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Can you pair that 3:36 pm post with his dimply closed mouth smirk from his X factor audition? I swear, it is the fetus version of the same expression.

Do you mean like this?

Now my heart is left to bleed as I see how much of a man he has become while at the same time staying our sweet dumplin? 

Harry then and now

Death would have been less painful.

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How to care for me *tears up*

Anons reflect how you act on your blog. If you are very controversial, then you are going to get more hate, if you make a lot of sexual jokes, then so are your anons, or if you’re polite, you will get a lot of praise. But, regardless of your personality on your blog, always love your anons! Remember: Behind each and every one of those gray faces & cool sunglasses, is a real person! They deserve love, and deserve to know that they are loved! On your milestones (100 followers, 1000, 5000, ect) make sure to tell them how much you love and appreciate them! These people log on to see your content, hit “like” and “reblog” of your posts, and your blog would be nothing without them, so cherish them! And if an anon comes to you for advice for something, regardless if it fits in with your blog, help them, or point them in the right direction of someone who can. Kindness goes a long way.

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my heart is so warm! the bakkoush's love isak too and always ask when he's coming over, because her dad is a surgeon (im p sure) and so he and isak talk science stuff during dinner and when mama b asks them to help her cook isak learns that "sana, you have no right teasing me about even being the only one who can cook because you cant cook either!" so they're stuck setting the table together while even peels the carrots and helps with the food (and learns how to make it for isak at home later)


and mama bakkoush just lifts an eyebrow at the two of them and says “perhaps i should hold cookiing lessons for the two of you so you can give your future husbands a break every now and then, hm?” and isak and sana just look at each other and reply, “i think we’re good, thanks” with a cheeky grin, and they go back to discussing sciency things with papa b, while even smiles and tells mama b that he’s really trying to get isak to cook, but that boy is stubborn as anything.

even is so happy though, because he’s missed being here, at the bakkoush’s, and now he gets to bring isak. he gets to see isak getting on like a house on fire with the people who even used to (and now does again) consider like a second family to him.

and honestly? it feels to isak like he’s got another family too, of course there’s his own - dysfunctional but sort of working towards something better now - and there’s even’s family, who practically signed the adoption papers as soon as they met him on 17th december - and now there’s sana’s - who welcome him with open arms everytime he comes round, and papa b is always offering to help him and sana with science homework, and uni applications, at least when he’s around, and mama b is always mothering him, teasing him about not being able to cook but always giving him and even extra food to take home at the end of the day.

and sana loves it - although she pretends to grump at isak “stop trying to replace me in my own family!” she thinks it’s brilliant. she doesn’t know too much about isak’s real family, just a few little bits here and there, but of course she knew he moved out at 16, so something must have gone wrong. she’s thrilled that her family have accepted isak and she sees how wide he grins every time they sit down for dinner, and it makes her grin too.

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Have you considered : Eddie and Richie Eskimo kissing because Eddie is still a little freaked out cause of how many germs there are when kissing

i had not previously considered that anon but you have opened my eyes and i have now seen the light

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Pidge has worked pretty hard the last few weeks, causing her to lose sleep drasticly. Lance notices this and realizes its affecting her performance in battle. That night pidge comes into her room to find a giant pillow fort. Lance says she can get her computer and gear if she spends at least fifteen minutes in the fort. She abides to find has hid her stuff and has filled the fort with not only pillows, but sleep aides and says he won't leave until shes asleep. He guards her for the night.

Hunk finds them the next morning, fast asleep and cuddled up close together. Lance is actually awake but pretends to still be asleep because he doesn’t want to wake Pidge, also because she looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping and he wants to hold her longer. Hunk leaves them to wake up on their own time, and goes to warn the other paladins not to intrude. When Pidge finally wakes up she’s still tucked in close to Lance, it’s the best sleep she’s had in months.

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i fucking love that anna and kristoff face characters can do more than just a side hug. every fucking face character couple has to leave room for jesus meanwhile kristoff is slowly sliding his hands down anna's arms to wrap his arms around her waist as they sway side to side singing about being together. like not to make everything sexual but this is not just 'i know him so well' comfortable like in flemmingard, this is 'we have 100000% boned down that we can act like this in public'

I love this ask and I love you 🙌🙌

The singalong show has stepped up hardcore with th the new OFA content, we’re getting more than we’ve ever gotten before god fuckin bless

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Honestly, about Yurio & Victor, I think people who consider it "sabotaging" or whatever have the wrong idea... the point wasn't that Victor wanted Yurio to steal the gold medal from Yuri so that he wouldn't retire. This is a series about skaters that inspire each other to better themselves. Victor was hoping that Yurio's skating would inspire Yuri, and reignite his passion as a reminder of his love for skating and competing. That's what Yurio was trying to do, too. And it worked.

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OMG!! I think I know who Rox is now! She could be the incarcerated forms of Bonnie and the wolf guy that was splattered by that safe mixed together! Ace must have done some sort of dark ritual to the dead bodies and caused them to form Rox!! If anyone DARES to disprove this theory, I will unfollow this blog!