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now all i can imagine is like Reigen spilling his bag of table salt everywhere or he fucks something up and he just yells, startling mob even "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE STIRRING MY PASTA"


Because oh my god… YES?!? 

Or even better


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Genderfluid!ballet!lock being accepted by the other dancers & always wearing their skirts & dresses out w/the others and gossiping about boys over Starbucks bc they're so in love w/the blond rugby player w/ the cute smile & the dancers set the two up

and then a few of the dancers go with Sherlock to pick out a dress to wear on the date and Sherlock is a bit nervous about wearing it but when John sees them all he can say is “God, you’re beautiful.” uwu

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Hey, hey! When Steve saw Riley he understood Sam has a type: tall, buff, blond guys. So basically I want Steve to spend his time in AoU making sure that Sam never meets Thor because no, Sam is his, Thor is a great guy but he won't get HIS Sam okay? "Steve, what's the name of your new flying friend?" "He's got no name, Thor, shut up!!!"

“By god, he’s taller than me, buffer than me, and blonder than me." 

And like, "Hey, Thor, I just wanted to let you know my friend’s coming over and he’s deathly afraid of lightning. So… if you could, you know…" 

”…I shall try to not summon a storm within the tower then.“

"No, that’s not what I–fuck–”

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What do you really really love about kaisoo? Your ultimate favorite kaisoo-thing? Haha sorry I hope you understand it ♡

I LOVE IT when they do the staring thingy , when they just stare into each other’s souls , and it’s so obvious that they are inlove with each other 

when they can’t stop staring at each other

and especially when jongin looks at kyungsoo like this it’s like he’s saying i love you i love you i love you’re perfect hyung but only with his eyes  ..  

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It's season 4 and they're in peril. John has been shot and is slowly losing blood, is slowly losing consciousness. Sherlock is in danger, kidnapped and restrained perhaps, and all that can be heard is his panicked voice. John is clawing across the floor to get to him. The image fades. All that can be heard is John's laboured breathing. He thinks he's going to die, is certain of it in fact. As his breathing slows, John Watson rasps what he thinks are his last words. 'Please god. Let him live.'