examination has to ask what Trois just said because the poor boy is really confused at the moment. So Trois asks his question a second time while Jyugo tries to sit still when the pink-eyed mans hands wanders his arms up and not flinch as Honey starts examine his legs but that is nearly impossible because he is too fucking sensitive and he jumps a few times when Honey prods as his tights or Trois hands wandered just a biiit too close towards his underarm. He throws a death glare at Uno who stands in front of him and laughs in his fist because he exactly knows how ticklish Jyugos and how embarrassing this whole situation is for the teen.

“They only activate when I’m in danger or serious.” answers Jyugo and watches as Honey took one of his feet and put it on his knee so he can take a closer look.

“And you aren’t serious right now?” asks the purple-haired man and starts running his fingertips over the underside of Jyugos foot, searching for any trail of the blades they had seen earlier but all he earns is a flinch and a surprised squeak. Honey rises an eyebrow before looking up in Jyugos blushing face, Uno snickering and Trois chuckling lightly in the background before realization hit him.

He smirks at the teen in front of him and Jyugo knew he was screwed.

(This headcanon is so precious I wanna make a fanfiction out of it. Would that be okay anon, since it is your headcanon I just don’t want to use it without asking first :D)

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You were one of my favorite Sanji blogs and one of the first OP blogs I ever followed... I cringed through the MPreg stuff; I could deal with it... But with someone who dealt with a miscarriage in my family, I don't feel comfortable following you anymore... Its starting to trigger me and I'm sorry. I can't stand seeing this stuff taken lightly/joked about.. Again I'm sorry. I love your blog, you're an amazing Sanji, but for the sake of my mental health I can't take miscarriage mention/jokes..

//hey it’s okay.

THANK YOU for always be there before this. 

There are reasons why I tagged the entire thing. I know it wouldn’t be ok for some people. Heck, I even expected to get at least some hate for it. And I don’t even know if I am doing it right. I do treat this miscarriage idea seriously- but in the end I bring it in comedic style of havoc- and I do am actually sorry if it does trigger anyone who saw these.

It’s okay to unfollow me, that’s why I said to everyone, anyone: FEEL FREE TO UNFOLLOW ME ANYTIME YOU WANT AND DON’T BE SORRY FOR IT! It’s your freedom. Your mental health is more important than anything!

Thank you to be there and please love and take care yourself! I love all of you, really ^^