My love breaks promises
my love doesn’t seek
my love stays in the shadows
where all the other dusty, forgotten things hide
my love waits until the moment has slid away
and then my love waits some more
my love doesn’t quite understand what love is
my love writes about love anyway
because maybe it thinks if it writes enough
it’ll blow all the mystery off like dust off a book
my love will make your love question what it’s doing here
my love will make your love want to run for cover
my love will make your love wish
it loved something different
my love won’t change your love
I hope
your love may change my love for a while
but never for forever
because that’s just the way things work
nothing leaves and imprint that can’t be filled in
by time
or someone else
I’m sorry
—  A.O.A.M. || My Love

It has been 1 year ago since taylor sent me a package. It still feels so surreal that a grammy winning global superstar actually cares about ME!! Thank you @taylorswift for the year of happiness the gifts have brought me and thank you for the 7 years of happiness you have brought me and i can’t wait for what happiness the future brings us both. Love You and thank you 1000x.

PS i may or may not have gotten your/my/our coat covered in glitter today because i lost my chill at a craft store <3 Hope i get to see you again one day so much has changed since june and i’d love to tell you about it! PPS are you still thinking of dying your hair purple ;)