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god uhhh this is just being sent to you but basically. any anti-shaladi/n. i want to thank you jdjejs god when i was young i was sexually harassed by someone. about shiros age when i was abt. hunk/lance/keith's age (i was 15) and any shala/din shit makes me feel super gross and anxious and terrible and depending on the content it can. send me into a panic attack lol but im too anxiety to really. take a stand for it so thank you

i really hope you’re doing okay, i’m sorry that happened to you anon!! shaladins need to realize that stuff like this happens irl and like…. it’s not healthy, or hot, or a good relationship. it’s fucking disgusting.

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Hc that since Honey got all ✨👓👀 after he find out about Jyugo's blade form he tries to get it to activate at first by touching the limbs where the shackles are attached so like arms ,knees, thighs , feet and Jyugo be a sensitive -> dead boi cause he can't activate the blades unless he's serious but he cANT be serious in that situation and then Honey finds out and OOOOO Jyugo's basically 15 ft under in tickle torture

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Omg someone sent me a headcanon I feel so blessed, moved and honored. Thank you for this precious and incredible cute headcanon anon, I love you <3<3<3!!!! (Lol I read this in school and almost screeched loudly because it is so cute haha)

Ouuuuh I can so image Honey stepping closer with interest, being all: “Huh so you’re not that useless.” and start looking over Jyugos hands, wrists and arms together with Trois, sharing their theories about the blades and Jyugos body until Trois ask if Jyugo could activate them at any time. Jyugo who got pushed down into a sitting position during their examination has to ask what Trois just said because the poor boy is really confused at the moment. So Trois asks his question a second time while Jyugo tries to sit still when the pink-eyed mans hands wanders his arms up and not flinch as Honey starts examine his legs but that is nearly impossible because he is too fucking sensitive and he jumps a few times when Honey prods as his tights or Trois hands wandered just a biiit too close towards his underarm. He throws a death glare at Uno who stands in front of him and laughs in his fist because he exactly knows how ticklish Jyugos and how embarrassing this whole situation is for the teen.

“They only activate when I’m in danger or serious.” answers Jyugo and watches as Honey took one of his feet and put it on his knee so he can take a closer look.

“And you aren’t serious right now?” asks the purple-haired man and starts running his fingertips over the underside of Jyugos foot, searching for any trail of the blades they had seen earlier but all he earns is a flinch and a surprised squeak. Honey rises an eyebrow before looking up in Jyugos blushing face, Uno snickering and Trois chuckling lightly in the background before realization hit him.

He smirks at the teen in front of him and Jyugo knew he was screwed.

(This headcanon is so precious I wanna make a fanfiction out of it. Would that be okay anon, since it is your headcanon I just don’t want to use it without asking first :D)

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Hi cherry! Have you read empty skies? I know that you write a lot of fic but do you read too? Anyway I thick you would enjoy that fic because it's hate to love and exes to lovers. Have a good day!

I do read! And you think RIGHT because I LOVE that fic. I’m not going to go into depth about why I love it so much because I’ve already done that directly to the author - have you talked to @greenfeelings before??? she’s sunshine - and she probably thinks I’m crazy, seeing as I confessed my love to her repeatedly for like 6 days.