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Talk to me bout how great Harry's acting was :D

Talk to me bout how great Harryโ€™s acting was this episode

Hi lovely anon! Sorry if you thought I was ignoring you, but I wanted to give the episode a second watch before replying so I do it as much justice as I can (and I am running through the episode as I type this out, so expect it to be long!).ย 

But yes, absofuckinglutely.ย 

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Honestly, about Yurio & Victor, I think people who consider it "sabotaging" or whatever have the wrong idea... the point wasn't that Victor wanted Yurio to steal the gold medal from Yuri so that he wouldn't retire. This is a series about skaters that inspire each other to better themselves. Victor was hoping that Yurio's skating would inspire Yuri, and reignite his passion as a reminder of his love for skating and competing. That's what Yurio was trying to do, too. And it worked.

speculation compilation #24

this anon is very passionate about eyes, and i am very passionate about this anon.

2am is the best time to think about webcomics.

you might say i’m familiar with that theory. you might even say i wrote the first draft of it. that’s me. nochoco. 

(“nacho” is the extra short nickname for “nochoco”!) 

checking out nochocolate might be helpful for you in figuring out caretaker!

the number thing is great. you’ll be pleased to know that minty and i are having loads of fun making this comic!

it’s all just a big mystery.

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Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent fought each other. The winner became Billy Batson's new dad.

Batman Vs. Superman 2 only it’s a custody battle with like actual lawyers watching them fist fight or something.



Little do they know Billy Batson has already been taken by literally more than half the leaguers and they’re all sharing joint custody, the front office at Billy’s school has never been more confused why Billy has at least several billionaires/celebrities listed as emergency contacts and why every now and again they check him out to play catch

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When I feel like I can't do this I'm not smart enough or good enough I scroll through your page and I find inspiration. Seeing your answers to posts I can see I'm not the only one scared. I really really hope I'm not doing all this for nothing. Medicine is what I want to do I always have since I was 9 and my grandad died from appendicitis. Fingers crossed we make our dreams come true. Thanks for the inspo ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Hi, this message has made my day. To know that you are inspired, and that this community has helped you see you’re not alone is bloody brilliant! And it is so true, you really aren’t alone - applying to study medicine is a tough process and you will inevitably have worries and anxieties along the way, but everyone does, and the whole purpose of this community is to help each other through that. I wish you all the best with everything, keep working hard and striving towards your goal of studying medicine! Good luck :D

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What if they use the comic as a heavyxmedic thing? And he's not gonna die?

pls valve. do this.

or at least if you are gonna kill medic let heavy kiss his forehead or something because then i will die and won’t be able to be upset about it 

Then kill ch//eavy

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I love your blog so much and you're cute and perfect!!!

Thank you so much you darling anon, I’m so flattered! I’m so glad that you like it. I was hoping to bring some joy to the life of other Starfighter enthusiasts. (^u^)

YOU are the adorable and perfect one! ♡ ♡ ♡

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(Greek) Mythology AU maybe?

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

1] Of all the fatherless children of dark Nyx, Talon is the least known and the most darkly worshipped. His merciless brother Thanatos, the god of death, will have his fill of each living thing and mortals make rites to keep away his fearsome sisters, the destructive Keres. Talon, however, escapes such popular notice.

2] Twin to Moros, unyielding doom, Talon is worshipped by killers alone. He is the death-bringer god, the one who does not wait for mortals to die but comes and strikes them down upon the hour that Moros has declared.

3] Assassins bury bloodied blades and half-emptied vials of poison. The only sacrifices Talon will accept are those that have taken lives. If mortals do not sacrifice to him, their next kills may not succeed.

4] There are no priests or temples. Talon is everywhere. Bury blood, bury bones, and that will be sufficient honor - but it must be from kills that are personally performed. There are no priests to slit the throats of bulls, no priestesses to keep worshipper’s hands clean and their hearts bloody. Talon demands a personal level of involvement.

5] At the last, the assassins whisper, if you have been true to him, then Talon will take you to Hades himself. He will end your life swiftly, painlessly, and he will take you past the gods of judgment to the Lord of the Underworld. He will speak on your behalf of the souls you have sent to Hades and the skill you have shown. He has few worshippers but because of that, he will intervene in ways that the Olympian Twelve will not.

(Pray in whispers. Pray in silence. He will always hear you if you pray with blood on your hands.)  

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I know I'm sending this anon but GREY

GREY = I wish you would notice me.

ANON <3 WELL technically I’m noticing you now :’) BUT AWH I don’t know who you are, but we should totally talk sometime! <3 (and gosh, sorry for not noticing you! If you’ve liked/reblogged my stuff before though, then I probably have and you just don’t know it! I always make a point to go through my notifications!)

Send me a color????